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The Best Drama Movies/TV/Books and Serious Movies/TV/Books from 2023 and previous years. Dramatic performances often leave us thinking. Drama Movies/TV are memorable and sometimes teach us things about life.

N/A Ride On: Jackie Chan is back! Lao Luo loves his horse. The horse may be taken away... ride-on N/A North Of Normal: Sarah Gadon is back! A teenage girl is raised in the wilderness. She then... north-of-normal N/A Triangle Of Sadness: Woody Harrelson is back! Two models experience a crossroad in their careers.... triangle-of-sadness N/A Windfall: Jason Segel is back! In this movie a couple find that their vacation has been... windfall N/A Chang Can Dunk: In this movie two friends (an asian american and a basketball fanatic) want... chang-can-dunk N/A Breakwater: Mena Suvari is back! This movie is about a young ex-con. He is now free but... breakwater N/A I Want You Back: Scott Eastwood is back! Peter and Emma have both been dumped. They team up to... i-want-you-back N/A Samaritan: Sylvester Stallone is back! A young boy discovers that a superhero who went... samaritan N/A Young Again: Eric Young is an American-born Asian graduate student. He then lies about his... young-again N/A Last Night A Dj Saved My Life: This film describes the life of Tony Sinclaire, a down on his luck late night... last-night-a-dj-saved-my-life N/A Spider Man Lotus: Spider Man's former girlfriend dies. He then questions whether Spider Man's... spider-man-lotus N/A Banking On Mr Toad: This film is a family drama about writer Kenneth Grahame. He penned "The Wind... banking-on-mr-toad N/A Ray Donovan: Ray is determined to find and stop Mickey before he can cause more problems.... ray-donovan N/A Creed 3: This is the third installment of the boxing life of Appollo Creed's son... creed-3 N/A The Northman: This film is set in Iceland 10th century. We see a Nordic prince set out on a... the-northman N/A Love And Something Like It: This movie is about Dan, who loses his wife in his 50s. He then starts dating... love-and-something-like-it N/A Slow Motion: This movie is about how Love Lewis reenters the dating world after a bad break... slow-motion N/A Time And Money: This movie is about two stressed film producers. They stay up all night to fix... time-and-money N/A Gold 57: This movie is set in the music business during the late 1950's. The great... gold-57 N/A Onassis: The story of the once richest man in the world, Onassis. The full cast... onassis N/A Eyes Of A Roman: This movie describes how a roman soldier's life changes. There is also a... eyes-of-a-roman N/A The Chelsea Cowboy: Hard-man turned actor Bindon is unable to leave his criminal past behind. The... the-chelsea-cowboy N/A My Fathers Dragon: Elmer wants to find a Dragon on Wild Island. He goes on an adventure. The... my-fathers-dragon N/A When The Moon Was Twice As Big: This is the story of the producer and two lip-syncing male models. The made... when-the-moon-was-twice-as-big N/A Milli Vanilli: This film is about the life and times of the famous lip-syncing duo Milli... milli-vanilli N/A Knives Out 2: This movie Sequel to the 2019 film "Knives Out". Daniel Craig as Benoit... knives-out-2 N/A The School For Good And Evil: Some boys and girls are taken to an centre where and are trained to become... the-school-for-good-and-evil N/A The Finish Line: This is one of the stories about the Roosevelt Raceway. This story will look... the-finish-line N/A Conundrum Secrets Among Friends: This movie is about longtime friends that have known each other since college.... conundrum-secrets-among-friends N/A Heartbreak Falls: There is a high profile business deal that involves the Mob. The cast... heartbreak-falls N/A A Winters Journey: A new film by John Malkovich. The cast includes: John Malkovich as... a-winters-journey N/A Fishermans Friends 2: The sequel to the popular UK Film "Fishermans Friends". The great cast... fishermans-friends-2 N/A The King The Swordsman And The Sorceress: This will be a sword era film. The great cast includes: Deborah Dutch as... the-king-the-swordsman-and-the-sorceress N/A Recall: A car accident occurs and a man wakes up with no memory. He asks his wife... recall N/A Butched: This movie is a western. Review Coming... butched N/A 0: This inspiring film is about a young college student who runs track. He... 0 N/A Batman A Beautiful Lie: This is an animated Batman adventure. The cast includes: Jack Kritzer as... batman-a-beautiful-lie N/A G O D Tech: This movie follows the lives of a family of the future. This family chose... g-o-d-tech N/A Lola 2: This movie is the sequel to "Lola". It's about the survival of the fittest.... lola-2 N/A Django Zorro: This movie is set a few years after the events of Django Unchained (2012).... django-zorro N/A Mr Men And Little Miss: This movie is based on the Mr. Men and Little Miss books. The author is... mr-men-and-little-miss N/A Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs: This is a live-action adaptation of the classic animated movie "Snow White... snow-white-and-the-seven-dwarfs N/A Jungle Book 2: This movie is a sequel to the 2016 movie "The Jungle Book". Review Coming... jungle-book-2 N/A Hells Posse: This movie is a western. Review Coming... hells-posse N/A Hustle: Adam Sandler is back! Adam plays a washed-up basketball scout that finds a... hustle N/A First Love: The story describes a young man experiencing a difficult adulthood. The super... first-love N/A Lady Chatterleys Lover: This movie is an adaptation of a D.H. Lawrence's novel. A woman falls out of... lady-chatterleys-lover N/A A Manual For Cleaning Women: Cate Blanchett is back! This film is an adaptation of Lucia Berlin' fantastic... a-manual-for-cleaning-women N/A Unbreakable Boy: Zachary Levi is back! This film is about a boy with a rare brittle-bone... unbreakable-boy N/A The Division: Jake Gyllenhaal is back! This film is about a pandemic virus that spreads via... the-division N/A She Said: Carey Mulligan is back! New York Times reporters Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor... she-said N/A Next Goal Wins: Michael Fassbender is back! This film is an adaptation of the 2014 British... next-goal-wins N/A Distant: Zachary Quinto is back! This interesting film is about an Asteroid miner who... distant N/A The Mothership: Halle Berry is back! A woman's husband mysteriously vanishes from their rural... the-mothership N/A The Portable Door: This movie is about Paul Carpenter, an intern at an interesting London firm... the-portable-door N/A Blonde: Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Munroe! This movie is a fictional take on the... blonde N/A Infinite Storm: A woman goes on a journey of self discovery. This journey turns into to a... infinite-storm N/A Untitled Katie Holmes Project: This is the story of two strangers in bad relationships that wind up in the... untitled-katie-holmes-project N/A Trail Blazers: This film is about a band of siblings. They were robbers, thieves and killers... trail-blazers N/A The Chess Game: This movie is about Robert and Dale who are both in a band. Both also love... the-chess-game N/A Burgers: In this comedy drama, Denise's food truck is impounded. It had to do with a... burgers N/A Ambulance: After they make mistakes in there heist, two robbers steal an ambulance. The... ambulance N/A Gangster Wives: This movie tells five stories. The main protagonist is Carol. She is to be... gangster-wives N/A The Outfit: This movie follows an English tailor who used to craft suits in London. He... the-outfit N/A Three Men And A Baby: This movie is a remake of the 1987 film of the same name. Three men have to... three-men-and-a-baby N/A Luckiest Girl Alive: This film is about a woman in New York that faces trauma and needs to overcome... luckiest-girl-alive N/A Aurora: This film is about a female astronaut that monitors solar storms that may harm... aurora N/A Hate To See You Go: This film describes the life of aging Chicago Blues musician Sonny Bell... hate-to-see-you-go N/A Elvis: This movie is about the life and times of the talented and famous rock and... elvis N/A Tetris: This business film is about the legal battles which occured between the... tetris N/A Benediction: This movie describes the story of the English poet/writer/soldier Siegfried... benediction N/A The Lost Girls: Joely Richardson is back! Wendy, her mother Jane and her Grandmother have all... the-lost-girls N/A Stowaway: Anna Kendrick is back! This movie is about a stowaway on a mission to Mars.... stowaway N/A The Stars At Noon: This movie is set in 1984's Nicaragua. It's about a romance between a... the-stars-at-noon N/A Gucci: This story revolves around Patrizia Reggiani, the ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci.... gucci N/A Mothering Sunday: This movie is about a maid living in post-World War I England. She secretly... mothering-sunday N/A The Harder They Fall: Idris Elba is back! This movie is about a man looks to take revenge against... the-harder-they-fall N/A The Power Of The Dog: Kirsten Dunst is back! Two rothers who own a large ranch in Montana are go up... the-power-of-the-dog N/A Love Lost And Found: A social media influencer takes his girlfriend out to the wilderness. He wants... love-lost-and-found N/A The Batman: The plot of this movie is uknown. Review Coming... the-batman N/A The Artists Wife: Claire Smythson is the wife of the renowned artist Richard Smythson. Her... the-artists-wife N/A A Quiet Place Part 2: The Abbott family now face a dangerous outside world. They have to go on a... a-quiet-place-part-2 N/A Akira: This movie is based on the original table top role-playing game. Review... akira N/A Miss Juneteenth: This movie is about a former beauty queen and a single mom. The mother... miss-juneteenth N/A Last Night In Soho: This movies is about a young girl who is passionate about fashion design.... last-night-in-soho N/A The French Dispatch: The plot to this movie is unknown. It will be set in France after World War... the-french-dispatch N/A Nine Days: This is the story of an isolated man who conducts a series of interviews... nine-days N/A Cherry: This movie is about an Army medic that suffers from post-traumatic stress... cherry N/A What About Love: This movie is about how two lovers change the lives of their parents. The... what-about-love N/A Annette: Adam Driver is back! This film is about a stand-up comedian and his wife, an... annette N/A The Many Saints Of Newark: This series describes the life of Tony Soprano and the environment and... the-many-saints-of-newark N/A Respect: This movie is about the life and times of the famous R&B singer, Aretha... respect N/A King Richard: This movie describes how tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams became... king-richard N/A Without Remorse: This movie is about a former Navy SEAL. He turns into a CIA operative. His... without-remorse N/A The Banker: This movie is set in the 1960s. It's about two African-American... the-banker N/A The Last Duel: In this movie King Charles VI demands that Jean de Carrouges (a Knight)... the-last-duel N/A Fatale: This movie is about a married man who is fooled into a murderous plot by a... fatale N/A The Eternals: The movie is about the the Eternals which are a race of immortal beings.... the-eternals N/A Morbius: This innovative movie is about Biochemist Michael Morbius. He tries to cure... morbius N/A Finding You: A talented violinist meets a young movie star. The movie is set in a small... finding-you