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Main Cast Reviews  Dwayne Johnson, Jason Stratham, Idris Elba Categories  Action | Comedy | Adventure | Crime Release Date  2nd Aug 2019 7.6


This movie series will be a spinoff of The Fate of the Furious featuring Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs and Jason Stratham as Deckard Shaw. Luke Hobbs is still a US Diplomatic Security Agent and forms unlikely partnership with Deckard Shaw. They go on a mission together. The full cast includes: Idris Elba as Brixton, Vanessa Kirby as Hattie, Helen Mirren as Queenie, Eiza González as Madame M, Eddie Marsan as Professor Andreiko, Eliana Sua as Sam (as Eliana Su'a), Cliff Curtis as Jonah, Lori Pelenise tuisano as Sefina, John Tui as Kal, Joshua Mauga as Timo, Joe Anoa'i as Mateo (as Joe 'Roman Reigns' Anoai), Rob Delaney as Agent Loeb and Alex King as Lt. Grapefruit.

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We see a helicopter touching down. There is a futuristic soldier (played by the reliable Idris Elba) on a bike. The MI6 team from the helicopter get out, they are looking for someone.

"The soldier guns them down and a hand to hand combat sequence commences. This soldier appears to be super human. He is after a bottle with a virus. He tries to gun down the girl that has the bottle. She is in a truck. The girl (Hattie played by the beautiful Vanessa Kirby) escapes with the virus. What an exciting way to begin the movie"

The soldier has men working under him. He wants them to find Hattie because she has the virus. We cut to a scene with Hobbs and Shaw cooking breakfast in their own respective apartments hehe. Hobbs does weights.

"Shaw goes to a nightclub. Hobbs then visits a tatoo parlour, following a lead he has. Shaw kicks ass in a night club. Hobbs fights in the parlour. Shaw lands some brutal head shots. Shaw kicks a guy out of a window but he ropes him first and he is nearly left to fall hehe. This fast paced action is nice to watch. Hobbs and Shaw have a habit of marching into an establishment and kicking ass!"

Then Hobbs nearly tatoos a man in the face! It appears that Hobbs and Shaw were looking for the virus. The next days Hobbs chats to his daughter about Samoa.

"Hobbs gets served massive amount of food and pancakes hahaha! Legend has it that Dwayne Johnson actually eats in this manner hehe"
Shaw visits his mother in jail. Shaws mother says why is there a rift between him and his sister. They used to rob banks together! Locke (a CIA agent played by the funny Ryan Reynolds) shows up at the restaurant where Hobbs is. Hobbs tells his daughter that Lock is CIA hehe. Lock says they're going after the same thing, the virus. Hobbs is DSS (another agency). Hobbs tells Locke that he wants to work alone.

Locke says that he nearly shit his pants and that the world is at stake hehe. Meanwhile Another CIA agent chats to Shaw. Shaw's sister has a virus.

"The two CIA agents want Shaw and Hobbs to work together. They get them together in an office. They argue!! Hobbs tells Shaw 'You have a nasly pre-pubescent Harry Potter voice!!'. Shaw says to Hobbs "I hate your ugly face'. You forget that Hobbs and Shaw have a distate for each other hehe"

Hobbs wants to see footage of Hattie. He realises that she killed her team and kept the virus. Hobbs investigates and finds her. He says "A lot of nasty people are looking for you". Hobbs fights her. Meanwhile Shaw takes the Soldiers men. Hobbs puts her under arrest. Shaw beats men with an object. She escapes Hobbs grasp. The soldier is in his headquarters obtaining super energy. Hobbs now is questioning Hate. She didn't kill anyone an Hobbs believe her.

But the world thinks that Hattie is a murderer and a thief. She is taken in for questioning. Hattie beats up guard with a chair. She grabs his gun and points it at Hobbs. Shaw arrives and tells Hobbs its his sister.

"The soldier jumps through the window and steals girl away. He jumps out. Hobbs and Shaw take lift down and by wire. Hobbs fights soldier but gets beat up then Shaw has a go. The soldier has high tech eye screen that makes him unstopabble, cool! Then the soldier gets on his bike. Shaw, Hobbs and Hattie get in a Maclaren. What a brilliant fast paced action sequence"

The soldier fires at them from bike. Car motor sounds are awesome. The soldier gets into accident. Hes angry. He goes back to his headquarters where he has a digital voice telling him what to do. Hobbs, Shaw and Hattie chat to the scientist that created the virus. Hattie has the virus inside her. The scientist says one option is to kill her and burn the body. Obviously they dont take that option hehe. They prepare for their next mission.

"They are preparing for a trip and Shaw gives Hobbs a new passport name called 'Mike Cocksmall' hahaha! He was framed by Shaw hehehe. This is one of the funniest scenes in the movie. In fact there is comedy through out this movie."
Hobbs says to Shaw "Where's my seat... F1, F2, FU". The soldier visits a scientist. "You stick out like balls on a bulldog" says Shaw to Hobbs hehe. Hobbs says "I'm a big brown well endowned mountain of a man". I enjoy the banter between these two! Hobbs lets Shaw know that he likes his sister Hattie. Kevin hart shows up!!! He plays Air Marshall Dinkley. He's hilarious. He says he does weights too and he "knows the game". He hints that he wants to join their team. "I could complete the holly trinity" he says hahaha.

