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The Best Drama Movies/TV/Books and Serious Movies/TV/Books from 2024 and previous years. Dramatic performances often leave us thinking. Drama Movies/TV are memorable and sometimes teach us things about life.

N/A Ride On: Jackie Chan is back! Lao Luo loves his horse. The horse may be taken away... ride-on N/A North Of Normal: Sarah Gadon is back! A teenage girl is raised in the wilderness. She then... north-of-normal N/A Triangle Of Sadness: Woody Harrelson is back! Two models experience a crossroad in their careers.... triangle-of-sadness N/A Windfall: Jason Segel is back! In this movie a couple find that their vacation has been... windfall N/A Chang Can Dunk: In this movie two friends (an asian american and a basketball fanatic) want... chang-can-dunk N/A Breakwater: Mena Suvari is back! This movie is about a young ex-con. He is now free but... breakwater N/A I Want You Back: Scott Eastwood is back! Peter and Emma have both been dumped. They team up to... i-want-you-back N/A Samaritan: Sylvester Stallone is back! A young boy discovers that a superhero who went... samaritan N/A Young Again: Eric Young is an American-born Asian graduate student. He then lies about his... young-again N/A Last Night A Dj Saved My Life: This film describes the life of Tony Sinclaire, a down on his luck late night... last-night-a-dj-saved-my-life N/A Spider Man Lotus: Spider Man's former girlfriend dies. He then questions whether Spider Man's... spider-man-lotus N/A Banking On Mr Toad: This film is a family drama about writer Kenneth Grahame. He penned "The Wind... banking-on-mr-toad N/A Ray Donovan: Ray is determined to find and stop Mickey before he can cause more problems.... ray-donovan N/A Creed 3: This is the third installment of the boxing life of Appollo Creed's son... creed-3 N/A The Northman: This film is set in Iceland 10th century. We see a Nordic prince set out on a... the-northman N/A Love And Something Like It: This movie is about Dan, who loses his wife in his 50s. He then starts dating... love-and-something-like-it N/A Slow Motion: This movie is about how Love Lewis reenters the dating world after a bad break... slow-motion N/A Time And Money: This movie is about two stressed film producers. They stay up all night to fix... time-and-money N/A Gold 57: This movie is set in the music business during the late 1950's. The great... gold-57 N/A Onassis: The story of the once richest man in the world, Onassis. The full cast... onassis N/A Eyes Of A Roman: This movie describes how a roman soldier's life changes. There is also a... eyes-of-a-roman N/A The Chelsea Cowboy: Hard-man turned actor Bindon is unable to leave his criminal past behind. The... the-chelsea-cowboy N/A My Fathers Dragon: Elmer wants to find a Dragon on Wild Island. He goes on an adventure. The... my-fathers-dragon N/A When The Moon Was Twice As Big: This is the story of the producer and two lip-syncing male models. The made... when-the-moon-was-twice-as-big N/A Milli Vanilli: This film is about the life and times of the famous lip-syncing duo Milli... milli-vanilli N/A Knives Out 2: This movie Sequel to the 2019 film "Knives Out". Daniel Craig as Benoit... knives-out-2 N/A The School For Good And Evil: Some boys and girls are taken to an centre where and are trained to become... the-school-for-good-and-evil N/A The Finish Line: This is one of the stories about the Roosevelt Raceway. This story will look... the-finish-line N/A Conundrum Secrets Among Friends: This movie is about longtime friends that have known each other since college.... conundrum-secrets-among-friends N/A Heartbreak Falls: There is a high profile business deal that involves the Mob. The cast... heartbreak-falls N/A A Winters Journey: A new film by John Malkovich. The cast includes: John Malkovich as... a-winters-journey N/A Fishermans Friends 2: The sequel to the popular UK Film "Fishermans Friends". The great cast... fishermans-friends-2 N/A The King The Swordsman And The Sorceress: This will be a sword era film. The great cast includes: Deborah Dutch as... the-king-the-swordsman-and-the-sorceress N/A Recall: A car accident occurs and a man wakes up with no memory. He asks his wife... recall N/A Butched: This movie is a western. Review Coming... butched N/A 0: This inspiring film is about a young college student who runs track. He... 0 N/A Batman A Beautiful Lie: This is an animated Batman adventure. The cast includes: Jack Kritzer as... batman-a-beautiful-lie N/A G O D Tech: This movie follows the lives of a family of the future. This family chose... g-o-d-tech N/A Lola 2: This movie is the sequel to "Lola". It's about the survival of the fittest.... lola-2 N/A Django Zorro: This movie is set a few years after the events of Django Unchained (2012).... django-zorro N/A Mr Men And Little Miss: This movie is based on the Mr. Men and Little Miss books. The author is... mr-men-and-little-miss N/A Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs: This is a live-action adaptation of the classic animated movie "Snow White... snow-white-and-the-seven-dwarfs N/A Jungle Book 2: This movie is a sequel to the 2016 movie "The Jungle Book". Review Coming... jungle-book-2 N/A Hells Posse: This movie is a western. Review Coming... hells-posse N/A Hustle: Adam Sandler is back! Adam plays a washed-up basketball scout that finds a... hustle N/A First Love: The story describes a young man experiencing a difficult adulthood. The super... first-love N/A Lady Chatterleys Lover: This movie is an adaptation of a D.H. Lawrence's novel. A woman falls out of... lady-chatterleys-lover N/A A Manual For Cleaning Women: Cate Blanchett is back! This film is an adaptation of Lucia Berlin' fantastic... a-manual-for-cleaning-women N/A Unbreakable Boy: Zachary Levi is back! This film is about a boy with a rare brittle-bone... unbreakable-boy N/A The Division: Jake Gyllenhaal is back! This film is about a pandemic virus that spreads via... the-division N/A She Said: Carey Mulligan is back! New York Times reporters Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor... she-said N/A Next Goal Wins: Michael Fassbender is back! This film is an adaptation of the 2014 British... next-goal-wins N/A Distant: Zachary Quinto is back! This interesting film is about an Asteroid miner who... distant N/A The Mothership: Halle Berry is back! A woman's husband mysteriously vanishes from their rural... the-mothership N/A The Portable Door: This movie is about Paul Carpenter, an intern at an interesting London firm... the-portable-door N/A Blonde: Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Munroe! This movie is a fictional take on the... blonde N/A Infinite Storm: A woman goes on a journey of self discovery. This journey turns into to a... infinite-storm N/A Untitled Katie Holmes Project: This is the story of two strangers in bad relationships that wind up in the... untitled-katie-holmes-project N/A Trail Blazers: This film is about a band of siblings. They were robbers, thieves and killers... trail-blazers N/A The Chess Game: This movie is about Robert and Dale who are both in a band. Both also love... the-chess-game N/A Burgers: In this comedy drama, Denise's food truck is impounded. It had to do with a... burgers N/A Ambulance: After they make mistakes in there heist, two robbers steal an ambulance. The... ambulance N/A Gangster Wives: This movie tells five stories. The main protagonist is Carol. She is to be... gangster-wives N/A The Outfit: This movie follows an English tailor who used to craft suits in London. He... the-outfit N/A Three Men And A Baby: This movie is a remake of the 1987 film of the same name. Three men have to... three-men-and-a-baby N/A Luckiest Girl Alive: This film is about a woman in New York that faces trauma and needs to overcome... luckiest-girl-alive N/A Aurora: This film is about a female astronaut that monitors solar storms that may harm... aurora N/A Hate To See You Go: This film describes the life of aging Chicago Blues musician Sonny Bell... hate-to-see-you-go N/A Elvis: This movie is about the life and times of the talented and famous rock and... elvis N/A Tetris: This business film is about the legal battles which occured between the... tetris N/A Benediction: This movie describes the story of the English poet/writer/soldier Siegfried... benediction N/A The Lost Girls: Joely Richardson is back! Wendy, her mother Jane and her Grandmother have all... the-lost-girls N/A Stowaway: Anna Kendrick is back! This movie is about a stowaway on a mission to Mars.... stowaway N/A The Stars At Noon: This movie is set in 1984's Nicaragua. It's about a romance between a... the-stars-at-noon N/A Gucci: This story revolves around Patrizia Reggiani, the ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci.... gucci N/A Mothering Sunday: This movie is about a maid living in post-World War I England. She secretly... mothering-sunday N/A The Harder They Fall: Idris Elba is back! This movie is about a man looks to take revenge against... the-harder-they-fall N/A The Power Of The Dog: Kirsten Dunst is back! Two rothers who own a large ranch in Montana are go up... the-power-of-the-dog N/A Love Lost And Found: A social media influencer takes his girlfriend out to the wilderness. He wants... love-lost-and-found N/A The Batman: The plot of this movie is uknown. Review Coming... the-batman N/A The Artists Wife: Claire Smythson is the wife of the renowned artist Richard Smythson. Her... the-artists-wife N/A A Quiet Place Part 2: The Abbott family now face a dangerous outside world. They have to go on a... a-quiet-place-part-2 N/A Akira: This movie is based on the original table top role-playing game. Review... akira N/A Miss Juneteenth: This movie is about a former beauty queen and a single mom. The mother... miss-juneteenth N/A Last Night In Soho: This movies is about a young girl who is passionate about fashion design.... last-night-in-soho N/A The French Dispatch: The plot to this movie is unknown. It will be set in France after World War... the-french-dispatch N/A Nine Days: This is the story of an isolated man who conducts a series of interviews... nine-days N/A Cherry: This movie is about an Army medic that suffers from post-traumatic stress... cherry N/A What About Love: This movie is about how two lovers change the lives of their parents. The... what-about-love N/A Annette: Adam Driver is back! This film is about a stand-up comedian and his wife, an... annette N/A The Many Saints Of Newark: This series describes the life of Tony Soprano and the environment and... the-many-saints-of-newark N/A Respect: This movie is about the life and times of the famous R&B singer, Aretha... respect N/A King Richard: This movie describes how tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams became... king-richard N/A Without Remorse: This movie is about a former Navy SEAL. He turns into a CIA operative. His... without-remorse N/A The Banker: This movie is set in the 1960s. It's about two African-American... the-banker N/A The Last Duel: In this movie King Charles VI demands that Jean de Carrouges (a Knight)... the-last-duel N/A Fatale: This movie is about a married man who is fooled into a murderous plot by a... fatale N/A The Eternals: The movie is about the the Eternals which are a race of immortal beings.... the-eternals N/A Morbius: This innovative movie is about Biochemist Michael Morbius. He tries to cure... morbius N/A Finding You: A talented violinist meets a young movie star. The movie is set in a small... finding-you N/A French Exit: The protagonist is an ageing Manhattan woman. She is living on a budget and... french-exit N/A West Side Story: This movie is an adaptation of the 1957 musical. West Side Story is about... west-side-story N/A Babylon: Set in an older period of Hollywood. The great cast includes: Margot Robbie... babylon N/A Redeeming Love: This movie is based on the popular novel by Francine Rivers with the same... redeeming-love N/A The Card Counter: Oscar Isaac and Willem Dafoe are back! This film is about Tell... the-card-counter N/A The Dig: Lili James is back! This movie is about how an archaeologist starts an... the-dig N/A Louis: Benedict Cumberbatch is back! This movie is a biopic of a famous English... louis N/A The Lost Daughter: Dakota Johnson is back! A woman takes a beach vacation. It takes a dark turn... the-lost-daughter N/A The Ice Road: Liam Neeson and Laurence Fishburne unite in this movie about an ice driver... the-ice-road N/A The Eyes Of Tammy Faye: Jessica Chastain is back! This movie takes a look at the interesting rise... the-eyes-of-tammy-faye N/A Macbeth: Denzel Washington is back! This movie is about a Scottish lord who gets... macbeth N/A The Fallout: A school tragedy occurs. Vada is emotionally drained and her relationships... the-fallout N/A Maestro: Bradley Cooper is back! This movie is about the rise of Leonard