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The Best Action Movies/TV/Books from 2024 and previous years. A good Action Movie is exciting and gets the heart racing. Some celebrities are born action stars (Tom Cruise), some are unlikely heroes.

N/A Treasure Valley: This film follows the life of cowboy Jack Braun. He finds out that his... treasure-valley N/A Deadly Draw: A career criminal, his ex wife and his former lover join a high stakes poker... deadly-draw N/A Frank And Penelope: A man is down and depressed. He finds what he's after in a run down strip... frank-and-penelope N/A Ride On: Jackie Chan is back! Lao Luo loves his horse. The horse may be taken away... ride-on N/A Corrective Measures: Bruce Willis is back! The film is set in a ruthless maximum-security... corrective-measures N/A Die Like Lovers: Bruce Willis is back! Firstly a man dies as part of an experimental military... die-like-lovers N/A Windfall: Jason Segel is back! In this movie a couple find that their vacation has been... windfall N/A Sniff: This story revolves around a retired detective. He is lured back to the force... sniff N/A Poker Face: A tech billionaire sets up a high stakes game of poker with his childhood... poker-face N/A Section Eight: Mickey Rourke is back! A former soldier is released from prison. He had... section-eight N/A Bandit: Mel Gibson is back! A career criminal escapes a Michigan prison. He then robs... bandit N/A A Day To Die: Bruce Willis is back! Connor Connolly kills a drug syndicate member while... a-day-to-die N/A Samaritan: Sylvester Stallone is back! A young boy discovers that a superhero who went... samaritan N/A The Gray Man: Ryan Gosling is back! This film is set in Europe. A CIA... the-gray-man N/A Batgirl: This film is based upon the popular DC character "Batgirl". Barbara Gordon is... batgirl N/A Whirlwind: This film is a Western... whirlwind N/A Kung Fury 2: This film is set in the same universe as the original film "Kung Fury". The... kung-fury-2 N/A The Marvels: The sequel to Captain Marvel. A new adventure begins. The super cast includes:... the-marvels N/A Borderlands: This feature film is based on the popular video game. It is set on the... borderlands N/A The Northman: This film is set in Iceland 10th century. We see a Nordic prince set out on a... the-northman N/A The Karate Breaker: A Karate Champion is known for his fighting skills. Then he fights drug gangs... the-karate-breaker N/A Meteor: A meteor collides into Earth. A rancher and a young girl also have to run away... meteor N/A The King Of Fighters Awaken: This action packed movie is an animated feature based on the popular video... the-king-of-fighters-awaken N/A Marbles And Bullets: This movie is an adventure story set in the civil war. The full cast... marbles-and-bullets N/A Eyes Of A Roman: This movie describes how a roman soldier's life changes. There is also a... eyes-of-a-roman N/A Vengeance Turns: This movie is about how Rebecca turns into a ruthless warrior that seeks... vengeance-turns N/A The Fortress: This movie is about a group of criminals that want revenge. They join forces... the-fortress N/A Guns 3 Alias Billy The Kid: This is the third movie in the "Young Guns" film franchise. The great cast... guns-3-alias-billy-the-kid N/A Peter Pan And Wendy: This is a Live Action adaptation of the classic tale of a boy who wouldn't... peter-pan-and-wendy N/A The School For Good And Evil: Some boys and girls are taken to an centre where and are trained to become... the-school-for-good-and-evil N/A Gold Rush: This is an action movie about the quest for... gold-rush N/A Conundrum Secrets Among Friends: This movie is about longtime friends that have known each other since college.... conundrum-secrets-among-friends N/A Payne And Redemption: The great cast includes: Nigel Billing as Det. Ray Candella, Kylie Cushman... payne-and-redemption N/A Rebels Run: This movie is a live-action take on the superhero characters from Arkhaven... rebels-run N/A Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers: Andy Samberg as Dale (voice), John Mulaney as Chip (voice) and Corey Burton... chip-n-dale-rescue-rangers N/A Hong Kong Kong: This movie is about a King Kong type beast in Hong Kong. Review Coming... hong-kong-kong N/A A City Knight: This movie revolves around city crime. The cast includes: Max Riffel as... a-city-knight N/A Butched: This movie is a western. Review Coming... butched N/A Artificial Selection: In this movie Artificial Intelligence exists. Will it aid human evolution or... artificial-selection N/A Batman A Beautiful Lie: This is an animated Batman adventure. The cast includes: Jack Kritzer as... batman-a-beautiful-lie N/A Blade Runner 2089: The next chapter of the intriguing and exciting Blade Runner movie series.... blade-runner-2089 N/A G O D Tech: This movie follows the lives of a family of the future. This family chose... g-o-d-tech N/A Sanctified: This film is about an outlaw that is rescued from death by a nun. The nun is... sanctified N/A Age Of Stone And Sky The Warlocks Curse: This movie is the next chapter in the "Age of Stone and Sky" series. The... age-of-stone-and-sky-the-warlocks-curse N/A Hobbs And Shaw 2: Dwayne Johnson and Jason Stratham make a great team! This movie is a sequel... hobbs-and-shaw-2 N/A Skate God: This movie is about a skateboarder. It is set in a Dystopian future. The... skate-god N/A Of Myth And Legend: This movies tells the story of a young American outlaw. He achieved fame... of-myth-and-legend N/A Wolf Creek 3: This movie is the third installment of the Wolf Creek series. Mick Taylor is... wolf-creek-3 N/A The Lego Batman Movie 2: This movie is the sequel to the popular and hilarious "The Lego Batman... the-lego-batman-movie-2 N/A Naya The Legend Of The Golden Dolphin: This movie describes the adventures of Naya The Golden Dolphin Princess. She... naya-the-legend-of-the-golden-dolphin N/A Transformers 2022: This is the next exciting installment of the Transformers franchise. The... transformers-2022 N/A Dungeons And Dragons: This movie is based on the original table top role-playing game. Review... dungeons-and-dragons N/A Super Mario Bros The Movie: In this animated version of the popular video game, a plumber named Mario... super-mario-bros-the-movie N/A Sonic The Hedgehog 2: This is a sequel to the 2020 live-action feature film "Sonic the Hedgehog".... sonic-the-hedgehog-2 N/A The Monkey King The Legend Begins: This movie is a different take on the original movie called "The Monkey... the-monkey-king-the-legend-begins N/A The Wild Bunch: This movie is about a gang of American bandits. They try and escape bounty... the-wild-bunch N/A Captain Marvel 2: This is the next exciting installment in the Captain Marvel series. The... captain-marvel-2 N/A Scream 5: This is the next chapter in the "Scream" horror franchise. A woman returns... scream-5 N/A Ant Man 3: Paul Rudd is back! This movie is the next exciting adventure of Ant Man. The... ant-man-3 N/A Mr Men And Little Miss: This movie is based on the Mr. Men and Little Miss books. The author is... mr-men-and-little-miss N/A Hells Posse: This movie is a western. Review Coming... hells-posse N/A Escape From Hat: This series is about a rabbit that runs out of luck. He gets lost inside a... escape-from-hat N/A Aquaman 2: Sequel to the popular Aquaman movie. The full cast includes: Amber Heard as... aquaman-2 N/A Minecraft: An evil Dragon from Ender is on a path of destruction. Then a young girl and... minecraft N/A Dc Super Pets: This comedic animation is about how Superman's dog teams up with a flying... dc-super-pets N/A Nimona: This movie is about a young shape-shifter called Nimona. Nimona teams up... nimona N/A Horse: This film is about a gunfighter who seeks revenge on the men who murdered his... horse N/A Indiana Jones 5: The plot of this movie is unknown but it will be based on one of the other... indiana-jones-5 N/A Black Panther 2: This movie is the sequel to the 2018 Marvel film "Black Panther". The great... black-panther-2 N/A The Out Law: Pierce Brosnan is back! A bank manager is about to marry the love of his life.... the-out-law N/A One Way: Kevin Bacon is back! This film describes how Freddy (a petty criminal)... one-way N/A Black Site: A group of officers fight against an infamous detainee of a labyrinth. He... black-site N/A The Division: Jake Gyllenhaal is back! This film is about a pandemic virus that spreads via... the-division N/A The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special: Chris Pratt is back! Star-Lord, Drax, Rocket, Mantis and Groot go on a new... the-guardians-of-the-galaxy-holiday-special N/A Secret Headquarters: Owen Wilson is back! Charlie Kincaid discovers hidden headquarters under his... secret-headquarters N/A Dragons Lair: Ryan Reynolds is back! A knight called Dirk the Daring needs to rescue... dragons-lair N/A Bullet Train: Brad Pitt is back! This film is set in a fast moving bullet train. Five... bullet-train N/A Spider Man Into The Spiderverse 2: This movie is a sequel to the 2019 film "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse".... spider-man-into-the-spiderverse-2 N/A Blowback: Nick and his crew plan to perform a heist. But on the day his girl and the... blowback N/A Soul Assasin: In this film a man dies as part of an experimental military program. Then, a... soul-assasin N/A Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness: The movie