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The Best Crime Movies/TV/Books from 2023 and previous years. A good crime movie is gripping and intriguing. You sometimes don't know who to barrack for, those are the best.

N/A Frank And Penelope: A man is down and depressed. He finds what he's after in a run down strip... frank-and-penelope N/A Breakwater: Mena Suvari is back! This movie is about a young ex-con. He is now free but... breakwater N/A Bandit: Mel Gibson is back! A career criminal escapes a Michigan prison. He then robs... bandit N/A A Day To Die: Bruce Willis is back! Connor Connolly kills a drug syndicate member while... a-day-to-die N/A Batgirl: This film is based upon the popular DC character "Batgirl". Barbara Gordon is... batgirl N/A Kung Fury 2: This film is set in the same universe as the original film "Kung Fury". The... kung-fury-2 N/A The Karate Breaker: A Karate Champion is known for his fighting skills. Then he fights drug gangs... the-karate-breaker N/A The Chelsea Cowboy: Hard-man turned actor Bindon is unable to leave his criminal past behind. The... the-chelsea-cowboy N/A The Fortress: This movie is about a group of criminals that want revenge. They join forces... the-fortress N/A Knives Out 2: This movie Sequel to the 2019 film "Knives Out". Daniel Craig as Benoit... knives-out-2 N/A Heartbreak Falls: There is a high profile business deal that involves the Mob. The cast... heartbreak-falls N/A Payne And Redemption: The great cast includes: Nigel Billing as Det. Ray Candella, Kylie Cushman... payne-and-redemption N/A New Jack Empire: This movie is about the 70's drugs, sex and crime. It takes you on a journey... new-jack-empire N/A A City Knight: This movie revolves around city crime. The cast includes: Max Riffel as... a-city-knight N/A Camp Hideout: A pesky teen steals an important item from two big city goons. He hides out in... camp-hideout N/A Blowback: Nick and his crew plan to perform a heist. But on the day his girl and the... blowback N/A Soul Assasin: In this film a man dies as part of an experimental military program. Then, a... soul-assasin N/A Shotgun Wedding: A couple have an expensive destination wedding. The wedding is then hijacked... shotgun-wedding N/A The Outfit: This movie follows an English tailor who used to craft suits in London. He... the-outfit N/A The Commando: Mickey Rourke is back! An agent must protect his family from a home invasion.... the-commando N/A Raging Fire: Donnie Yen is back! The main protagonist is a cop called Shan. He is admired... raging-fire N/A Jolt: Kate Beckinsale is back! A bouncer with anger-management issues controls... jolt N/A The Batman: The plot of this movie is uknown. Review Coming... the-batman N/A Sherlock Holmes 3: The plot of this movie is unknown. It is the third installment of the... sherlock-holmes-3 N/A Cherry: This movie is about an Army medic that suffers from post-traumatic stress... cherry N/A Ghostbusters After Life: This movie has an unknown plot: Finn Wolfhard as Untitled, Mckenna Grace as... ghostbusters-after-life N/A Artemis Fowl: This movie is about Artemis Fowl II who is a young Irish criminal... artemis-fowl N/A The Many Saints Of Newark: This series describes the life of Tony Soprano and the environment and... the-many-saints-of-newark N/A The Asset: This movie describes how a hacker and her partners in crime accidentally... the-asset N/A Without Remorse: This movie is about a former Navy SEAL. He turns into a CIA operative. His... without-remorse N/A Fatale: This movie is about a married man who is fooled into a murderous plot by a... fatale N/A West Side Story: This movie is an adaptation of the 1957 musical. West Side Story is about... west-side-story N/A The Card Counter: Oscar Isaac and Willem Dafoe are back! This film is about Tell... the-card-counter N/A Last Looks: Charlie Hunnam is back! This movie is about a disgraced ex-cop that wants... last-looks N/A Cut Throat City: This movie is set after Hurricane Katrina. It's about four boyhood friends... cut-throat-city N/A Fast And Furious 9: This movie has an unknown plot. This is the ninth movie of the 'Fast and... fast-and-furious-9 N/A Killers Of The Flower Moon: This movie is about a big event that sparks an FBI investigation. Members of... killers-of-the-flower-moon N/A Spiral: This movie is about a dangerous