N/A French Exit: The protagonist is an ageing Manhattan woman. She is living on a budget and... french-exit N/A West Side Story: This movie is an adaptation of the 1957 musical. West Side Story is about... west-side-story N/A Babylon: Set in an older period of Hollywood. The great cast includes: Margot Robbie... babylon N/A Redeeming Love: This movie is based on the popular novel by Francine Rivers with the same... redeeming-love N/A The Card Counter: Oscar Isaac and Willem Dafoe are back! This film is about Tell... the-card-counter N/A The Dig: Lili James is back! This movie is about how an archaeologist starts an... the-dig N/A Louis: Benedict Cumberbatch is back! This movie is a biopic of a famous English... louis N/A The Lost Daughter: Dakota Johnson is back! A woman takes a beach vacation. It takes a dark turn... the-lost-daughter N/A The Ice Road: Liam Neeson and Laurence Fishburne unite in this movie about an ice driver... the-ice-road N/A The Eyes Of Tammy Faye: Jessica Chastain is back! This movie takes a look at the interesting rise... the-eyes-of-tammy-faye N/A Macbeth: Denzel Washington is back! This movie is about a Scottish lord who gets... macbeth N/A The Fallout: A school tragedy occurs. Vada is emotionally drained and her relationships... the-fallout N/A Maestro: Bradley Cooper is back! This movie is about the rise of Leonard Bernstein, a... maestro N/A Die In A Gunfight: Alexandra Daddario is back! This movie is set in New York city. A young guy... die-in-a-gunfight N/A Deep Water: This movie is about a wealthy husband that allows his wife to have affairs.... deep-water N/A Cut Throat City: This movie is set after Hurricane Katrina. It's about four boyhood friends... cut-throat-city N/A Really Love: This movie is set in Washington DC. It's about a rising Black painter who... really-love N/A American Underdog The Kurt Warner Story: This movie describes the story of NFL MVP and Hall of Fame quarterback, Kurt... american-underdog-the-kurt-warner-story N/A Spenser: This movie describes a period of the life of Princess Diana. Diana is on... spenser N/A Fatherhood: This movie is about a single dad that brings up his baby girl. His wife... fatherhood N/A The Little Things: This movie is about two cops that track down a serial killer. The talented... the-little-things N/A Killers Of The Flower Moon: This movie is about a big event that sparks an FBI investigation. Members of... killers-of-the-flower-moon N/A The Nightingale: This movie describes the lives of two sisters living in France. It is set at... the-nightingale N/A Dune: This movies is an adaptation of a science fiction novel by Frank Herbert. It... dune 8.6 Our Friend: Three adults used to be best friends. Two are now a couple and the woman has... our-friend 7.9 Irresistible: This movie is about how a Democrat helps a retired man run for mayor in a... irresistible N/A Honest Thief: This movie is about the life of a bank robber. He turns himself in because... honest-thief N/A Those Who Wish Me Dead: This movie is about a teenage murder witness. Somehow two assassins (twins)... those-who-wish-me-dead N/A Inherit The Viper: This crime movie is about 3 siblings that are drug dealers. Trouble and... inherit-the-viper N/A Praise This: This movie is about a youth choirs that come together for a music... praise-this N/A The Secret Garden: This movie is about a young girl that discovers a mysterious magical garden... the-secret-garden N/A Im Your Woman: This movie is about a woman that goes on the run with her child because her... im-your-woman N/A Death On The Nile: This movie is about how Hercule Poirot investigates the murder of a young... death-on-the-nile N/A Only: This movie describes the event of a comet landing and releasing a mysterious... only N/A Tenet: The plot of this movie is unknown. It can be described as an action epic... tenet N/A Chemical Hearts: A high school student that has recently transfered gets involved with the... chemical-hearts N/A Mank: This movie is about the life of screenwriter "Herman J. Mankiewicz". It... mank N/A Enola Holmes: The full plot is unknown. It will be a feature film adaptation of the 'Enola... enola-holmes N/A Taylor Swift Miss America: This documentary takes a look at popular artist Taylor Swift. It's about her... taylor-swift-miss-america N/A The Clark Sisters The First Ladies Of Gospel: This movie describes the beginning of The Clark Sisters. They first struggle... the-clark-sisters-the-first-ladies-of-gospel N/A Sylvies Love: This movie describes the life of a woman who works at her father's record... sylvies-love N/A The 24th: This movie tells the story of the all-black Twenty-Fourth United States... the-24th N/A Charm City Kings: This is the story about how a boy joins a dirt bike gang in Baltimore. It is... charm-city-kings N/A Zola: This movie describes the life of a stripper named Zola. She goes on an... zola N/A Stolen By My Mother The Kamiyah Mobley Story: This movie describes the life of a young woman who as an adult finds out she... stolen-by-my-mother-the-kamiyah-mobley-story N/A Unwitting Deceit: Two business friends work in the world of black market diamonds. They then... unwitting-deceit N/A A Fall From Grace: This is the story of a woman who is getting over her ex-husband's love... a-fall-from-grace N/A News Of The World: This movie describes the life of a Texan that travels to the Wild West. His... news-of-the-world N/A Eternals: This is about the Eternals, a race of immortal beings. They have lived on... eternals N/A Unhinged: This movie is a thriller about road rage. The people involved partake in a... unhinged N/A Ghostbusters Afterlife: This movie describes the connection (through their Grandfather) that a... ghostbusters-afterlife N/A The Personal History Of David Copperfield: This movis is based on the novel about David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.... the-personal-history-of-david-copperfield N/A Dream Horse: This movie describes how Jan (cleaner/bartender) breeds a race horse in her... dream-horse N/A The Night Clerk: This movie is about a hotel clerk that somehow gets caught up in a murder... the-night-clerk N/A Promising Young Woman: A woman experiences a tragic event. She then seeks revenge against the... promising-young-woman N/A The Climb: This movie describes the life of two friends. They've known each other for... the-climb N/A Inside The Rain: A student is going to get expelled college. He goes to a strip club and... inside-the-rain N/A Wendy: Wendy is lost on a magical island where people don't age and time has... wendy N/A Emma: This movies is based on the Jane Austen novel of the same name. The full... emma N/A Gretel And Hansel: This fairy tale is set a long time ago, in the countryside. A young girl and... gretel-and-hansel N/A The Burnt Orange Heresy: This movie is about an art dealer that is contracted to steal an expensive... the-burnt-orange-heresy N/A Dreamland: This movie is about three stories about the world of opioids. First a drug... dreamland N/A The Assistant: This movies is an intense look at the world of being an assistant. The... the-assistant N/A Covers: This movie is a love story about people in the music industry. It is set in... covers N/A The Roads Not Taken: This movie is about a day in the life of Leo and his daughter Molly. Leo... the-roads-not-taken N/A To All The Boys Ps I Still Love You: This the story of Lara Jean and Peter. They have taken their relationship to... to-all-the-boys-ps-i-still-love-you N/A All The Bright Places: This movies describes the life of Violet and Theodore. They both struggle... all-the-bright-places N/A Premature: This movie is about a seventeen year old called Ayanna. She meets a handsome... premature N/A Emperor: This movie is about an escaped slave that travels north. He meets Frederick... emperor N/A Equal Standard: This movie is about New York City police officers. Their lives collide and... equal-standard N/A Mulan: This movie is about a young Chinese maiden that disguises herself as a male... mulan N/A John Henry: This is the story about how two immigrant kids are on the run trying to get... john-henry N/A Never Rarely Sometimes Always: This movie is about two teenage girls that travel to New York City because... never-rarely-sometimes-always N/A The High Note: This movie is about a superstar singer and her personal assistant. The... the-high-note N/A The Last Thing He Wanted: This movie is about an experienced D.C. journalist. She is writing an... the-last-thing-he-wanted N/A Let Him Go: This movie is about a retired sheriff. He and his wife are grieving after... let-him-go N/A Da 5 Bloods: This story follow a group of veterans from the Vietnam War. They find... da-5-bloods N/A Barbie: A barbie doll living in "Barbieland" is expelled for having faults. She then... barbie N/A Stillwater: This movie is about a father that takes a trip from Oklahoma to France. He... stillwater N/A Rebecca: This movie is about a young newlywed. She finds herself living in the shadow... rebecca N/A Horse Girl: This movie is about a socially awkward woman. She likes arts and crafts,... horse-girl N/A Extraction: The lead protagonist is Tyler Rake. He is a fearless black market mercenary.... extraction 7.8 Force Of Nature: This movie is about how thieves plan a heist during a hurricane. It gets... force-of-nature 8.1 The Secret Dare To Dream: This movie is an adaptation of the self-help book; "The Secret". It's about... the-secret-dare-to-dream 7.8 Spenser Confidential: This action movie is about the dynamic duo of an Ex-felon (Hawk) and former... spenser-confidential 8.3 The Way Back: This movie is about a former HS basketball player. These days he is an... the-way-back 8.2 I Still Believe: This movie is a true life story. It describes the life of christian music... i-still-believe 7.9 Downhill: This movie is about a family that goes on a winter vacation. They are... downhill 7.6 Underwater: When an earthquake ruins a subterranean laboratory, a group of underwater... underwater N/A Like A Boss: This movie is about two female friends. They decide to start a beauty... like-a-boss N/A Just Mercy: This movie is about the famous civil rights defense attorney Bryan... just-mercy N/A Waves: This movies is about the journey of a suburban family. The father is a... waves N/A First Cow: A cook travels west and becomes a fur trapper in Oregon Territory. He finds... first-cow N/A Greed: This movie is a satire about the world of extremely wealthy people. The... greed N/A Ordinary Love: This movie is about the lives of a middle-aged couple. The wife has been... ordinary-love N/A Uncut Gems: This movie is about a charismatic New York City jeweler. He is involved in... uncut-gems N/A 63 Up: This is a documentary about a group of British-born adults revisited after 7... 