Bernstein, a... maestro N/A Die In A Gunfight: Alexandra Daddario is back! This movie is set in New York city. A young guy... die-in-a-gunfight N/A Deep Water: This movie is about a wealthy husband that allows his wife to have affairs.... deep-water N/A Cut Throat City: This movie is set after Hurricane Katrina. It's about four boyhood friends... cut-throat-city N/A Really Love: This movie is set in Washington DC. It's about a rising Black painter who... really-love N/A American Underdog The Kurt Warner Story: This movie describes the story of NFL MVP and Hall of Fame quarterback, Kurt... american-underdog-the-kurt-warner-story N/A Spenser: This movie describes a period of the life of Princess Diana. Diana is on... spenser N/A Fatherhood: This movie is about a single dad that brings up his baby girl. His wife... fatherhood N/A The Little Things: This movie is about two cops that track down a serial killer. The talented... the-little-things N/A Killers Of The Flower Moon: This movie is about a big event that sparks an FBI investigation. Members of... killers-of-the-flower-moon N/A The Nightingale: This movie describes the lives of two sisters living in France. It is set at... the-nightingale N/A Dune: This movies is an adaptation of a science fiction novel by Frank Herbert. It... dune 8.6 Our Friend: Three adults used to be best friends. Two are now a couple and the woman has... our-friend 7.9 Irresistible: This movie is about how a Democrat helps a retired man run for mayor in a... irresistible N/A Honest Thief: This movie is about the life of a bank robber. He turns himself in because... honest-thief N/A Those Who Wish Me Dead: This movie is about a teenage murder witness. Somehow two assassins (twins)... those-who-wish-me-dead N/A Inherit The Viper: This crime movie is about 3 siblings that are drug dealers. Trouble and... inherit-the-viper N/A Praise This: This movie is about a youth choirs that come together for a music... praise-this N/A The Secret Garden: This movie is about a young girl that discovers a mysterious magical garden... the-secret-garden N/A Im Your Woman: This movie is about a woman that goes on the run with her child because her... im-your-woman N/A Death On The Nile: This movie is about how Hercule Poirot investigates the murder of a young... death-on-the-nile N/A Only: This movie describes the event of a comet landing and releasing a mysterious... only N/A Tenet: The plot of this movie is unknown. It can be described as an action epic... tenet N/A Chemical Hearts: A high school student that has recently transfered gets involved with the... chemical-hearts N/A Mank: This movie is about the life of screenwriter "Herman J. Mankiewicz". It... mank N/A Enola Holmes: The full plot is unknown. It will be a feature film adaptation of the 'Enola... enola-holmes N/A Taylor Swift Miss America: This documentary takes a look at popular artist Taylor Swift. It's about her... taylor-swift-miss-america N/A The Clark Sisters The First Ladies Of Gospel: This movie describes the beginning of The Clark Sisters. They first struggle... the-clark-sisters-the-first-ladies-of-gospel N/A Sylvies Love: This movie describes the life of a woman who works at her father's record... sylvies-love N/A The 24th: This movie tells the story of the all-black Twenty-Fourth United States... the-24th N/A Charm City Kings: This is the story about how a boy joins a dirt bike gang in Baltimore. It is... charm-city-kings N/A Zola: This movie describes the life of a stripper named Zola. She goes on an... zola N/A Stolen By My Mother The Kamiyah Mobley Story: This movie describes the life of a young woman who as an adult finds out she... stolen-by-my-mother-the-kamiyah-mobley-story N/A Unwitting Deceit: Two business friends work in the world of black market diamonds. They then... unwitting-deceit N/A A Fall From Grace: This is the story of a woman who is getting over her ex-husband's love... a-fall-from-grace N/A News Of The World: This movie describes the life of a Texan that travels to the Wild West. His... news-of-the-world N/A Eternals: This is about the Eternals, a race of immortal beings. They have lived on... eternals N/A Unhinged: This movie is a thriller about road rage. The people involved partake in a... unhinged N/A Ghostbusters Afterlife: This movie describes the connection (through their Grandfather) that a... ghostbusters-afterlife N/A The Personal History Of David Copperfield: This movis is based on the novel about David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.... the-personal-history-of-david-copperfield N/A Dream Horse: This movie describes how Jan (cleaner/bartender) breeds a race horse in her... dream-horse N/A The Night Clerk: This movie is about a hotel clerk that somehow gets caught up in a murder... the-night-clerk N/A Promising Young Woman: A woman experiences a tragic event. She then seeks revenge against the... promising-young-woman N/A The Climb: This movie describes the life of two friends. They've known each other for... the-climb N/A Inside The Rain: A student is going to get expelled college. He goes to a strip club and... inside-the-rain N/A Wendy: Wendy is lost on a magical island where people don't age and time has... wendy N/A Emma: This movies is based on the Jane Austen novel of the same name. The full... emma N/A Gretel And Hansel: This fairy tale is set a long time ago, in the countryside. A young girl and... gretel-and-hansel N/A The Burnt Orange Heresy: This movie is about an art dealer that is contracted to steal an expensive... the-burnt-orange-heresy N/A Dreamland: This movie is about three stories about the world of opioids. First a drug... dreamland N/A The Assistant: This movies is an intense look at the world of being an assistant. The... the-assistant N/A Covers: This movie is a love story about people in the music industry. It is set in... covers N/A The Roads Not Taken: This movie is about a day in the life of Leo and his daughter Molly. Leo... the-roads-not-taken N/A To All The Boys Ps I Still Love You: This the story of Lara Jean and Peter. They have taken their relationship to... to-all-the-boys-ps-i-still-love-you N/A All The Bright Places: This movies describes the life of Violet and Theodore. They both struggle... all-the-bright-places N/A Premature: This movie is about a seventeen year old called Ayanna. She meets a handsome... premature N/A Emperor: This movie is about an escaped slave that travels north. He meets Frederick... emperor N/A Equal Standard: This movie is about New York City police officers. Their lives collide and... equal-standard N/A Mulan: This movie is about a young Chinese maiden that disguises herself as a male... mulan N/A John Henry: This is the story about how two immigrant kids are on the run trying to get... john-henry N/A Never Rarely Sometimes Always: This movie is about two teenage girls that travel to New York City because... never-rarely-sometimes-always N/A The High Note: This movie is about a superstar singer and her personal assistant. The... the-high-note N/A The Last Thing He Wanted: This movie is about an experienced D.C. journalist. She is writing an... the-last-thing-he-wanted N/A Let Him Go: This movie is about a retired sheriff. He and his wife are grieving after... let-him-go N/A Da 5 Bloods: This story follow a group of veterans from the Vietnam War. They find... da-5-bloods N/A Barbie: A barbie doll living in "Barbieland" is expelled for having faults. She then... barbie N/A Stillwater: This movie is about a father that takes a trip from Oklahoma to France. He... stillwater N/A Rebecca: This movie is about a young newlywed. She finds herself living in the shadow... rebecca N/A Horse Girl: This movie is about a socially awkward woman. She likes arts and crafts,... horse-girl N/A Extraction: The lead protagonist is Tyler Rake. He is a fearless black market mercenary.... extraction 7.8 Force Of Nature: This movie is about how thieves plan a heist during a hurricane. It gets... force-of-nature 8.1 The Secret Dare To Dream: This movie is an adaptation of the self-help book; "The Secret". It's about... the-secret-dare-to-dream 7.8 Spenser Confidential: This action movie is about the dynamic duo of an Ex-felon (Hawk) and former... spenser-confidential 8.3 The Way Back: This movie is about a former HS basketball player. These days he is an... the-way-back 8.2 I Still Believe: This movie is a true life story. It describes the life of christian music... i-still-believe 7.9 Downhill: This movie is about a family that goes on a winter vacation. They are... downhill 7.6 Underwater: When an earthquake ruins a subterranean laboratory, a group of underwater... underwater N/A Like A Boss: This movie is about two female friends. They decide to start a beauty... like-a-boss N/A Just Mercy: This movie is about the famous civil rights defense attorney Bryan... just-mercy N/A Waves: This movies is about the journey of a suburban family. The father is a... waves N/A First Cow: A cook travels west and becomes a fur trapper in Oregon Territory. He finds... first-cow N/A Greed: This movie is a satire about the world of extremely wealthy people. The... greed N/A Ordinary Love: This movie is about the lives of a middle-aged couple. The wife has been... ordinary-love N/A Uncut Gems: This movie is about a charismatic New York City jeweler. He is involved in... uncut-gems N/A 63 Up: This is a documentary about a group of British-born adults revisited after 7... 63-up N/A Little Joe: Alice is a senior plant breeder at a corporation. The company is developing... little-joe N/A Jezebel: 19 year old Tiffany stays with five family members in a Las Vegas studio... jezebel N/A Clemency: This movie is about an experienced prison warden, Bernadine. Years of... clemency N/A A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood: This movie is based on a true story. It depicts the real-life friendship... a-beautiful-day-in-the-neighbourhood N/A Little Women: This movie is set in America after the civil war. It is about four sisters.... little-women N/A The Good Liar: Career con artist Roy Courtnay meets a wealthy widow Betty McLeish online.... the-good-liar N/A Dolemite Is My Name: Eddie Murphy is back! The Biography is the story of performer Rudy Ray Moore... dolemite-is-my-name N/A Motherless Brooklyn: This movie is set in 1950s New York. Lionel Essrog is a private detReview... motherless-brooklyn N/A Cats: This movie is about a tribe of cats called the Jellicles. Every year they... cats N/A Shes Missing: Heidi's best friend goes missing at a rodeo. She searches for her friend... shes-missing N/A The Rhythm Section: After a plane crash kills her family a women realises that it was all... the-rhythm-section N/A Always A Bridesmaid: Corina is a woman who is always someone's bridesmaid. She decides never to... always-a-bridesmaid N/A Black And Blue: A rookie Detroit African-American female cop witnesses corrupt officers... black-and-blue N/A After: A young woman falls for a man with a secret. The two embark on a turbulent... after N/A The Mustang: The Mustang is about a violent convict (Matthias Schoenaerts as Roman... the-mustang N/A The Woman In The Window: This movie is about an agoraphobic woman. She lives alone in New York and... the-woman-in-the-window N/A Maiden: This documentary describes the story of Tracy Edwards. She started off as a... maiden N/A Toni Morrison The Pieces I Am: Toni Morrison is a legendary story teller/writer. This documentary examines... toni-morrison-the-pieces-i-am N/A American Woman: This movie is about a woman who raises her young grandson. This occurs after... american-woman N/A Yesterday: A struggling musician finds out he's the only person on Earth who remembers... yesterday N/A The Irishman: This movie is about a hitman who recalls his involvement with the downfall... the-irishman N/A Shaft: This movie is the sequel to the year 2000 "Shaft" movie. Samuel L. jackson... shaft N/A Breakthrough: When he was a teenager, Brian Smith (played by Josh Lucas) drowned and was... breakthrough N/A Murder Mystery: A New York police man and his wife go on a European vacation to try and... murder-mystery N/A Teen Spirit: This movie is about a shy teenager who dreams of escaping her small town.... teen-spirit N/A The Beach Bum: Moondog (played by the experienced Matthew Mcconaughey) is an eccentric... the-beach-bum N/A The Sun Is Also A Star: A teenager finds love. She is also going through a hard time with her family... the-sun-is-also-a-star N/A Tolkien: Tolkien the movie explores the young adult years of the author Tolkien.... tolkien N/A 47 Meters Down Uncaged: This movie begins with four teen girls diving in a ruined underwater city.... 47-meters-down-uncaged N/A The Glorious Seven: David Guerra is an ex-military commander. Corrupt millionaire Anthony Levin... the-glorious-seven N/A Ip Man 4: In this chapter, Master Ip Man master travels to the