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All Upcoming/New Movies of 2024. The most popular new cinema releases and blockbusters for 2024 featuring your favourite stars.

N/A Hotel Transylvania 5: The next movie in the Hotel Transylvania series. The first movie was about... hotel-transylvania-5 N/A Rango 2: The new adventures of an ordinary quirky chameleon called... rango-2 N/A King Of The Elves: A Walt Disney Studios animation about the world of... king-of-the-elves N/A 101 Dalmatians: A Walt Disney Pictures / Mandeville Films production. Based on the story of... 101-dalmatians N/A Hook: This movie is about how Captain Hook kidnaps his children. Then Peter Pan... hook N/A Star Wars Rise Of The Dark Force: A Lucasfilm Ltd film which is another spin off of the Star Wars... star-wars-rise-of-the-dark-force N/A Meet The Robinsons: Meet the family of the... meet-the-robinsons N/A Sea World: A Walt Disney Pictures / Blue Sky Studios / 20th Century Fox... sea-world N/A Toy Story 2024: The next chapter of the funny Toy Story franchise. Woody and friends... toy-story-2024 N/A Babylon 5: Set in the mid 23rd century. The Earth Alliance space station Babylon 5 is... babylon-5 N/A Rons Gone Wrong 2: This is the story of Barney who is a quirky middle-schooler. He has a friend... rons-gone-wrong-2 N/A Jurassic Park Remake: This is the next intallment of the awesome Jurrasic Park series. A Universal... jurassic-park-remake N/A Disney Pixar Heroes: Watch the most awesome Pixar characters in a new adventure. A Walt Disney... disney-pixar-heroes N/A Electric Car: This comedy is about an Electric Car. A Columbia Pictures / Happy Madison... electric-car N/A Oliver Twist: This is the story of an orphan named Oliver Twist. He meets a pickpocket on... oliver-twist N/A Wreck It Ralph 4: Wreck it Ralph is a video game villain wants to finally be a hero. Ralph and... wreck-it-ralph-4 N/A Caterpillar: The adventures of a caterpillar. A Walt Disney Pictures / Blue Sky Studios /... caterpillar N/A Disney In The House 2: A Walt Disney Pictures / Owen Laramore Productions about famous Disney... disney-in-the-house-2 N/A Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: This movie is about a team of teenagers that are recruited to save the world... mighty-morphin-power-rangers N/A Hot Stuff: A Universal Pictures / DreamWorks Animation.... hot-stuff N/A Wilt: This a Biopic about the succesful basket ball player "Wilt Chamberlain". The... wilt N/A Knives Out 3: Daniel Craig is back! The new entry in the Knives Out franchise. The awesome... knives-out-3 N/A Soul 2: The sequel to Soul which was about a New York jazz pianist who finds himself... soul-2 N/A Untitled Wallace And Gromit Film: Based on the popular British claymation... untitled-wallace-and-gromit-film N/A Orbital One: This adventure movie is about space and... orbital-one N/A The Broken Road: This romantic drama is about two lovers: a homeless combat veteran and a... the-broken-road N/A Surfer Girl: This film follows the life of a former female surf champion. She moves with... surfer-girl N/A Balto Iv Wolf Destiny Part One: This film is part of the Balto IV franchise. It is the fourth and final... balto-iv-wolf-destiny-part-one N/A Badass Incorporated: A team of badasses assembles to save the world from a big threat. The great... badass-incorporated N/A The Race: This movie is a sport drama about the lives of competitors who... the-race N/A Batgirl: This film is based upon the popular DC character "Barbara Gordon". She becomes... batgirl N/A Anna Q: Anna Quirentia Nilsson was a famous Swedish-American actress who starred in... anna-q N/A The Cat In The Hat: This film is based on the very funny and famous "The Cat in the Hat"... the-cat-in-the-hat N/A Beverly Hills Cop 4: Detective Axel Foley (Eddit Murphy) is back! He finds himself in Beverly... beverly-hills-cop-4 N/A Untitled Bob Marley Biopic: This film is about the life and times of the famous reggae musician "Bob... untitled-bob-marley-biopic N/A Lift: Sam Worthington and Kevin Hart are back! This film follows