63-up N/A Little Joe: Alice is a senior plant breeder at a corporation. The company is developing... little-joe N/A Jezebel: 19 year old Tiffany stays with five family members in a Las Vegas studio... jezebel N/A Clemency: This movie is about an experienced prison warden, Bernadine. Years of... clemency N/A A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood: This movie is based on a true story. It depicts the real-life friendship... a-beautiful-day-in-the-neighbourhood N/A Little Women: This movie is set in America after the civil war. It is about four sisters.... little-women N/A The Good Liar: Career con artist Roy Courtnay meets a wealthy widow Betty McLeish online.... the-good-liar N/A Dolemite Is My Name: Eddie Murphy is back! The Biography is the story of performer Rudy Ray Moore... dolemite-is-my-name N/A Motherless Brooklyn: This movie is set in 1950s New York. Lionel Essrog is a private detReview... motherless-brooklyn N/A Cats: This movie is about a tribe of cats called the Jellicles. Every year they... cats N/A Shes Missing: Heidi's best friend goes missing at a rodeo. She searches for her friend... shes-missing N/A The Rhythm Section: After a plane crash kills her family a women realises that it was all... the-rhythm-section N/A Always A Bridesmaid: Corina is a woman who is always someone's bridesmaid. She decides never to... always-a-bridesmaid N/A Black And Blue: A rookie Detroit African-American female cop witnesses corrupt officers... black-and-blue N/A After: A young woman falls for a man with a secret. The two embark on a turbulent... after N/A The Mustang: The Mustang is about a violent convict (Matthias Schoenaerts as Roman... the-mustang N/A The Woman In The Window: This movie is about an agoraphobic woman. She lives alone in New York and... the-woman-in-the-window N/A Maiden: This documentary describes the story of Tracy Edwards. She started off as a... maiden N/A Toni Morrison The Pieces I Am: Toni Morrison is a legendary story teller/writer. This documentary examines... toni-morrison-the-pieces-i-am N/A American Woman: This movie is about a woman who raises her young grandson. This occurs after... american-woman N/A Yesterday: A struggling musician finds out he's the only person on Earth who remembers... yesterday N/A The Irishman: This movie is about a hitman who recalls his involvement with the downfall... the-irishman N/A Shaft: This movie is the sequel to the year 2000 "Shaft" movie. Samuel L. jackson... shaft N/A Breakthrough: When he was a teenager, Brian Smith (played by Josh Lucas) drowned and was... breakthrough N/A Murder Mystery: A New York police man and his wife go on a European vacation to try and... murder-mystery N/A Teen Spirit: This movie is about a shy teenager who dreams of escaping her small town.... teen-spirit N/A The Beach Bum: Moondog (played by the experienced Matthew Mcconaughey) is an eccentric... the-beach-bum N/A The Sun Is Also A Star: A teenager finds love. She is also going through a hard time with her family... the-sun-is-also-a-star N/A Tolkien: Tolkien the movie explores the young adult years of the author Tolkien.... tolkien N/A 47 Meters Down Uncaged: This movie begins with four teen girls diving in a ruined underwater city.... 47-meters-down-uncaged N/A The Glorious Seven: David Guerra is an ex-military commander. Corrupt millionaire Anthony Levin... the-glorious-seven N/A Ip Man 4: In this chapter, Master Ip Man master travels to the U.S. One of his... ip-man-4 N/A Juanita: Juanita is fed up with her grown kids (that are going nowhere) and her... juanita N/A Little Woods: This movie is a modern Western. It tells the story of two sisters, Ollie and... little-woods N/A Bolden: This movie is a fictional account of the life of Buddy Bolden. Buddy was the... bolden N/A Under The Silver Lake: Sam (played by the versatile Andrew Garfield) is a bored man in his... under-the-silver-lake N/A Whered You Go Bernadette: A loving mom spends years sacrificing herself for her family. She becomes... whered-you-go-bernadette N/A Luce: In this movie a married couple is concerned with their son who is an... luce N/A Serenity: A fishing boat captain has a hidden past. His ex-wife tracks him down and... serenity N/A Brittany Runs A Marathon: This movie is about a a woman living in New York. Her life wasn't going that... brittany-runs-a-marathon N/A The Professor: This movie is about a college professor lives his life recklessly. He has... the-professor N/A The Last Whistle: This movie begins with an all-star highschool player of a football team... the-last-whistle N/A Overcomer: This movie is a study of the life of students and adults. The full cast... overcomer N/A The Bouncer: This movie is about a nightclub bouncer in his fifties. He's taken a lot of... the-bouncer N/A The Kid: The movie tells the tales of a young boy who witnesses Billy the Kid's... the-kid N/A Fast Color: A woman finds out she has superhuman abilities. She is forced to go on the... fast-color N/A Crypto: A young Wall Street banker is demoted and goes back to his hometown. He then... crypto N/A Saint Judy: This movie tels the true story of immigration attorney Judy Wood. Judy... saint-judy N/A If Beele Street Could Talk: This movie is set in harlem. A pregnant woman and her family struggles to... if-beele-street-could-talk N/A 21 Bridges: This movie is about an NYPD detective who is disgraced after a case. He is... 21-bridges N/A Ford V Ferrari: This movie is based on the true story of how Ford went head to head with... ford-v-ferrari N/A Gemini Man: An old hitman must battle a a younger clone of himself. The great cast... gemini-man 7.6 Hustlers: This movie is about a bunch of former female strippers. They get together to... hustlers 7.8 Ride Like A Girl: This movie is the story of Michelle Payne. She was the first female jockey... ride-like-a-girl 7.9 Joker: This movie is about the origin story of the villain called The Joker (played... joker 7.5 Downton Abbey: This movie continues the story of the "Crawley" family and is set in the... downton-abbey 7.3 The Angry Birds Movie 2: This movie is the sequel to the 2016 animated feature "The Angry Birds... the-angry-birds-movie-2 8.0 A Dogs Journey: This movie is about an average dog's life. This dog has relationships with... a-dogs-journey 7.6 The Kitchen: This movie has to do with the wives of New York gangsters. It's set in Hell's... the-kitchen 8.9 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: This Quentin Tarantino movie is about an unpopular TV actor and his stunt... once-upon-a-time-in-hollywood 7.8 Late Night: This movie is about late night talk show host. After many years of hosting... late-night 8.0 Apollo 11: This documentary is about the Apollo 11 mission to land on the moon. The... apollo-11 8.0 All Is True: This movie recounts the final days of the life of renowned playwright William... all-is-true 8.0 Gloria Bell: A woman in her 50s, who is a free-spirit, tries something new and seeks new... gloria-bell N/A The Fairwell: This movie is about a Chinese family. The family discovers their grandmother... the-fairwell N/A The Chaperone: This movie is based in the early 1920s. It's about a Kansas woman who goes... the-chaperone 7.8 The Hummingbird Project: A pair of high flying stock traders ( Vincent Zaleski played by Jesse... the-hummingbird-project 8.8 Five Feet Apart: Two teenagers ( Will played by Cole Sprouse and Stella played by the... five-feet-apart N/A The Souvenir: This movie is about a young female film student. It is set in the early 80s.... the-souvenir N/A The Art Of Racing In The Rain: This movie is about a dog named Enzo. He recalls the life lessons he learned... the-art-of-racing-in-the-rain 7.2 Her Smell: This movie is about a punk rocker who lives life to the max and struggles... her-smell N/A Seberg: This movie is based partly on real events regarding the French New Wave Film... seberg N/A Plus One: Two longtime single friends (Ben and Alice) get invited a several weddings.... plus-one 7.9 King Of Thieves: This movie is a crime story about a group of retired criminals who undertake... king-of-thieves N/A Stan And Ollie: Laurel and Hardy are the world's most famous comedy duo. They are getting... stan-and-ollie N/A What Men Want: A female sports agent (Ali Davis played by the sumptuous and talented... what-men-want N/A Amazing Grace: This movie is a documentary about Aretha Franklin. It is also about the... amazing-grace N/A On The Basis Of Sex: This movie is based on the true story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She fought for... on-the-basis-of-sex N/A See You Yesterday: CJ and Sebastian are best friends. They build a pair of time machines. They... see-you-yesterday N/A Coda: This movie is about a famous pianist that has a problem with stage fright at... coda N/A The Mountain: This movie is about the story of a young man. He loses his mother and goes... the-mountain N/A I Am Mother: This movie is about a teenage girl that is raised in an underground... i-am-mother N/A Round Of Your Life: This movie is about the sport of Golf. The full cast includes: Alexandria... round-of-your-life N/A High Flying Bird: A sports agent pitches an idea to a rookie basketball client. The agent has... high-flying-bird N/A The Biggest Little Farm: This movie is a documentary about how John Chester and his wife Molly create... the-biggest-little-farm N/A Walk Ride Rodeo: This movie is based on the unbelievable true story of Amberley Snyder. She... walk-ride-rodeo N/A Mystify Michael Hutchence: This documentary is presented by Ghost Pictures and Passion Pictures. It's... mystify-michael-hutchence N/A Rolling Thunder Revue A Bob Dylan Story By Martin Scorsese: This documentary is like a concert film (of one of Bob Dylan's shows) from... rolling-thunder-revue-a-bob-dylan-story-by-martin-scorsese N/A The Dirt: This movie describes the story of how Motley Crue became a famous and... the-dirt N/A Wild Rose: This movie is about a musician from Glasgow that dreams of being a Nashville... wild-rose N/A The Untold Story: Edward Forester (64 years old) is depressed about his career and personal... the-untold-story N/A Clara: This movie is about how an astronomer and an artist form a friendship which... clara N/A Stockholm: This movie is based on a true story. In 1973 there was a bank heist/hostage... stockholm N/A The Upside: This comedy is about the unlikely relationship between a quadriplegic... the-upside N/A Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase: Nancy is a bit of an outsider and struggles to fit into her new... nancy-drew-and-the-hidden-staircase N/A The Trap: This movie is about a man that returns home to Atlanta in order to improve... the-trap N/A Donnybrook: This movie is about two men who enter a big bare-knuckle fighting... donnybrook N/A Shadow: This movie depicts the fascinating life of people that live in an ancient... shadow N/A Hellboy: This movie is based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola. Hellboy is caught... hellboy N/A Ben Is Back: A drug addicted teenage boy (Ben played by Lucas Hedges) who finishes his... ben-is-back N/A Selah And The Spades: This movie is set in the prestigious Haldwell boarding school. Five factions... selah-and-the-spades N/A Iceman: This movie is set in the Otztal Alps, around 5300 years ago in the Neolithic... iceman N/A Free Solo: Alex Honnold is an expert solo climber. In this documentary he tries to... free-solo N/A Chokehold: This movie is about a woman who seeks revenge on the Russian Mob for the... chokehold N/A Trading Paint: This movie is about a veteran race car driver, Sam Munroe. His son is also a... trading-paint 8.0 Mary Queen Of Scots: Mary Stuart (played by the beautiful Saoirse Ronan) attempts to overthrow... mary-queen-of-scots N/A The Highwaymen: This movie describes how two Texas Rangers come out of retirement. They are... the-highwaymen N/A Adult Life Skills: Anna is a 30 year old woman grieving over the death of her twin brother. She... adult-life-skills N/A Miss Bala: This movie is based on a Spanish-language film. Gloria gets involved into... miss-bala N/A Against The Clock: This movie starts off with a CIA agent that is sent on a mission. He ends up... against-the-clock N/A Never Grow Old: Outlaws