U.S. One of his... ip-man-4 N/A Juanita: Juanita is fed up with her grown kids (that are going nowhere) and her... juanita N/A Little Woods: This movie is a modern Western. It tells the story of two sisters, Ollie and... little-woods N/A Bolden: This movie is a fictional account of the life of Buddy Bolden. Buddy was the... bolden N/A Under The Silver Lake: Sam (played by the versatile Andrew Garfield) is a bored man in his... under-the-silver-lake N/A Whered You Go Bernadette: A loving mom spends years sacrificing herself for her family. She becomes... whered-you-go-bernadette N/A Luce: In this movie a married couple is concerned with their son who is an... luce N/A Serenity: A fishing boat captain has a hidden past. His ex-wife tracks him down and... serenity N/A Brittany Runs A Marathon: This movie is about a a woman living in New York. Her life wasn't going that... brittany-runs-a-marathon N/A The Professor: This movie is about a college professor lives his life recklessly. He has... the-professor N/A The Last Whistle: This movie begins with an all-star highschool player of a football team... the-last-whistle N/A Overcomer: This movie is a study of the life of students and adults. The full cast... overcomer N/A The Bouncer: This movie is about a nightclub bouncer in his fifties. He's taken a lot of... the-bouncer N/A The Kid: The movie tells the tales of a young boy who witnesses Billy the Kid's... the-kid N/A Fast Color: A woman finds out she has superhuman abilities. She is forced to go on the... fast-color N/A Crypto: A young Wall Street banker is demoted and goes back to his hometown. He then... crypto N/A Saint Judy: This movie tels the true story of immigration attorney Judy Wood. Judy... saint-judy N/A If Beele Street Could Talk: This movie is set in harlem. A pregnant woman and her family struggles to... if-beele-street-could-talk N/A 21 Bridges: This movie is about an NYPD detective who is disgraced after a case. He is... 21-bridges N/A Ford V Ferrari: This movie is based on the true story of how Ford went head to head with... ford-v-ferrari N/A Gemini Man: An old hitman must battle a a younger clone of himself. The great cast... gemini-man 7.6 Hustlers: This movie is about a bunch of former female strippers. They get together to... hustlers 7.8 Ride Like A Girl: This movie is the story of Michelle Payne. She was the first female jockey... ride-like-a-girl 7.9 Joker: This movie is about the origin story of the villain called The Joker (played... joker 7.5 Downton Abbey: This movie continues the story of the "Crawley" family and is set in the... downton-abbey 7.3 The Angry Birds Movie 2: This movie is the sequel to the 2016 animated feature "The Angry Birds... the-angry-birds-movie-2 8.0 A Dogs Journey: This movie is about an average dog's life. This dog has relationships with... a-dogs-journey 7.6 The Kitchen: This movie has to do with the wives of New York gangsters. It's set in Hell's... the-kitchen 8.9 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: This Quentin Tarantino movie is about an unpopular TV actor and his stunt... once-upon-a-time-in-hollywood 7.8 Late Night: This movie is about late night talk show host. After many years of hosting... late-night 8.0 Apollo 11: This documentary is about the Apollo 11 mission to land on the moon. The... apollo-11 8.0 All Is True: This movie recounts the final days of the life of renowned playwright William... all-is-true 8.0 Gloria Bell: A woman in her 50s, who is a free-spirit, tries something new and seeks new... gloria-bell N/A The Fairwell: This movie is about a Chinese family. The family discovers their grandmother... the-fairwell N/A The Chaperone: This movie is based in the early 1920s. It's about a Kansas woman who goes... the-chaperone 7.8 The Hummingbird Project: A pair of high flying stock traders ( Vincent Zaleski played by Jesse... the-hummingbird-project 8.8 Five Feet Apart: Two teenagers ( Will played by Cole Sprouse and Stella played by the... five-feet-apart N/A The Souvenir: This movie is about a young female film student. It is set in the early 80s.... the-souvenir N/A The Art Of Racing In The Rain: This movie is about a dog named Enzo. He recalls the life lessons he learned... the-art-of-racing-in-the-rain 7.2 Her Smell: This movie is about a punk rocker who lives life to the max and struggles... her-smell N/A Seberg: This movie is based partly on real events regarding the French New Wave Film... seberg N/A Plus One: Two longtime single friends (Ben and Alice) get invited a several weddings.... plus-one 7.9 King Of Thieves: This movie is a crime story about a group of retired criminals who undertake... king-of-thieves N/A Stan And Ollie: Laurel and Hardy are the world's most famous comedy duo. They are getting... stan-and-ollie N/A What Men Want: A female sports agent (Ali Davis played by the sumptuous and talented... what-men-want N/A Amazing Grace: This movie is a documentary about Aretha Franklin. It is also about the... amazing-grace N/A On The Basis Of Sex: This movie is based on the true story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She fought for... on-the-basis-of-sex N/A See You Yesterday: CJ and Sebastian are best friends. They build a pair of time machines. They... see-you-yesterday N/A Coda: This movie is about a famous pianist that has a problem with stage fright at... coda N/A The Mountain: This movie is about the story of a young man. He loses his mother and goes... the-mountain N/A I Am Mother: This movie is about a teenage girl that is raised in an underground... i-am-mother N/A Round Of Your Life: This movie is about the sport of Golf. The full cast includes: Alexandria... round-of-your-life N/A High Flying Bird: A sports agent pitches an idea to a rookie basketball client. The agent has... high-flying-bird N/A The Biggest Little Farm: This movie is a documentary about how John Chester and his wife Molly create... the-biggest-little-farm N/A Walk Ride Rodeo: This movie is based on the unbelievable true story of Amberley Snyder. She... walk-ride-rodeo N/A Mystify Michael Hutchence: This documentary is presented by Ghost Pictures and Passion Pictures. It's... mystify-michael-hutchence N/A Rolling Thunder Revue A Bob Dylan Story By Martin Scorsese: This documentary is like a concert film (of one of Bob Dylan's shows) from... rolling-thunder-revue-a-bob-dylan-story-by-martin-scorsese N/A The Dirt: This movie describes the story of how Motley Crue became a famous and... the-dirt N/A Wild Rose: This movie is about a musician from Glasgow that dreams of being a Nashville... wild-rose N/A The Untold Story: Edward Forester (64 years old) is depressed about his career and personal... the-untold-story N/A Clara: This movie is about how an astronomer and an artist form a friendship which... clara N/A Stockholm: This movie is based on a true story. In 1973 there was a bank heist/hostage... stockholm N/A The Upside: This comedy is about the unlikely relationship between a quadriplegic... the-upside N/A Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase: Nancy is a bit of an outsider and struggles to fit into her new... nancy-drew-and-the-hidden-staircase N/A The Trap: This movie is about a man that returns home to Atlanta in order to improve... the-trap N/A Donnybrook: This movie is about two men who enter a big bare-knuckle fighting... donnybrook N/A Shadow: This movie depicts the fascinating life of people that live in an ancient... shadow N/A Hellboy: This movie is based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola. Hellboy is caught... hellboy N/A Ben Is Back: A drug addicted teenage boy (Ben played by Lucas Hedges) who finishes his... ben-is-back N/A Selah And The Spades: This movie is set in the prestigious Haldwell boarding school. Five factions... selah-and-the-spades N/A Iceman: This movie is set in the Otztal Alps, around 5300 years ago in the Neolithic... iceman N/A Free Solo: Alex Honnold is an expert solo climber. In this documentary he tries to... free-solo N/A Chokehold: This movie is about a woman who seeks revenge on the Russian Mob for the... chokehold N/A Trading Paint: This movie is about a veteran race car driver, Sam Munroe. His son is also a... trading-paint 8.0 Mary Queen Of Scots: Mary Stuart (played by the beautiful Saoirse Ronan) attempts to overthrow... mary-queen-of-scots N/A The Highwaymen: This movie describes how two Texas Rangers come out of retirement. They are... the-highwaymen N/A Adult Life Skills: Anna is a 30 year old woman grieving over the death of her twin brother. She... adult-life-skills N/A Miss Bala: This movie is based on a Spanish-language film. Gloria gets involved into... miss-bala N/A Against The Clock: This movie starts off with a CIA agent that is sent on a mission. He ends up... against-the-clock N/A Never Grow Old: Outlaws take over a peaceful American frontier town. Although an Irish... never-grow-old N/A Anna: This movie depicts the life of the beautiful Anna Poliatova. With her... anna N/A Otherhood: This movie is about three mothers who are old friends. They drive to New... otherhood N/A Dragged Across Concrete: This movie is about two abnoxious cops that get suspended from the force.... dragged-across-concrete N/A The Parts You Lose: This movie is set in a small North Dakota town. A young boy makes meets a... the-parts-you-lose N/A A Score To Settle: An enforcer used to work for a local crime syndicate. But then he was... a-score-to-settle N/A Paddleton: Two neighbours become friends. One of them unexpectedly is diagnosed with... paddleton N/A The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind: This is an inspirational movie about a boy in Malawi that wanted to help his... the-boy-who-harnessed-the-wind N/A Mr Jones: This movie is about how a welsh journalist breaks the news (in western media)... mr-jones N/A IO: In this movie a young scientist wants to save Earth which is in decay. She... IO N/A Knives Out: This movie is about a detective that investigates the death of a patriarch.... knives-out N/A Run The Race: This is a story of two brothers from a high school. They are members of a... run-the-race N/A Troop Zero: This movie is set in In rural 1977 Georgia. An outcast girl dreams of life... troop-zero N/A The Mule: This movie is about A 90-year-old horticulturist and Korean War veteran. He... the-mule N/A Endings Beginnings: This movie is about a 30-something woman experiencing love and heartbreak over... endings-beginnings N/A Zeroville: A young man travels to hollywood in 1969. The industry is changing and he... zeroville N/A Galveston: This movie is about a hitman that escapes a set up. He is dying and returns... galveston N/A Julie: Note: The "Julie" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used an... julie N/A Green Book: This movie is set in the 1960s. An Italian-American bouncer becomes the... green-book N/A Outlaw King: Set in the 14th Century. A Scottish "Outlaw King" called Robert The Bruce... outlaw-king N/A Chasing The Blues: Two rival record collectors ( Alan Thomas played by Grant Rosenmeyer and... chasing-the-blues N/A All About Nina: Note: The "All About Nina" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used... all-about-nina N/A Life Itself: A young New York couple (Oscar Isaac as Will and Olivia Wilde as Abby)... life-itself N/A Bodied: A graduate student (hilariously played by Calum Worthy) is completing a... bodied N/A Can You Ever Forgive Me: Lee Israel (played by the talented Melissa Mccarthy) is a writer that has... can-you-ever-forgive-me N/A The Old Man And The Gun: This movie is based on the true story of Forrest Tucker (played by the... the-old-man-and-the-gun N/A Alpha: A young warrior (played by Kodi Smit-mcphee) must survive the wild, set... alpha N/A A Boy A Girl A Dream: The night of the 2016 Presidential election, Cass an L.A. club promoter... a-boy-a-girl-a-dream N/A Mountain: A documentary about the highest mountains around the world and how it's like... mountain N/A Nobodys Fool: A woman (played by Tiffany Haddish) is released from prison. She visits her... nobodys-fool N/A Blue Iguana: Two Ex-jailbirds Eddie (played by Sam Rockwell) and Paul (played by... blue-iguana N/A White Boy Rick: Based on the true story of teenager called Richard Wershe Jr. He became a... white-boy-rick N/A Second Act: A box store worker (Maya played by the beautiful and talented Jennifer... second-act N/A Creed II: Rocky Balboa (played by the legendary Sylvester Stallone) continues to... creed-II 6.5 In A Relationship: This comedy is the story of two couples during one summer. The great cast... in-a-relationship 7.5 Robin Hood: A Crusader (Taron Egerton) who has previously fought in wars and his... robin-hood N/A Charming: Note: The "Charming" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... charming N/A A Star Is Born: A Star is Born is about an experienced musician (Jack played by Bradley... a-star-is-born 