for this plot is unknown. It is the sequel to the 2016 Marvel film... doctor-strange-in-the-multiverse-of-madness N/A Infinite Storm: A woman goes on a journey of self discovery. This journey turns into to a... infinite-storm N/A Easter Egg: This movie is about how seven genetically engineered girls wake up to find... easter-egg N/A Shotgun Wedding: A couple have an expensive destination wedding. The wedding is then hijacked... shotgun-wedding N/A Castle Falls: This movie is about gangs that seek out millions of dollars hidden inside a... castle-falls N/A Trail Blazers: This film is about a band of siblings. They were robbers, thieves and killers... trail-blazers N/A Gotham City Sirens: This movie is about three of Gotham City's best female criminals. They all go... gotham-city-sirens N/A Ambulance: After they make mistakes in there heist, two robbers steal an ambulance. The... ambulance N/A The 355: A top-secret weapon goes missing and a CIA Agent plus three others go on a... the-355 N/A Gangster Wives: This movie tells five stories. The main protagonist is Carol. She is to be... gangster-wives N/A Crimes Of The Future: This movie describes a not too distant world where there are synthetic... crimes-of-the-future N/A The Commando: Mickey Rourke is back! An agent must protect his family from a home invasion.... the-commando N/A The Lost City: Sandra Bullock is back! This movie is about how an introverted romance... the-lost-city N/A Moonfall: A mysterious force knocks the Moon from its orbit around Earth. It sends on a... moonfall N/A Beneath: This film is about a marine diver looking for the wreckage of a missing... beneath N/A Lost City Of D: A romance novelist goes on a book tour with the model on the cover of one of... lost-city-of-d N/A Aurora: This film is about a female astronaut that monitors solar storms that may harm... aurora N/A John Wick Chapter 4: The 4th chapter of the John Wick saga. The super cast includes: Keanu Reeves... john-wick-chapter-4 N/A Avatar 2: This movie is the sequel to Avatar. The plot is unknown. The great cast... avatar-2 N/A The Flash: This movie is about Flash travelling into a timeline where Earth is in... the-flash N/A Thor Love And Thunder: Chris Hemsworth is back! This movie is the sequel to "Thor: Ragnarok". It is... thor-love-and-thunder N/A Fast And Furious 10: The plot for this movie is unknown. Plot unknown. It is the tenth and final... fast-and-furious-10 N/A Star Wars 2022: The next exciting installment of the Star Wars saga! There will be a new... star-wars-2022 7.7 No Time To Die: James Bond is back! In this installment Bond has left active service. His... no-time-to-die 7.9 Spider Man No Way Home: By the beginning of this film, Spider-man's identity has been revealed. To... spider-man-no-way-home N/A Dinosaur Cove: A place full of dinosaurs. The full cast includes: Brayden Eaton as Riley... dinosaur-cove N/A Heroes Of The Golden Masks: Christopher Plummer is back! A homeless American kid gets magically... heroes-of-the-golden-masks N/A No Mans Land: Frank Grillo is back! This movie is a modern western. It is set in the "no... no-mans-land N/A I Am Mortal: Sean Gunn is back! This movie is Sci-fi action and it's set in a future city.... i-am-mortal N/A Hatched: This interesting movie is about people that discover that the city is under... hatched N/A Time Rewind: The story revolves around a man that must uncover his own past to find his... time-rewind N/A Batman Soul Of The Dragon: This animated feature is set in the 1970s. It is about a missing teacher of... batman-soul-of-the-dragon N/A The God Committee: Julia Stiles is back! The movies begins with an organ transplant committee... the-god-committee N/A Raging Fire: Donnie Yen is back! The main protagonist is a cop called Shan. He is admired... raging-fire N/A Gold 2021: Zack Efron is back! Rwo men discover the biggest gold nugget ever found. Then... gold-2021 N/A O2: Melanie Laurent is back! In this movie a woman wakes up in a cryogenic... O2 N/A Zone 414: Guy Pearce is back! This movie is set in a near future where there is a colony... zone-414 N/A Jolt: Kate Beckinsale is back! A bouncer with anger-management issues controls... jolt N/A The Georgetown Project: Russell Crowe is back! The story revolves around a troubled actor. He is... the-georgetown-project N/A Stowaway: Anna Kendrick is back! This movie is about a stowaway on a mission to Mars.... stowaway N/A Gunpowder Milkshake: Karen Gillan is back! This movie revolves a sisterhood group that rescue a... gunpowder-milkshake N/A The Harder They Fall: Idris Elba is back! This movie is about a man looks to take revenge against... the-harder-they-fall N/A Troll Hunters Rise Of The Titans: Emile Hirsch is back! The next chapter in the Trollhunters series. The team... troll-hunters-rise-of-the-titans N/A Sweet Girl: Jason Momoa is back! This movie is about a husband that seeks revenge on the... sweet-girl N/A The Batman: The plot of this movie is uknown. Review Coming... the-batman N/A Snake Eyes G I Joe Origins: This movie is a G.I. Joe spin-off. It is centered around the character of... snake-eyes-g-i-joe-origins N/A Jurassic World Dominion: The next thrilling chapter in the Jurassic World series. The great cast... jurassic-world-dominion N/A Escape Room 2: The next chapter in the Escape Room series. The great cast includes: Taylor... escape-room-2 N/A Akira: This movie is based on the original table top role-playing game. Review... akira N/A The Expendables 4: This movie is the next chapter in The Expendables series. The great cast... the-expendables-4 N/A The Bad Guys: This animated comedy is about how Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha, Mr.... the-bad-guys N/A Jackass: This is the final crusade. Old favorites Johnny Knoxville and Wee Ma return... jackass N/A Black Adam: This movie is a spin-off of the movie "Shazam!". The main protagonist is... black-adam N/A Sherlock Holmes 3: The plot of this movie is unknown. It is the third installment of the... sherlock-holmes-3 N/A Last Night In Soho: This movies is about a young girl who is passionate about fashion design.... last-night-in-soho N/A Jungle Cruise: This movie is based on Based on Disneyland's theme park ride of the same... jungle-cruise N/A The Man From Toronto: In this movie a deadly assassin gets mistaken for a New York screw-up. It is... the-man-from-toronto N/A Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them 3: This movie is the third installment of the "Fantastic Beasts and Where to... fantastic-beasts-and-where-to-find-them-3 N/A Tomb Raider 2: This movie is a sequel to the 2018 Reboot of the series. The great cast... tomb-raider-2 N/A In The Heights: This movie is a feature version of a Broadway musical with the same name.... in-the-heights N/A Venom Let There Be Carnage: This movies is the sequel to "Venom". The full cast includes: Tom Hardy as... venom-let-there-be-carnage N/A Ghostbusters After Life: This movie has an unknown plot: Finn Wolfhard as Untitled, Mckenna Grace as... ghostbusters-after-life N/A The Suicide Squad 2: The plot of this movie is unknown. The super cast includes: Margot Robbie as... the-suicide-squad-2 N/A Space Jam 2: This sequel is about how NBA superstar LeBron James teams up with Bugs Bunny... space-jam-2 N/A Artemis Fowl: This movie is about Artemis Fowl II who is a young Irish criminal... artemis-fowl N/A Bios: This movie is set in a post-apocalyptic earth. A robot is built to protect... bios N/A Micronauts: The plot of this movie is unknown. Review Coming... micronauts N/A The Boss Baby 2: The movie for this plot is unknown. The cast so far is: Alec Baldwin as... the-boss-baby-2 N/A Mortal Kombat Legends Scorpions Revenge: The plot is unknown. It will be an animated project based on the classic... mortal-kombat-legends-scorpions-revenge N/A Masters Of The Universe: This movie is in development. It is based on the animated TV show "He Man... masters-of-the-universe N/A The Asset: This movie describes how a hacker and her partners in crime accidentally... the-asset N/A Without Remorse: This movie is about a former Navy SEAL. He turns into a CIA operative. His... without-remorse N/A Fatale: This movie is about a married man who is fooled into a murderous plot by a... fatale N/A The Eternals: The movie is about the the Eternals which are a race of immortal beings.... the-eternals N/A Morbius: This innovative movie is about Biochemist Michael Morbius. He tries to cure... morbius N/A Rumble: This movie is about a world where monsters gentle. Monster wrestling is now... rumble N/A Shang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings: This movie is based on the Marvel Comics character Shang-Chi "The Master of... shang-chi-and-the-legend-of-the-ten-rings N/A Godzilla Vs Kong: The huge Kong meets the dangerous Godzilla. One of them will become the King... godzilla-vs-kong N/A Chaos Walking: This movie is about a dystopian world. In this world there are no women and... chaos-walking N/A The Tomorrow War: This movie is about a man who has to fight in a future war. The fate of the... the-tomorrow-war N/A The Kings Man: History's worst tyrants and criminal masterminds want to wage a war to... the-kings-man N/A Monster Hunter: This movie is about how Lt. Artemis and her soldiers are transported to a... monster-hunter N/A The Ice Road: Liam Neeson and Laurence Fishburne unite in this movie about an ice driver... the-ice-road