take over a peaceful American frontier town. Although an Irish... never-grow-old N/A Anna: This movie depicts the life of the beautiful Anna Poliatova. With her... anna N/A Otherhood: This movie is about three mothers who are old friends. They drive to New... otherhood N/A Dragged Across Concrete: This movie is about two abnoxious cops that get suspended from the force.... dragged-across-concrete N/A The Parts You Lose: This movie is set in a small North Dakota town. A young boy makes meets a... the-parts-you-lose N/A A Score To Settle: An enforcer used to work for a local crime syndicate. But then he was... a-score-to-settle N/A Paddleton: Two neighbours become friends. One of them unexpectedly is diagnosed with... paddleton N/A The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind: This is an inspirational movie about a boy in Malawi that wanted to help his... the-boy-who-harnessed-the-wind N/A Mr Jones: This movie is about how a welsh journalist breaks the news (in western media)... mr-jones N/A IO: In this movie a young scientist wants to save Earth which is in decay. She... IO N/A Knives Out: This movie is about a detective that investigates the death of a patriarch.... knives-out N/A Run The Race: This is a story of two brothers from a high school. They are members of a... run-the-race N/A Troop Zero: This movie is set in In rural 1977 Georgia. An outcast girl dreams of life... troop-zero N/A The Mule: This movie is about A 90-year-old horticulturist and Korean War veteran. He... the-mule N/A Endings Beginnings: This movie is about a 30-something woman experiencing love and heartbreak over... endings-beginnings N/A Zeroville: A young man travels to hollywood in 1969. The industry is changing and he... zeroville N/A Galveston: This movie is about a hitman that escapes a set up. He is dying and returns... galveston N/A Julie: Note: The "Julie" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used an... julie N/A Green Book: This movie is set in the 1960s. An Italian-American bouncer becomes the... green-book N/A Outlaw King: Set in the 14th Century. A Scottish "Outlaw King" called Robert The Bruce... outlaw-king N/A Chasing The Blues: Two rival record collectors ( Alan Thomas played by Grant Rosenmeyer and... chasing-the-blues N/A All About Nina: Note: The "All About Nina" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used... all-about-nina N/A Life Itself: A young New York couple (Oscar Isaac as Will and Olivia Wilde as Abby)... life-itself N/A Bodied: A graduate student (hilariously played by Calum Worthy) is completing a... bodied N/A Can You Ever Forgive Me: Lee Israel (played by the talented Melissa Mccarthy) is a writer that has... can-you-ever-forgive-me N/A The Old Man And The Gun: This movie is based on the true story of Forrest Tucker (played by the... the-old-man-and-the-gun N/A Alpha: A young warrior (played by Kodi Smit-mcphee) must survive the wild, set... alpha N/A A Boy A Girl A Dream: The night of the 2016 Presidential election, Cass an L.A. club promoter... a-boy-a-girl-a-dream N/A Mountain: A documentary about the highest mountains around the world and how it's like... mountain N/A Nobodys Fool: A woman (played by Tiffany Haddish) is released from prison. She visits her... nobodys-fool N/A Blue Iguana: Two Ex-jailbirds Eddie (played by Sam Rockwell) and Paul (played by... blue-iguana N/A White Boy Rick: Based on the true story of teenager called Richard Wershe Jr. He became a... white-boy-rick N/A Second Act: A box store worker (Maya played by the beautiful and talented Jennifer... second-act N/A Creed II: Rocky Balboa (played by the legendary Sylvester Stallone) continues to... creed-II 6.5 In A Relationship: This comedy is the story of two couples during one summer. The great cast... in-a-relationship 7.5 Robin Hood: A Crusader (Taron Egerton) who has previously fought in wars and his... robin-hood N/A Charming: Note: The "Charming" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... charming N/A A Star Is Born: A Star is Born is about an experienced musician (Jack played by Bradley... a-star-is-born 8.8 First Man: This movie describes the life of the astronaut Neil Armstrong (played... first-man 7.8 Crazy Rich Asians: This movie is based on a global bestselling book by the same name. Rachel Chu... crazy-rich-asians 7.8 Book Club: A group of life long friends that belong to a book club read the popular book... book-club N/A Juliet Naked: "Juliet, Naked" tells the story of Annie (played by Rose Byrne). She is the... juliet-naked N/A Dinner For Two: Dinner For Two revolves around a complicated love story. Chris (played by... dinner-for-two 7.8 Whitney: The life and times of the super star singer Whitney Houston. There are some... whitney N/A The Escape Of Prisoner 614: Two small-town Sheriff's Deputies (Jim Doyle played by Martin Starr and... the-escape-of-prisoner-614 7.9 Adrift: This movie is based on a true story. Two young people meet by chance. They... adrift N/A Speed Kills: Note: The "Speed Kills" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used the... speed-kills 7.9 The Leisure Seeker: A elderly couple runaway from their boring life and go on journey in an old... the-leisure-seeker N/A A Swingers Weekend: Dan (played by Randal Edwards) and Lisa (played by Erin Karpluk) are a... a-swingers-weekend 7.9 The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society: A writer visits a town post world war 2 and investigates a book club called... the-guernsey-literary-and-potato-peel-pie-society N/A Hostiles: This movie is set in 1892. A well known Army Captain Capt. Joseph J. Blocker... hostiles 8.5 A Simple Favor: This movies is about a single mother that writes a parenting blog. She... a-simple-favor 8.5 Kodachrome: There was a photo development system known as "Kodachrome". An old... kodachrome N/A The Year Of Spectacular Men: A young woman (Izzy Klein played by beautiful Madelyn Deutch) has just... the-year-of-spectacular-men 8.3 The Bookshop: The movie is set in 1959 in a small town in England. The protagonist Florence... the-bookshop N/A Measure Of A Man: A teenager (Bobby Marks played by Blake Cooper) who has been previously... measure-of-a-man N/A The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs: This film is made up of six stories. Each story is a tale about people that... the-ballad-of-buster-scruggs N/A Damsel: This movie is set in the Wild West, around 1870. Samuel Alabaster (played by... damsel N/A Manhunt: A man (Du Qiu played by Hanyu Zhang) is accused of crimes he didn't commit,... manhunt N/A Oh Lucy: A woman (Setsuku played by Shinobu Terajima) in Tokyo has a boring life and... oh-lucy N/A Scorched Earth: A bounty hunter named Attica Gage (played by the beautiful and talented... scorched-earth N/A Borg Vs Mcenroe: The rivalry between the calm Bjorn Borg (played by Sverrir Gudnason) and... borg-vs-mcenroe N/A Flower: A teenage girl (Erica Vandross played by the gorgeous Zoey Deutch) forms an... flower N/A Death Wish: Dr. Paul Kersey (played by the reliable and talented action star Bruce... death-wish N/A Honey Rise Up And Dance: Skyler (played by Teyana Taylor ) is a novice street dancer that is at whose... honey-rise-up-and-dance 8.0 Finding Your Feet: At a house party a woman catches her husband cheating, he kisses another... finding-your-feet N/A The Kissing Booth: A high school student (Shelly "Elle" Evans played by Joey King) has a secret... the-kissing-booth 7.2 Fifty Shades Freed: Anastasia (played by the quirky and beautiful Dakota Johnson) and Christian... fifty-shades-freed 8.1 Den Of Thieves: People were saying that Den of Thieves borrows from the Michael Mann movie... den-of-thieves 8.1 The Disaster Artist: James Franco continues to pursue interesting projects. In the last 5 years he... the-disaster-artist 8.2 Mollys Game: This movie is about the interesting life of a Poker Game Organiser. I have... mollys-game 8.5 Downsizing: I haven't seen a movie plot this unique in a while. In Downsizing a scientist... downsizing 7.6 I Tonya: This movie is about the famous ice skater Tonya Harding. It describes her... i-tonya 7.8 Girls Trip: This genre of "Girls gone wild" is getting more and more popular these days.... girls-trip 8.0 Paris Can Wait: Diane Lane plays Anne, the wife of a busy Hollywood producer, Michael, played... paris-can-wait 8.0 Fences: This is a unique movie. I am not sure what Genre this is but I can tell you... fences 7.2 Battle Of The Sexes: This movie is based on a true story of the 1973 tennis match between Billie... battle-of-the-sexes 6.5 50 Shades Darker: The long awaited return of Mr Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) in Fifty Shades... 50-shades-darker 8.8 Gold: I like the pace of Gold. It's slower than most big releases. I also loved the... gold 8.6 La La Land: I must say musicals aren't my favourite but I'll make an exception here.... la-la-land N/A Kill The Messenger: This film is about how journalist Gary Webb investigates the CIA's role in... kill-the-messenger N/A Personal Shopper: This film is about a personal shopper that is faced with a complex situation.... personal-shopper 7.5 Bridget Joness Baby: Bridget Jones is back! Renee Zellweger excel's in this role once again.... bridget-joness-baby N/A Cafe Society: This movie is set in the 1930s. It's about a man from the Bronx that moves... cafe-society N/A Certain Women: This movie is about three women that meet each other in small-town America.... certain-women 7.2 The Hollars: This movie is about a man who returns to his small hometown because his... the-hollars N/A How To Be Single: This comedy is about how a group of women experience love and relationships... how-to-be-single 6.8 Miss Stevens: This movie is about a heart-broken teacher. She drives a group of high... miss-stevens N/A The Legend Of Tarzan: Tarzan now lives in London. He needs to go back to the jungle to solve the... the-legend-of-tarzan 7.5 Steve Jobs: This Steve Jobs movie is very different to the earlier "Jobs" movie. It has a... steve-jobs 8.0 Focus: Will Smith hasn't lost a beat. He may have started out as the Fresh Prince of... focus 7.0 Paper Towns: It appears that Cara Delevingne (Margo) will become a big star. That look and... paper-towns 7.5 Jobs: I have seen this movie three times and there's a reason behind this. This... jobs 7.5 The Social Network: When The Social Network came out a lot of us knew that Mark Zuckerberg's... the-social-network 7.0 Magic In The Moonlight: I hope that Woody Allen continues to make films forever. It appears that his... magic-in-the-moonlight 8.5 Blue Jasmine: Blue Jasmine (Cate Blanchett). "Blue Jasmine. What a character! Her strength... blue-jasmine 8.0 The Woman In Red: Gene Wilder was in his prime here. This guy has got to have one of the most... the-woman-in-red
