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The Best Business Movies/TV/Books from 2024 and previous years. Business movies are usually funny and the protagonist manages to succeed and get into a lot of trouble! Wall street and The Wolf of Wall Street come to mind.

N/A Gold 57: This movie is set in the music business during the late 1950's. The great... gold-57 N/A Tetris: This business film is about the legal battles which occured between the... tetris N/A The Hating Game: Lucy is an ethical down to earth office worker. She embarks on a game of... the-hating-game N/A Like A Boss: This movie is about two female friends. They decide to start a beauty... like-a-boss 7.8 The Hummingbird Project: A pair of high flying stock traders ( Vincent Zaleski played by Jesse... the-hummingbird-project N/A High Flying Bird: A sports agent pitches an idea to a rookie basketball client. The agent has... high-flying-bird N/A Chasing The Blues: Two rival record collectors ( Alan Thomas played by Grant Rosenmeyer and... chasing-the-blues N/A Support The Girls: There is a Bar on a Highway that has hot waitresses showing a bit of curves.... support-the-girls N/A Second Act: A box store worker (Maya played by the beautiful and talented Jennifer... second-act 7.8 Gringo: Gringo has an innovative funny plot! Harold (played brilliantly by David... gringo 8.2 I Feel Pretty: A woman (Renee Bennett played by Amy Schumer) who is insecure about the way... i-feel-pretty N/A Set It Up: Note: The "Set it Up" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a "Zoey... set-it-up 8.2 Mollys Game: This movie is about the interesting life of a Poker Game Organiser. I have... mollys-game 8.8 Gold: I like the pace of Gold. It's slower than most big releases. I also loved the... gold 6.2 Get A Job: This movie is about a young man who after he graduates finds it hard to get... get-a-job 7.0 The Boss: Melissa McCarthy is fastly becoming one of my favourite comedians. In the... the-boss 7.5 Steve Jobs: This Steve Jobs movie is very different to the earlier "Jobs" movie. It has a... steve-jobs 8.0 Focus: Will Smith hasn't lost a beat. He may have started out as the Fresh Prince of... focus 7.0 The Intern: Ben (Robert De niro) plays an older business man that gets an internship at an... the-intern 7.5 Jobs: I have seen this movie three times and there's a reason behind this. This... jobs 7.5 The Social Network: When The Social Network came out a lot of us knew that Mark Zuckerberg's... the-social-network
8.3 We Crashed: This mini-series describes the rapid rise and fall of WeWork. It was one of... we-crashed N/A Super Pumped: This is the story of transportation company "Uber". It describes the highs... super-pumped N/A Million Dollar Hustle: This TV Series is about a woman called Wellington who is part of an elite... million-dollar-hustle N/A Platinum Dreams: A record label owner celebrates 25 years in the business. He signs a very... platinum-dreams N/A The Big Shot With Bethenny: Business people compete for a chance to worlk under business mogul and... the-big-shot-with-bethenny 7.8 Self Made: The main protagonist is a successful African American entrepreneur called... self-made 8.2 The Morning Show: This series takes a look at the lives of the workers who provide America's... the-morning-show 8.2 Succession: This series is about an american global-media family that has in fighting.... succession 7.9 The Bold Type: This series is about the life of "Cosmopolitan" editor in chief, Joanna... the-bold-type 7.1 Dynasty: This series is about two wealthy american families. They try to control... dynasty 8.1 The Good Fight: This series describes the life of Diane Lockhart, a lawyer. After her life... the-good-fight 8.4 Atlanta: This series is set in Based in Atlanta. It describes the lives of Earn and... atlanta 7.2 Empire: A hip-hop CEO must choose a successor from his three sons. These sons are... empire N/A Shark Tank: This reality TV series is about how contestants ask for investment and... shark-tank 8.1 Power: This series is about James 'Ghost' St. Patrick. He is a wealthy New York... power 8.3 Silicon Valley: This series looks into the life of Richard Hendricks who is a Silicon Valley... silicon-valley 7.0 Dallas: This series is about the next generation of the Ewing family. The cousins... dallas 8.3 Suits: The main protagonist in this series is Mike Ross. He is a talented college... suits 8.5 Mad Men: This series is a drama about a famous New York Ad agency. It is set at the... mad-men 7.9 30 Rock: The lead protagonist in this series is Liz Lemon (Tina Fey). She is the head... 30-rock 8.6 The Office Usa: This series is a mockumentary of office workers. Their days includes... the-office-usa 8.6 Arrested Development: This series is about Michael Bluth who takes over his family's business... arrested-development 8.2 The Office: This series is a hilarious fictional documentary of an office that is facing... the-office 7.2 The Guardian: The main protagonist is Nick Fallin, an up and coming lawyer. He works at... the-guardian 7.6 The Street: This series is set in the world of corporate stock trading. It describes the... the-street