N/A Occupation Rain Fall: Temuera Morrison is back! This movie is set 2 years after an intergalactic... occupation-rain-fall N/A Blazing Samurai: This comedy animation is about a cat samurai that wants to succeed. He then... blazing-samurai N/A Breach: Bruce Willis is back! A man is about to be a father. This junior mechanic... breach N/A Die In A Gunfight: Alexandra Daddario is back! This movie is set in New York city. A young guy... die-in-a-gunfight N/A Last Looks: Charlie Hunnam is back! This movie is about a disgraced ex-cop that wants... last-looks N/A Mission Impossible 7: Tom Cruise is back! The plot of this movie is unknown. This is the Seventh... mission-impossible-7 N/A Reminiscence: This movie begins with a scientist discovering a way to relive your past. He... reminiscence N/A Deep Water: This movie is about a wealthy husband that allows his wife to have affairs.... deep-water N/A Cut Throat City: This movie is set after Hurricane Katrina. It's about four boyhood friends... cut-throat-city N/A Thunder Force: Supervillains are dominating the world. Then two childhood best friends... thunder-force N/A The Hitmans Wifes Bodyguard: This movie is the sequel to the 2017 popular action/comedy "The Hitman's... the-hitmans-wifes-bodyguard N/A Fast And Furious 9: This movie has an unknown plot. This is the ninth movie of the 'Fast and... fast-and-furious-9 N/A Top Gun Maverick: Tom Cruise is back! He returns as Maverick, a naval fighter. The plot for... top-gun-maverick N/A Infinite: This movie is about a man that has hallucinations. These hallucinations are... infinite N/A The Little Things: This movie is about two cops that track down a serial killer. The talented... the-little-things N/A Spiral: This movie is about a dangerous mastermind who wants justice. This is a... spiral N/A Black Widow: The beautiful Scarlett Johansson is back! This movies tells the story of... black-widow N/A Uncharted: The adventures of the explorer Nathan Drake. The full cast includes: Tom... uncharted N/A Kate: This film is about a female assassin that survives an attach. She has 24... kate 8.2 Red Notice: This movie is about an Interpol agent that tries to find the world's most... red-notice 7.5 Tom And Jerry: This movie is an adaption of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Tom and Jerry. It's... tom-and-jerry 7.8 Wonder Woman 1984: This is the sequel to the 2017 super hero film 'Wonder Woman'. A business... wonder-woman-1984 8.1 Nobody: This movie is about an innocent bystander who helps a woman who is being... nobody N/A Honest Thief: This movie is about the life of a bank robber. He turns himself in because... honest-thief N/A Those Who Wish Me Dead: This movie is about a teenage murder witness. Somehow two assassins (twins)... those-who-wish-me-dead N/A Inherit The Viper: This crime movie is about 3 siblings that are drug dealers. Trouble and... inherit-the-viper N/A Jiu Jitsu: This movie is a new Sci-Fi Martial Arts franchise. Dimitri Logothetis... jiu-jitsu N/A Debt Collectors: This plot of this movie is unkown. It is the sequel to the original "Debt... debt-collectors N/A Run: This movie is about a home schooled teenager. She suspects that her mother... run N/A The Hunt: This movie involves twelve strangers. They wake up in a clearing. They don't... the-hunt N/A My Spy: This movie is about an experienced CIA operative who ends up working with... my-spy N/A Tenet: The plot of this movie is unknown. It can be described as an action epic... tenet N/A Unwitting Deceit: Two business friends work in the world of black market diamonds. They then... unwitting-deceit N/A A Fall From Grace: This is the story of a woman who is getting over her ex-husband's love... a-fall-from-grace N/A News Of The World: This movie describes the life of a Texan that travels to the Wild West. His... news-of-the-world N/A Eternals: This is about the Eternals, a race of immortal beings. They have lived on... eternals N/A Unhinged: This movie is a thriller about road rage. The people involved partake in a... unhinged N/A The Photograph: This movie is about several intertwining love stories. These stories are set... the-photograph N/A Ghostbusters Afterlife: This movie describes the connection (through their Grandfather) that a... ghostbusters-afterlife N/A Promising Young Woman: A woman experiences a tragic event. She then seeks revenge against the... promising-young-woman N/A The New Mutants: This movie is about five young mutants. They learn their abilities. They are... the-new-mutants N/A Gretel And Hansel: This fairy tale is set a long time ago, in the countryside. A young girl and... gretel-and-hansel N/A The Burnt Orange Heresy: This movie is about an art dealer that is contracted to steal an expensive... the-burnt-orange-heresy N/A Onward: This movie is set in a suburban fantasy world. It is about two teenage elf... onward N/A Deadpool 3: This movie is about another group in the X-Men universe, the X-Force. The... deadpool-3 N/A Enter The Fat Dragon: A cop breaks up with his girlfriend. He becomes overweight. He then has to... enter-the-fat-dragon N/A Blumhouses Fantasy Island: This movie is an adaption (horror) of the popular 70s TV show about a... blumhouses-fantasy-island N/A The Outlaw Johnny Black: The outlaw Johnny Black wants to avenge the death of his father. He wants to... the-outlaw-johnny-black N/A True To The Game 2 Genas Story: This movie is the sequel to the movie "True to the Game". This time round... true-to-the-game-2-genas-story N/A Equal Standard: This movie is about New York City police officers. Their lives collide and... equal-standard N/A Green Lantern Corps: This movie is about a group of humans who join the Green Lantern Corps. This... green-lantern-corps N/A The Rescue: This movie is about a rescue unit of the Chinese Coast Guard. They must... the-rescue N/A John Henry: This is the story about how two immigrant kids are on the run trying to get... john-henry N/A Guns Akimbo: This movie is about an average guy that relies on his new skills as a combat... guns-akimbo N/A Disturbing The Peace: This movie is about a town marshal. He used to belong to the Texas Rangers... disturbing-the-peace N/A Coffee And Kareem: This movies is about how 12 year old Kareem hires a criminal to scare off... coffee-and-kareem N/A The Last Thing He Wanted: This movie is about an experienced D.C. journalist. She is writing an... the-last-thing-he-wanted N/A Free Guy: This film has an exciting premise. A bank teller discovers that he's... free-guy N/A Let Him Go: This movie is about a retired sheriff. He and his wife are grieving after... let-him-go N/A Vanguard: This movie is about a covert security company called Vanguard. An accountant... vanguard N/A Stillwater: This movie is about a father that takes a trip from Oklahoma to France. He... stillwater N/A Extraction: The lead protagonist is Tyler Rake. He is a fearless black market mercenary.... extraction 7.8 Force Of Nature: This movie is about how thieves plan a heist during a hurricane. It gets... force-of-nature 7.8 Spenser Confidential: This action movie is about the dynamic duo of an Ex-felon (Hawk) and former... spenser-confidential 7.0 Bloodshot: This movie is about Ray Garrison who was a mobster that was taken down. He... bloodshot 7.2 Sonic The Hedgehog: A police man in the rural town of Green Hills helps "Sonic The Hedgehog"... sonic-the-hedgehog 7.7 Birds Of Prey And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn: Harley Quinn splits up with the Joker. She teams up with superheroes Black... birds-of-prey-and-the-fantabulous-emancipation-of-one-harley-quinn 7.6 Underwater: When an earthquake ruins a subterranean laboratory, a group of underwater... underwater 7.5 Bad Boys For Life: Since the last movie, Marcus Burnett is now a police inspector. Mike Lowery... bad-boys-for-life 7.8 The Gentlemen: This movie is about a British drug lord that tries to sell off his lucrative... the-gentlemen N/A 6 Underground: This movie is about six billionaires that form an elite squad (after faking... 