mastermind who wants justice. This is a... spiral N/A Kate: This film is about a female assassin that survives an attach. She has 24... kate 8.1 Nobody: This movie is about an innocent bystander who helps a woman who is being... nobody N/A Honest Thief: This movie is about the life of a bank robber. He turns himself in because... honest-thief N/A Inherit The Viper: This crime movie is about 3 siblings that are drug dealers. Trouble and... inherit-the-viper N/A Debt Collectors: This plot of this movie is unkown. It is the sequel to the original "Debt... debt-collectors N/A Death On The Nile: This movie is about how Hercule Poirot investigates the murder of a young... death-on-the-nile N/A The Night Clerk: This movie is about a hotel clerk that somehow gets caught up in a murder... the-night-clerk N/A Promising Young Woman: A woman experiences a tragic event. She then seeks revenge against the... promising-young-woman N/A True To The Game 2 Genas Story: This movie is the sequel to the movie "True to the Game". This time round... true-to-the-game-2-genas-story N/A Equal Standard: This movie is about New York City police officers. Their lives collide and... equal-standard N/A Guns Akimbo: This movie is about an average guy that relies on his new skills as a combat... guns-akimbo N/A Disturbing The Peace: This movie is about a town marshal. He used to belong to the Texas Rangers... disturbing-the-peace N/A Coffee And Kareem: This movies is about how 12 year old Kareem hires a criminal to scare off... coffee-and-kareem N/A The Last Thing He Wanted: This movie is about an experienced D.C. journalist. She is writing an... the-last-thing-he-wanted N/A Let Him Go: This movie is about a retired sheriff. He and his wife are grieving after... let-him-go N/A Extraction: The lead protagonist is Tyler Rake. He is a fearless black market mercenary.... extraction 7.8 Force Of Nature: This movie is about how thieves plan a heist during a hurricane. It gets... force-of-nature 7.8 Spenser Confidential: This action movie is about the dynamic duo of an Ex-felon (Hawk) and former... spenser-confidential 7.0 Bloodshot: This movie is about Ray Garrison who was a mobster that was taken down. He... bloodshot 7.7 Birds Of Prey And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn: Harley Quinn splits up with the Joker. She teams up with superheroes Black... birds-of-prey-and-the-fantabulous-emancipation-of-one-harley-quinn 7.5 Bad Boys For Life: Since the last movie, Marcus Burnett is now a police inspector. Mike Lowery... bad-boys-for-life 7.8 The Gentlemen: This movie is about a British drug lord that tries to sell off his lucrative... the-gentlemen N/A 6 Underground: This movie is about six billionaires that form an elite squad (after faking... 6-underground N/A Uncut Gems: This movie is about a charismatic New York City jeweler. He is involved in... uncut-gems N/A Motherless Brooklyn: This movie is set in 1950s New York. Lionel Essrog is a private detReview... motherless-brooklyn N/A Acceleration: The plot for this movie is unknown. The full cast includes: Sean Patrick... acceleration N/A The Rhythm Section: After a plane crash kills her family a women realises that it was all... the-rhythm-section N/A Black And Blue: A rookie Detroit African-American female cop witnesses corrupt officers... black-and-blue N/A Echo Boomers: This movie is about five post grads that are sick and tired of the poor... echo-boomers N/A The Woman In The Window: This movie is about an agoraphobic woman. She lives alone in New York and... the-woman-in-the-window N/A The Informer: An ex-convict ( Pete Koslow played by Joel Kinnaman) is an undercover police... the-informer N/A The Irishman: This movie is about a hitman who recalls his involvement with the downfall... the-irishman N/A Death Kiss: This movie is about a man called Mick who travels to America to avenge the... death-kiss N/A Shaft: This movie is the sequel to the year 2000 "Shaft" movie. Samuel L. jackson... shaft N/A Little Woods: This movie is a modern Western. It tells the story of two sisters, Ollie and... little-woods N/A Triple Threat: A contract is taken out on a billionaire's daughter. It was because the... triple-threat N/A Finding Steve Mcqueen: This movie is set in 1972. A gang of thieves from Youngstown, Ohio make an... finding-steve-mcqueen N/A Under The Silver