8.8 First Man: This movie describes the life of the astronaut Neil Armstrong (played... first-man 7.8 Crazy Rich Asians: This movie is based on a global bestselling book by the same name. Rachel Chu... crazy-rich-asians 7.8 Book Club: A group of life long friends that belong to a book club read the popular book... book-club N/A Juliet Naked: "Juliet, Naked" tells the story of Annie (played by Rose Byrne). She is the... juliet-naked N/A Dinner For Two: Dinner For Two revolves around a complicated love story. Chris (played by... dinner-for-two 7.8 Whitney: The life and times of the super star singer Whitney Houston. There are some... whitney N/A The Escape Of Prisoner 614: Two small-town Sheriff's Deputies (Jim Doyle played by Martin Starr and... the-escape-of-prisoner-614 7.9 Adrift: This movie is based on a true story. Two young people meet by chance. They... adrift N/A Speed Kills: Note: The "Speed Kills" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used the... speed-kills 7.9 The Leisure Seeker: A elderly couple runaway from their boring life and go on journey in an old... the-leisure-seeker N/A A Swingers Weekend: Dan (played by Randal Edwards) and Lisa (played by Erin Karpluk) are a... a-swingers-weekend 7.9 The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society: A writer visits a town post world war 2 and investigates a book club called... the-guernsey-literary-and-potato-peel-pie-society N/A Hostiles: This movie is set in 1892. A well known Army Captain Capt. Joseph J. Blocker... hostiles 8.5 A Simple Favor: This movies is about a single mother that writes a parenting blog. She... a-simple-favor 8.5 Kodachrome: There was a photo development system known as "Kodachrome". An old... kodachrome N/A The Year Of Spectacular Men: A young woman (Izzy Klein played by beautiful Madelyn Deutch) has just... the-year-of-spectacular-men 8.3 The Bookshop: The movie is set in 1959 in a small town in England. The protagonist Florence... the-bookshop N/A Measure Of A Man: A teenager (Bobby Marks played by Blake Cooper) who has been previously... measure-of-a-man N/A The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs: This film is made up of six stories. Each story is a tale about people that... the-ballad-of-buster-scruggs N/A Damsel: This movie is set in the Wild West, around 1870. Samuel Alabaster (played by... damsel N/A Manhunt: A man (Du Qiu played by Hanyu Zhang) is accused of crimes he didn't commit,... manhunt N/A Oh Lucy: A woman (Setsuku played by Shinobu Terajima) in Tokyo has a boring life and... oh-lucy N/A Scorched Earth: A bounty hunter named Attica Gage (played by the beautiful and talented... scorched-earth N/A Borg Vs Mcenroe: The rivalry between the calm Bjorn Borg (played by Sverrir Gudnason) and... borg-vs-mcenroe N/A Flower: A teenage girl (Erica Vandross played by the gorgeous Zoey Deutch) forms an... flower N/A Death Wish: Dr. Paul Kersey (played by the reliable and talented action star Bruce... death-wish N/A Honey Rise Up And Dance: Skyler (played by Teyana Taylor ) is a novice street dancer that is at whose... honey-rise-up-and-dance 8.0 Finding Your Feet: At a house party a woman catches her husband cheating, he kisses another... finding-your-feet N/A The Kissing Booth: A high school student (Shelly "Elle" Evans played by Joey King) has a secret... the-kissing-booth 7.2 Fifty Shades Freed: Anastasia (played by the quirky and beautiful Dakota Johnson) and Christian... fifty-shades-freed 8.1 Den Of Thieves: People were saying that Den of Thieves borrows from the Michael Mann movie... den-of-thieves 8.1 The Disaster Artist: James Franco continues to pursue interesting projects. In the last 5 years he... the-disaster-artist 8.2 Mollys Game: This movie is about the interesting life of a Poker Game Organiser. I have... mollys-game 8.5 Downsizing: I haven't seen a movie plot this unique in a while. In Downsizing a scientist... downsizing 7.6 I Tonya: This movie is about the famous ice skater Tonya Harding. It describes her... i-tonya 7.8 Girls Trip: This genre of "Girls gone wild" is getting more and more popular these days.... girls-trip 8.0 Paris Can Wait: Diane Lane plays Anne, the wife of a busy Hollywood producer, Michael, played... paris-can-wait 8.0 Fences: This is a unique movie. I am not sure what Genre this is but I can tell you... fences 7.2 Battle Of The Sexes: This movie is based on a true story of the 1973 tennis match between Billie... battle-of-the-sexes 6.5 50 Shades Darker: The long awaited return of Mr Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) in Fifty Shades... 50-shades-darker 8.8 Gold: I like the pace of Gold. It's slower than most big releases. I also loved the... gold 8.6 La La Land: I must say musicals aren't my favourite but I'll make an exception here.... la-la-land N/A Kill The Messenger: This film is about how journalist Gary Webb investigates the CIA's role in... kill-the-messenger N/A Personal Shopper: This film is about a personal shopper that is faced with a complex situation.... personal-shopper 7.5 Bridget Joness Baby: Bridget Jones is back! Renee Zellweger excel's in this role once again.... bridget-joness-baby N/A Cafe Society: This movie is set in the 1930s. It's about a man from the Bronx that moves... cafe-society N/A Certain Women: This movie is about three women that meet each other in small-town America.... certain-women 7.2 The Hollars: This movie is about a man who returns to his small hometown because his... the-hollars N/A How To Be Single: This comedy is about how a group of women experience love and relationships... how-to-be-single 6.8 Miss Stevens: This movie is about a heart-broken teacher. She drives a group of high... miss-stevens N/A The Legend Of Tarzan: Tarzan now lives in London. He needs to go back to the jungle to solve the... the-legend-of-tarzan 7.5 Steve Jobs: This Steve Jobs movie is very different to the earlier "Jobs" movie. It has a... steve-jobs 8.0 Focus: Will Smith hasn't lost a beat. He may have started out as the Fresh Prince of... focus 7.0 Paper Towns: It appears that Cara Delevingne (Margo) will become a big star. That look and... paper-towns 7.5 Jobs: I have seen this movie three times and there's a reason behind this. This... jobs 7.5 The Social Network: When The Social Network came out a lot of us knew that Mark Zuckerberg's... the-social-network 7.0 Magic In The Moonlight: I hope that Woody Allen continues to make films forever. It appears that his... magic-in-the-moonlight 8.5 Blue Jasmine: Blue Jasmine (Cate Blanchett). "Blue Jasmine. What a character! Her strength... blue-jasmine 8.0 The Woman In Red: Gene Wilder was in his prime here. This guy has got to have one of the most... the-woman-in-red
N/A Earl Greys Daughters: This series follows the life and adventures of Earl Grey's daughters.... earl-greys-daughters N/A Yellowstone Spinoff 6666: The 6666 Ranch was Founded when Comanches still ruled West Texas. The 6666 is... yellowstone-spinoff-6666 N/A The Buccaneers: This series is set in the 1870s. It has to do with a bunch of rich American... the-buccaneers N/A Waller: Viola Davis is back! She helms this Action/TV Series. Cast: Viola Davis as... waller N/A The Regime: This film is set in the past when an authoritarian regime is about to begin.... the-regime N/A Geek Girl: The lead actress is an awkward, wayward teenager called Harriet Manners. Her... geek-girl N/A High Country: The series begins when detective Andrea (Andie) Whitford is transferred to... high-country N/A The Walking Dead Summit: THis story begins with the love story between Rick and Michonne. The world... the-walking-dead-summit N/A 3 Body Problem: The film begins in 1960s China where a big scientific decision is made. Then... 3-body-problem N/A The Acolyte: In this Star Wars film viewers are introduced to a galaxy of shadowy secrets... the-acolyte N/A Tracker: In this series Colter Shaw travels the country in his old-school RV. He... tracker N/A Law And Order Toronto Criminal Intent: This series describes the life and work of an elite quad of investigators.... law-and-order-toronto-criminal-intent N/A Dance School: This series follows students of a dance school as they navigate the ups and... dance-school N/A Vice Squad Nyc: The Vice Squad Franchise explores the lives of a select group of dedicated... vice-squad-nyc N/A Oceanside: This is an interesting Adventure Crime Drama Series. Stay tuned! Cast:... oceanside N/A Frasier: The orignal Frasier TV Show was one of the funniest Sitcom's ever. In this New... frasier N/A The Northway: This TV Series is about a military veteran that loses his job. He also loses... the-northway N/A Country Crashers: In this TV Series we follow the Cutter family. The father wants his family to... country-crashers N/A Kingdom Of Dragons: A drama about warriors and battles. Cast:... kingdom-of-dragons 9.0 The Last Of Us: There is a global pandemic destroys most of civilization. A tough survivor... the-last-of-us N/A Poker Face Tv: Charlie has the ability to find out lyers. She goes on a roadtrip and meets... poker-face-tv N/A The Ark: This story is about the remaining crew of a spacecraft known as "Ark One".... the-ark N/A Will Trent: Will Trent is a special agent that was abandoned at birth. He experienced a... will-trent N/A The Consultant: This TV Series follows a relationship between employee and boss. How far we... the-consultant N/A Freeridge: This series is about a group of friends may or may not have unleashed a... freeridge N/A The Rig: This story is about a group of workers on a remote Scottish oil rig. They... the-rig N/A The Way Home: This follows the lives of the Landry family women. Cast: Chyler Leigh as... the-way-home N/A The Gold: This innovative TV Drama series is inspired by true events surrounding the... the-gold N/A The Company You Keep: This TV series tells the story of con-man Charlie. He works with an... the-company-you-keep N/A Liaison: Eva Green is back! This high-stakes contemporary thriller describes how the... liaison N/A The Power: Based on the New York Times bestseller. Nature evolves and suddenly women... the-power N/A The Climb: Jason Momoa is back! This sports series is about amateur climbers go through... the-climb N/A Bling Empire Newyork: Dorothy Wang is back! This series is a spinoff of Bling Empire (2021) series.... bling-empire-newyork N/A Three Women: Shailene Woodley is back! This is an interest portrait of real life women... three-women N/A Fatal Attraction: This awesome series is a remake of the classic 80's thriller. It explores... fatal-attraction N/A Ride: This series is about the lives of the McMurrays. This family has to keep... ride N/A Beef: Two people are involved in a road rage incident. They let it get to their... beef N/A Andor: This series is a prequel to" Star Wars: Rogue One". It describes the life of... andor 8.3 We Crashed: This mini-series describes the rapid rise and fall of WeWork. It was one of... we-crashed N/A Single Drunk Female: Samantha has an embarrassing public breakdown. She is forced to move back... single-drunk-female N/A Shining Vale: This TV Series is about a dysfunctional family that moves from the city to a... shining-vale N/A Bel Air: This TV Series retells the story of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Cast:... bel-air N/A The First Lady: American history includes world-changing decisions by charismatic, dynamic... the-first-lady N/A All American Homecoming: This sport TV Series is about a young tennis hopeful from Beverly Hills. He... all-american-homecoming N/A Winning Time The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty: This is the story of how the Los Angeles Lakers became the greatest NBA... winning-time-the-rise-of-the-lakers-dynasty N/A How I Met Your Father: Sophie is part of a tight-knit group of friends. They are finding themselves... how-i-met-your-father N/A Power Book Iv Force: Tommy Egan quits New York and heads to another city to make money in street... power-book-iv-force N/A The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window: A handsome neighbor moves in across the street. Anna is a heartbroken woman.... the-woman-in-the-house-across-the-street-from-the-girl-in-the-window N/A In From The Cold: Exposed as an ex-Russian spy, an American single mom must juggle family life... in-from-the-cold N/A Astrid And Lilly Save The World: High school is hard for outcast BFFs Astrid and Lilly. They accidentally... astrid-and-lilly-save-the-world N/A Suspicion: In this Drama TV Series five average Brits are accused of kidnapping the son... suspicion N/A Jesse Watters Primetime: This talk-show is hosted by Jesse Waters. He speaks to newsmakers from all... jesse-watters-primetime N/A Severance: Mark is one of a team of office workers whose memories have been surgically... severance N/A The Old Man: The main character is a former CIA officer who lives off the grid. He has