a female master... lift N/A Bob Marley One Love: This film stars Kingsley Ben-Adir as Bob Marley. This film describes life of... bob-marley-one-love N/A Land Of Bad: Russell Crowe and Liam Hemsworth are back! Rookie field air support... land-of-bad N/A Untitled Dirty Dancing Project: The next installment of the Dirty Dancing Franchise. Jennifer Grey and... untitled-dirty-dancing-project 7.5 Argylle: Henry Cavill is back! Who is the greatest world spy? It's 'Argylle'! He gets... argylle 7.2 Colleen Hoovers It Ends With Us: Lily has found true love with Ryle. Then a painful incident triggers past... colleen-hoovers-it-ends-with-us N/A Muscle: Vin Diesel is back in his action best! Plot is unkown yet. The fantastic... muscle 7.4 Madame Web: Emma Roberts is back! A spin-off from the Spider-Man franchise. Refreshingly... madame-web N/A Elio: On earth Elio struggles to fit. Then he is transported by aliens and becomes... elio N/A Kung Fu Panda 4: Jack Black is back as Po! Po goes on adventures in ancient China. Po has a... kung-fu-panda-4 N/A A Quiet Place Day One: Plot is yet unknown. The film stars Djimon Hounsou and Alex Wolf. The... a-quiet-place-day-one N/A Godzilla X Kong The New Empire: Plot yet unknown. The next chapter in Kong and Godzilla movies. The super... godzilla-x-kong-the-new-empire N/A Spinal Tap Ii: This is the sequel to the popular film "This is Spinal Tap". The super cast... spinal-tap-ii 7.4 Snow White: Gal Gadot is back! This feature film is the Live-action adaptation of the... snow-white N/A Nicktoons: Nicktoons is a collective name used by Nickelodeon for their original... nicktoons N/A The Lord Of The Rings The War Of The Rohirrim: This film describes Helm's Deep. It is set hundreds of years before the... the-lord-of-the-rings-the-war-of-the-rohirrim N/A Flanimals: This film is based on the popular cartoon... flanimals 7.8 Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds is back! In this next installment of Deadpool, Wolverine joins... deadpool-3 N/A A Childhood History Plan: A man has three ex-wives. These three women are forced to spend Christmas... a-childhood-history-plan N/A Lilo And Stitch: This film is a live-action remake of Disney's animated feature "Lilo and... lilo-and-stitch N/A Furiosa: This film is the origin story of the warrior called "Furiosa". Set before she... furiosa N/A Garfield: This film is an animated feature film based on the Garfield cat cartoon.... garfield 7.3 Ballerina: Ana de Armas is back! This story revolves around a female assassin. She seeks... ballerina N/A Inside Out 2: Amy Poehler is back! In this film we follow Riley, a teenager who is... inside-out-2 N/A The Spider And The Fly The Movie: This film is based on the popular tale "The Spider and the... the-spider-and-the-fly-the-movie N/A Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part Two: Tom Cruise is back! This film is the 8th entry in the famous Mission... mission-impossible-dead-reckoning-part-two N/A Beetlejuice 2: This is the much awaited sequel to the comedy Beetlejuice (1988), directed by... beetlejuice-2 N/A Despicable Me 4: Steve Carell is back! Fourth entry in the "Despicable Me" franchise. The... despicable-me-4 N/A The Hunchback Of Notre Dame: This film is a Live-action adaptation of Disney's animated musical "The... the-hunchback-of-notre-dame N/A Detective Pikachu 2: Pikachu is back! This film is a sequel to the popular 2019 Pokemon film... detective-pikachu-2 N/A Mufasa The Lion King: Simba is now the king of the Pride Lands. He is determined for his cub to... mufasa-the-lion-king N/A The Endless Quest: In this film two old friends who are bikers go on a journey. They want to... the-endless-quest 7.2 Twisters: This film is based on the 1996 film 'Twister'. That original movie was about... twisters N/A Fantastic Four: This film is based on the Marvel comic "The Fantastic Four". They are a... fantastic-four 7.6 Captain America Brave New World: Fourth movie in the Captain America franchise. Plot yet unknown. The great... captain-america-brave-new-world N/A Deadshot: This