The soldier abducts the scientist. He wants him to re-program the virus for him. Shaw visits a woman contact. He kisses her. She is going to help them. She gives them parachutes and guns. Hobbs and Shaw get on a jet. Then they pop and parachute to their location. Cool jet scenes here. The girl visits the soldier willingly but its for a trap. Hobbs and Shaw enter the lair of the soldier.

Shaw and Hobbs fight their way in. Great hand to hand combat on both sides. Heavy body shots and head shots. But the soldier is there to meet them.

"The soldier locks them up in chairs and electrocutes them! cool scenes. The soldier explains why he wants to unleash this virus. Humanity is killing themselves to fast he says. 'Look at me... Im black superman' says soldier. He wants them to join him! I must says Idris Elba knows how to do a good intersting villain"
The girl is out an about, she had escaped. Hobbs and Shaw say "We're not gonna join". The girl points a gun to soldier. But she needed an activation chip to fire the gun. Then the girl starts a fire. It distracts soldier and Shaw and Hobbs escape. Hobbs gets into vehicle and drives away. The soldier escapes on bike. This time he has flying drones to assist him! Shaw and sis break out of building with vehicle. They car jump to another building! Sis jumps from car and Hobbs catches her. Then shaw joins them. They escape and soldier is left behind angry again. they have a meeting.

Hattie is scared. "We're the shaw family, we never ever give up". Hobbs has an idea. He wants them to go home to Samoa. So they all go. Hart chats to them and gives them some info hehe.

"Jonah (played by the reliable Cliff Curtis) is Hobb's brother and he punches him in the face on arrival hehe. His mother says to Hobbs 'you all skin and bones' HAHAHA! Hilarious considering the size of Hobbs. It is a hint that samoans are big boned"
The mother brings the clan together. The soldier gets even more robotic. Hobbs wants them to create a fortress because he knows the soldier will come for them. Hobbs is in love with Hattie and they chat.

"Hobbs says 'Mama where are all our guns'. The mother then says that she threw them away. Hobbs then says 'lets go old school' with old style samoan weapons. At this point you know that the final action sequence is going to be memorable"
Hobbs walks on the grass plain with Hattie. Beautiful landscape. Hattie says that she spent her whole life running away. Hobbs says that by tomorrow's sunset we'll begin to fix the mistakes that we made.
"Hobbs kisses Hattie. He wants to kiss again but she says no hehe. Dwayne Johnson shows his romantic hehe"
Hobbs says "Jonah if this thing goes sideways I'm sorry... I left you... I left my mother... I wont let that happen again... I love you". Jonah takes his apology.

Dwayne excels in these sentimental moments. The soldiers army arrives with many vehicles. Hobbs greets them a traditional Samoan warrior clot. He calls on his clan. They aim for clan. But there guns are offline! They have no choice but to fight hand to hand. Great fighting here. Johnson at his best. They also use weapons, sticks and hammers. Shaw gets in a vehicle with Hobbs out back. They throw a metal rope and it connects to a helicopter with soldier on it. But the helicopted pulls them up! Great action scene.

They pull them into the sea. But it doesn't work and they remain on land. The weapons then get back online. They fire at car, it misses. The cars behind disintegrate. Hobbs hold the rope together. Hattie is also in the helicopter. She fires at guards. The helicopter gets into an accident and falls in a cave with water. The sis is hurt near soldier. "I'm beginning to like you two u know that" says soldier to them. Soldier then attacks them with fist. Big massive body shots here. The soldier uses his AI lenses to get an advantage.

"Two of us and one of him" says Shaw. They both attack the soldier with brutal body blows. We are always reminded through out the movie that this solider is super human. It would take both Hobbs and Shaw to take him down. The two land their brutal hits and the soldier falls on the ground. Hattie lands a final blow to the soldier and obtains the serum bottle with the poison. The soldier is beat down on the ground in pain. He says to them all "one life doesn't mean anything".

Then Hobbs says "you may have all the technology in the world... but we have heart". "So thats how it is... its a hell of a business boys" says the soldier before falling into the sea. The digital voice speaks through a device and threatens Hobbs and shaw and then it disappears. Hobbs, Shaw and Shaw's Sister all hug. I found out in the credits that Jason and Dwayne produced this movie, wow, what great work.

"The plot was easy to understand and the action scenes were rock solid. There is an element of technology vs old school in this movie which I enjoyed. The big action sequences are second to none. The helicopters tied to the heavy terrain vehicle was memorable. As always, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Stratham excelled in heavy duty action scenes. Hobbs and Shaw make a good team. Vanessa Kirby was brilliant as Hattie (Shaw's sister). What an action star! I believe this new franchise has a future"
Dwayne Johnson makes a lot of movies a year and this guy sells tickets. His dramatic acting ability is also getting better and better as seen in some scenes in this movie. What an action packed 2hr 17min.

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