to... the-old-man N/A The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart: A woman has a violent childhood. These events now cast a dark shadow over... the-lost-flowers-of-alice-hart N/A Citadel: This TV Series is an action packed Spy Series. Cast: Priyanka Chopra Jonas... citadel N/A Rowdys Places: Former combat champion Ronda Rousey looks at the history of the oldest sport... rowdys-places N/A Reacher: Jack Reacher is arrested for murder and taken in. But now the police need his... reacher N/A House Of The Dragon: The series is set in the House Targaryen. Timelines is 300 years before Game... house-of-the-dragon N/A Moon Knight: A former CIA agent called Marc Spector's life is changed after he saved by... moon-knight N/A Willow: A young farmer goes on a perilous journey. He has to protect a special baby... willow N/A Naomi: This adventure TV Series follows a young woman and her hero's journey.... naomi N/A Django: This series describes the life of Django, a gunslinging cowboy in the Wild... django N/A Suitcase City: This series is set in the year 2054. The remaining police force attempts to... suitcase-city N/A Hollyweird: This series follows two aspiring actors new to Hollywood. Cast: Donnabella... hollyweird N/A Alex Vs America: In this cook-off TV Series 15 chefs from across the USA compete against Alex... alex-vs-america N/A Next Level Chef: Gordon Ramsay, Nyesha Arrington, and Richard Blais compete against each... next-level-chef N/A The Cleaning Lady: A Cambodian doctor comes to the U.S. for a medical treatment to save her son.... the-cleaning-lady N/A Good Sam: This TV Series is about a talented but troubled surgeon. She takes on a... good-sam N/A The Kings Of Napa: The King's family owns a successful wine business. The patriarch then exits... the-kings-of-napa N/A The Good Dish: In this reality TV show you'll see simple everyday recipes and trends that... the-good-dish N/A As We See It: This comedy involves three autistic room-mates. They live together and strive... as-we-see-it N/A Promised Land: This TV series is about 3 generations of two Latino competing families. They... promised-land N/A The Gilded Age: This TV series is about a young scion of a conservative family. She goes on a... the-gilded-age N/A Super Pumped: This is the story of transportation company "Uber". It describes the highs... super-pumped N/A Pieces Of Her: This TV Series begins when a young lady goes to the mall with her mother.... pieces-of-her N/A American Song Contest: This song contest has american contestants singing modern and classic songs.... american-song-contest N/A Monarch: A family called the Romans have a country music dynasty. But their reign as... monarch N/A Secret Invasion: Fury and Talos try to stop the Skrulls. They are conquering the highest... secret-invasion N/A Law And Order Hate Crimes: The next department of the Law and Order TV Series. Cast:... law-and-order-hate-crimes N/A Ahsoka: This TV Series revolve around the adventures of Ahsoka Tano. It is a spin-off... ahsoka N/A Dune The Sisterhood: This TV series set in the Dune world. The main character is Bene Gesserit.... dune-the-sisterhood N/A Tokyo Vice: A Western journalist works for a News Paper in Tokyo. He then takes on one of... tokyo-vice N/A Shogun: This series is set in the 17th Century. A British Hero (John Blackthorne) is... shogun N/A Unrecorded Night: This is a mystery TV Series. Cast:... unrecorded-night N/A Livin The Reel Life: This Reality TV series is about movie making. Cast:... livin-the-reel-life N/A Vice Squad Atlanta: The Vice Squad Franchise is a Crime Drama that spans the Globe. It explores... vice-squad-atlanta N/A Vice Squad New Orleans: The Vice Squad Franchise is a Crime Drama that spans the Globe. It explores... vice-squad-new-orleans N/A Platinum Dreams: A record label owner celebrates 25 years in the business. He signs a very... platinum-dreams N/A Rag Days: Veterans of the First World War become player/coaches in the early Era of pro... rag-days N/A This Is Going To Hurt: This TV Series is set in a labour ward. There are highs and lows and... this-is-going-to-hurt N/A The Mermaid: The adventures of a Mermaid. Cast:... the-mermaid N/A The Peripheral: This TV Series is set in the future. Technology has subtly altered society.... the-peripheral N/A Final Call: An undercover police officer is thrown into unexpected situations. He... final-call N/A Barons: Set in 70s surf counter culture. A group of best friends create iconic and... barons N/A Shakespeares Secrets: A TV series which reveals the riveting hidden secrets of William... shakespeares-secrets N/A Rookie Cops: Two students at the Korean National Police University study to become cops.... rookie-cops N/A Kings Of The Wood: Set in the deep woods. A group of highly-skilled woodworkers, carpenters and... kings-of-the-wood N/A Man In The Arena Tom Brady: This series centers around the life of NFL Superstar Tom Brady. Cast:... man-in-the-arena-tom-brady N/A Secrets Of Sulphur Springs: This series is about a boy whose family moves into a haunted hotel. It is... secrets-of-sulphur-springs N/A Law And Order Organized Crime: The lead protagonist is Elliot Stabler who is battling personal loss. He... law-and-order-organized-crime N/A Country Comfort: A young country singer gets a job as nanny for a family with musical talent.... country-comfort N/A The Republic Of Sarah: A greedy mining company threatens to destruct a town. Sarah, a high school... the-republic-of-sarah N/A Jupiters Legacy: Superheroes has kept the world safe for a century. Their children must now... jupiters-legacy N/A Coyote: Border Patrol agent Ben Clemens completes 32 years of service. Then he helps... coyote N/A Mare Of Easttown: Set in Pennsylvania. A detective investigates a local murder and they also... mare-of-easttown N/A The Nevers: This series is about Victorian women that have strange abilities and enemies.... the-nevers N/A The Mighty Ducks Game Changers: Evans fails to make the cut to join the Mighty Ducks junior hockey team. Then... the-mighty-ducks-game-changers N/A Ginny And Georgia: Ginny Miller is a nervous fifteen-year-old. She sometines feels more mature... ginny-and-georgia N/A Superman And Lois: This series is about Superman and the journalist Lois Kane. They become... superman-and-lois N/A Rebel: This series is about a legal advocate with a blue collar background. Also,... rebel N/A Vikings Valhalla: This series is set 100 years after the events of "Vikings". Cast: Laura... vikings-valhalla N/A The Coldest Case: This series is about homicide detective Billy Harney and his new partner Kate.... the-coldest-case N/A Big Shot: An angry college basketball coach gets fired from his job. Next stop is an... big-shot N/A Solos: This series includes seven character-driven stories. Each character has their... solos N/A Debris: A destroyed alien spacecraft is affecting humankind. Two agents investigate,... debris N/A Resident Alien: An alien crashlands. He calls himself Harry and takes on the identity of a... resident-alien N/A Made For Love: A young woman ends her marriage to a tech billionaire and goes on the run.... made-for-love N/A Walker: This series is about a widowed father returns to Austin. He reconnects with... walker N/A Kung Fu: Nicky Shen drops out of college and joins a monastery in China. Then her... kung-fu N/A Leonardo: The extraordinary life of Leonardo da Vinci. There were stories hidden within... leonardo N/A Firefly Lane: Tully and Kate are best friends and have a bond that has lasted from their... firefly-lane N/A Paradise City: This series describes the lives of a rock star and a rookie musician who... paradise-city N/A Hacks: This series describes the lives of mentor Deborah Vance and a legendary... hacks N/A Gossip Girl 2021: This series is a reboot of the show of the same name. New York private school... gossip-girl-2021 N/A The Lost Pirate Kingdom: This is the story of the real-life Pirates of the Caribbean. They steal and... the-lost-pirate-kingdom N/A The Equalizer: This series is about a woman who has multiple skills that helps those with... the-equalizer N/A Delilah: The series is about Delilah, a confident, highly principled lawyer in... delilah N/A Y The Last Man: This series is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Y is the last surviving man... y-the-last-man 7.6 Star Trek Picard: This is a follow up series to Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987). It's... star-trek-picard 7.2 Little Fires Everywhere: This series is based on Celeste Ng's novel "Little Fires Everywhere".... little-fires-everywhere 7.3 Katy Keene: This series follows a group of aspiring artists from Riverdale that follow... katy-keene 8.3 Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist: The protagonist is a young woman who has the ability to hear the thoughts of... zoeys-extraordinary-playlist 7.5 The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: This series is about the adventures of Falcon and The Winter Soldier (both... the-falcon-and-the-winter-soldier 7.2 Cherish The Day: This series is about a day in the life of a couple. They are in love and... cherish-the-day 6.0 Dracula: This series is set in 1897 Transylvania. It follows the interesting life of... dracula 7.2 Snowpiercer: This series is set in a dystopian world that is a frozen wasteland. There... snowpiercer 7.8 The Last Dance: This series is about 1990's Chicago Bulls team. They were led by Michael... the-last-dance 7.8 Barkskins: This series is based on based on the novel by Pulitzer Prize Winner Annie... barkskins 7.7 Perry Mason: This series is set in 1932 Los Angeles. It follows a lacklustre defense... perry-mason 7.5 Spinning Out: This series is about a figure skater who is an Olympic hopeful. She... spinning-out 7.9 The English Game: This series describes to origins of the sport "football". It describes how it... the-english-game 6.2 Cursed: This series is about a teenage sorceress called Nimue. She finds a young... cursed 6.5 White Lines: This series revolves around a woman who alone tries to solve the complicated... white-lines 6.8 Away: The main protagonist is an American astronaut. She leaves her husband and... away 7.8 Self Made: The main protagonist is a successful African American entrepreneur called... self-made 7.3 Brave New World: This series is a TV adaptation of Aldous Huxley's popuar book. It is set in... brave-new-world 7.4 Celebrity Iou: This series is about Hollywood A-listers. We see them express gratitude to... celebrity-iou 7.8 Belgravia: This series follows the members of the nouveau riche society. This includes... belgravia 7.5 Outer Banks: This series is about teenagers (not that wealthy) who stumble upon a... outer-banks 8.2 Hollywood: This series follows a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers. It is set in... hollywood 6.2 Penny Dreadfull City Of Angels: This series follows the events after murder shocks Los Angeles in 1938.... penny-dreadfull-city-of-angels 8.2 The Morning Show: This series takes a look at the lives of the workers who provide America's... the-morning-show 8.3 The Witcher: This series is about Geralt of Rivia who is a lone monster hunter. He goes... the-witcher 7.9 Watchmen: This series is set in an alternate history. We see masked vigilantes treated... watchmen 7.9 Dead To Me: This series is about a friendship between a serious widow and an upbeat... dead-to-me 8.2 Years And Years: This interesting series is about a busy family from Manchester. It takes an... years-and-years 8.2 Pennyworth: This series describes the origin story of Alfred Pennyworth. He is a former... pennyworth 8.1 Warrior: This series is set during the Tong Wars in late 1800s. A martial arts prodigy... warrior 7.5 Living With Yourself: This series is a about a man who undergoes a new treatment to improve... living-with-yourself 7.1 Wu Assassins: A new warrior is chosen as the last Wu Assassin. He must search for the... wu-assassins 7.8 City On A Hill: This series is set in 1990s Boston. An assistant district attorney teams up... city-on-a-hill 7.2 Roswell New Mexico: This series is set in a town where aliens have super abilities. These aliens... roswell-new-mexico 6.5 Another Life: This series is about Astronaut Niko Breckenridge and her young crew. They... another-life 7.8 Prodigal Son: The main protagonist is Malcolm Bright. He is one of the best criminal... prodigal-son 8.1 The Rookie: This series is about how John Nolan who is recovering after a life changing... the-rookie 7.4 Lost In Space: The Robinson family crash lands on an alien planet. They struggle to survive... lost-in-space 8.2 Succession: This series is about an american global-media family that has in fighting.... succession 7.6 Maniac: This series follows the lives of two strangers that participate in a small... maniac 8.0 Bodyguard: This series is a thriller that is about the London's