comedy action film is about hired assassin Floyd Lawton. He is also... deadshot N/A Sister Act 3 Kicking The Habit: Whoopi Goldberg is back! This film is the third installment of the 'Sister... sister-act-3-kicking-the-habit N/A The Fall Guy: Ryan Gosling is back! The plot is unknown but the talented Ryan Gosling is... the-fall-guy N/A Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes: The plot is unkown for now. The super cast includes: Freya Allan as... kingdom-of-the-planet-of-the-apes 6.9 The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare: Henry Cavill is back! In this film the British military recruits a small... the-ministry-of-ungentlemanly-warfare N/A Sonic The Hedgehog 3: Plot not yet known but there are some superstars cast. The talented cast... sonic-the-hedgehog-3 N/A Transformers One: Chris Hemswortha and Scarlett Johansson are back! This interesting film is... transformers-one N/A The Thundermans Return: This live-action film concentrates on a super hero family as they begin a... the-thundermans-return N/A New Police Story 2: Joe Kwan is released from prison. He uses the media to his advantage and... new-police-story-2 N/A Murder At Hollow Creek: In this film a disbarred lawyer and his inconsisten brother attempt to pull... murder-at-hollow-creek N/A The Legend: An archeologist discovers some relics during the excavation of a glacier. He... the-legend N/A Saving Bikini Bottom The Sandy Cheeks Movie: This film starts with Bikini Bottom is suddenly taken out of the ocean.... saving-bikini-bottom-the-sandy-cheeks-movie N/A Take Cover: Scott Adkins is back to his action best! This film is about a burned-out... take-cover N/A Alien Romulus: The plot is unknown. The next chapter begins! The great cast includes:... alien-romulus N/A Acton Vale: This film is about two brothers that flee Alaska. The want to go Canada after... acton-vale N/A Venom 3: Tom Hardy is back! The next chapter in the exciting Venom franchise. The... venom-3 N/A The Old Guard 2: Charlize Theron is back! She is a strong action actor now. The plot is not... the-old-guard-2 N/A Masters Of The Universe: Based on the famouc comic and Animated TV show "Masters of the Universe".... masters-of-the-universe 8.3 Joker Folie A Deux: Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga are back! This film is a sequel to the 2019... joker-folie-a-deux N/A Age Of Stone And Sky The Warlocks Curse: In this film Ebb (Jisaura Cardinale) reverses time to get rid of the curse on... age-of-stone-and-sky-the-warlocks-curse N/A National Treasure 3: The new adventure in the popular National Treasure... national-treasure-3 8.2 Gladiator 2: This movie describes the life of Lucius. He was the son of Maximus' love... gladiator-2 N/A Batman The Killing Joke: This film is based on the comic "Batman the Killing Joke". The super cast... batman-the-killing-joke N/A The Sword In The Stone: In this film a young boy becomes a King with the assistance of a wizard. It... the-sword-in-the-stone 7.2 Thunderbolts: In this movie a group of supervillains are recruited to go on special... thunderbolts N/A Wicked: This film is about a green-skinned woman who is framed by the Wizard of Oz.... wicked N/A Honor Yourself: This film is about the life of a young girl as she navigates... honor-yourself N/A Tinker Bell: This is a live-action version of the popular "Tinker Bell" character from... tinker-bell N/A Untitled Lion King Prequel: In this chapter of the Lion King franchise, Simba has become king of the... untitled-lion-king-prequel N/A Untitled Veggietales Project: Based on popular "Veggietales"... untitled-veggietales-project N/A Dancing Feet: A dancing comedy... dancing-feet N/A The Smurfs Musical: Plot yet unknown. It promises to be full of fun with all your favourite... the-smurfs-musical N/A Blade: Mahershala Ali is back! This time as Blade! The plot is unknown but knowing... blade N/A Fantastic 4: This is a reboot of one of Marvel's most iconic families. This redo of The... fantastic-4 N/A How To Train Your Dragon: In this film a doufas young viking aspires