Lake: Sam (played by the versatile Andrew Garfield) is a bored man in his... under-the-silver-lake N/A Domino: A Copenhagen police officer is seeking justice. His partner was murdered by... domino N/A The Bouncer: This movie is about a nightclub bouncer in his fifties. He's taken a lot of... the-bouncer N/A Abduction: Quinn leaves a park fountain in Vietnam with no recollection of who he is.... abduction N/A Crypto: A young Wall Street banker is demoted and goes back to his hometown. He then... crypto N/A If Beele Street Could Talk: This movie is set in harlem. A pregnant woman and her family struggles to... if-beele-street-could-talk N/A 21 Bridges: This movie is about an NYPD detective who is disgraced after a case. He is... 21-bridges 7.9 Joker: This movie is about the origin story of the villain called The Joker (played... joker 7.6 Rambo V Last Blood: In this instalment of the series Rambo has to defeat a ruthless Mexican... rambo-v-last-blood 7.6 The Kitchen: This movie has to do with the wives of New York gangsters. It's set in Hell's... the-kitchen 7.6 Hobbs And Shaw: This movie series will be a spinoff of The Fate of the Furious featuring... hobbs-and-shaw 7.8 The Hustle: This is a remake of the 1988 comedy "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels". Two out of... the-hustle 7.9 King Of Thieves: This movie is a crime story about a group of retired criminals who undertake... king-of-thieves N/A Alita Battle Angel: This movie uncovers the truth of how a young cyborg woman (played by Rosa... alita-battle-angel N/A General Commander: This movie is about a GRS operative Jake Alexander. He has a team of... general-commander N/A Stockholm: This movie is based on a true story. In 1973 there was a bank heist/hostage... stockholm N/A Nancy Drew And The Hidden Staircase: Nancy is a bit of an outsider and struggles to fit into her new... nancy-drew-and-the-hidden-staircase N/A The Trap: This movie is about a man that returns home to Atlanta in order to improve... the-trap N/A Donnybrook: This movie is about two men who enter a big bare-knuckle fighting... donnybrook N/A Shadow: This movie depicts the fascinating life of people that live in an ancient... shadow N/A Hellboy: This movie is based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola. Hellboy is caught... hellboy N/A Ben Is Back: A drug addicted teenage boy (Ben played by Lucas Hedges) who finishes his... ben-is-back N/A Split Lip: "SET" is a contract killer. When something goes wrong with her latest... split-lip N/A Chokehold: This movie is about a woman who seeks revenge on the Russian Mob for the... chokehold N/A The Highwaymen: This movie describes how two Texas Rangers come out of retirement. They are... the-highwaymen N/A Miss Bala: This movie is based on a Spanish-language film. Gloria gets involved into... miss-bala N/A Master Z Ip Man Legacy: This movie occurs after Cheung Tin Chi gets defeated by Ip Man. Then he... master-z-ip-man-legacy N/A The Hard Way: A former soldier learns his brother died on a mission in Romania. He then... the-hard-way N/A Avengement: A criminal is on day release from prison. The criminal escapes his guards... avengement N/A Dragged Across Concrete: This movie is about two abnoxious cops that get suspended from the force.... dragged-across-concrete 7.8 John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum: Super international assassin John Wick is on the run. He killed a member of... john-wick-chapter-3-parabellum N/A Cold Pursuit: In this action comedy a snowplow driver (Nels played by Liam Neeson) is... cold-pursuit N/A Beyond The Law: This movie is about a trio that wants to bring the killer of one of their... beyond-the-law N/A Killers Anonymous: This movie is about a support group of killers. This group meets regularly... killers-anonymous N/A 10 Minutes Gone: Bruce Willis is back, this time with Michael Chiklis! A man's memory is lost... 10-minutes-gone N/A A Score To Settle: An enforcer used to work for a local crime syndicate. But then he was... a-score-to-settle N/A Knives Out: This movie is about a detective that investigates the death of a patriarch.... knives-out N/A Chasing The Dragon Ii Wild Wild Bunch: A kidnapper kidnaps billionaires in Hong Kong for a living. His team now... chasing-the-dragon-ii-wild-wild-bunch N/A Polar: Duncan Vizla is the world's