Metropolitan Police.... bodyguard 8.1 Killing Eve: This series takes place after a series of events. It decribes the lives of a... killing-eve 7.6 You: This series describes the life of a charming and obsessive young. He... you 8.0 Sharp Objects: This series is about a reporter that has some psychological problems to do... sharp-objects 8.1 Yellowstone: This series follows a ranching family in Montana. They are up against others... yellowstone 8.2 Altered Carbon: This series is set in the future. In this future human consciousness can be... altered-carbon 8.8 Cobra Kai: This series is set decades after the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament bout... cobra-kai N/A Station 19: This series is a spinoff of the critically acclaimed show Grey's Anatomy. It... station-19 7.9 The Bold Type: This series is about the life of "Cosmopolitan" editor in chief, Joanna... the-bold-type 7.0 Riverdale: This series is revolves around the adventures of Archie and his gang. They... riverdale 7.1 Dynasty: This series is about two wealthy american families. They try to control... dynasty 7.2 Star Trek Discovery: This series is set ten years before the adventures of the Enterprise. The... star-trek-discovery 7.9 Glow: This series takes a look at the personal and professional lives of a group... glow 8.0 The Deuce: This series takes a look at New York City in the 1970s and 80s. During this... the-deuce 8.1 The Good Fight: This series describes the life of Diane Lockhart, a lawyer. After her life... the-good-fight 8.3 The Good Doctor: The main protagonist in this series has autism and savant syndrome. He is... the-good-doctor 8.6 Ozark: This series is about a financial advisor. He takes his family from Chicago... ozark 7.2 Friends From College: This series is about a close group of college friends. Twenty years after... friends-from-college 8.5 The Orville: This series is about an exploratory space ship that leaves earth. The space... the-orville N/A Black Lightning: The protagonist is an african american school principal that turns into a... black-lightning 8.5 The Crown: This series describes the political rivalries of Queen Elizabeth II's reign.... the-crown 6.5 Bull: This series is about a brilliant and charming man, Dr. Bull. He combines... bull 7.2 Luke Cage: This series is about Luke Cage. He is a fugitive with super strength and... luke-cage 8.4 Atlanta: This series is set in Based in Atlanta. It describes the lives of Earn and... atlanta 8.5 This Is Us: This series describes the life of triplets and their parents. Cast: Milo... this-is-us 8.5 Westworld: This series is set in the near future. This world also has a unique past. In... westworld 7.9 The Good Place: This series describes the lives of four people and their "otherworldly"... the-good-place 6.1 Macgyver: This series describes the adventurous life of Angus "Mac" MacGyver. He works... macgyver 8.0 Vinyl: This series is about a New York music executive. It is set in the 1970s. He... vinyl 8.0 Travelers: This series is set hundreds of years from now. The surviving humans find out... travelers 7.2 Shades Of Blue: The protagonist of this series is Harlee Santos who is a New York police... shades-of-blue 8.6 Narcos: This series is about the life of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. It also... narcos 7.2 Empire: A hip-hop CEO must choose a successor from his three sons. These sons are... empire 6.3 Supergirl: This series describes the life of Superman's cousin. She is also a superhero... supergirl 7.2 Blindspot: This series is the story of Jane Doe. She is found injured in Times Square... blindspot 8.3 The Expanse: This series describes the lives of a police detective in the asteroid belt,... the-expanse 8.5 Better Call Saul: This series describes the life and times of criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill. He... better-call-saul 7.5 The Magicians: A group of people get recruited to a secretive academy. They discover that... the-magicians N/A Shark Tank: This reality TV series is about how contestants ask for investment and... shark-tank 8.2 Outlander: This series is about an english combat nurse from 1945 who goes back in time... outlander 8.1 Power: This series is about James 'Ghost' St. Patrick. He is a wealthy New York... power 7.6 The Flash Tv: Barry Allen is struck by lightning and then is in a coma. He wakes up from... the-flash-tv 8.2 Halt And Catch Fire: This seris is about the leaders in the 80s tech revolution. This era... halt-and-catch-fire 7.5 Gotham: The main protagonist in this series is Detective James Gordon. He rises... gotham 7.9 Chicago Pd: This series is about the District 21 of the Chicago Police Department. This... chicago-pd 8.2 Rush: The protagonist is Doctor William Rush. He is not your average on-call... rush 8.9 True Detective: This series is about interesting police investigations. The investigators... true-detective 8.0 The Affair: This series is about the love affair between a struggling novelist and a... the-affair 8.4 Vikings: Vikings is about the dangerous and brutal world of a man called Ragnar... vikings 7.1 Mom: This series is about a single mom who has now gotten sober. She tries to get... mom 8.1 Ray Donovan: This series is about Ray Donovan who is a "fixer" for rich and famous... ray-donovan 7.4 Reign: This series revolves around Mary, Queen of Scots. She experiences political... reign 7.2 Agents Of Shield: This series describes the cases and agents of the Strategic Homeland... agents-of-shield 7.8 The Blacklist: This series is about how an FBI profiler (Elizabeth Keen) starts leading an... the-blacklist 7.9 Almost Human: This series is set in the near future. It's about a human cop that works... almost-human 7.9 Orange Is The New Black: This series is about how a woman is convicted of an old crime (transporting... orange-is-the-new-black 8.6 Peaky Blinders: This series is set in 1919 Birmingham, England. It is about a gang who sew... peaky-blinders 7.6 Devious Maids: This series is about four latina maids. They have dreams and ambition. They... devious-maids 7.2 Defiance: This series is about life in the city called Defiance. It is set in the not... defiance 7.5 Nashville: This series is about the exciting and turbulent lives of country music stars... nashville 7.0 The Firm: This series is about Defense Attorney Mitch McDeere. He is targeted by the... the-firm 7.0 Dallas: This series is about the next generation of the Ewing family. The cousins... dallas 7.7 Chicago Fire: This series tells the stories of firefighters in Chicago. It takes a look at... chicago-fire 7.1 Girls: This series is a comedy about a group of girls in their early 20s that... girls 7.6 Elementary: In this series we see a new version of Sherlock Holmes. This version of the... elementary 7.4 Major Crimes: This series is a spin-off of "The Closer" (2005). It's about the life of... major-crimes 8.2 Rita: This series follows the life of a rebellious woman called Rita. She is a... rita 8.4 Longmire: This series is set in Absaroka County, Wyoming. Walt Longmire is the... longmire 8.5 The Newsroom: This series is about a newsroom undergoes an overhaul. A new team is brought... the-newsroom 8.3 Suits: The main protagonist in this series is Mike Ross. He is a talented college... suits 9.0 Game Of Thrones: This series is about how nine families fight for control over the Westeros... game-of-thrones 8.1 Hell On Wheels: This series is set after the Civil War has finished. Former Confederate... hell-on-wheels 6.4 Unforgettable: The main protagonist of this series is Carrie Wells, a former police... unforgettable 8.2 Person Of Interest: This series is about a dynamic duo. One is an ex-CIA agent and the other... person-of-interest 7.4 Teen Wolf: This series is about how an average high school student becomes a werewolf... teen-wolf 8.2 The Shadow Line: Detective Inspector Jonah Gabriel gets shot and injured. On his first day... the-shadow-line 7.8 Falling Skies: This series is about survivors of an alien attack on earth. These people... falling-skies 8.5 Downton Abbey: This series is about the British aristocratic Crawley family. It also... downton-abbey 7.1 Hawaii Five 0: This series is about policeman Steve McGarrett. He returns home to Oahu to... hawaii-five-0 7.4 Blue Bloods: This series describes the lives of a family of New York cops. Cast: Donnie... blue-bloods 8.0 Parenthood: This series describes the life of the members of the Braverman family.... parenthood 9.0 Sherlock: This series is a modern version of the famous detective "Sherlock Holmes"... sherlock 8.3 Louie: This series describes the life of Louie C.K. He is a divorced comedian that... louie 8.3 Luther: This series is about DCI John Luther. He is an expert murder detective. But... luther 7.5 Covert Affairs: Annie Walker used to live in a farm. Now she must adapt to the challenging... covert-affairs 7.8 Lost Girl: This is the story of Bo, a supernatural being. She belongs to a clan and she... lost-girl 8.0 Castle: This series begins with a killer imitating the plots of novels written... castle 8.1 The Good Wife: This series has as the main protagonist Alicia was a good wife to her... the-good-wife 6.5 Ncis Los Angeles: This series follows to undercover NCIS Special Projects agents that solve... ncis-los-angeles 8.2 Modern Family: This comedy series describes the lives of three totally different families.... modern-family 7.4 Stargate Universe: Soldiers and Civilians are trapped on an old spaceship. They are located... stargate-universe 6.9 Royal Pains: This series describes the life of brilliant diagnostic surgeon that has lost... royal-pains 8.3 Misfits: This series tells the story of a group of young offenders. Whilst doing... misfits 8.2 Southland: This series tells the stories of the Police Officers working for the Los... southland 6.0 The City: This series has as the main protagonist an Image Coordinator called Whitney... the-city 8.2 The Mentalist: This series about a famous "psychic". He then goes public as fraud before... the-mentalist 8.5 90210: This series describes how a Kansas family relocates to Beverly Hills. Their... 90210 8.2 Fringe: This series is about an FBI agent who has to work with an unstable scientist... fringe 7.6 Merlin: This series describes the adventures of a young Merlin. In the future he... merlin 9.2 Breaking Bad: This series revolves around a high school chemistry teacher. After he is... breaking-bad 8.4 Sons Of Anarchy: This series describes the life of a biker. This man tries to handle being a... sons-of-anarchy 7.0 In Plain Sight: This series is about U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon. Her job is to track down... in-plain-sight 7.8 Terminator The Sarah Conner Chronicles: These events are set after Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991). Sarah Connor... terminator-the-sarah-conner-chronicles 8.7 John Adams: This series follows the life of John Adams, one of the USA's Founding... john-adams 8.5 Mad Men: This series is a drama about a famous New York Ad agency. It is set at the... mad-men 8.1 Californication: This series is about a writer. He juggles his career, his relationship with... californication 8.0 Chuck: This series has a computer geek for the protagonist. He accidentally... chuck 7.6 Burn Notice: This series is about a spy who recently quit the U.S. government. He then... burn-notice 8.2 Heartland: This series decribe a multi-generational family. It is set in Alberta,... heartland 7.9 Damages: This series describes the life of a law school graduate. This graduate... damages 6.4 Private Practice: This series is a spin-off of the medical drama "Grey's Anatomy". It's about... private-practice 7.8 Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: This series tells the stories of an anonymous sex worker known as "Belle de... secret-diary-of-a-call-girl 8.0 Gossip Girl: This series is about privileged teens. It is set in Upper East Side of New... gossip-girl 8.5 Friday Night Lights: This series is a drama about the lives of the Dillon Panthers. This team is... friday-night-lights 7.3 Heroes: This series is about normal people that find out that they have super... heroes 7.1 Brothers And Sisters: This series is about a family's adult siblings and how they experience life... brothers-and-sisters 7.7 Eureka: This series describes the life of a U.S. Marshall that becomes the sheriff... eureka 6.3 Ugly Betty: This series describes the personal and work life of Betty. She isn't the... ugly-betty 6.8 Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: This series follows the interesting lives of property brokers. It is set in... million-dollar-listing-los-angeles 7.5 Greys Anatomy: This drama series is the lives (personal and professional) of five surgical... greys-anatomy 7.5 Bones: The main protagonists are forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance "Bones"... bones 