N/A Earl Greys Daughters: This series follows the life and adventures of Earl Grey's daughters.... earl-greys-daughters N/A Yellowstone Spinoff 6666: The 6666 Ranch was Founded when Comanches still ruled West Texas. The 6666 is... yellowstone-spinoff-6666 N/A The Buccaneers: This series is set in the 1870s. It has to do with a bunch of rich American... the-buccaneers N/A Waller: Viola Davis is back! She helms this Action/TV Series. Cast: Viola Davis as... waller N/A The Regime: This film is set in the past when an authoritarian regime is about to begin.... the-regime N/A Geek Girl: The lead actress is an awkward, wayward teenager called Harriet Manners. Her... geek-girl N/A High Country: The series begins when detective Andrea (Andie) Whitford is transferred to... high-country N/A The Walking Dead Summit: THis story begins with the love story between Rick and Michonne. The world... the-walking-dead-summit N/A 3 Body Problem: The film begins in 1960s China where a big scientific decision is made. Then... 3-body-problem N/A The Acolyte: In this Star Wars film viewers are introduced to a galaxy of shadowy secrets... the-acolyte N/A Tracker: In this series Colter Shaw travels the country in his old-school RV. He... tracker N/A Law And Order Toronto Criminal Intent: This series describes the life and work of an elite quad of investigators.... law-and-order-toronto-criminal-intent N/A Dance School: This series follows students of a dance school as they navigate the ups and... dance-school N/A Vice Squad Nyc: The Vice Squad Franchise explores the lives of a select group of dedicated... vice-squad-nyc N/A Oceanside: This is an interesting Adventure Crime Drama Series. Stay tuned! Cast:... oceanside N/A The Northway: This TV Series is about a military veteran that loses his job. He also loses... the-northway N/A Country Crashers: In this TV Series we follow the Cutter family. The father wants his family to... country-crashers N/A Kingdom Of Dragons: A drama about warriors and battles. Cast:... kingdom-of-dragons 9.0 The Last Of Us: There is a global pandemic destroys most of civilization. A tough survivor... the-last-of-us N/A Poker Face Tv: Charlie has the ability to find out lyers. She goes on a roadtrip and meets... poker-face-tv N/A The Ark: This story is about the remaining crew of a spacecraft known as "Ark One".... the-ark N/A Will Trent: Will Trent is a special agent that was abandoned at birth. He experienced a... will-trent N/A The Consultant: This TV Series follows a relationship between employee and boss. How far we... the-consultant N/A Freeridge: This series is about a group of friends may or may not have unleashed a... freeridge N/A The Rig: This story is about a group of workers on a remote Scottish oil rig. They... the-rig N/A The Way Home: This follows the lives of the Landry family women. Cast: Chyler Leigh as... the-way-home N/A The Gold: This innovative TV Drama series is inspired by true events surrounding the... the-gold N/A The Company You Keep: This TV series tells the story of con-man Charlie. He works with an... the-company-you-keep N/A Liaison: Eva Green is back! This high-stakes contemporary thriller describes how the... liaison N/A The Power: Based on the New York Times bestseller. Nature evolves and suddenly women... the-power N/A The Climb: Jason Momoa is back! This sports series is about amateur climbers go through... the-climb N/A Bling Empire Newyork: Dorothy Wang is back! This series is a spinoff of Bling Empire (2021) series.... bling-empire-newyork N/A Three Women: Shailene Woodley is back! This is an interest portrait of real life women... three-women N/A Fatal Attraction: This awesome series is a remake of the classic 80's thriller. It explores... fatal-attraction N/A Ride: This series is about the lives of the McMurrays. This family has to keep... ride N/A Beef: Two people are involved in a road rage incident. They let it get to their... beef N/A Andor: This series is a prequel to" Star Wars: Rogue One". It describes the life of... andor 8.3 We Crashed: This mini-series describes the rapid rise and fall of WeWork. It was one of... we-crashed N/A Single Drunk Female: Samantha has an embarrassing public breakdown. She is forced to move back... single-drunk-female N/A Shining Vale: This TV Series is about a dysfunctional family that moves from the city to a... shining-vale N/A Bel Air: This TV Series retells the story of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Cast:... bel-air N/A The First Lady: American history includes world-changing decisions by charismatic, dynamic... the-first-lady N/A All American Homecoming: This sport TV Series is about a young tennis hopeful from Beverly Hills. He... all-american-homecoming N/A Winning Time The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty: This is the story of how the Los Angeles Lakers became the greatest NBA... winning-time-the-rise-of-the-lakers-dynasty N/A How I Met Your Father: Sophie is part of a tight-knit group of friends. They are finding themselves... how-i-met-your-father N/A Power Book Iv Force: Tommy Egan quits New York and heads to another city to make money in street... power-book-iv-force N/A The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window: A handsome neighbor moves in across the street. Anna is a heartbroken woman.... the-woman-in-the-house-across-the-street-from-the-girl-in-the-window N/A In From The Cold: Exposed as an ex-Russian spy, an American single mom must juggle family life... in-from-the-cold N/A Astrid And Lilly Save The World: High school is hard for outcast BFFs Astrid and Lilly. They accidentally... astrid-and-lilly-save-the-world N/A Suspicion: In this Drama TV Series five average Brits are accused of kidnapping the son... suspicion N/A Jesse Watters Primetime: This talk-show is hosted by Jesse Waters. He speaks to newsmakers from all... jesse-watters-primetime N/A Severance: Mark is one of a team of office workers whose memories have been surgically... severance N/A The Old Man: The main character is a former CIA officer who lives off the grid. He has to... the-old-man N/A The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart: A woman has a violent childhood. These events now cast a dark shadow over... the-lost-flowers-of-alice-hart N/A Citadel: This TV Series is an action packed Spy Series. Cast: Priyanka Chopra Jonas... citadel N/A Rowdys Places: Former combat champion Ronda Rousey looks at the history of the oldest sport... rowdys-places N/A Reacher: Jack Reacher is arrested for murder and taken in. But now the police need his... reacher N/A House Of The Dragon: The series is set in the House Targaryen. Timelines is 300 years before Game... house-of-the-dragon N/A Moon Knight: A former CIA agent called Marc Spector's life is changed after he saved by... moon-knight N/A Willow: A young farmer goes on a perilous journey. He has to protect a special baby... willow N/A Naomi: This adventure TV Series follows a young woman and her hero's journey.... naomi N/A Django: This series describes the life of Django, a gunslinging cowboy in the Wild... django N/A Suitcase City: This series is set in the year 2054. The remaining police force attempts to... suitcase-city N/A Hollyweird: This series follows two aspiring actors new to Hollywood. Cast: Donnabella... hollyweird N/A Alex Vs America: In this cook-off TV Series 15 chefs from across the USA compete against Alex... alex-vs-america N/A Next Level Chef: Gordon Ramsay, Nyesha Arrington, and Richard Blais compete against each... next-level-chef N/A The Cleaning Lady: A Cambodian doctor comes to the U.S. for a medical treatment to save her son.... the-cleaning-lady N/A Good Sam: This TV Series is about a talented but troubled surgeon. She takes on a... good-sam N/A The Kings Of Napa: The King's family owns a successful wine business. The patriarch then exits... the-kings-of-napa N/A The Good Dish: In this reality TV show you'll see simple everyday recipes and trends that... the-good-dish N/A As We See It: This comedy involves three autistic room-mates. They live together and strive... as-we-see-it N/A Promised Land: This TV series is about 3 generations of two Latino competing families. They... promised-land N/A The Gilded Age: This TV series is about a young scion of a conservative family. She goes on a... the-gilded-age N/A Super Pumped: This is the story of transportation company "Uber". It describes the highs... super-pumped N/A Pieces Of Her: This TV Series begins when a young lady goes to the mall with her mother.... pieces-of-her N/A American Song Contest: This song contest has american contestants singing modern and classic songs.... american-song-contest N/A Monarch: A family called the Romans have a country music dynasty. But their reign as... monarch N/A Secret Invasion: Fury and Talos try to stop the Skrulls. They are conquering the highest... secret-invasion N/A Law And Order Hate Crimes: The next department of the Law and Order TV Series. Cast:... law-and-order-hate-crimes N/A Ahsoka: This TV Series revolve around the adventures of Ahsoka Tano. It is a spin-off... ahsoka N/A Dune The Sisterhood: This TV series set in the Dune world. The main character is Bene Gesserit.... dune-the-sisterhood N/A Tokyo Vice: A Western journalist works for a News Paper in Tokyo. He then takes on one of... tokyo-vice N/A Shogun: This series is set in the 17th Century. A British Hero (John Blackthorne) is... shogun N/A Unrecorded Night: This is a mystery TV Series. Cast:... unrecorded-night N/A Livin The Reel Life: This Reality TV series is about movie making. Cast:... livin-the-reel-life N/A Vice Squad Atlanta: The Vice Squad Franchise is a Crime Drama that spans the Globe. It explores... vice-squad-atlanta N/A Vice Squad New Orleans: The Vice Squad Franchise is a Crime Drama that spans the Globe. It explores... vice-squad-new-orleans N/A Platinum Dreams: A record label owner celebrates 25 years in the business. He signs a very... platinum-dreams N/A Rag Days: Veterans of the First World War become player/coaches in the early Era of pro... rag-days N/A This Is Going To Hurt: This TV Series is set in a labour ward. There are highs and lows and... this-is-going-to-hurt N/A The Mermaid: The adventures of a Mermaid. Cast:... the-mermaid N/A The Peripheral: This TV Series is set in the future. Technology has subtly altered society.... the-peripheral N/A Final Call: An undercover police officer is thrown into unexpected situations. He... final-call N/A Barons: Set in 70s surf counter culture. A group of best friends create iconic and... barons N/A Shakespeares Secrets: A TV series which reveals the riveting hidden secrets of William... shakespeares-secrets N/A Rookie Cops: Two students at the Korean National Police University study to become cops.... rookie-cops N/A Kings Of The Wood: Set in the deep woods. A group of highly-skilled woodworkers, carpenters and... kings-of-the-wood N/A Man In The Arena Tom Brady: This series centers around the life of NFL Superstar Tom Brady. Cast:... man-in-the-arena-tom-brady N/A Secrets Of Sulphur Springs: This series is about a boy whose family moves into a haunted hotel. It is... secrets-of-sulphur-springs N/A Law And Order Organized Crime: The lead protagonist is Elliot Stabler who is battling personal loss. He... law-and-order-organized-crime N/A Country Comfort: A young country singer gets a job as nanny for a family with musical talent.... country-comfort N/A The Republic Of Sarah: A greedy mining company threatens to destruct a town. Sarah, a high school... the-republic-of-sarah N/A Jupiters Legacy: Superheroes has kept the world safe for a century. Their children must now... jupiters-legacy N/A Coyote: Border Patrol agent Ben Clemens completes 32 years of service. Then he helps... coyote N/A Mare Of Easttown: Set in Pennsylvania. A detective investigates a local murder and they also... mare-of-easttown N/A The Nevers: This series is about Victorian women that have strange abilities and enemies.... the-nevers N/A The Mighty Ducks Game Changers: Evans fails to make the cut to join the Mighty Ducks junior hockey team. Then... the-mighty-ducks-game-changers N/A Ginny And Georgia: Ginny Miller is a nervous fifteen-year-old. She sometines feels more mature... ginny-and-georgia N/A Superman