6-underground N/A Above Suspicion: This movie is based on a true story. An FBI agent who is newly married is... above-suspicion N/A The Kings Daughter: King Louis wants to be an imortal. For this he needs to steal a mermaid's... the-kings-daughter N/A Superintelligence: Carol Peters is a normal woman who is selected for observation by the... superintelligence N/A Furia: Riddick finally finds his home planet. But he is in for a surprise! Stars... furia N/A Dolemite Is My Name: Eddie Murphy is back! The Biography is the story of performer Rudy Ray Moore... dolemite-is-my-name N/A The Aeronauts: Pilot Amelia Wren and scientist James Glaisher fight to survive while making... the-aeronauts N/A Acceleration: The plot for this movie is unknown. The full cast includes: Sean Patrick... acceleration N/A The Rhythm Section: After a plane crash kills her family a women realises that it was all... the-rhythm-section N/A Dragon Ball Super Broly: Goku and Vegeta meet Broly. Broly is a Saiyan warrior with strength and... dragon-ball-super-broly N/A Black And Blue: A rookie Detroit African-American female cop witnesses corrupt officers... black-and-blue N/A Echo Boomers: This movie is about five post grads that are sick and tired of the poor... echo-boomers N/A The Informer: An ex-convict ( Pete Koslow played by Joel Kinnaman) is an undercover police... the-informer N/A Riot Girls: Note: The "Riot Girls" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used a... riot-girls N/A The Irishman: This movie is about a hitman who recalls his involvement with the downfall... the-irishman N/A Death Kiss: This movie is about a man called Mick who travels to America to avenge the... death-kiss N/A Shaft: This movie is the sequel to the year 2000 "Shaft" movie. Samuel L. jackson... shaft N/A Breakthrough: When he was a teenager, Brian Smith (played by Josh Lucas) drowned and was... breakthrough N/A Murder Mystery: A New York police man and his wife go on a European vacation to try and... murder-mystery N/A The Beach Bum: Moondog (played by the experienced Matthew Mcconaughey) is an eccentric... the-beach-bum N/A 47 Meters Down Uncaged: This movie begins with four teen girls diving in a ruined underwater city.... 47-meters-down-uncaged N/A Triple Threat: A contract is taken out on a billionaire's daughter. It was because the... triple-threat N/A Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Batman, Batgirl and Robin meetup with The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The... batman-vs-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles N/A Serenity: A fishing boat captain has a hidden past. His ex-wife tracks him down and... serenity N/A Captive State: It's been a decade after an occupation by extra-terrestrials. It is set a... captive-state N/A Domino: A Copenhagen police officer is seeking justice. His partner was murdered by... domino N/A Boss Level: This movie is about a retired special forces officer. On the day of his... boss-level N/A The Bouncer: This movie is about a nightclub bouncer in his fifties. He's taken a lot of... the-bouncer N/A Abduction: Quinn leaves a park fountain in Vietnam with no recollection of who he is.... abduction N/A The Kid: The movie tells the tales of a young boy who witnesses Billy the Kid's... the-kid N/A Arctic: A man (Overgard as Mads Mikkelsen) is stranded in the Arctic after a plane... arctic N/A Last Christmas: The plot is unknown. This movie is about a holiday romance set in London.... last-christmas N/A Charlies Angels: This movie is a reboot of the 2000 action comedy which is based on the 1970s... charlies-angels N/A Ford V Ferrari: This movie is based on the true story of how Ford went head to head with... ford-v-ferrari N/A Terminator Dark Fate: The plot for this movie is unknown. The full cast includes: Arnold... terminator-dark-fate N/A Gemini Man: An old hitman must battle a a younger clone of himself. The great cast... gemini-man 7.6 Rambo V Last Blood: In this instalment of the series Rambo has to defeat a ruthless Mexican... rambo-v-last-blood 7.2 Dora And The Lost City Of Gold: This movie is a Live-action feature based on the TV Nickelodeon animated... dora-and-the-lost-city-of-gold 7.9 Ad Astra: Astronaut Roy McBride (played by the reliable Brad Pitt) travels to the... ad-astra 7.3 The Angry Birds Movie 2: This movie is the sequel to the 2016 animated feature "The Angry Birds... the-angry-birds-movie-2 7.6 The Kitchen: This movie has to do with the wives of New York gangsters. It's set in Hell's... the-kitchen 8.9 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: This Quentin Tarantino movie is about an unpopular TV actor and his stunt... once-upon-a-time-in-hollywood 7.6 Hobbs And Shaw: This movie series will be a spinoff of The Fate of the Furious featuring... hobbs-and-shaw 8.0 Apollo 11: This documentary is about the Apollo 11 mission to land on the moon. The... apollo-11 7.8 Crawl: A Category 4 hurricane occurs in a city. A young woman tries to save her... crawl 8.0 Stuber: This movie is about a police detective who recruits his Uber driver to do... stuber 7.0 Men In Black International: This is the fourth movie in The Men in Black series. The Men in Black have... men-in-black-international 8.2 Spider Man Far From Home: After the events of Avengers: Endgame Peter Parker (played by the reliable... spider-man-far-from-home N/A Angel Has Fallen: Secret Service Agent Mike Banning gets framed for the attempted... angel-has-fallen 6.9 Dark Phoenix: Jean Grey (played by the beautiful Sophie Turner) obtains incredible powers... dark-phoenix 6.8 Godzilla King Of The Monsters: Monarch is a zoological agency. They face off against a battery of huge... godzilla-king-of-the-monsters 7.8 Aladdin: This movie is live-action and tells the story of the 1992 Disney Animation... aladdin 7.8 The Hustle: This is a remake of the 1988 comedy "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels". Two out of... the-hustle 7.6 Long Shot: Fred Flarsky used to have a next door neighbour nanny that he had a crush... long-shot 7.4 Avengers End Game: In the previous Avengers Endgame Thanos wipes out half of all life in the... avengers-end-game 7.2 Shazam: A streetwise foster kid can become adult superhero Shazam! by shouting the... shazam N/A Seberg: This movie is based partly on real events regarding the French New Wave Film... seberg 7.1 Fighting With My Family: A wrestling family work as performers at venues in England. The kids... fighting-with-my-family 7.8 Daughter Of The Wolf: This movie is about a military veteran that takes down men who kidnapped her... daughter-of-the-wolf 7.8 Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers (played by the beautiful Brie Larson) is Captain Marvel.... captain-marvel N/A Crossbreed: This movie is set in the near future. The plot revolves around the President... crossbreed N/A General Commander: This movie is about a GRS operative Jake Alexander. He has a team of... general-commander N/A Atone: This movie is about a former special ops soldier, Laura Bishop. She shows up... atone N/A Donnybrook: This movie is about two men who enter a big bare-knuckle fighting... donnybrook N/A Shadow: This movie depicts the fascinating life of people that live in an ancient... shadow N/A Hellboy: This movie is based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola. Hellboy is caught... hellboy N/A Ben Is Back: A drug addicted teenage boy (Ben played by Lucas Hedges) who finishes his... ben-is-back N/A In Like Flynn: This movie depicts the adventures of a young Errol Flynn in Australia. These... in-like-flynn N/A Free Solo: Alex Honnold is an expert solo climber. In this documentary he tries to... free-solo N/A Alien Warfare: This movie describes how a team of Navy Seals investigates an area which is... alien-warfare N/A Split Lip: "SET" is a contract killer. When something goes wrong with her latest... split-lip N/A Chokehold: This movie is about a woman who seeks revenge on the Russian Mob for the... chokehold N/A Rim Of The World: This movie is about four teenage friends that go on a Summer Camp. Then an... rim-of-the-world N/A Trading Paint: This movie is about a veteran race car driver, Sam Munroe. His son is also a... trading-paint N/A The Kid Who Would Be King: A group of kids go on an epic quest to stop a dangerous medieval villain... the-kid-who-would-be-king N/A Miss Bala: This movie is based on a Spanish-language film. Gloria gets involved into... miss-bala N/A Master Z Ip Man Legacy: This movie occurs after Cheung Tin Chi gets defeated by Ip Man. Then he... master-z-ip-man-legacy N/A The Hard Way: A former soldier learns his brother died on a mission in Romania. He then... the-hard-way N/A Avengement: A criminal is on day release from prison. The criminal escapes his guards... avengement N/A Against The Clock: This movie starts off with a CIA agent that is sent on a mission. He ends up... against-the-clock N/A Never Grow Old: Outlaws take over a peaceful American frontier town. Although an Irish... never-grow-old N/A Anna: This movie depicts the life of the beautiful Anna Poliatova. With her... anna N/A Otherhood: This movie is about three mothers who are old friends. They drive to New... otherhood N/A Dragged Across Concrete: This movie is about two abnoxious cops that get suspended from the force.... dragged-across-concrete 7.8 John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum: Super international assassin John Wick is on the run. He killed a member of... john-wick-chapter-3-parabellum N/A Cold Pursuit: In this action comedy a snowplow driver (Nels played by Liam Neeson) is... cold-pursuit N/A The Parts You Lose: This movie is set in a small North Dakota town. A young boy makes meets a... the-parts-you-lose N/A Beyond The Law: This movie is about a trio that wants to bring the killer of one of their... beyond-the-law N/A Killers Anonymous: This movie is about a support group of killers. This group meets regularly... killers-anonymous N/A 10 Minutes Gone: Bruce Willis is back, this time with Michael Chiklis! A man's memory is lost... 10-minutes-gone N/A A Score To Settle: An enforcer used to work for a local crime syndicate. But then he was... a-score-to-settle N/A Mr Jones: This movie is about how a welsh journalist breaks the news (in western media)... mr-jones N/A IO: In this movie a young scientist wants to save Earth which is in decay. She... IO N/A Animation Justice League Vs The Fatal Five: This animated feature is about how the Justice League battles the Fatal... animation-justice-league-vs-the-fatal-five 7.2 Bumblebee: It's the year 1987. Bumblebee escapes his current circumstances and hides in... bumblebee N/A Kim Possible: Two heroes Kim and Ron have to start high school as freshmen. They find a... kim-possible N/A Chasing The Dragon