8.0 Prison Break: This series describes the life and adventures of a man wrongfully imprisoned... prison-break 6.7 Numbers: This series is about how a mathematician works for the FBI. He uses... numbers 8.4 Doctor Who: This series describes the adventures in time and space of the alien... doctor-who 7.9 Criminal Minds: This series describes the cases of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU).... criminal-minds 7.7 Weeds: This series describes how a suburban mother starts dealing marijuana to fund... weeds 8.2 The Closer: This series is about Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson. She runs the... the-closer 7.5 Zoey 101: This series follows Zoey Brooks and her brother Dustin. It is set in the... zoey-101 8.1 Lost: This series is about the survivors of a plane crash. These people are forced... lost 8.5 House: This series is about an antisocial and unique doctor. He is a specialist at... house 8.2 Entourage: This series is about film star Vince Chase. He goes through adventures in... entourage 8.5 Battlestar Galactica: An old enemy of Galactica (the Cylons) reappear. The Cylons want to destroy... battlestar-galactica 8.1 Veronica Mars: This series is about Veronica Mars who solves intriguing mysteries in the... veronica-mars 6.5 Csi Ny: The lead protagonist is CSI head Detective Mac Taylor. He leads a team that... csi-ny 8.2 Boston Legal: This series is a Boston Legal is a spin-off of the series The Practice... boston-legal 8.1 Rescue Me: This series describes the life of Tommy Gavin the Firefighter. He also has... rescue-me 8.7 Deadwood: This series is set in the late 1800s. It's about a town that is full of... deadwood 7.5 Project Runway: This series is about aspiring fashion designers. They compete for an... project-runway 7.2 Las Vegas: This series is set in the Montecito Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Ed... las-vegas 7.5 Ncis: This series describes the intriguing cases of the Naval Criminal... ncis 7.4 One Tree Hill: The protagonists are half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott. They have both a... one-tree-hill 7.2 The Oc: This series follows an intense and troublesome youth who joins a group of... the-oc 7.2 Tru Calling: This series is about a university graduate. She works in the city morgue.... tru-calling 7.4 Nip Tuck: This series is about the interesting lives of two successful plastic... nip-tuck 7.7 New Tricks: This series is about how three retired police officers are recruited to... new-tricks 8.9 Firefly: This series is set 500 years in the future. A crew in a small spacecraft... firefly 6.2 Csi Miami: This series is about the police cases of the Florida police department's... csi-miami 8.4 The Shield: This series describes the cases of a corrupt Los Angeles Police Department... the-shield 9.1 The Wire: This series is an in depth view of the Baltimore drug scene. We see cases... the-wire 6.8 8 Simple Rules: This series revolves around The Hennessy clan. Mother Cate, daughters... 8-simple-rules 7.2 The Dead Zone: Johnny Smith was in coma for six years. He wakes up finding his fiance... the-dead-zone 6.7 Without A Trace: This series describes the cases of an FBI unit. It specializes in... without-a-trace 6.9 Birds Of Prey Tv: This series is set in the future. It is set after the Batman has gone into... birds-of-prey-tv 7.4 Smallville: This series is about a young Clark Kent. He struggles to fit into the world... smallville 8.2 The Office: This series is a hilarious fictional documentary of an office that is facing... the-office 8.0 Scrubs: This series describes the lives of the workers in Sacred Heart Hospital.... scrubs 7.3 Star Trek Enterprise: This series is set a century before Captain Kirk's five-year mission. It... star-trek-enterprise 7.4 Alias: This series is about Sydney Bristow, an international spy. She was recruited... alias 7.2 The Guardian: The main protagonist is Nick Fallin, an up and coming lawyer. He works at... the-guardian 6.4 Lizzie Mcguire: This series describes the daily life of an adolescent girl. Her real... lizzie-mcguire 7.0 Law And Order Criminal Intent: This series is the third Law and Order series about the criminal justice... law-and-order-criminal-intent 8.5 Six Feet Under: This series is about the lives of a turbulent family who run a small funeral... six-feet-under 7.8 Degrassi The Next Generation: This series describes the lives of the kids at Degrassi Community School. It... degrassi-the-next-generation 7.2 Reba: The main protagonist is Reba played by Reba McEntire. She plays a single... reba 7.9 Gilmore Girls: This series describes the relationship between a single mother in her... gilmore-girls 7.4 Csi Crime Scene Investigation: This series describes the cases of an elite team of police forensic evidence... csi-crime-scene-investigation 6.3 Andromeda: The main protagonist is Captain Dylan Hunt. He and the crew of the... andromeda 7.7 Dark Angel: This series is about how a group of genetically-enhanced children escape... dark-angel 7.8 The Fugitive: The series starts off with Dr Richard Kimble getting framed for his wife's... the-fugitive 7.6 The Street: This series is set in the world of corporate stock trading. It describes the... the-street 8.5 The West Wing: This series decribes the staff of the West Wing of the White House. Cast:... the-west-wing 8.3 Law And Order Special Victims Unit: This series follows the squad of the Special Victims Unit. They are... law-and-order-special-victims-unit 7.5 Angel: This series is about a vampire called Angel. He has a soul and moves to Los... angel 8.6 Freaks And Geeks: This series is about how a smart high school student starts hanging out with... freaks-and-geeks 7.3 Roswell: This series describes the lives of three alien/human hybrids. They have... roswell 7.2 Judging Amy: This series is a drama focused on three generations of women. It is set in... judging-amy 7.5 Snoops: This series is a comedic take on a detective show. Glenn Hall runs an glitsy... snoops 7.5 Sex And The City: This series is about four female New Yorkers that gossip about their sex... sex-and-the-city 7.5 Charmed: This series is about three sisters that are witches. They must battle the... charmed 6.4 Dawsons Creek: This series is about four friends in a small coastal town. They experience... dawsons-creek 8.0 Felicity: This series follows a young girl that has just finished high school. She... felicity 8.2 Stargate Sg 1: This series is about a secret military team called SG-1. They explore other... stargate-sg-1 7.5 The Practice: This series is about the exploits and cases of the defense attorneys of a... the-practice 7.1 King Of The Hill: This series is about a propane salesman in Arlen, Texas, He has to deal with... king-of-the-hill 7.2 Ally Mcbeal: This series is about the life of a lawyer called Ally McBeal. Cast: Calista... ally-mcbeal 8.0 Cold Feet: This series is about the lives of 30-something couples Adam and Rachel, Pete... cold-feet 7.5 La Femme Nikita: An organisation that trains assassins fakes the death of a convicted... la-femme-nikita 8.5 Oz: This series describes the daily activities of a unique prison facility. It... oz 7.4 The Pretender: This series is about a man with the ability to instantly master any skill.... the-pretender 6.5 7th Heaven: This series is about Eric Camden who is a minister. His wife Annie has to... 7th-heaven 7.8 Millennium: This series is about a former FBI profiler. He jas the ability to understand... millennium 6.5 Nash Bridges: This sereis is about a confident San Francisco, California cop and his get... nash-bridges 7.5 The Cape: This series describes the lives a team of NASA Astronauts. It is set at the... the-cape 6.3 Jag: This series is about the cases of Harmon Rabb, a former Navy fighter pilot.... jag 6.5 The Drew Carey Show: This series is a sitcom about the personal and work life of a man. Cast:... the-drew-carey-show 6.2 Hercules The Legendary Journeys: This series is about the life of Hercules who has half god strength. His is... hercules-the-legendary-journeys 2001 Xena Warrior Princess: This series is about Xena who is a powerful Warrior Princess. She has a dark... xena-warrior-princess 7.8 The Outer Limits: This series is a remake of the classic science fiction horror show "The... the-outer-limits 7.2 Er: This series is about the experiences of the doctors and nurses of Chicago's... er 6.4 Chicago Hope: This series is about the lives of a big hospital in Chicago. Cast: Adam... chicago-hope 7.2 The Secret World Of Alex Mack: This series is about Alex Mack. She gets into an accident with some weird... the-secret-world-of-alex-mack 6.5 Touched By An Angel: This series is about Monica, Tess and Andrew. They are a trio of angels the... touched-by-an-angel 6.5 Party Of Five: This series is about 5 siblings that raise each other. Their parents died in... party-of-five 7.4 Newyork Undercover: This series follows the lives of New York Cops and Criminals. The cops are... newyork-undercover 8.4 The X Files: This series is about the lives of two FBI Agents. Fox Mulder (who believes... the-x-files 7.6 Star Trek Deep Space Nine: This series is set on the liberated planet of Bajor. The Federation space... star-trek-deep-space-nine 8.0 Boy Meets World: This series is about an adolescent with two siblings. He tests theories... boy-meets-world 7.3 Lois And Clark The New Adventures Of Superman: Superman has to face super villains and crime. He also has a romance with... lois-and-clark-the-new-adventures-of-superman 6.2 Melrose Place: This is a classic drama about a group of friends living in Melrose Place,... melrose-place 7.2 Heartbeat: This series is set in the 1960s. It describes the lives of the police... heartbeat 7.0 Martin: This series is a sitcom centering on radio and television personality Martin... martin 7.5 Picket Fences: This series is about an aging Sheriff who works in Rome, Wisconsin. This... picket-fences 7.3 The Commish: This series is a police comedy drama. The main protagonist is Tony Scali,... the-commish 7.3 Sisters: This series follows the lives of four very different sisters. It is set in... sisters 7.2 Roc: This series follows the life of Roc Emerson, a city garbage collector. He... roc 7.8 Reasonable Doubts: This drama series is about the friendship between Assistant DA Tess Kaufman... reasonable-doubts 6.2 Beverly Hills 90210: This series follows the life of a group of friends living in Beverly Hills,... beverly-hills-90210 7.5 Law And Order: Each show is about a crime committed (mainly murder). The shows sometimes... law-and-order 8.6 Twin Peaks: This series is about an idiosyncratic FBI agent that investigates the murder... twin-peaks 8.0 Northern Exposure: This series is about a doctor who recently graduated. He sets up his... northern-exposure 6.9 Wings: Cast: Tim Daly as Joe Montgomery Hackett 172 episodes 1990-1997, Steven... wings 6.2 Blossom: This series is about a teenage girl that lives in a house full of men. She... blossom 6.5 Parenthood Tv: This series is based on the 1989 film of the same name directed by Ron... parenthood-tv 6.7 B L Stryker: This series is about a Private eye who has interesting cases and solves... b-l-stryker 8.5 True Blue: This series is aout the Emergency Service Unit of the NYPD. This team lives... true-blue 7.2 Doogie Howser M D: This series is about a teenage genius doctor. He also has to deal with the... doogie-howser-m-d 6.1 Dragnet: This series is about two straight laced L.A.P.D. Detectives. Together they... dragnet 1998 Family Matters: This series is about the life of the Winslow family. They have a troublesome... family-matters 7.2 Empty Nest: "Empty Nest" describes the day to day adventures of a widowed man... empty-nest 8.3 The Wonder Years: This series is about Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) growing up during the late... the-wonder-years 7.8 Roseanne: This show described the everyday life of a working-class family. The parents... roseanne 7.2 The Dirty Dozen The Series: This series is set in World War II. A group of military prisoners turn into... the-dirty-dozen-the-series 7.0 Full House: This series is about a widowed broadcaster. He raises his three daughters... full-house 7.5 Wiseguy: Vincent Terranova is an agent in the Organized Crime Bureau. He infiltrates... wiseguy 8.3 Degrassi High 1987: This series describes the lives of students of an inner city high school.... degrassi-high-1987 7.2 Thirtysomething: This series is about seven thirtysomethings living in Philadelphia. They all... thirtysomething 7.2 Jake And The Fatman: Veteran district attorney McCabe is called "Fatman". He solves cases with the... jake-and-the-fatman 7.2 Hooperman: This series is about cool San Francisco cop Harry Hooperman. He inherits an... hooperman 7.2 Private Eye: This show is set in 1950's Hollywood. The set design was accurate and made... private-eye 7.6 21 Jump