top assassin. He is recently retired and... polar N/A The Mule: This movie is about A 90-year-old horticulturist and Korean War veteran. He... the-mule N/A Zeroville: A young man travels to hollywood in 1969. The industry is changing and he... zeroville N/A Galveston: This movie is about a hitman that escapes a set up. He is dying and returns... galveston N/A The Sisters Brothers: Set in 1850s Oregon. Two assasins, the famous Sisters Brothers, chase a gold... the-sisters-brothers N/A The Debt Collector: Scott Adkins plays "French", a trained martial artist. He now works as a mob... the-debt-collector N/A The Old Man And The Gun: This movie is based on the true story of Forrest Tucker (played by the... the-old-man-and-the-gun N/A Proud Mary: Mary (played by the charismatic and beautiful Taraji P. henson ) plays a hit... proud-mary N/A White Boy Rick: Based on the true story of teenager called Richard Wershe Jr. He became a... white-boy-rick N/A Holmes And Watson: Will Ferrell plays Sherlock Holmes and John C. reilly plays Dr Watson in... holmes-and-watson 7.8 The Spy Who Dumped Me: Audrey (played by the beautiful Mila Kunis) gets dumped by her boyfriend.... the-spy-who-dumped-me N/A Breaking And Exiting: Harry (played by Milo Gibson) is an experienced loveable house thief. On... breaking-and-exiting N/A The Escape Of Prisoner 614: Two small-town Sheriff's Deputies (Jim Doyle played by Martin Starr and... the-escape-of-prisoner-614 N/A Accident Man: Mike Fallon (played by Scott Adkins) is known as "The Accident Man". He is... accident-man N/A Black Water: An operative (Wheeler played by the reliable Jean-claude Van damme) awakens... black-water N/A Speed Kills: Note: The "Speed Kills" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used the... speed-kills 7.5 Skyscraper: Dwayne Johnson continues to impress in action movies! Ex FBI Rescue Team... skyscraper N/A Escape Plan 2 Hades: Ray Breslin (played by Sylvester Stallone) previously fought his way out of... escape-plan-2-hades 8.5 A Simple Favor: This movies is about a single mother that writes a parenting blog. She... a-simple-favor 7.8 Oceans 8: If you like the Ocean's 11 franchise and Sandra Bullock, your going to love... oceans-8 N/A Big Brother: Note: The "Big Brother" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used an... big-brother N/A Reprisal: A bank manager (Jacob played by Frank Grillo) experiences a violent bank... reprisal N/A Kickboxer Retaliation: After the story of "Kickboxer: Vengeance", Kurt Sloan (played by Alain... kickboxer-retaliation 7.8 Super Troopers 2: Broken Lizard Productions and the Super Troopers Crew are back! A border... super-troopers-2 N/A Furlough: An inmate (Joan Anderson played by Melissa Leo) is given one weekend out of... furlough N/A Game Over Man: Three friends are nearly going to get their video game financed. The three... game-over-man N/A The Hurricane Heist: On the day of a Category 5 hurricane, thieves attempt a huge heist against... the-hurricane-heist N/A Manhunt: A man (Du Qiu played by Hanyu Zhang) is accused of crimes he didn't commit,... manhunt N/A Death Wish: Dr. Paul Kersey (played by the reliable and talented action star Bruce... death-wish N/A Gone Are The Days: Gone Are the Days is about the famous outlaw Taylon Flynn (played brilliantly... gone-are-the-days 8.2 Game Night: The plot revolves around a group of friends who organise Game Nights (like... game-night 8.1 Den Of Thieves: People were saying that Den of Thieves borrows from the Michael Mann movie... den-of-thieves N/A Braven: A logger from the mountains (played by Jason Mamoa) accidentally finds... braven 7.9 The Hitmans Bodyguard: In the first scenes a Bodyguard (Ryan Reynolds playing Michael) loses a... the-hitmans-bodyguard 7.9 Baby Driver: Starts off with a bank heist. There is a young driver with headphones. He... baby-driver 8.1 The House: "The House" has a very unique story line. "I haven't seen a movie like this in... the-house 7.9 Baywatch: Starts with nice shots of the beach. There is a surf glider accident. Mitch... baywatch 7.9 Chips: The movie starts off by showing the following text: "The California Highway... chips 7.4 The Fate Of The Furious: The first scenes are about a street race with a hotted up 1950's car. Two... the-fate-of-the-furious N/A Kill The Messenger: This film is about how journalist Gary Webb investigates the CIA's role in... kill-the-messenger N/A Triple 9: This movie is about how a gang of criminals and corrupt cops plan to murder... triple-9 8.0 Focus: Will Smith hasn't lost a beat. He may have started out as the Fresh Prince of... focus