And Lois: This series is about Superman and the journalist Lois Kane. They become... superman-and-lois N/A Rebel: This series is about a legal advocate with a blue collar background. Also,... rebel N/A Vikings Valhalla: This series is set 100 years after the events of "Vikings". Cast: Laura... vikings-valhalla N/A The Coldest Case: This series is about homicide detective Billy Harney and his new partner Kate.... the-coldest-case N/A Big Shot: An angry college basketball coach gets fired from his job. Next stop is an... big-shot N/A Solos: This series includes seven character-driven stories. Each character has their... solos N/A Debris: A destroyed alien spacecraft is affecting humankind. Two agents investigate,... debris N/A Resident Alien: An alien crashlands. He calls himself Harry and takes on the identity of a... resident-alien N/A Made For Love: A young woman ends her marriage to a tech billionaire and goes on the run.... made-for-love N/A Walker: This series is about a widowed father returns to Austin. He reconnects with... walker N/A Kung Fu: Nicky Shen drops out of college and joins a monastery in China. Then her... kung-fu N/A Leonardo: The extraordinary life of Leonardo da Vinci. There were stories hidden within... leonardo N/A Firefly Lane: Tully and Kate are best friends and have a bond that has lasted from their... firefly-lane N/A Paradise City: This series describes the lives of a rock star and a rookie musician who... paradise-city N/A Hacks: This series describes the lives of mentor Deborah Vance and a legendary... hacks N/A Gossip Girl 2021: This series is a reboot of the show of the same name. New York private school... gossip-girl-2021 N/A The Lost Pirate Kingdom: This is the story of the real-life Pirates of the Caribbean. They steal and... the-lost-pirate-kingdom N/A The Equalizer: This series is about a woman who has multiple skills that helps those with... the-equalizer N/A Delilah: The series is about Delilah, a confident, highly principled lawyer in... delilah N/A Y The Last Man: This series is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Y is the last surviving man... y-the-last-man 7.6 Star Trek Picard: This is a follow up series to Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987). It's... star-trek-picard 7.2 Little Fires Everywhere: This series is based on Celeste Ng's novel "Little Fires Everywhere".... little-fires-everywhere 7.3 Katy Keene: This series follows a group of aspiring artists from Riverdale that follow... katy-keene 8.3 Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist: The protagonist is a young woman who has the ability to hear the thoughts of... zoeys-extraordinary-playlist 7.5 The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: This series is about the adventures of Falcon and The Winter Soldier (both... the-falcon-and-the-winter-soldier 7.2 Cherish The Day: This series is about a day in the life of a couple. They are in love and... cherish-the-day 6.0 Dracula: This series is set in 1897 Transylvania. It follows the interesting life of... dracula 7.2 Snowpiercer: This series is set in a dystopian world that is a frozen wasteland. There... snowpiercer 7.8 The Last Dance: This series is about 1990's Chicago Bulls team. They were led by Michael... the-last-dance 7.8 Barkskins: This series is based on based on the novel by Pulitzer Prize Winner Annie... barkskins 7.7 Perry Mason: This series is set in 1932 Los Angeles. It follows a lacklustre defense... perry-mason 7.5 Spinning Out: This series is about a figure skater who is an Olympic hopeful. She... spinning-out 7.9 The English Game: This series describes to origins of the sport "football". It describes how it... the-english-game 6.2 Cursed: This series is about a teenage sorceress called Nimue. She finds a young... cursed 6.5 White Lines: This series revolves around a woman who alone tries to solve the complicated... white-lines 6.8 Away: The main protagonist is an American astronaut. She leaves her husband and... away 7.8 Self Made: The main protagonist is a successful African American entrepreneur called... self-made 7.3 Brave New World: This series is a TV adaptation of Aldous Huxley's popuar book. It is set in... brave-new-world 7.4 Celebrity Iou: This series is about Hollywood A-listers. We see them express gratitude to... celebrity-iou 7.8 Belgravia: This series follows the members of the nouveau riche society. This includes... belgravia 7.5 Outer Banks: This series is about teenagers (not that wealthy) who stumble upon a... outer-banks 8.2 Hollywood: This series follows a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers. It is set in... hollywood 6.2 Penny Dreadfull City Of Angels: This series follows the events after murder shocks Los Angeles in 1938.... penny-dreadfull-city-of-angels 8.2 The Morning Show: This series takes a look at the lives of the workers who provide America's... the-morning-show 8.3 The Witcher: This series is about Geralt of Rivia who is a lone monster hunter. He goes... the-witcher 7.9 Watchmen: This series is set in an alternate history. We see masked vigilantes treated... watchmen 7.9 Dead To Me: This series is about a friendship between a serious widow and an upbeat... dead-to-me 8.2 Years And Years: This interesting series is about a busy family from Manchester. It takes an... years-and-years 8.2 Pennyworth: This series describes the origin story of Alfred Pennyworth. He is a former... pennyworth 8.1 Warrior: This series is set during the Tong Wars in late 1800s. A martial arts prodigy... warrior 7.5 Living With Yourself: This series is a about a man who undergoes a new treatment to improve... living-with-yourself 7.1 Wu Assassins: A new warrior is chosen as the last Wu Assassin. He must search for the... wu-assassins 7.8 City On A Hill: This series is set in 1990s Boston. An assistant district attorney teams up... city-on-a-hill 7.2 Roswell New Mexico: This series is set in a town where aliens have super abilities. These aliens... roswell-new-mexico 6.5 Another Life: This series is about Astronaut Niko Breckenridge and her young crew. They... another-life 7.8 Prodigal Son: The main protagonist is Malcolm Bright. He is one of the best criminal... prodigal-son 8.1 The Rookie: This series is about how John Nolan who is recovering after a life changing... the-rookie 7.4 Lost In Space: The Robinson family crash lands on an alien planet. They struggle to survive... lost-in-space 8.2 Succession: This series is about an american global-media family that has in fighting.... succession 7.6 Maniac: This series follows the lives of two strangers that participate in a small... maniac 8.0 Bodyguard: This series is a thriller that is about the London's Metropolitan Police.... bodyguard 8.1 Killing Eve: This series takes place after a series of events. It decribes the lives of a... killing-eve 7.6 You: This series describes the life of a charming and obsessive young. He... you 8.0 Sharp Objects: This series is about a reporter that has some psychological problems to do... sharp-objects 8.1 Yellowstone: This series follows a ranching family in Montana. They are up against others... yellowstone 8.2 Altered Carbon: This series is set in the future. In this future human consciousness can be... altered-carbon 8.8 Cobra Kai: This series is set decades after the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament bout... cobra-kai N/A Station 19: This series is a spinoff of the critically acclaimed show Grey's Anatomy. It... station-19 7.9 The Bold Type: This series is about the life of "Cosmopolitan" editor in chief, Joanna... the-bold-type 7.0 Riverdale: This series is revolves around the adventures of Archie and his gang. They... riverdale 7.1 Dynasty: This series is about two wealthy american families. They try to control... dynasty 7.2 Star Trek Discovery: This series is set ten years before the adventures of the Enterprise. The... star-trek-discovery 7.9 Glow: This series takes a look at the personal and professional lives of a group... glow 8.0 The Deuce: This series takes a look at New York City in the 1970s and 80s. During this... the-deuce 8.1 The Good Fight: This series describes the life of Diane Lockhart, a lawyer. After her life... the-good-fight 8.3 The Good Doctor: The main protagonist in this series has autism and savant syndrome. He is... the-good-doctor 8.6 Ozark: This series is about a financial advisor. He takes his family from Chicago... ozark 7.2 Friends From College: This series is about a close group of college friends. Twenty years after... friends-from-college 8.5 The Orville: This series is about an exploratory space ship that leaves earth. The space... the-orville N/A Black Lightning: The protagonist is an african american school principal that turns into a... black-lightning 8.5 The Crown: This series describes the political rivalries of Queen Elizabeth II's reign.... the-crown 6.5 Bull: This series is about a brilliant and charming man, Dr. Bull. He combines... bull 7.2 Luke Cage: This series is about Luke Cage. He is a fugitive with super strength and... luke-cage 8.4 Atlanta: This series is set in Based in Atlanta. It describes the lives of Earn and... atlanta 8.5 This Is Us: This series describes the life of triplets and their parents. Cast: Milo... this-is-us 8.5 Westworld: This series is set in the near future. This world also has a unique past. In... westworld 7.9 The Good Place: This series describes the lives of four people and their "otherworldly"... the-good-place 6.1 Macgyver: This series describes the adventurous life of Angus "Mac" MacGyver. He works... macgyver 8.0 Vinyl: This series is about a New York music executive. It is set in the 1970s. He... vinyl 8.0 Travelers: This series is set hundreds of years from now. The surviving humans find out... travelers 7.2 Shades Of Blue: The protagonist of this series is Harlee Santos who is a New York police... shades-of-blue 8.6 Narcos: This series is about the life of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. It also... narcos 7.2 Empire: A hip-hop CEO must choose a successor from his three sons. These sons are... empire 6.3 Supergirl: This series describes the life of Superman's cousin. She is also a superhero... supergirl 7.2 Blindspot: This series is the story of Jane Doe. She is found injured in Times Square... blindspot 8.3 The Expanse: This series describes the lives of a police detective in the asteroid belt,... the-expanse 8.5 Better Call Saul: This series describes the life and times of criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill. He... better-call-saul 7.5 The Magicians: A group of people get recruited to a secretive academy. They discover that... the-magicians N/A Shark Tank: This reality TV series is about how contestants ask for investment and... shark-tank 8.2 Outlander: This series is about an english combat nurse from 1945 who goes back in time... outlander 8.1 Power: This series is about James 'Ghost' St. Patrick. He is a wealthy New York... power 7.6 The Flash Tv: Barry Allen is struck by lightning and then is in a coma. He wakes up from... the-flash-tv 8.2 Halt And Catch Fire: This seris is about the leaders in the 80s tech revolution. This era... halt-and-catch-fire 7.5 Gotham: The main protagonist in this series is Detective James Gordon. He rises... gotham 7.9 Chicago Pd: This series is about the District 21 of the Chicago Police Department. This... chicago-pd 8.2 Rush: The protagonist is Doctor William Rush. He is not your average on-call... rush 8.9 True Detective: This series is about