Ii Wild Wild Bunch: A kidnapper kidnaps billionaires in Hong Kong for a living. His team now... chasing-the-dragon-ii-wild-wild-bunch N/A The Knight Of Shadows Between Yin And Yang: A legendary demon hunter tracks down beasts that enter the human realm. He... the-knight-of-shadows-between-yin-and-yang N/A Polar: Duncan Vizla is the world's top assassin. He is recently retired and... polar 7.5 Aqua Man: Arthur Curry / Aquaman (played by the talented Jason Momoa) was a highlight... aqua-man N/A Reign Of The Supermen: Superman dies. Several new beigns/people are possible successors. The super... reign-of-the-supermen N/A How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World: Hiccup's dream is to create a peaceful world for the dragons. Toothless'... how-to-train-your-dragon-the-hidden-world N/A Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker: This movie is the conclusion of the latest "Star Wars" trilogy. The plot is... star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker N/A Galveston: This movie is about a hitman that escapes a set up. He is dying and returns... galveston N/A Spider Man Into The Spider Verse: The plot is unknown at this stage. This movie stars: Jake Johnson as Peter... spider-man-into-the-spider-verse N/A Outlaw King: Set in the 14th Century. A Scottish "Outlaw King" called Robert The Bruce... outlaw-king N/A Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Grindlewald: This is the second chapter of the "Fantastic Beasts" series. It's about the... fantastic-beasts-the-crimes-of-grindlewald N/A The Sisters Brothers: Set in 1850s Oregon. Two assasins, the famous Sisters Brothers, chase a gold... the-sisters-brothers N/A The Debt Collector: Scott Adkins plays "French", a trained martial artist. He now works as a mob... the-debt-collector N/A Future World: In a Dystopian Future World a young boy must find a cure for his dying... future-world N/A Alpha: A young warrior (played by Kodi Smit-mcphee) must survive the wild, set... alpha N/A Mountain: A documentary about the highest mountains around the world and how it's like... mountain N/A Proud Mary: Mary (played by the charismatic and beautiful Taraji P. henson ) plays a hit... proud-mary N/A Blue Iguana: Two Ex-jailbirds Eddie (played by Sam Rockwell) and Paul (played by... blue-iguana N/A Uncle Drew: A basketball movie is a long time coming! A coach (Lilrel Howery as Dax)... uncle-drew N/A Creed II: Rocky Balboa (played by the legendary Sylvester Stallone) continues to... creed-II 7.5 Robin Hood: A Crusader (Taron Egerton) who has previously fought in wars and his... robin-hood 8.8 First Man: This movie describes the life of the astronaut Neil Armstrong (played... first-man 7.8 Johnny English Strikes Again: Johnny English (played by the hilarious Rowan Atkinson) is now teaching at... johnny-english-strikes-again 7.8 The Predator: The previous Predator movies were very suspenseful with innovative thrilling... the-predator 8.0 The Meg: Jason Stratham Vs a Big Shark, I'd pay to see that! Jonas Taylor (played by... the-meg 7.8 The Spy Who Dumped Me: Audrey (played by the beautiful Mila Kunis) gets dumped by her boyfriend.... the-spy-who-dumped-me 8.4 Mission Impossible Fallout: Tom Cruise is back with even more impressive stunt work and action scenes!... mission-impossible-fallout 8.0 Ant Man And The Wasp: Paul Rudd was the perfect choice for Ant Man in the first movie. Scott... ant-man-and-the-wasp N/A Action Point: A daredevil (played by Johnny Knoxville) creates his own theme park with... action-point N/A The Escape Of Prisoner 614: Two small-town Sheriff's Deputies (Jim Doyle played by Martin Starr and... the-escape-of-prisoner-614 7.9 Adrift: This movie is based on a true story. Two young people meet by chance. They... adrift N/A Accident Man: Mike Fallon (played by Scott Adkins) is known as "The Accident Man". He is... accident-man N/A Black Water: An operative (Wheeler played by the reliable Jean-claude Van damme) awakens... black-water N/A Surviving The Wild: A young man (played by Aidan Cullen) has parents that are going through a... surviving-the-wild N/A A X L: A.X.L. is the code name for a top-secret robotic dog. He's on the loose and... A-X-L N/A Speed Kills: Note: The "Speed Kills" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used the... speed-kills 7.5 Skyscraper: Dwayne Johnson continues to impress in action movies! Ex FBI Rescue Team... skyscraper N/A Escape Plan 2 Hades: Ray Breslin (played by Sylvester Stallone) previously fought his way out of... escape-plan-2-hades 7.5 Jurrasic World Fallen Kingdom: Get ready for a thrill ride! The island from the previous movie contains some... jurrasic-world-fallen-kingdom 7.6 Tag: Former classmates who have always been there for each other and that still see... tag N/A Hostiles: This movie is set in 1892. A well known Army Captain Capt. Joseph J. Blocker... hostiles 7.8 Oceans 8: If you like the Ocean's 11 franchise and Sandra Bullock, your going to love... oceans-8 7.8 Gringo: Gringo has an innovative funny plot! Harold (played brilliantly by David... gringo N/A Big Brother: Note: The "Big Brother" Movie Amazon Content was not available. We used an... big-brother N/A Reprisal: A bank manager (Jacob played by Frank Grillo) experiences a violent bank... reprisal 8.2 Solo A Star Wars Story: Han Solo was one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars franchise!... solo-a-star-wars-story N/A Kickboxer Retaliation: After the story of "Kickboxer: Vengeance", Kurt Sloan (played by Alain... kickboxer-retaliation N/A Father Of The Year: Two friends have a drunken debate about whose father would win in a fight.... father-of-the-year 7.9 Deadpool 2: Deadpool is back and he's more hilarious than ever! Wade (Deadpool) must... deadpool-2 8.5 Avengers Infinity War: The powerfull being Thanos arrives on earth hell bent on destroying half the... avengers-infinity-war 7.8 Super Troopers 2: Broken Lizard Productions and the Super Troopers Crew are back! A border... super-troopers-2 8.1 Ready Player One: Set in 2045. A virtual reality world called OASIS exists and its got many... ready-player-one N/A Furlough: An inmate (Joan Anderson played by Melissa Leo) is given one weekend out of... furlough N/A Game Over Man: Three friends are nearly going to get their video game financed. The three... game-over-man N/A The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs: This film is made up of six stories. Each story is a tale about people that... the-ballad-of-buster-scruggs N/A Damsel: This movie is set in the Wild West, around 1870. Samuel Alabaster (played by... damsel 7.5 Rampage: Davis Okoye (played well by Dwayne Johnson) studies primates and looks after... rampage 7.6 Black Panther: T'Challa (played excellently by Chadwick Boseman) rises to the throne of... black-panther N/A The Hurricane Heist: On the day of a Category 5 hurricane, thieves attempt a huge heist against... the-hurricane-heist N/A Scorched Earth: A bounty hunter named Attica Gage (played by the beautiful and talented... scorched-earth 8.0 Tomb Raider: This reboot of Tomb Raider is well worth a viewing. Firstly, we see scenes of... tomb-raider N/A Death Wish: Dr. Paul Kersey (played by the reliable and talented action star Bruce... death-wish N/A Gone Are The Days: Gone Are the Days is about the famous outlaw Taylon Flynn (played brilliantly... gone-are-the-days 8.2 Game Night: The plot revolves around a group of friends who organise Game Nights (like... game-night N/A Solis: Troy Holloway (played by Steven Ogg) wakes up and is trapped in a drifting... solis 7.2 Maze Runner The Death Cure: I haven't seen the first movies in the series but this movie had some... maze-runner-the-death-cure N/A Braven: A logger from the mountains (played by Jason Mamoa) accidentally finds... braven 8.1 Star Wars The Last Jedi:The first shot is the classic text "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away".... star-wars-the-last-jedi 7.6 Justice League: Great beginning, Batman (played by the reliable Ben Affleck) fights a thug.... justice-league 8.7 Thor Ragnarok: Thor (played excellently by Chris Hemsworth) is in a suspended cage... thor-ragnarok 7.9 The Hitmans Bodyguard: In the first scenes a Bodyguard (Ryan Reynolds playing Michael) loses a... the-hitmans-bodyguard N/A Snatched: A young woman gets dumped before her exotic vacation. This young woman... snatched 7.9 Baby Driver: Starts off with a bank heist. There is a young driver with headphones. He... baby-driver 8.1 The House: "The House" has a very unique story line. "I haven't seen a movie like this in... the-house 7.9 Baywatch: Starts with nice shots of the beach. There is a surf glider accident. Mitch... baywatch 7.9 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2: It starts with the Marvel Studios Intro Graphics which is always cool. Kurt... guardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2 7.1 Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman gets given a photograph. We are then taken to the past. Warrior... wonder-woman 7.9 Chips: The movie starts off by showing the following text: "The California Highway... chips 7.4 The Fate Of The Furious: The first scenes are about a street race with a hotted up 1950's car. Two... the-fate-of-the-furious 7.2 Fist Fight: Charlie Day plays a down to earth nice teacher called Andy Cambell. It is... fist-fight 7.2 Kong Skull Island: The plot in every King Kong film