N/A Daredevil Born Again: Plot still not known. The previous daredevil franchise was full of action,... daredevil-born-again N/A Law And Order Toronto Criminal Intent: This series describes the life and work of an elite quad of investigators.... law-and-order-toronto-criminal-intent N/A Oceanside: This is an interesting Adventure Crime Drama Series. Stay tuned! Cast:... oceanside N/A Spencer Sisters: In this TV Series police officer Darby Spencer and her novelist mother... spencer-sisters N/A Poker Face Tv: Charlie has the ability to find out lyers. She goes on a roadtrip and meets... poker-face-tv N/A Will Trent: Will Trent is a special agent that was abandoned at birth. He experienced a... will-trent N/A The Gold: This innovative TV Drama series is inspired by true events surrounding the... the-gold N/A The Company You Keep: This TV series tells the story of con-man Charlie. He works with an... the-company-you-keep N/A The Afterparty: A high school reunion's afterparty ends in a death. Everyone is then a... the-afterparty N/A Power Book Iv Force: Tommy Egan quits New York and heads to another city to make money in street... power-book-iv-force N/A The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window: A handsome neighbor moves in across the street. Anna is a heartbroken woman.... the-woman-in-the-house-across-the-street-from-the-girl-in-the-window N/A In From The Cold: Exposed as an ex-Russian spy, an American single mom must juggle family life... in-from-the-cold N/A Suspicion: In this Drama TV Series five average Brits are accused of kidnapping the son... suspicion N/A The Old Man: The main character is a former CIA officer who lives off the grid. He has to... the-old-man N/A Murderville: In this TV comedy series Eccentric detective Terry Seattle teams up with... murderville N/A 61st Street: Moses Johnson is a promising high school athlete. Then he gets caught up in... 61st-street N/A Reacher: Jack Reacher is arrested for murder and taken in. But now the police need his... reacher N/A Suitcase City: This series is set in the year 2054. The remaining police force attempts to... suitcase-city N/A The Cleaning Lady: A Cambodian doctor comes to the U.S. for a medical treatment to save her son.... the-cleaning-lady N/A Pieces Of Her: This TV Series begins when a young lady goes to the mall with her mother.... pieces-of-her N/A Law And Order Hate Crimes: The next department of the Law and Order TV Series. Cast:... law-and-order-hate-crimes N/A Tokyo Vice: A Western journalist works for a News Paper in Tokyo. He then takes on one of... tokyo-vice N/A Vice Squad Atlanta: The Vice Squad Franchise is a Crime Drama that spans the Globe. It explores... vice-squad-atlanta N/A Vice Squad New Orleans: The Vice Squad Franchise is a Crime Drama that spans the Globe. It explores... vice-squad-new-orleans N/A Limited Edition: Cary Melvin runs his family's diamond store in downtown Los Angeles. He then... limited-edition N/A Law And Order Organized Crime: The lead protagonist is Elliot Stabler who is battling personal loss. He... law-and-order-organized-crime N/A Leverage Redemption: Cast: Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux 13 episodes 2021, Aldis Hodge as... leverage-redemption N/A Coyote: Border Patrol agent Ben Clemens completes 32 years of service. Then he helps... coyote N/A Mare Of Easttown: Set in Pennsylvania. A detective investigates a local murder and they also... mare-of-easttown N/A Rebel: This series is about a legal advocate with a blue collar background. Also,... rebel N/A Walker: This series is about a widowed father returns to Austin. He reconnects with... walker N/A Generation Hustle: Cast: Brian Jones as Self 1 episode 2021, James MacCallum as William... generation-hustle N/A The Equalizer: This series is about a woman who has multiple skills that helps those with... the-equalizer 7.7 Perry Mason: This series is set in 1932 Los Angeles. It follows a lacklustre defense... perry-mason 7.4 Stargirl: In this series teenager Courtney Whitmore joins the Justice Society of... stargirl 7.5 