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Main Cast Reviews  Keanu Reeves, Ian Mcshane, Halle Berry Categories  Crime | Action | Adventure Release Date  17th May 2019 7.8


Super international assassin John Wick is on the run. He killed a member of the international assassin's guild and now there is a huge $14 million price tag on his head. Hit men and women everywhere want to get their target. The great cast includes: Keanu Reeves as John Wick, Ian Mcshane as Winston, Halle Berry as Sofia, Jerome Flynn as Berrada, Jason Mantzoukas as Tick Tock Man, Asia Kate dillon as The Adjudicator, Robin Lord taylor as Administrator, Laurence Fishburne as Bowery King, Anjelica Huston as The Director, Lance Reddick as Charon, Mark Dacascos as Zero, Hiroyuki Sanada as (rumored), Faith Logan as Girl in Park, Robbie Deraffele as Russian Ruska and Dana Schick as Jenna.

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Cool modern techno music plays in the background. John Wick (played by the reliable Keanu Reeves) is on the run. In the hitman administration office hehe they look up John Wicks file. He is now an ex comunicado (no longer working for them). A powerful man called Winston (played by the talented Ian McShane) talks about John Wick. Then in another scenes we see John Wick meet a begger who knows who he is. John Wick dismisses him and keeps running.

It's raining. This adds to the bleak mood of the movie. John Wick wants to go to the public library. He asks for a book with russian authors. He finds the book and inside the book there is a compartment with a meddalion.

"He also meets a man called Ernest in a library isle. Ernest gets a knife out. The two fight. Great hand to hand combat with knife skills involved. John Wick uses a book to defend himself. Then he bashes the book in the mouth of Ernest and clocks him with a power shot! This is the first of many well choreagraphed fighting scenes in this movie"

Wick has been cut and bleeding. He then visits an asian private doctor. The doctor says the wound knicked the artery. The doctor sows him up even though back in the office they say that John Wick is now an ex comunicado.

"There is a new contract up for him. Wick finishes sowing himself up hehe. The doctor can't help him any more. The doc gives him medicine. Wick then shoots the doctor hehe. This is because the office shouldn't know that he delt with him. He gets the doctor in the shoulder hehe"

Then Wick runs away. Asian soldiers follow him.

"Wick enters an antique store and finds antique guns... how convenient! hehe. He loads the guns. As the first goon arrives he shoots him just in time! The rest of the goons attack him with hand to hand combat. Brutal kicks and power punches. It's two against Wick. He breaks a cabinet and throws knives at them to finish them off. We see a mixture of martial arts and knife skills. He finishes the last two off. Wow, such fast paced brilliant action. My favourite of the action sequences"

The last one is still standing. Wick throws an axe at him and gets him with pin point accuracy! hehe. Wick walks outside and gets run over twice! He gets up and runs in a barn. Secret agents chase him to that location.

"This movie is non stop! Wick makes a horse do a hind legs kick by slapping it! Then soldiers go flying! It's a brutal impact! Wick defeats most of the agents. Wick gets on a horse and drags the final agent on the road. Other agents follow him but he defeats them while on a horse!"

Wick then enters an apartment full of agents and important people. He gives them the medallion and other precious ornaments as his gift. They accept his offering. Then he visits a russian old woman (The Director played by the experienced Anjelica Houston) rehearsing an Opera in a theatre. He gives her an offering of gold. Wick says she is bound. She says to him "All of this for what... a puppy dog?" hehe (in reference to the events of the original John Wick movie).

The Director then has a private meeting with him. He gives her a gold necklace. Then to prove his loyalty he gets a hot coal pressed tattoo on his back. She says that he can never go home now. Winston then meets the Adjudicator ( played by the beautiful Asia Kate Dillon) who is making investigations on a murder at the Intercontinental city hotel.

Wick supposedly killed a man there. Winstom gets told from the Adjudicator that he has 7 days to finish off Wick. The Bowery King (played by the cool Lawrence Fishburne) is a friend of Wicks and this has worked against him. The Ejudicator tells the Bowery King that he has one week to leave town.

Wick then gets into another altercation with some men in Casablanca. They stop fighting, it looks like Wick is getting looked after in that region by another man. The man takes him to an apartment of a lady called Sofia (played by the gorgeous Halle Berry). As soon as Wick walks in Sofia then shoots him on the shoulder! He takes it and understands why she did it.