Street: These are the cases of an undercover police unit that have officers that are... 21-jump-street 8.5 The Bold And The Beautiful: The series describes the lives of the staff of a high fashion company. The... the-bold-and-the-beautiful 8.2 L A Law: This show describes the lives and work of the staff of a successful Los... l-a-law 6.5 The Oprah Winfrey Show: Oprah Winfrey hosts a live audience talk-show. There are celebrity guests and... the-oprah-winfrey-show 7.5 Half Nelson: Rocky Nelson is a former New York cop. He wants to be a Hollywood actor. He... half-nelson 8.2 Moonlighting: These are the interesting cases of a former model and a wise cracking... moonlighting 6.2 Santa Barbara: Set in Santa Barbara, California. The fascinating and tumultuous life of the... santa-barbara 8.3 Miami Vice: Miami Vice follows the lives of two undercover Miami detectives. They are a... miami-vice 7.5 Highway To Heaven: An angel on probation is sent back to Earth. He teams up with an ex-cop to... highway-to-heaven 7.2 T J Hooker: This show describes the adventures of a tough veteran police officer Sgt.... t-j-hooker 8.2 Cheers: These are the stories of the regulars of the Boston bar "Cheers". They share... cheers 8.2 Family Ties: This is the life of liberal ex-hippy parents Steven and Elyse Keaton. They... family-ties 8.2 Cagney And Lacey: Two female police detectives work together in their professions. They also... cagney-and-lacey 6.8 Entertainment Tonight: This show excelled in getting you interested in TV/Movie/Music celebrities... entertainment-tonight 8.2 Bret Maverick: The original Maverick show (1957 - 1962) was James Garner at his best. It... bret-maverick 6.8 Nero Wolfe: The adventures of plump detective Nero Wolfe. He would rather eat and tend to... nero-wolfe 7.4 McClains Law: Jim McClain was a cop. He gets injured and deemed unfit for duty. For the... mcclains-law 7.6 Falcon Crest: This show is set in the vineyards of California. It describes the life of the... falcon-crest 1989 Simon And Simon: Two very different brothers run a private detective agency. They use their... simon-and-simon

7.5 Hook Line And Sinker: This is Tessa Bailey's follow up hit to "It Happened One Summer". She has... hook-line-and-sinker 7.3 Book Lovers: Nora Stephens' life is books, she's read them all. She is as a cutthroat... book-lovers 7.0 Note To Self: This book has been described as a triumph of humour and heart. Seventeen... note-to-self 7.8 Miss Pearlys Girls: This is a captivating family drama. Four estranged sisters must return to... miss-pearlys-girls 7.6 The Meet Cute Method: Frankie doesn't believe in true love. She is a relationships expert. She... the-meet-cute-method 7.2 Riverbend Reunion: Four high school besties reunite after twenty years. Risa’s headed for... riverbend-reunion 7.3 By The Book: Isabelle is completely lost. When she first began her career in publishing... by-the-book 7.8 Happy Place: This story revolves around a couple who broke up months ago. They make a... happy-place 8.0 Other Women: In this book we see the stories of three women. Sid has a rare connection... other-women 7.6 Spark City: Erroh is a warrior that has a life of duty. He has the chance to win the... spark-city 7.6 This Just Speaks To Me: Hoda Kotb is back with a brand new heart-felt book. The book contains 365... this-just-speaks-to-me 7.8 The 5 Love Languages The Secret To Love That Lasts: This book is more than just about falling in love. It's about how you stay... the-5-love-languages-the-secret-to-love-that-lasts 6.8 The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes: The tenth annual Hunger Games is coming up. The house of Snow is on it's... the-ballad-of-songbirds-and-snakes 7.5 Normal People A Novel: This is an impactful novel about the nature of friendship, love and... normal-people-a-novel 6.8 Little Fires Everywhere A Novel: This book is about the Richardson family and their encounter with a... little-fires-everywhere-a-novel 7.5 Girl Stop Apologizing: Rachel Hollis says that some peoplel are not living to their full potential.... girl-stop-apologizing 7.0 Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire: This is the fourth book in the Harry Potter series. It feautres full color... harry-potter-and-the-goblet-of-fire 6.1 The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook: This cookbook has magical recipes for Wizards and Non Wizards alike. They... the-unofficial-harry-potter-cookbook 7.2 Lettering And Modern Calligraphy A Beginners Guide: This book will allow you to learn to letter. Create beautiful designs by... lettering-and-modern-calligraphy-a-beginners-guide 8.2 The Great Gatsby: This novel is a classic of the twentieth-century. This edition includes a... the-great-gatsby 7.3 Before We Were Yours A Novel: This book has two million copies sold. This is the story of four younger... before-we-were-yours-a-novel 8.1 Ready Player One A Novel: This book is a #1 new york times bestseller and it became a major motion... ready-player-one-a-novel 7.1 When Breath Becomes Air: This boook is a #1 New York Times bestseller. This memoir is about hope in... when-breath-becomes-air 8.1 Me Before You A Novel: This books is about two people that had nothing in common. Louisa Clark is a... me-before-you-a-novel 7.7 Grey Fifty Shades Of Grey As Told By Christian: E.L. James has a new take on the world of Fifty Shades. This time from the... grey-fifty-shades-of-grey-as-told-by-christian 8.1 Paper Towns: John Green is a #1 bestselling author. The story revolves around the life of... paper-towns 8.2 The Outsiders: The Outsiders is a classic novel that has been around for 50 years. It was... the-outsiders 7.6 A Game Of Thrones A Clash Of Kings: This set includes 5 Game of Thrones novels. It includes: A Game of Thrones,... a-game-of-thrones-a-clash-of-kings 7.2 Divergent: Divergent is set in a dystopian Chicago world. Society is split up into five... divergent 7.3 The Goldfinch A Novel: This books is about a young New Yorker, Theo. He is grieving over his... the-goldfinch-a-novel 7.4 Rush Revere And The First Patriots: This book is a #1 New York Times bestseller. A history teacher travels back... rush-revere-and-the-first-patriots 7.1 If I Stay: This book is a bestselling novel from author Gayle Forman. It will soon be... if-i-stay 7.3 Looking For Alaska: John Green is a #1 bestselling author. This book is about Miles Halter who... looking-for-alaska 7.6 Fifty Shades Of Grey: This book has 150 million copies sold worldwide. The plot begins when... fifty-shades-of-grey 7.3 The Perks Of Being A Wallflower: This book is a coming of age story. It describes the ups and downs of high... the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower 7.8 The Longest Ride: This book is a New York Times bestseller. It is about the lives of two... the-longest-ride 7.2 Mockingjay The Hunger Games: This book is about the adventures of Katniss Everdeen. By this point she has... mockingjay-the-hunger-games 8.5 Steve Jobs: A lot of research was conducted by Walter Isaacson before this book was... steve-jobs 7.6 Wild: This book made Oprah's Book Club selection. This memoir is the story of an... wild 7.3 Catching Fire Hunger Games: In this chapter of The Hunger Games District 12 tributes Katniss Everdeen... catching-fire-hunger-games 7.4 The Help: This novel is set in 1960s Mississippi. A southern society girl called... the-help 7.2 The Litigators: The lawfirm "Finley & Figg" think of themselves as a "boutique" law firm. As... the-litigators 7.3 The Art Of Racing In The Rain A Novel: This book is now a feature film that stars Milo Ventimiglia, Amanda Seyfried... the-art-of-racing-in-the-rain-a-novel 7.2 The Best Of Me: This book is a New York Times bestselling novel. It is about first love and... the-best-of-me 7.6 The Greater Journey Americans In Paris: This book describes the inspiring stories of adventurous American artists... the-greater-journey-americans-in-paris 7.2 Every Thing On It: This book is from a New York Times bestselling author Shel Silverstein. The... every-thing-on-it 7.4 Sh T My Dad Says: Twenty-eight-year-old Justin Halpern finds himself living at home with his... sh-t-my-dad-says 7.5 Life: This book is the intimate autobiography of the guitarist/songwriter/singer... life 7.3 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Presents Earth The Book: Jon Stewart asks Where do we come from? Who created us? Why are we here?... the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart-presents-earth-the-book 7.2 The Lost Hero: Kronos, Percy and friends save Olympus from a corrupt Titan Lord. Then they... the-lost-hero 7.4 Breaking Dawn: This book is the much anticipated finale to the Twilight Series. Bella has an... breaking-dawn 7.4 The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society: This book is #1 new york times bestseller. It is now a Netflix film. It is... the-guernsey-literary-and-potato-peel-pie-society 7.3 The Time Travelers Wife: This book tells the remarkable story of Henry DeTamble, an adventuresome... the-time-travelers-wife 7.4 New Moon The Twilight Saga: In this chapter of the Twilight saga there are more enemies such as evil... new-moon-the-twilight-saga 8.2 Into The Wild: This book is an intriguing story about how in 1992 a young man from a good... into-the-wild 7.4 The Battle Of The Labyrinth: This book starts with Percy Jackson preparing for his high school... the-battle-of-the-labyrinth 7.4 The Lucky One: This is Nicholas Sparks 14th book. In this book he tells the unforgettable... the-lucky-one 7.2 The Christmas Sweater: This book has been written by a #1 New York Times bestselling author and... the-christmas-sweater 7.9 Einstein His Life And Universe: Walter Isaacson is an acclaimed bestseller. He prevously wrote "Benjamin... einstein-his-life-and-universe 8.2 The Secret: This book has been turned into a major motion picture with Katie Holmes and... the-secret 7.8 Marley And Me: This book is an interesting story of a family and a wonderful neurotic dog... marley-and-me 7.9 A Million Little Pieces: This story begins with James Frey (23) waking up on a plane with his front... a-million-little-pieces 7.6 Deception Point: There has been an interesting scientific discovery. Then a conspiracy... deception-point 7.7 Chronicles Vol 1: Bob Dylan writes about his life in Chronicles: Volume One. This a remarkable... chronicles-vol-1 8.2 East Of Eden: This book is a true masterpiece. Author John Steinbeck is a Nobel Prize... east-of-eden 7.5 Blessings: Blessings is a powerful new novel by the bestselling author of Black and... blessings 7.5 In This Mountain: This story revolves around Father Tim and Cynthia. They have been at home in... in-this-mountain 7.2 The Nanny Diaries A Novel: This book is about a woman who is struggling to graduate from NYU and barely... the-nanny-diaries-a-novel 7.4 Atonement A Novel: The story begins with the hottest day of the summer of 1935. A... atonement-a-novel 7.9 Bridget Joness Diary A Novel: This book is a famous #1 bestseller by author Helen Fielding. Bridget Jones... bridget-joness-diary-a-novel 7.9 The Catcher In The Rye: This book is a brilliant, funny and meaningful novel. Author J. D. Salinger... the-catcher-in-the-rye 7.4 Tuesdays With Morrie: Mitch Albom had a college professor Morrie Schwartz. Later on in life, he... tuesdays-with-morrie 7.4 Back When We Were Grownups: This books begins with saying that once upon a time, there was a woman who... back-when-we-were-grownups 7.4 A Common Life The Wedding Story: Author Jan Karon takes her millions of fans back in time to the most... a-common-life-the-wedding-story 8.2 Jack Straight From The Gut: Jack Welch is the CEO of General Electric. He looks back on his decorated... jack-straight-from-the-gut 7.2 Its Not About The Bike: In this book, world-champion cyclist Lance Armstrong recalls his diagnosis... its-not-about-the-bike

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Story Space Food is about the adventures of a food supplying spaceship that... This game is currently in the Development Phase which means it is getting... This game is currently in the Development Phase which means it is getting... This game is currently in the Development Phase which means it is getting... This game is currently in the Development Phase which means it is getting... This game is currently in the Development Phase which means it is getting... This game is currently in the Development Phase which means it is getting... Story Double Dribble is an arcade basketball video game developed and... Story Out Run is an arcade driving video game released by Sega in September... This game is a Classic Sierra Game which means that you can both move... This game is a Classic Sierra Game which means that you can both move... This game is a Classic Sierra Game which means that you can both move...

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