Outer Banks: This series is about teenagers (not that wealthy) who stumble upon a... outer-banks 6.2 Penny Dreadfull City Of Angels: This series follows the events after murder shocks Los Angeles in 1938.... penny-dreadfull-city-of-angels 8.6 The Boys: This series sees a group of vigilantes take on corrupt superheroes. The bad... the-boys 8.2 Pennyworth: This series describes the origin story of Alfred Pennyworth. He is a former... pennyworth 8.1 Warrior: This series is set during the Tong Wars in late 1800s. A martial arts prodigy... warrior 7.1 Wu Assassins: A new warrior is chosen as the last Wu Assassin. He must search for the... wu-assassins 7.8 City On A Hill: This series is set in 1990s Boston. An assistant district attorney teams up... city-on-a-hill 6.5 Fast And Furious Spy Racers: In this series a team of teenage street racers is hired to infiltrate and... fast-and-furious-spy-racers 7.8 Prodigal Son: The main protagonist is Malcolm Bright. He is one of the best criminal... prodigal-son 8.1 The Rookie: This series is about how John Nolan who is recovering after a life changing... the-rookie 8.1 Barry: This series describes the life of Barry, a hit man from the Midwest. He... barry 7.6 Maniac: This series follows the lives of two strangers that participate in a small... maniac 8.0 Bodyguard: This series is a thriller that is about the London's Metropolitan Police.... bodyguard 7.6 You: This series describes the life of a charming and obsessive young. He... you 8.0 Sharp Objects: This series is about a reporter that has some psychological problems to do... sharp-objects 8.1 Yellowstone: This series follows a ranching family in Montana. They are up against others... yellowstone 7.8 Titans: This series is about a team of young superheroes. They combat evil villains... titans 7.5 Magnum P I: This series is about an ex-Navy that uses his previous military skills to... magnum-p-i 7.0 Riverdale: This series is revolves around the adventures of Archie and his gang. They... riverdale 8.4 The Punisher: This series is about ex-marine veteran Frank Castle. His family is murdered... the-punisher 8.1 The Good Fight: This series describes the life of Diane Lockhart, a lawyer. After her life... the-good-fight 8.6 Ozark: This series is about a financial advisor. He takes his family from Chicago... ozark 7.5 The Defenders: This series is set a few months after the second season of Daredevil. It has... the-defenders 6.5 Bull: This series is about a brilliant and charming man, Dr. Bull. He combines... bull 7.2 Luke Cage: This series is about Luke Cage. He is a fugitive with super strength and... luke-cage 7.7 Lethal Weapon: This series sees a dangerous cop teaming up with an older detective. It is... lethal-weapon 7.2 Shades Of Blue: The protagonist of this series is Harlee Santos who is a New York police... shades-of-blue 8.6 Narcos: This series is about the life of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. It also... narcos 7.2 Blindspot: This series is the story of Jane Doe. She is found injured in Times Square... blindspot 8.5 Better Call Saul: This series describes the life and times of criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill. He... better-call-saul 8.1 Power: This series is about James 'Ghost' St. Patrick. He is a wealthy New York... power 7.5 Gotham: The main protagonist in this series is Detective James Gordon. He rises... gotham 7.9 Chicago Pd: This series is about the District 21 of the Chicago Police Department. This... chicago-pd 8.9 True Detective: This series is about interesting police investigations. The investigators... true-detective 8.1 Ray Donovan: This series is about Ray Donovan who is a "fixer" for rich and famous... ray-donovan 8.2 Brooklyn Nine Nine: The main protagonist in this comedy series is Jake Peralta, a great NYPD... brooklyn-nine-nine 7.8 The Blacklist: This series is about how an FBI profiler (Elizabeth Keen) starts leading an... the-blacklist 7.9 Almost Human: This series is set in the near future. It's about a human cop that works... almost-human 7.9 Orange Is The New Black: This series is about how a woman is convicted of an old crime (transporting... orange-is-the-new-black 8.6 Peaky Blinders: This series is set in 1919 Birmingham, England. It is about a gang who sew... peaky-blinders 7.0 The Firm: This series is about Defense