is very different, I like that about these... kong-skull-island 7.8 The Great Wall: Two strangers (Pedro Pascal as Tovar) show up at a castle. They carry a... the-great-wall 7.0 Passengers: Great first shot. The space ship design was innovative. I've never seen a... passengers 7.5 Rogue 1 A Star Wars Story: As always for a Star Wars film, the opening shot was captivating. What a... rogue-1-a-star-wars-story 8.0 The Magnificent 7: There were outlaws in the wild west. Thieves and bounty hunters running amuck.... the-magnificent-7 7.0 Nerve: I loved the beginning, the graphical intro makes the cinema screen look like a... nerve N/A Triple 9: This movie is about how a gang of criminals and corrupt cops plan to murder... triple-9 8.5 The Shallows: Wow. "A unique cinematic experience. Such a simple plot; shark hunts girl,... the-shallows 7.5 Startrek Beyond: With Sci Fi movies, the soundtrack is always critical. This is where this... startrek-beyond 7.0 Central Intelligence: Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson make an odd couple but as seen in this movie... central-intelligence 7.0 Independence Day Resurgence: I can now say I enjoy this franchise. The Independence Day movies are funny.... independence-day-resurgence N/A The Legend Of Tarzan: Tarzan now lives in London. He needs to go back to the jungle to solve the... the-legend-of-tarzan 7.5 Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice: There was a lot of hype about this movie, I stayed away from most of it. It's... batman-vs-superman-dawn-of-justice 7.0 Ride Along 2: You know an action movie is going to be great when there is a great villain... ride-along-2 7.5 Star Wars The Force Awakens: The Star Wars franchise has always been filled with interesting characters.... star-wars-the-force-awakens 7.5 Spy: Melissa McCarthy can definitely carry a comedy film but what's surprising... spy 7.0 Jurassic World: Jurrasic World borrows from the Jurrasic Park films but it has some very... jurassic-world 7.5 The Man From Uncle: The Guy Ritchie style is alive and well. Stylised fighting sequences, tongue... the-man-from-uncle 8.0 Mission Impossible Rogue Nation: Tom Cruise always gives his all in every performance he does but in the... mission-impossible-rogue-nation 7.5 Everest: This movie shows the sheer bravery and determination needed to conquer... everest 7.5 The Martian: The plot of The Martian is innovative. A manned mission to Mars results in an... the-martian 7.5 The Revenant: Leonardo Dicaprio has an impressive body of work. We all know that he always... the-revenant 7.0 Ip Man 3: All Ip Man movies are action packed. But what makes them unique is that the... ip-man-3 7.0 The Rum Diary: Set in the 1960's, Paul Kemp (Johnny Depp) takes on a freelance writing job in... the-rum-diary 8.0 Interstellar: Two words.. "Christopher Nolan". I could have left the review at that but... interstellar 7.5 Star Trek 2009: J.j. Abrams did something special here. This movie is totally different in... star-trek-2009 8.5 Three Amigos: This movie is about three actors (that are in cowboy movies) that accept an... three-amigos
N/A Star Trek Starfleet Academy: We follow the Starfleet Academy through their adventures across the galaxy.... star-trek-starfleet-academy N/A Spider Man Freshman Year: The animated series describes the life and adventures of Peter Parker. He is... spider-man-freshman-year N/A Avatar The Last Airbender: This TV Series is a Live-action adaptation of the animated series of the same... avatar-the-last-airbender N/A Waller: Viola Davis is back! She helms this Action/TV Series. Cast: Viola Davis as... waller N/A The Lion Guard Drama King: This series describes a new adventure with Kion and The Lion Guard. There are... the-lion-guard-drama-king N/A Percy Jackson And The Olympians: Demigod Percy Jackson treks across America. His mission is to prevent a war... percy-jackson-and-the-olympians N/A Daredevil Born Again: Plot still not known. The previous daredevil franchise was full of action,... daredevil-born-again N/A The Acolyte: In this Star Wars film viewers are introduced to a galaxy of shadowy secrets... the-acolyte N/A Creature Commandos: Cast: Russ Bain as Craic Brother 3 episodes 2024, Viola Davis as Amanda... creature-commandos N/A Sonic Rise: In this version of the Sonic Franchise, Sonic The Hedgehog sets out to find... sonic-rise N/A X Men 97: This is a continuation of the X-Men TV Series (1992). Cast: Chris Potter as... x-men-97 N/A Spencer Sisters: In this TV Series police officer Darby Spencer and her novelist mother... spencer-sisters N/A Mech Cadets: This is an animated adventure TV Series about Mech Cadets. Cast:... mech-cadets N/A My Adventures With Superman: In this animated TV Series Clark Kent has to maintain his secret Superman... my-adventures-with-superman N/A The Threat: This adventure sci-fi story is set among the stars. Cast:... the-threat N/A Warriors: This animated TV Series is about a house cat called Rusty. He finds several... warriors 9.0 The Last Of Us: There is a global pandemic destroys most of civilization. A tough survivor... the-last-of-us N/A The Consultant: This TV Series follows a relationship between employee and boss. How far we... the-consultant N/A One Piece: This series is set in a seafaring world. A young pirate captain sets out with... one-piece N/A The Traitors: This Reality TV Series Contestants move into a majestic castle and work as a... the-traitors N/A My Dad The Bounty Hunter: This story follows two children. They discover that their father is the... my-dad-the-bounty-hunter N/A True Lies: Mike O'Gorman is back! This TV Series is about an unfulfilled suburban... true-lies N/A Young Jedi Adventures: The Jedi younglings go on adventures. They go on journeys and practice their... young-jedi-adventures N/A Andor: This series is a prequel to" Star Wars: Rogue One". It describes the life of... andor N/A Obi Wan Kenobi: This TV Series is a stand-alone spinoff from the Star Wars franchise... obi-wan-kenobi N/A Ark The Animated Series: This series is set in a mysterious primeval territory that populated by... ark-the-animated-series N/A In From The Cold: Exposed as an ex-Russian spy, an American single mom must juggle family life... in-from-the-cold N/A The Old Man: The main character is a former CIA officer who lives off the grid. He has to... the-old-man N/A 61st Street: Moses Johnson is a promising high school athlete. Then he gets caught up in... 61st-street N/A Reacher: Jack Reacher is arrested for murder and taken in. But now the police need his... reacher N/A House Of The Dragon: The series is set in the House Targaryen. Timelines is 300 years before Game... house-of-the-dragon N/A She Hulk: Jennifer Walters somehow obtains Hulk-like qualities and she goes on... she-hulk N/A Moon Knight: A former CIA agent called Marc Spector's life is changed after he saved by... moon-knight N/A Willow: A young farmer goes on a perilous journey. He has to protect a special baby... willow N/A Naomi: This adventure TV Series follows a young woman and her hero's journey.... naomi N/A Star Trek Strange New Worlds: This series is a prequel to "Star Trek: The Original Series". The crew of... star-trek-strange-new-worlds N/A Peacemaker: This series describes the origin story of the DC superhero "Peacemaker". He... peacemaker N/A The Man Who Fell To Earth: This series describes the life of an alien who arrives on Earth. It is also... the-man-who-fell-to-earth N/A Django: This series describes the life of Django, a gunslinging cowboy in the Wild... django N/A Sonic Prime: Sonic experiences a new adventure where he has to save a strange multiverse.... sonic-prime N/A Cyberpunk Edgerunners: This series is based on the CD "Cyberpunk 2077". A street kid lives in a... cyberpunk-edgerunners N/A Baymax: This series describes the lives ad adventures of the characters in the city... baymax N/A Time Girl: This series follows the adventure of a time travelling girl. Cast:... time-girl N/A Battle Kitty: Battle Kitty is small and fluffy but she has super-strength power! She also... battle-kitty N/A Suitcase City: This series is set in the year 2054. The remaining police force attempts to... suitcase-city N/A Jade Armor: THis series is about a teenage martial arts expert called Lan Jun. She learns... jade-armor N/A Shadow: This series is about a superhero that protects us from local and... shadow N/A The Cleaning Lady: A Cambodian doctor comes to the U.S. for a medical treatment to save her son.... the-cleaning-lady N/A Angry Birds Summer Madness: Teenagers Red, Chuck, Bomb and Stella spend a crazy summer together. They... angry-birds-summer-madness N/A The Legend Of Vox Machina: A band of misfits need to pay off a huge bar tab. They then end up on a quest... the-legend-of-vox-machina N/A The Cuphead Show!: This show is based on the Cuphead video game. The eccentric Cuphead and his... the-cuphead-show! N/A Secret Invasion: Fury and Talos try to stop the Skrulls. They are conquering the highest... secret-invasion N/A I Am Groot: This series features the seedling Groot along. He meets new and unusual... i-am-groot N/A Magic The Gathering: In this series we see magic-wielding heroes verse villains that want to... magic-the-gathering N/A Super Giant Robot Brothers: Two giant robots discover they are brothers. They fight against intergalactic... super-giant-robot-brothers N/A Law And Order Hate Crimes: The next