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Main Cast Reviews  Rosa Salazar, Jennifer Connelly, Michelle Rodriguez Categories  Sci-Fi | Crime | Adventure Release Date  14th Feb 2019 N/A


This movie uncovers the truth of how a young cyborg woman (played by Rosa Salazar) was created. She also has to battle other cyborgs out to get her and in turn tries to change the world. The supporting cast includes: Jennifer Connelly as Chiren, Michelle Rodriguez as Gelda, Christoph Waltz as Dr. Dyson Ido, Ed Skrein as Zapan, Jackie Earle haley as Untitled, Casper Van dien as Amok, Mahershala Ali as Vector, Jeff Fahey as McTeague, Lana Condor as Koyomi, Jorge Lendeborg jr. as Untitled, Idara Victor as Nurse Gerhad, Elle Lamont as Screwhead and Sam Medina as Stinger.

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This movie is set in 2563, three hundred years after "the fall", a war between an earthly city and a city in the sky (a kind of huge spaceship elavated from the ground). A man is picking up robot parts from a scrap yard. That man is Dr Dyson played by the charasmatic Christophe Waltz. He sees the torso and head of a robot girl, she's still alive. He can tell because her brain is still in tact. He takes her to his home and puts her back together again with advanced robotic surgery (a robotic auto arm assists him). These scenes are awesome and high tech. he calls the robotic girl "Alita".

She/Alita wakes up in a bedroom. She finds it hard to walk. Alita looks like a CGI creation with some real human like elements thrown in. These movie graphics are advanced. Dr Dyson gives her an orange. She bites a piece off. Dr Dyson tells Alita that she has a human brain, the rest of her is a cyborg. Dr Dyson says to her "Let's look at the bright side, your tears are working". Christophe Waltz is in fine form.

Alita goes outside, she sees a sky city hovering above. People and some cyborgs play "motor ball" in a skate park. The costume design of the people is cool. In fact the whole city looks very unique. Dr Dyson says that everybody down here works for up above, for the city of "Zollum". He also tells Alita that down below is full of poverty.

Alita meets a young man named Hugo. She falls for him. It turns into night time. A woman is murdered. The next morning Doc Dyson has a suspicious injury on his right arm the next day. Dysons wife is Chiren (played buy the beaufiful Jeniffer connolly). Chiren tells the Doctor she wants to recruit warriors for Motorball.

Alita plays amateur motorball on the street. Alita starts off badly. She gets pushed around. Then on her second chance she does the pushing around and wins. The CGI design on Alitas face is cool. All guns are outlawed in this earthly city. Alita tries chocolate given to her by Doctor Dyson. Hugo takes Alita to a view point on top of a building. "The Doctor found you in the scrap yard, all that stuff is from there, zollum" says Hugo whilst pointing to the Sky City. She sees Dyson walking outside at night.

She follows him. Doctor Dyson fights a cyborg. The Cyber punk attacks doc. Alita defends him and punches him. Shes a talented fighter. She uses various techniques fist and leg to defeat a female warrior. A big Robot Man shows up, he leaves through a hole in ground. Alita then remembers that she was part of an army. She has memories. Dyson says his daughter was murdered by a scavenger looking for parts. Dyson says that her heart is strong.

The Big Robot Man enters the house of Vector (who runs motorball) exhausted. Chiren is still there. He has been badly injured by Alita. Chiren fixes up the Big Robot Man. Alita and Hugo visit Motorball. The big robots play Motorball. There is a motorball player called Joshua (played by Jai Courtney) who is the best. They see Vector there. Back on land, some thugs bash an asian warrior and strip him off his robot arms. It's Hugo and his crew (surprisingly). It appears that Hugo sells robot parts. Vector disposes of this asian warrior because he crossed him.

The next day Hugo takes Alita to an outpost near the coast. This is to see if she remembers her past. There is a space ship under water. Alita investigates. She retrieves a body without a head. She brings the body to Dyson, it appears that it's her old body! "I'm a warrior aren't I!". Doctor Dyson says that Alita was taught "Pantzer Kootz" (a martial art taught is Sky City by "Arts Bizercker" the most advanced fighter in the world). Alita then registers as a hunter warrior. Alita wants to then defeat the big villain causing all the problems in the earthly city.

Alita then bashes the cyber punk with the sword. Alita takes on the whole bar!!! Wow. Best martial arts sequence this year! Kickboxing mixed with martial arts. Then the the massive robot man turns up. The big robot man kills a chihuaha in front of everybody hehehe. Alita puts blood stains on her face to signify that she is ready for anything!

Alita then faces off with Big Robot which has tentacles. The robot splits her into three pieces. Alita still punches him in the face! Doc Dyson assists and fights the big robot. The Doc uses the other body he has in storage and puts Alita back together again. Once again these scenes are innovative, great CGI. Doctor Dyson says to Alita "A warrior spirit needs a warriors body".

She runs around and tries out her new body. Hugo kisses Alita. "Does it bother u that I'm not human" says Alita. Hugo looks at her lovingly and says "You are the most human of all". It's a special moment in the movie, the audience loved it. Vector gets to know Hugo and wants him to betray Alita. Vector wants Alita to play Motorball. Doctor Dyson prepares her for Motorball by giving her some new skates he made. Hugo is out for good, he wants to stop stealing parts and jacking cyborgs. A cyber punk tries to attack Hugo but he escapes.

Vector is paying 100K to anyone that kills Alita. Doctor Dyson says it's a setup. The race begins, the graphics are incredible. Alita defeats each robot one by one. The manouvers she does are amazing. Hugo radio's Alita and tells her that the cyber punk is after him. She fights the final two robots outside the arena (because they chased her).

The cyborg corners Hugo. Hugo wants Alita to forgive him for working with Vector. He says to Alita "I needed spare parts". She's angry that Hugo did these bad things. The cyber punk swords Hugo and he bleeds. Hugo says he loves Alita. Alita claims the bounty on Hugo and holds Hugo's head. It's kind of gruesome but she plans on putting him back together again as a cyborg.

Chiren wants out, she doesn't want to work for Vector anymore. Alita fires at Vector's office. Alita gets injured by the big robot man. Alita remembers her past duels again. In an intense action scene, she splits the big robot in two. Some of the action in this movie is pretty full on. It's clear that Alita was a trained fighter. She then knife's Vector and finishes him off. Just before he passes on Vector says "I hear everything" which gives you a hint that he not be totally gone.

Hugo is climbing up the metal ropes to Zollum. Alita follows him. The metal ring with spikes (that clears anything that's hanging on to the ropes) goes down the rope and cuts Hugo in half. It's a brutal scene. She grabs on tight but he ends up falling. She cries and says I love you.

We see Alita in the Motorball Champion's league final. This is her chance to win a trip to Zollum. The crowd chant "Alita Alita"!!!

You wonder why the people down below desire to go to Zollum so much. Is it because it's an advanced luxurious city or maybe the people down below have it too tough. We don't really know the answer to that question but this conundrum keeps you interested in the movie.

"Alita is a very unique character, full of life. Furthermore, the action scenes in this movie are very innovative, sometimes using futuristic weaponry. There is a mixture of martial arts and brutal body blows that make this movie memorable. Let's hope that there is a sequel!"
This movie also has a fantastic supporting cast led by Christophe Waltz as Doctor Dyson and Jennifer Connolly as Chiren. The cyborgs in this movie had a lot of character and the actors that played them did an awesome rendition of half human half robot beings. There are also some red herrings thrown into this movie which makes you wonder who is actually the bad guy. I like when this happens in movies, it makes you think. What an entertaining 2hrs 2min.

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