Attorney Mitch McDeere. He is targeted by the... the-firm 7.6 Elementary: In this series we see a new version of Sherlock Holmes. This version of the... elementary 7.4 Arrow: This series describes the life of spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen... arrow 7.4 Major Crimes: This series is a spin-off of "The Closer" (2005). It's about the life of... major-crimes 8.4 Longmire: This series is set in Absaroka County, Wyoming. Walt Longmire is the... longmire 6.4 Unforgettable: The main protagonist of this series is Carrie Wells, a former police... unforgettable 8.2 Person Of Interest: This series is about a dynamic duo. One is an ex-CIA agent and the other... person-of-interest 8.2 The Shadow Line: Detective Inspector Jonah Gabriel gets shot and injured. On his first day... the-shadow-line 7.1 Hawaii Five 0: This series is about policeman Steve McGarrett. He returns home to Oahu to... hawaii-five-0 7.4 Blue Bloods: This series describes the lives of a family of New York cops. Cast: Donnie... blue-bloods 9.0 Sherlock: This series is a modern version of the famous detective "Sherlock Holmes"... sherlock 8.3 Luther: This series is about DCI John Luther. He is an expert murder detective. But... luther 7.5 Covert Affairs: Annie Walker used to live in a farm. Now she must adapt to the challenging... covert-affairs 8.0 Castle: This series begins with a killer imitating the plots of novels written... castle 8.1 The Good Wife: This series has as the main protagonist Alicia was a good wife to her... the-good-wife 6.5 Ncis Los Angeles: This series follows to undercover NCIS Special Projects agents that solve... ncis-los-angeles 8.2 Southland: This series tells the stories of the Police Officers working for the Los... southland 9.2 Breaking Bad: This series revolves around a high school chemistry teacher. After he is... breaking-bad 8.4 Sons Of Anarchy: This series describes the life of a biker. This man tries to handle being a... sons-of-anarchy 7.0 In Plain Sight: This series is about U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon. Her job is to track down... in-plain-sight 7.6 Burn Notice: This series is about a spy who recently quit the U.S. government. He then... burn-notice 7.9 Damages: This series describes the life of a law school graduate. This graduate... damages 8.1 Psych: This series is about a novice detective that is hired by the Police. He lies... psych 7.5 Bones: The main protagonists are forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance "Bones"... bones 8.0 Prison Break: This series describes the life and adventures of a man wrongfully imprisoned... prison-break 6.7 Numbers: This series is about how a mathematician works for the FBI. He uses... numbers 7.9 Criminal Minds: This series describes the cases of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU).... criminal-minds 7.7 Weeds: This series describes how a suburban mother starts dealing marijuana to fund... weeds 8.2 The Closer: This series is about Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson. She runs the... the-closer 8.1 Veronica Mars: This series is about Veronica Mars who solves intriguing mysteries in the... veronica-mars 6.5 Csi Ny: The lead protagonist is CSI head Detective Mac Taylor. He leads a team that... csi-ny 8.2 Boston Legal: This series is a Boston Legal is a spin-off of the series The Practice... boston-legal 8.7 Deadwood: This series is set in the late 1800s. It's about a town that is full of... deadwood 7.2 Las Vegas: This series is set in the Montecito Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Ed... las-vegas 7.5 Ncis: This series describes the intriguing cases of the Naval Criminal... ncis 7.7 New Tricks: This series is about how three retired police officers are recruited to... new-tricks 6.2 Csi Miami: This series is about the police cases of the Florida police department's... csi-miami 8.4 The Shield: This series describes the cases of a corrupt Los Angeles Police Department... the-shield 9.1 The Wire: This series is an in depth view of the Baltimore drug scene. We see cases... the-wire 6.7 Without A Trace: This series describes the cases of an FBI unit. It specializes in... without-a-trace 7.2 The Guardian: The main protagonist is Nick Fallin, an up and coming lawyer. He works at... the-guardian 7.0 Law And Order Criminal Intent: This