department of the Law and Order TV Series. Cast:... law-and-order-hate-crimes N/A Ahsoka: This TV Series revolve around the adventures of Ahsoka Tano. It is a spin-off... ahsoka N/A Dune The Sisterhood: This TV series set in the Dune world. The main character is Bene Gesserit.... dune-the-sisterhood N/A Tokyo Vice: A Western journalist works for a News Paper in Tokyo. He then takes on one of... tokyo-vice N/A Unrecorded Night: This is a mystery TV Series. Cast:... unrecorded-night N/A Demonico: A hit man is double crossed and left for dead. It was his own employers. He... demonico N/A Vice Squad Atlanta: The Vice Squad Franchise is a Crime Drama that spans the Globe. It explores... vice-squad-atlanta N/A Vice Squad New Orleans: The Vice Squad Franchise is a Crime Drama that spans the Globe. It explores... vice-squad-new-orleans N/A Limited Edition: Cary Melvin runs his family's diamond store in downtown Los Angeles. He then... limited-edition N/A The Return Of The Condor Heroes: It tells about the forbidden love of that era between Yang Guo (orphaned... the-return-of-the-condor-heroes N/A The Peripheral: This TV Series is set in the future. Technology has subtly altered society.... the-peripheral N/A Marvels Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur: 13-year-old super-genius Lunella accidentally brings T-Rex and Devil Dinosaur... marvels-moon-girl-and-devil-dinosaur N/A The Device: A team of scientists change a frequency in the universe that changes... the-device N/A Mr And Mrs Smith: This series is an adaptation of the 2005 action film with the same name. It... mr-and-mrs-smith N/A Halo: Cast: Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief 9 episodes 2021, Shabana Azmi as... halo N/A Law And Order Organized Crime: The lead protagonist is Elliot Stabler who is battling personal loss. He... law-and-order-organized-crime N/A Go Big Show: This reality TV show will showcases talents of people on a grand scale. You... go-big-show N/A Star Wars The Bad Batch: "The Bad Batch" is a clone special unit. They have super strength and want... star-wars-the-bad-batch N/A Invincible: This animated series is based on the Skybound/Image comic. A teenager's... invincible N/A Pacific Rim The Black: Kaiju ravage Australia. Then two siblings control a Jaeger to search for... pacific-rim-the-black N/A Jupiters Legacy: Superheroes has kept the world safe for a century. Their children must now... jupiters-legacy N/A Leverage Redemption: Cast: Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux 13 episodes 2021, Aldis Hodge as... leverage-redemption N/A Coyote: Border Patrol agent Ben Clemens completes 32 years of service. Then he helps... coyote N/A The Nevers: This series is about Victorian women that have strange abilities and enemies.... the-nevers N/A Yasuke: This series is about an african man that became a Samurai in Japan. Cast:... yasuke N/A Superman And Lois: This series is about Superman and the journalist Lois Kane. They become... superman-and-lois N/A Loki: This Marvel series describes the new adventures of Loki. Cast: Tom... loki N/A Vikings Valhalla: This series is set 100 years after the events of "Vikings". Cast: Laura... vikings-valhalla N/A Foundation: This series decribes the lives of humans scattered on planets throughout the... foundation N/A Walker: This series is about a widowed father returns to Austin. He reconnects with... walker N/A Kung Fu: Nicky Shen drops out of college and joins a monastery in China. Then her... kung-fu N/A Ms Marvel: Kamala Khan is from New Jersey and she has super powers. These are her... ms-marvel N/A Marvels M O D O K: This series revolves around an egomaniac supervillain. He has a really big... marvels-m-o-d-o-k N/A The Book Of Boba Fett: This series is a spin-off of "The Mandalorian". It stars Temeura Morrison as... the-book-of-boba-fett N/A Masters Of The Universe Revelation: This is an animated series based on the classic Masters of the Universe show.... masters-of-the-universe-revelation N/A Power Rangers Dino Fury: A brand-new team of Power Rangers have to deal with the new threat of an army... power-rangers-dino-fury N/A The Equalizer: This series is about a woman who has multiple skills that helps those with... the-equalizer N/A The Barbarian And The Troll: This series describes the lives of Evan (bridge troll) and Brendar (fierce... the-barbarian-and-the-troll N/A Y The Last Man: This series is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Y is the last surviving man... y-the-last-man N/A Marvel Studios Legends: The series describes the adventures of the individual characters from the... marvel-studios-legends 7.6 Star Trek Picard: This is a follow up series to Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987). It's... star-trek-picard 7.5 The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: This series is about the adventures of Falcon and The Winter Soldier (both... the-falcon-and-the-winter-soldier 6.0 Dracula: This series is set in 1897 Transylvania. It follows the interesting life of... dracula 7.2 Snowpiercer: This series is set in a dystopian world that is a frozen wasteland. There... snowpiercer 7.8 Barkskins: This series is based on based on the novel by Pulitzer Prize Winner Annie... barkskins 7.4 Stargirl: In this series teenager Courtney Whitmore joins the Justice Society of... stargirl 6.5 White Lines: This series revolves around a woman who alone tries to solve the complicated... white-lines 7.4 Celebrity Iou: This series is about Hollywood A-listers. We see them express gratitude to... celebrity-iou 7.5 Outer Banks: This series is about teenagers (not that wealthy) who stumble upon a... outer-banks 6.6 Ghost In The Shell Sac 2045: This series describes how a mercenary unit (former members of Japan's elite... ghost-in-the-shell-sac-2045 6.8 Run Tv: The protagonists are two ex-lovers. One is a married American woman and the... run-tv 8.5 The Mandalorian: This series is about the adventures of a lone bounty hunter. It is set in... the-mandalorian 8.3 The Witcher: This series is about Geralt of Rivia who is a lone monster hunter. He goes... the-witcher 7.9 Watchmen: This series is set in an alternate history. We see masked vigilantes treated... watchmen 8.6 The Boys: This series sees a group of vigilantes take on corrupt superheroes. The bad... the-boys 7.9 The Umbrella Academy: This series describes how a family of former child heroes have now grown up... the-umbrella-academy 8.2 Pennyworth: This series describes the origin story of Alfred Pennyworth. He is a former... pennyworth 7.2 Treadstone: The Treadstone project created the spy Jason Bourne. Now they are developing... treadstone 8.1 Warrior: This series is set during the Tong Wars in late 1800s. A martial arts prodigy... warrior 7.1 Wu Assassins: A new warrior is chosen as the last Wu Assassin. He must search for the... wu-assassins 6.5 Fast And Furious Spy Racers: In this series a team of teenage street racers is hired to infiltrate and... fast-and-furious-spy-racers 8.1 Barry: This series describes the life of Barry, a hit man from the Midwest. He... barry 8.1 Killing Eve: This series takes place after a series of events. It decribes the lives of a... killing-eve 8.2 Altered Carbon: This series is set in the future. In this future human consciousness can be... altered-carbon 7.8 Titans: This series is about a team of young superheroes. They combat evil villains... titans 7.5 Magnum P I: This series is about an ex-Navy that uses his previous military skills to... magnum-p-i 6.2 Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: This series is about how four mutant turtle brothers go on adventures. They... rise-of-the-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles 8.8 Cobra Kai: This series is set decades after the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament bout... cobra-kai N/A Station 19: This series is a spinoff of the critically acclaimed show Grey's Anatomy. It... station-19 7.2 Star Trek Discovery: This series is set ten years before the adventures of the Enterprise. The... star-trek-discovery 8.4 The Punisher: This series is about ex-marine veteran Frank Castle. His family is murdered... the-punisher 8.6 Ozark: This series is about a financial advisor. He takes his family from Chicago... ozark 7.5 The Defenders: This series is set a few months after the second season of Daredevil. It has... the-defenders N/A Black Lightning: The protagonist is an african american school principal that turns into a... black-lightning 7.2 Luke Cage: This series is about Luke Cage. He is a fugitive with super strength and... luke-cage 7.7 Lethal Weapon: This series sees a dangerous cop teaming up with an older detective. It is... lethal-weapon 8.5 Westworld: This series is set in the near future. This world also has a unique past. In... westworld 6.1 Macgyver: This series describes the adventurous life of Angus "Mac" MacGyver. He works... macgyver 8.0 Travelers: This series is set hundreds of years from now. The surviving humans find out... travelers 7.2 Shades Of Blue: The protagonist of this series is Harlee Santos who is a New York police... shades-of-blue 7.5 The Tick: This series is about an goofy superhero that protects the city from evil... the-tick 6.3 Supergirl: This series describes the life of Superman's cousin. She is also a superhero... supergirl 7.2 Blindspot: This series is the story of Jane Doe. She is found injured in