interesting police investigations. The investigators... true-detective 8.0 The Affair: This series is about the love affair between a struggling novelist and a... the-affair 8.4 Vikings: Vikings is about the dangerous and brutal world of a man called Ragnar... vikings 7.1 Mom: This series is about a single mom who has now gotten sober. She tries to get... mom 8.1 Ray Donovan: This series is about Ray Donovan who is a "fixer" for rich and famous... ray-donovan 7.4 Reign: This series revolves around Mary, Queen of Scots. She experiences political... reign 7.2 Agents Of Shield: This series describes the cases and agents of the Strategic Homeland... agents-of-shield 7.8 The Blacklist: This series is about how an FBI profiler (Elizabeth Keen) starts leading an... the-blacklist 7.9 Almost Human: This series is set in the near future. It's about a human cop that works... almost-human 7.9 Orange Is The New Black: This series is about how a woman is convicted of an old crime (transporting... orange-is-the-new-black 8.6 Peaky Blinders: This series is set in 1919 Birmingham, England. It is about a gang who sew... peaky-blinders 7.6 Devious Maids: This series is about four latina maids. They have dreams and ambition. They... devious-maids 7.2 Defiance: This series is about life in the city called Defiance. It is set in the not... defiance 7.5 Nashville: This series is about the exciting and turbulent lives of country music stars... nashville 7.0 The Firm: This series is about Defense Attorney Mitch McDeere. He is targeted by the... the-firm 7.0 Dallas: This series is about the next generation of the Ewing family. The cousins... dallas 7.7 Chicago Fire: This series tells the stories of firefighters in Chicago. It takes a look at... chicago-fire 7.1 Girls: This series is a comedy about a group of girls in their early 20s that... girls 7.6 Elementary: In this series we see a new version of Sherlock Holmes. This version of the... elementary 7.4 Major Crimes: This series is a spin-off of "The Closer" (2005). It's about the life of... major-crimes 8.2 Rita: This series follows the life of a rebellious woman called Rita. She is a... rita 8.4 Longmire: This series is set in Absaroka County, Wyoming. Walt Longmire is the... longmire 8.5 The Newsroom: This series is about a newsroom undergoes an overhaul. A new team is brought... the-newsroom 8.3 Suits: The main protagonist in this series is Mike Ross. He is a talented college... suits 9.0 Game Of Thrones: This series is about how nine families fight for control over the Westeros... game-of-thrones 8.1 Hell On Wheels: This series is set after the Civil War has finished. Former Confederate... hell-on-wheels 6.4 Unforgettable: The main protagonist of this series is Carrie Wells, a former police... unforgettable 8.2 Person Of Interest: This series is about a dynamic duo. One is an ex-CIA agent and the other... person-of-interest 7.4 Teen Wolf: This series is about how an average high school student becomes a werewolf... teen-wolf 8.2 The Shadow Line: Detective Inspector Jonah Gabriel gets shot and injured. On his first day... the-shadow-line 7.8 Falling Skies: This series is about survivors of an alien attack on earth. These people... falling-skies 8.5 Downton Abbey: This series is about the British aristocratic Crawley family. It also... downton-abbey 7.1 Hawaii Five 0: This series is about policeman Steve McGarrett. He returns home to Oahu to... hawaii-five-0 7.4 Blue Bloods: This series describes the lives of a family of New York cops. Cast: Donnie... blue-bloods 8.0 Parenthood: This series describes the life of the members of the Braverman family.... parenthood 9.0 Sherlock: This series is a modern version of the famous detective "Sherlock Holmes"... sherlock 8.3 Louie: This series describes the life of Louie C.K. He is a divorced comedian that... louie 8.3 Luther: This series is about DCI John Luther. He is an expert murder detective. But... luther 7.5 Covert Affairs: Annie Walker used to live in a farm. Now she must adapt to the challenging... covert-affairs 7.8 Lost Girl: This is the story of Bo, a supernatural being. She belongs to a clan and she... lost-girl 8.0 Castle: This series begins with a killer imitating the plots of novels written... castle 8.1 The Good Wife: This series has as the main protagonist Alicia was a good wife to her... the-good-wife 6.5 Ncis Los Angeles: This series follows to undercover NCIS Special Projects agents that solve... ncis-los-angeles 8.2 Modern Family: This comedy series describes the lives of three totally different families.... modern-family 7.4 Stargate Universe: Soldiers and Civilians are trapped on an old spaceship. They are located... stargate-universe 6.9 Royal Pains: This series describes the life of brilliant diagnostic surgeon that has lost... royal-pains 8.3 Misfits: This series tells the story of a group of young offenders. Whilst doing... misfits 8.2 Southland: This series tells the stories of the Police Officers working for the Los... southland 6.0 The City: This series has as the main protagonist an Image Coordinator called Whitney... the-city 8.2 The Mentalist: This series about a famous "psychic". He then goes public as fraud before... the-mentalist 8.5 90210: This series describes how a Kansas family relocates to Beverly Hills. Their... 90210 8.2 Fringe: This series is about an FBI agent who has to work with an unstable scientist... fringe 7.6 Merlin: This series describes the adventures of a young Merlin. In the future he... merlin 9.2 Breaking Bad: This series revolves around a high school chemistry teacher. After he is... breaking-bad 8.4 Sons Of Anarchy: This series describes the life of a biker. This man tries to handle being a... sons-of-anarchy 7.0 In Plain Sight: This series is about U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon. Her job is to track down... in-plain-sight 7.8 Terminator The Sarah Conner Chronicles: These events are set after Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991). Sarah Connor... terminator-the-sarah-conner-chronicles 8.7 John Adams: This series follows the life of John Adams, one of the USA's Founding... john-adams 8.5 Mad Men: This series is a drama about a famous New York Ad agency. It is set at the... mad-men 8.1 Californication: This series is about a writer. He juggles his career, his relationship with... californication 8.0 Chuck: This series has a computer geek for the protagonist. He accidentally... chuck 7.6 Burn Notice: This series is about a spy who recently quit the U.S. government. He then... burn-notice 8.2 Heartland: This series decribe a multi-generational family. It is set in Alberta,... heartland 7.9 Damages: This series describes the life of a law school graduate. This graduate... damages 6.4 Private Practice: This series is a spin-off of the medical drama "Grey's Anatomy". It's about... private-practice 7.8 Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: This series tells the stories of an anonymous sex worker known as "Belle de... secret-diary-of-a-call-girl 8.0 Gossip Girl: This series is about privileged teens. It is set in Upper East Side of New... gossip-girl 8.5 Friday Night Lights: This series is a drama about the lives of the Dillon Panthers. This team is... friday-night-lights 7.3 Heroes: This series is about normal people that find out that they have super... heroes 7.1 Brothers And Sisters: This series is about a family's adult siblings and how they experience life... brothers-and-sisters 7.7 Eureka: This series describes the life of a U.S. Marshall that becomes the sheriff... eureka 6.3 Ugly Betty: This series describes the personal and work life of Betty. She isn't the... ugly-betty 6.8 Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: This series follows the interesting lives of property brokers. It is set in... million-dollar-listing-los-angeles 7.5 Greys Anatomy: This drama series is the lives (personal and professional) of five surgical... greys-anatomy 7.5 Bones: The main protagonists are forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance "Bones"... bones 8.0 Prison Break: This series describes the life and adventures of a man wrongfully imprisoned... prison-break 6.7 Numbers: This series is about how a mathematician works for the FBI. He uses... numbers 8.4 Doctor Who: This series describes the adventures in time and space of the alien... doctor-who 7.9 Criminal Minds: This series describes the cases of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU).... criminal-minds 7.7 Weeds: This series describes how a suburban mother starts dealing marijuana to fund... weeds 8.2 The Closer: This series is about Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson. She runs the... the-closer 7.5 Zoey 101: This series follows Zoey Brooks and her brother Dustin. It is set in the... zoey-101 8.1 Lost: This series is about the survivors of a plane crash. These people are forced... lost 8.5 House: This series is about an antisocial and unique doctor. He is a specialist at... house 8.2 Entourage: This series is about film star Vince Chase. He goes through adventures in... entourage 8.5 Battlestar Galactica: An old enemy of Galactica (the Cylons) reappear. The Cylons want to destroy... battlestar-galactica 8.1 Veronica Mars: This series is about Veronica Mars who solves intriguing mysteries in the... veronica-mars 6.5 Csi Ny: The lead protagonist is CSI head Detective Mac Taylor. He leads a team that... csi-ny 8.2 Boston Legal: This series is a Boston Legal is a spin-off of the series The Practice... boston-legal 8.1 Rescue Me: This series describes the life of Tommy Gavin the Firefighter. He also has... rescue-me 8.7 Deadwood: This series is set in the late 1800s. It's about a town that is full of... deadwood 7.5 Project Runway: This series is about aspiring fashion designers. They compete for an... project-runway 7.2 Las Vegas: This series is set in the Montecito Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Ed... las-vegas 7.5 Ncis: This series describes the intriguing cases of the Naval Criminal... ncis 7.4 One Tree Hill: The protagonists are half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott. They have both a... one-tree-hill 7.2 The Oc: This series follows an intense and troublesome youth who joins a group of... the-oc 7.2 Tru Calling: This series is about a university graduate. She works in the city morgue.... tru-calling 7.4 Nip Tuck: This series is about the interesting lives of two successful plastic... nip-tuck 7.7 New Tricks: This series is about how three retired police officers are recruited to... new-tricks 8.9 Firefly: This series is set 500 years in the future. A crew in a small spacecraft... firefly 6.2 Csi Miami: This series is about the police cases of the Florida police department's... csi-miami 8.4 The Shield: This series describes the cases of a corrupt Los Angeles Police Department... the-shield 9.1 The Wire: This series is an in depth view of the Baltimore drug scene. We see cases... the-wire 6.8 8 Simple Rules: This series revolves around The Hennessy clan. Mother Cate, daughters... 