series is the third Law and Order series about the criminal justice... law-and-order-criminal-intent 7.4 Csi Crime Scene Investigation: This series describes the cases of an elite team of police forensic evidence... csi-crime-scene-investigation 8.3 Law And Order Special Victims Unit: This series follows the squad of the Special Victims Unit. They are... law-and-order-special-victims-unit 7.5 Snoops: This series is a comedic take on a detective show. Glenn Hall runs an glitsy... snoops 7.4 Martial Law: This series is about a Shanghai cop who is a master of martial arts. He gets... martial-law 7.5 The Practice: This series is about the exploits and cases of the defense attorneys of a... the-practice 8.5 Oz: This series describes the daily activities of a unique prison facility. It... oz 7.4 The Pretender: This series is about a man with the ability to instantly master any skill.... the-pretender 6.5 Nash Bridges: This sereis is about a confident San Francisco, California cop and his get... nash-bridges 7.2 The Sentinel: Detective Jim Ellison honed his skills in the jungles of Peru. There he... the-sentinel 6.3 Jag: This series is about the cases of Harmon Rabb, a former Navy fighter pilot.... jag 7.4 Newyork Undercover: This series follows the lives of New York Cops and Criminals. The cops are... newyork-undercover 6.5 Robocop: RoboCop is a cybernetic policeman that has the body and some memories of the... robocop 8.4 The X Files: This series is about the lives of two FBI Agents. Fox Mulder (who believes... the-x-files 6.2 Walker Texas Ranger: This series is about Walker and his partner Trivette. They are both Texas... walker-texas-ranger 7.2 Heartbeat: This series is set in the 1960s. It describes the lives of the police... heartbeat 7.5 Picket Fences: This series is about an aging Sheriff who works in Rome, Wisconsin. This... picket-fences 7.3 The Commish: This series is a police comedy drama. The main protagonist is Tony Scali,... the-commish 7.8 Reasonable Doubts: This drama series is about the friendship between Assistant DA Tess Kaufman... reasonable-doubts 7.5 Law And Order: Each show is about a crime committed (mainly murder). The shows sometimes... law-and-order 8.6 Twin Peaks: This series is about an idiosyncratic FBI agent that investigates the murder... twin-peaks 7.4 The Flash: This series follos the life of police forensic scientist Barry Allen. He is... the-flash 7.2 Baywatch: Set in a Los Angeles beach. A team of lifeguards patrol the beach.... baywatch 6.7 B L Stryker: This series is about a Private eye who has interesting cases and solves... b-l-stryker 8.5 True Blue: This series is aout the Emergency Service Unit of the NYPD. This team lives... true-blue 6.1 Dragnet: This series is about two straight laced L.A.P.D. Detectives. Together they... dragnet 7.6 C O P S: This series describes the work of technological enhanced policemen. They... c-o-p-s 7.5 Wiseguy: Vincent Terranova is an agent in the Organized Crime Bureau. He infiltrates... wiseguy 7.2 Jake And The Fatman: Veteran district attorney McCabe is called "Fatman". He solves cases with the... jake-and-the-fatman 7.2 Private Eye: This show is set in 1950's Hollywood. The set design was accurate and made... private-eye 7.6 21 Jump Street: These are the cases of an undercover police unit that have officers that are... 21-jump-street 8.3 Miami Vice: Miami Vice follows the lives of two undercover Miami detectives. They are a... miami-vice 8.2 The A Team: Four Vietnam vets are framed for a crime they didn't commit. They do projects... the-a-team 7.2 T J Hooker: This show describes the adventures of a tough veteran police officer Sgt.... t-j-hooker 8.0 Police Squad: This series is about bumbling police officer Frank Drebin. His colleagues in... police-squad 8.2 Cagney And Lacey: Two female police detectives work together in their professions. They also... cagney-and-lacey 6.8 Nero Wolfe: The adventures of plump detective Nero Wolfe. He would rather eat and tend to... nero-wolfe 7.4 McClains Law: Jim McClain was a cop. He gets injured and deemed unfit for duty. For the... mcclains-law 1989 Simon And Simon: Two very different brothers run a private detective agency. They use their... simon-and-simon 7.2 Beyond Westworld: This is about the security chief of an android manufacturing company. He must... beyond-westworld