to hunt dragons. He then becomes... how-to-train-your-dragon N/A Once The Music Played: This film is a musical. Plot coming soon. The great cast includes: Lawrence R.... once-the-music-played N/A Minecraft: This film is about how a dangerous Ender Dragon sets out on a path of... minecraft N/A Fast X Part 2: The plot is still unknown but knowing the franchise, they'll introduce an... fast-x-part-2 N/A The Last Battleship: This film promises to have big space ship battles and thrilling scenes. The... the-last-battleship N/A The Spongebob Movie Search For Squarepants: This film describes the life of SpongeBob as he travels to the depths of the... the-spongebob-movie-search-for-squarepants N/A Hot Wheels: This film is based on the popular Hot Wheels toy... hot-wheels N/A Moana: Dwayne Johnson is back! This film is a live action take on the animated film... moana N/A Naya Legend Of The Golden Dolphin: This is an action animated film. We follow the adventures of Naya The Golden... naya-legend-of-the-golden-dolphin N/A Henry Danger The Movie: This film is based on the popular Nickelodeon series "Henry Danger". The... henry-danger-the-movie N/A Superman Legacy: This film describes the life of Superman as he reconciles his super heritage... superman-legacy N/A A Quiet Place III: The plot is yet unknown. But knowing the franchise there will be a lot of... a-quiet-place-III N/A Wildwood: This film depicts the life and adventures of Prue McKeel. She sets off to the... wildwood N/A Star Wars Lost Horizons: This film is set decades after the collapse of the Galactic Empire. The rise... star-wars-lost-horizons N/A Frozen III: Kristen Bell is back! No plot attached as yet. The franchise has been comical... frozen-III N/A Space Dogg 2 Time Warp: This film promises to have action, drama and comedy! Look out for it. No cast... space-dogg-2-time-warp N/A The Batman Part II: In this sequel we perhaps are introduced to a new villain! The world that... the-batman-part-II N/A Tron Ares: Jared Leto is back! as Ares! There is a lot of intrigue surrounding this... tron-ares N/A Aladdin 2: This film is a sequel to Disney's live-action version of Aladdin. The first... aladdin-2 N/A Need For Speed 2: This film is the long awaited follow-up to the 2014 action movie "Need for... need-for-speed-2 N/A Avatar The Last Airbender Echoes And Aftershocks: Plot is unknown. The series has been action packed. I don't expect anything... avatar-the-last-airbender-echoes-and-aftershocks N/A Untitled Ben 10 Project: This feature film is based on the cartoon TV show "Ben 10". It's about Ben... untitled-ben-10-project N/A Monkey King A Heros Journey To The West: This film is about a brave and funny monkey. He struggles to survive in the... monkey-king-a-heros-journey-to-the-west N/A Wicked Part Two: This film is about Elphaba, the future Wicked Witch of the West. There is... wicked-part-two N/A Untitled Taika Waititi Star Wars Film: An exciting new Star Wars films with new and old characters. The plot is... untitled-taika-waititi-star-wars-film N/A Untitled Animated Ghostbusters Project: Written by Dan Aykroyd from the original Ghostbusters movie. This film is an... untitled-animated-ghostbusters-project N/A Tron 3: Third movie of Disney's super popular "Tron" franchise. The talented Jared... tron-3 N/A Avatar 3: This film is a sequel to Avatar: The Way of Water (2022). The plot is not... avatar-3 N/A King Presley: This film is about the final days of the King of Rock and Roll "Elvis... king-presley N/A Star Wars Untitled Taika Waititi Film: Thisn film will be directed by the talented Taika Waititi! He usually brings... star-wars-untitled-taika-waititi-film N/A Avengers The Kang Dynasty: The storyline in this film centers around the adventures that occured during... avengers-the-kang-dynasty N/A Valeria: The great cast includes: Michael Vaccaro as Untitled, Deanna Rashell as... valeria N/A Startrek Section 31: This Star Trek series concentrates on the life and times of Philippa... startrek-section-31

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