8-simple-rules 7.2 The Dead Zone: Johnny Smith was in coma for six years. He wakes up finding his fiance... the-dead-zone 6.7 Without A Trace: This series describes the cases of an FBI unit. It specializes in... without-a-trace 6.9 Birds Of Prey Tv: This series is set in the future. It is set after the Batman has gone into... birds-of-prey-tv 7.4 Smallville: This series is about a young Clark Kent. He struggles to fit into the world... smallville 8.2 The Office: This series is a hilarious fictional documentary of an office that is facing... the-office 8.0 Scrubs: This series describes the lives of the workers in Sacred Heart Hospital.... scrubs 7.3 Star Trek Enterprise: This series is set a century before Captain Kirk's five-year mission. It... star-trek-enterprise 7.4 Alias: This series is about Sydney Bristow, an international spy. She was recruited... alias 7.2 The Guardian: The main protagonist is Nick Fallin, an up and coming lawyer. He works at... the-guardian 6.4 Lizzie Mcguire: This series describes the daily life of an adolescent girl. Her real... lizzie-mcguire 7.0 Law And Order Criminal Intent: This series is the third Law and Order series about the criminal justice... law-and-order-criminal-intent 8.5 Six Feet Under: This series is about the lives of a turbulent family who run a small funeral... six-feet-under 7.8 Degrassi The Next Generation: This series describes the lives of the kids at Degrassi Community School. It... degrassi-the-next-generation 7.2 Reba: The main protagonist is Reba played by Reba McEntire. She plays a single... reba 7.9 Gilmore Girls: This series describes the relationship between a single mother in her... gilmore-girls 7.4 Csi Crime Scene Investigation: This series describes the cases of an elite team of police forensic evidence... csi-crime-scene-investigation 6.3 Andromeda: The main protagonist is Captain Dylan Hunt. He and the crew of the... andromeda 7.7 Dark Angel: This series is about how a group of genetically-enhanced children escape... dark-angel 7.8 The Fugitive: The series starts off with Dr Richard Kimble getting framed for his wife's... the-fugitive 7.6 The Street: This series is set in the world of corporate stock trading. It describes the... the-street 8.5 The West Wing: This series decribes the staff of the West Wing of the White House. Cast:... the-west-wing 8.3 Law And Order Special Victims Unit: This series follows the squad of the Special Victims Unit. They are... law-and-order-special-victims-unit 7.5 Angel: This series is about a vampire called Angel. He has a soul and moves to Los... angel 8.6 Freaks And Geeks: This series is about how a smart high school student starts hanging out with... freaks-and-geeks 7.3 Roswell: This series describes the lives of three alien/human hybrids. They have... roswell 7.2 Judging Amy: This series is a drama focused on three generations of women. It is set in... judging-amy 7.5 Snoops: This series is a comedic take on a detective show. Glenn Hall runs an glitsy... snoops 7.5 Sex And The City: This series is about four female New Yorkers that gossip about their sex... sex-and-the-city 7.5 Charmed: This series is about three sisters that are witches. They must battle the... charmed 6.4 Dawsons Creek: This series is about four friends in a small coastal town. They experience... dawsons-creek 8.0 Felicity: This series follows a young girl that has just finished high school. She... felicity 8.2 Stargate Sg 1: This series is about a secret military team called SG-1. They explore other... stargate-sg-1 7.5 The Practice: This series is about the exploits and cases of the defense attorneys of a... the-practice 7.1 King Of The Hill: This series is about a propane salesman in Arlen, Texas, He has to deal with... king-of-the-hill 7.2 Ally Mcbeal: This series is about the life of a lawyer called Ally McBeal. Cast: Calista... ally-mcbeal 8.0 Cold Feet: This series is about the lives of 30-something couples Adam and Rachel, Pete... cold-feet 7.5 La Femme Nikita: An organisation that trains assassins fakes the death of a convicted... la-femme-nikita 8.5 Oz: This series describes the daily activities of a unique prison facility. It... oz 7.4 The Pretender: This series is about a man with the ability to instantly master any skill.... the-pretender 6.5 7th Heaven: This series is about Eric Camden who is a minister. His wife Annie has to... 7th-heaven 7.8 Millennium: This series is about a former FBI profiler. He jas the ability to understand... millennium 6.5 Nash Bridges: This sereis is about a confident San Francisco, California cop and his get... nash-bridges 7.5 The Cape: This series describes the lives a team of NASA Astronauts. It is set at the... the-cape 6.3 Jag: This series is about the cases of Harmon Rabb, a former Navy fighter pilot.... jag 6.5 The Drew Carey Show: This series is a sitcom about the personal and work life of a man. Cast:... the-drew-carey-show 6.2 Hercules The Legendary Journeys: This series is about the life of Hercules who has half god strength. His is... hercules-the-legendary-journeys 2001 Xena Warrior Princess: This series is about Xena who is a powerful Warrior Princess. She has a dark... xena-warrior-princess 7.8 The Outer Limits: This series is a remake of the classic science fiction horror show "The... the-outer-limits 7.2 Er: This series is about the experiences of the doctors and nurses of Chicago's... er 6.4 Chicago Hope: This series is about the lives of a big hospital in Chicago. Cast: Adam... chicago-hope 7.2 The Secret World Of Alex Mack: This series is about Alex Mack. She gets into an accident with some weird... the-secret-world-of-alex-mack 6.5 Touched By An Angel: This series is about Monica, Tess and Andrew. They are a trio of angels the... touched-by-an-angel 6.5 Party Of Five: This series is about 5 siblings that raise each other. Their parents died in... party-of-five 7.4 Newyork Undercover: This series follows the lives of New York Cops and Criminals. The cops are... newyork-undercover 8.4 The X Files: This series is about the lives of two FBI Agents. Fox Mulder (who believes... the-x-files 7.6 Star Trek Deep Space Nine: This series is set on the liberated planet of Bajor. The Federation space... star-trek-deep-space-nine 8.0 Boy Meets World: This series is about an adolescent with two siblings. He tests theories... boy-meets-world 7.3 Lois And Clark The New Adventures Of Superman: Superman has to face super villains and crime. He also has a romance with... lois-and-clark-the-new-adventures-of-superman 6.2 Melrose Place: This is a classic drama about a group of friends living in Melrose Place,... melrose-place 7.2 Heartbeat: This series is set in the 1960s. It describes the lives of the police... heartbeat 7.0 Martin: This series is a sitcom centering on radio and television personality Martin... martin 7.5 Picket Fences: This series is about an aging Sheriff who works in Rome, Wisconsin. This... picket-fences 7.3 The Commish: This series is a police comedy drama. The main protagonist is Tony Scali,... the-commish 7.3 Sisters: This series follows the lives of four very different sisters. It is set in... sisters 7.2 Roc: This series follows the life of Roc Emerson, a city garbage collector. He... roc 7.8 Reasonable Doubts: This drama series is about the friendship between Assistant DA Tess Kaufman... reasonable-doubts 6.2 Beverly Hills 90210: This series follows the life of a group of friends living in Beverly Hills,... beverly-hills-90210 7.5 Law And Order: Each show is about a crime committed (mainly murder). The shows sometimes... law-and-order 8.6 Twin Peaks: This series is about an idiosyncratic FBI agent that investigates the murder... twin-peaks 8.0 Northern Exposure: This series is about a doctor who recently graduated. He sets up his... northern-exposure 6.9 Wings: Cast: Tim Daly as Joe Montgomery Hackett 172 episodes 1990-1997, Steven... wings 6.2 Blossom: This series is about a teenage girl that lives in a house full of men. She... blossom 6.5 Parenthood Tv: This series is based on the 1989 film of the same name directed by Ron... parenthood-tv 6.7 B L Stryker: This series is about a Private eye who has interesting cases and solves... b-l-stryker 8.5 True Blue: This series is aout the Emergency Service Unit of the NYPD. This team lives... true-blue 7.2 Doogie Howser M D: This series is about a teenage genius doctor. He also has to deal with the... doogie-howser-m-d 6.1 Dragnet: This series is about two straight laced L.A.P.D. Detectives. Together they... dragnet 1998 Family Matters: This series is about the life of the Winslow family. They have a troublesome... family-matters 7.2 Empty Nest: "Empty Nest" describes the day to day adventures of a widowed man... empty-nest 8.3 The Wonder Years: This series is about Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) growing up during the late... the-wonder-years 7.8 Roseanne: This show described the everyday life of a working-class family. The parents... roseanne 7.2 The Dirty Dozen The Series: This series is set in World War II. A group of military prisoners turn into... the-dirty-dozen-the-series 7.0 Full House: This series is about a widowed broadcaster. He raises his three daughters... full-house 7.5 Wiseguy: Vincent Terranova is an agent in the Organized Crime Bureau. He infiltrates... wiseguy 8.3 Degrassi High 1987: This series describes the lives of students of an inner city high school.... degrassi-high-1987 7.2 Thirtysomething: This series is about seven thirtysomethings living in Philadelphia. They all... thirtysomething 7.2 Jake And The Fatman: Veteran district attorney McCabe is called "Fatman". He solves cases with the... jake-and-the-fatman 7.2 Hooperman: This series is about cool San Francisco cop Harry Hooperman. He inherits an... hooperman 7.2 Private Eye: This show is set in 1950's Hollywood. The set design was accurate and made... private-eye 7.6 21 Jump Street: These are the cases of an undercover police unit that have officers that are... 21-jump-street 8.5 The Bold And The Beautiful: The series describes the lives of the staff of a high fashion company. The... the-bold-and-the-beautiful 8.2 L A Law: This show describes the lives and work of the staff of a successful Los... l-a-law 6.5 The Oprah Winfrey Show: Oprah Winfrey hosts a live audience talk-show. There are celebrity guests and... the-oprah-winfrey-show 7.5 Half Nelson: Rocky Nelson is a former New York cop. He wants to be a Hollywood actor. He... half-nelson 8.2 Moonlighting: These are the interesting cases of a former model and a wise cracking... moonlighting 6.2 Santa Barbara: Set in Santa Barbara, California. The fascinating and tumultuous life of the... santa-barbara 8.3 Miami Vice: Miami Vice follows the lives of two undercover Miami detectives. They are a... miami-vice 7.5 Highway To Heaven: An angel on probation is sent back to Earth. He teams up with an ex-cop to... highway-to-heaven 7.2 T J Hooker: This show describes the adventures of a tough veteran police officer Sgt.... t-j-hooker 8.2 Cheers: These are the stories of the regulars of the Boston bar "Cheers". They share... cheers 8.2 Family Ties: This is the life of liberal ex-hippy parents Steven and Elyse Keaton. They... family-ties 8.2 Cagney And Lacey: Two female police detectives work together in their professions. They also... cagney-and-lacey 6.8 Entertainment Tonight: This show excelled in getting you interested in TV/Movie/Music celebrities... entertainment-tonight 8.2 Bret Maverick: The original Maverick show (1957 - 1962) was James Garner at his best. It... bret-maverick 6.8 Nero Wolfe: The adventures of plump detective Nero Wolfe. He would rather eat and tend to... nero-wolfe 7.4 McClains Law: Jim McClain was a cop. He gets injured and deemed unfit for duty. For the... mcclains-law 7.6 Falcon Crest: This show is set in the vineyards of California. It describes the life of the... falcon-crest 1989 Simon And Simon: Two very different brothers run a private detective agency. They use their... simon-and-simon