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The Best Biography Movies/TV/Books from 2024 and previous years. Life stories and journals of famous people.

N/A Chang Can Dunk: In this movie two friends (an asian american and a basketball fanatic) want... chang-can-dunk N/A The Walk Ons: A local Factory closes-down in a small Town. A group of ex-highschool friends... the-walk-ons N/A Banking On Mr Toad: This film is a family drama about writer Kenneth Grahame. He penned "The Wind... banking-on-mr-toad N/A Blonde: Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Munroe! This movie is a fictional take on the... blonde N/A I Wanna Dance With Somebody: This is a biography of legendary singer Whitney Houston. What an awesome... i-wanna-dance-with-somebody N/A Elvis: This movie is about the life and times of the talented and famous rock and... elvis N/A Benediction: This movie describes the story of the English poet/writer/soldier Siegfried... benediction N/A The Dig: Lili James is back! This movie is about how an archaeologist starts an... the-dig N/A Louis: Benedict Cumberbatch is back! This movie is a biopic of a famous English... louis N/A The Eyes Of Tammy Faye: Jessica Chastain is back! This movie takes a look at the interesting rise... the-eyes-of-tammy-faye N/A Maestro: Bradley Cooper is back! This movie is about the rise of Leonard Bernstein, a... maestro 7.6 I Tonya: This movie is about the famous ice skater Tonya Harding. It describes her... i-tonya N/A Kill The Messenger: This film is about how journalist Gary Webb investigates the CIA's role in... kill-the-messenger
N/A Bill Russell Legend: Bill Russell was one of the most exciting players of his time. This... bill-russell-legend 8.3 We Crashed: This mini-series describes the rapid rise and fall of WeWork. It was one of... we-crashed N/A The First Lady: American history includes world-changing decisions by charismatic, dynamic... the-first-lady N/A World According To Aj: A.J is a museum assistant. He often finds himself in tricky chaotic... world-according-to-aj N/A Leonardo: The extraordinary life of Leonardo da Vinci. There were stories hidden within... leonardo 8.2 Spartacus: This series describes the life of Spartacus the gladiator. He leads a... spartacus 8.7 John Adams: This series follows the life of John Adams, one of the USA's Founding... john-adams 7.9 Who Do You Think You Are: This series is about how british celebrities embark on individual journeys... who-do-you-think-you-are