Times Square... blindspot 7.6 The Flash Tv: Barry Allen is struck by lightning and then is in a coma. He wakes up from... the-flash-tv 7.5 Gotham: The main protagonist in this series is Detective James Gordon. He rises... gotham 7.9 Chicago Pd: This series is about the District 21 of the Chicago Police Department. This... chicago-pd 8.2 Rush: The protagonist is Doctor William Rush. He is not your average on-call... rush 8.4 Vikings: Vikings is about the dangerous and brutal world of a man called Ragnar... vikings 7.2 Agents Of Shield: This series describes the cases and agents of the Strategic Homeland... agents-of-shield 7.9 Almost Human: This series is set in the near future. It's about a human cop that works... almost-human 7.2 Defiance: This series is about life in the city called Defiance. It is set in the not... defiance 7.0 The Firm: This series is about Defense Attorney Mitch McDeere. He is targeted by the... the-firm 7.7 Chicago Fire: This series tells the stories of firefighters in Chicago. It takes a look at... chicago-fire 7.4 Arrow: This series describes the life of spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen... arrow 8.4 Longmire: This series is set in Absaroka County, Wyoming. Walt Longmire is the... longmire 9.0 Game Of Thrones: This series is about how nine families fight for control over the Westeros... game-of-thrones 8.1 Hell On Wheels: This series is set after the Civil War has finished. Former Confederate... hell-on-wheels 8.2 Person Of Interest: This series is about a dynamic duo. One is an ex-CIA agent and the other... person-of-interest 7.4 Teen Wolf: This series is about how an average high school student becomes a werewolf... teen-wolf 7.8 Falling Skies: This series is about survivors of an alien attack on earth. These people... falling-skies 7.1 Hawaii Five 0: This series is about policeman Steve McGarrett. He returns home to Oahu to... hawaii-five-0 7.5 Covert Affairs: Annie Walker used to live in a farm. Now she must adapt to the challenging... covert-affairs 8.2 Spartacus: This series describes the life of Spartacus the gladiator. He leads a... spartacus 6.5 Ncis Los Angeles: This series follows to undercover NCIS Special Projects agents that solve... ncis-los-angeles 8.2 Southland: This series tells the stories of the Police Officers working for the Los... southland 7.6 Merlin: This series describes the adventures of a young Merlin. In the future he... merlin 8.0 Star Wars The Clone Wars: This series is about how the Jedi Knights (Grand Army of the Republic) go up... star-wars-the-clone-wars 7.8 Terminator The Sarah Conner Chronicles: These events are set after Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991). Sarah Connor... terminator-the-sarah-conner-chronicles 7.2 Knight Rider: This series features an artificially intelligent car called KITT (Knight... knight-rider 8.0 Chuck: This series has a computer geek for the protagonist. He accidentally... chuck 7.6 Burn Notice: This series is about a spy who recently quit the U.S. government. He then... burn-notice 7.2 Robin Hood Tv: This series depicts the life of Robin Hood after 5 years of fighting in the... robin-hood-tv 8.5 Man Vs Wild: Bear Grylls is a survival specialist and he travels the world in search of... man-vs-wild 8.0 Prison Break: This series describes the life and adventures of a man wrongfully imprisoned... prison-break 8.1 Lost: This series is about the survivors of a plane crash. These people are forced... lost 8.5 Battlestar Galactica: An old enemy of Galactica (the Cylons) reappear. The Cylons want to destroy... battlestar-galactica 6.5 Csi Ny: The lead protagonist is CSI head Detective Mac Taylor. He leads a team that... csi-ny 7.5 Ncis: This series describes the intriguing cases of the Naval Criminal... ncis 6.2 Csi Miami: This series is about the police cases of the Florida police department's... csi-miami 9.1 The Wire: This series is an in depth view of the Baltimore drug scene. We see cases... the-wire 7.0 Kim Possible: This series is about a high school cheerleader. She and her best friend... kim-possible 6.9 Birds Of Prey Tv: This series is set in the future. It is set after the Batman has gone into... birds-of-prey-tv 7.3 Star Trek Enterprise: This series is set a century before Captain Kirk's five-year mission. It... star-trek-enterprise 7.4 Alias: This series is about Sydney Bristow, an international spy. She was recruited... alias 6.3 Andromeda: The main protagonist is Captain Dylan Hunt. He and the crew of the... andromeda 7.7 Dark Angel: This series is about how a group of genetically-enhanced children escape... dark-angel 7.8 The Fugitive: The series starts off with Dr Richard Kimble getting framed for his wife's... the-fugitive 7.5 Angel: This series is about a vampire called Angel. He has a soul and moves to Los... angel 8.4 Spaced: This series follows friends Tim and Daisy. They are 20-something North... spaced 7.4 Martial Law: This series is about a Shanghai cop who is a master of martial arts. He gets... martial-law 7.8 The Magnificent Seven: This series is about how an Indian village is threatened by ex-Confederate... the-magnificent-seven 6.8 Young Hercules: This series describes the adventures of Hercules as a boy. He spends his... young-hercules 8.2 Stargate Sg 1: This series is about a secret military team called SG-1. They explore other... stargate-sg-1 8.0 Roar: This series is set in 5th century Ireland. A young Celtic chieftain and his... roar 6.8 Conan: This series follows the life of Conan, the mythical barbarian. Cast: Ralf... conan 7.5 La Femme Nikita: An organisation that trains assassins fakes the death of a convicted... la-femme-nikita 8.5 Oz: This series describes the daily activities of a unique prison facility. It... oz 6.5 Nash Bridges: This sereis is about a confident San Francisco, California cop and his get... nash-bridges 7.5 The Cape: This series describes the lives a team of NASA Astronauts. It is set at the... the-cape 7.2 The Sentinel: Detective Jim Ellison honed his skills in the jungles of Peru. There he... the-sentinel 6.3 Jag: This series is about the cases of Harmon Rabb, a former Navy fighter pilot.... jag 7.6 Sliders: This series is about a boy genius. Him and his comrades have the ability to... sliders 6.2 Hercules The Legendary Journeys: This series is about the life of Hercules who has half god strength. His is... hercules-the-legendary-journeys 7.5 Startrek Voyager: This series is about a Starfleet ship that wants to travel back home. The... startrek-voyager 2001 Xena Warrior Princess: This series is about Xena who is a powerful Warrior Princess. She has a dark... xena-warrior-princess 8.1 Hawkeye: This series is about the life of Hawkeye the woodsman. He meets an english... hawkeye 6.5 Robocop: RoboCop is a cybernetic policeman that has the body and some memories of the... robocop 7.6 Star Trek Deep Space Nine: This series is set on the liberated planet of Bajor. The Federation space... star-trek-deep-space-nine 6.5 Sonic The Hedge Hog Tv: This cartoon is set in a post-apocalyptic and dystopian future. All life has... sonic-the-hedge-hog-tv 6.2 Walker Texas Ranger: This series is about Walker and his partner Trivette. They are both Texas... walker-texas-ranger 7.4 Sea Quest 2032: This series is set in the early 21st century. By that stage mankind has... sea-quest-2032 8.2 X Men The Animated Series: This series follows a team of mutant superheroes. They fight for justice... x-men-the-animated-series 7.6 Raven: This series describes the adventures of ex-special forces and ninja Jonathan... raven 7.8 Reasonable Doubts: This drama series is about the friendship between Assistant DA Tess Kaufman... reasonable-doubts 7.4 The Flash: This series follos the life of police forensic scientist Barry Allen. He is... the-flash 7.2 Baywatch: Set in a Los Angeles beach. A team of lifeguards patrol the beach.... baywatch 6.7 B L Stryker: This series is about a Private eye who has interesting cases and solves... b-l-stryker 7.6 C O P S: This series describes the work of technological enhanced policemen. They... c-o-p-s 8.6 Star Trek The Next Generation: This series is set 100 years after Captain Kirk's 5-year mission. It tells... star-trek-the-next-generation 8.2 Robotech: An alien spaceship crash lands on Earth. Technology and secrets are... robotech 8.3 Miami Vice: Miami Vice follows the lives of two undercover Miami detectives. They are a... miami-vice 8.2 The A Team: Four Vietnam vets are framed for a crime they didn't commit. They do projects... the-a-team 8.4 Inspector Gadget: This series is about bumbling bionic police inspector. His niece and dog... inspector-gadget 7.2 T J Hooker: This show describes the adventures of a tough veteran police officer Sgt.... t-j-hooker 7.3 Remington Steele: This show describes the cases of a female private detective and a former... remington-steele 8.2 Bret Maverick: The original Maverick show (1957 - 1962) was James Garner at his best. It... bret-maverick 7.3 The Fall Guy: This show describes the life of a film stuntman. When is not a stuntman, he... the-fall-guy 1989 Simon And Simon: Two very different brothers run a private detective agency. They use their... simon-and-simon 7.2 Beyond Westworld: This is about the security chief of an android manufacturing company. He must... beyond-westworld 7.5 Astroboy: Astroboy is a Pinocchio-like character. He becomes a superhero that has... astroboy