Wick wants to talk to Sofia's boss. She refuses. She then partly agrees. She says "After this we are less than even". The Adjudicator then goes to a japanese restaurant in the rain. There she meets Zero (an assassin played very well by Mark Dacascos). The bleak weather continues through out the movie wich creates a mysterious dull mood. The Adjudicator is angry that John Wick stood against the "Table". She is looking for him and asks Zero for his where abouts.

We cut to a Balet performance. There are agents killing people in the background. Three agents enter the stage. The Adjudicator then talks to The Director. The Adjudicator's men then cut her hands.

We then return to Sofia presenting John Wick to her boss. "Nothings ever a conversation with you John" says Sofia to Wick. They visit Sofia's Boss called Berrada in a coin mint building. Wick says he wants to make a mense wit him. Wick wants to find the Elder. Berrada says the Elder isn't a man whose easy to find. He says Wick needs to go to the dessert and walk for miles.

Berrada wants to keep Sofia's dog. He threatens Sofia. Then Sofia gets angry and shoots down Berrada and his guards.

"Then she says to Wick 'He shot my dog!'... Wick then says 'I get it' HAHAHA! (an in joke because Wick also had his dog killed in the first movie). They run and shoot more guards on the way out. Sofia also uses her attack dogs to attack the guards. The shooting scenes are fast paced. Halle Berry as Sofia feels like a full action hero here!"

The guards also have knives and their attacking is rapid. Sofia also knows martial arts and lands brutal blows. I haven't seen Halle Berry in full action mode in a while. Sofia and Wick drive to the dessert. Wick gives Sofia the Meddalion. They drink water but Sofia gets most of it hehe. Wick goes walking in the dessert by himself, he says goodbye to Sofia.

Then Zero fights the Bowery King's men. The Adjudicator confronts Bowery King. But he says to her "Climb down from your high table and go F! yourself!" HAHAHA. One of her men cuts Bowery King severely. Then we cut to Wick meeting the Elder (played well by Said Taghmaoui) in the dessert.

The Elder wants Wick to kill the man known as "Winston". Wick cuts his own finger off as an offering. That is a gruesome scene. The next scene is Wick at the train station. This time he has been assigned guards. Zero is waiting for him there. Wick flees in a motorbike. Four motorbikes chase him. Wick fights them off with a crow bar. Then he gets into an accident.

Zero is about to shoot Wick. But then a man stops him and tells him to come into a building to meet someone. There to greet Wick is Winston. He says "there was men sent to kill you". He continues "and now your here to kill me". The Adjudicator enters the room. She says the High Yable is now after both of them because they refuse to kill eachother!

"It's the calm before the storm. Wick says to Winston 'I need guns' hehe. Winston guides him to a room full of guns. He chooses some weapons. Then two truck full of soldiers enter the building. Winston plays classical music and says 'And you Jonathan do what u do best...'. Wick replies 'What's that?' then Winston says 'Hunt!'"

Three men attack Wick. He defeats them. Wick has a big gun. Wick needs more supplies and guns. He knocks on Winstons room. He lets him in hehe. Wick then shoots down more goons close range and long distance. Wick and a goon dive in a pool and there are bullets underwater. Wick enters another room and he fights hand to hand with a goon. Mixed martial arts.

There is a lot of broken glass hehe. Then wick shoots at Zero and bullets bounce back from glass.

"He fights two goons. Great martial arts and sword skills. They get Wick on the ground and say 'It's an honour to meet you John Wick' Then they get him back up and fight him once more! They have honour. Wick then uses his belt as a martial arts tool, cool!"

Wick mainly uses martial arts for his next fights. He defeats them then says "Be seeing you" hehe. They stay on the ground. Then Wick fights Zero. Zero is better than him in his sword technique. But then Wick gets the upperhand. Wick defeats him. Zero is bleeding to death and says "that was a pretty good fight" hehe.

They call a Parlay (cease fire). Winston and The Adjudicator await him. Winston instantly shoots at Wick which is a surprise. The Adjudicator then checks outside and says that Wick's body is gone. A poor begger wheels Wick in a trolley to Bowery King. Bowery King asks him "Are you pissed off John?" Wick replies "Yeaaaahhh!" hehe. A nice way to end the movie.

This movie is fast paced with non stop action. There are few action movies like this these days.

"Keanu Reeves still has the physicality to endure mixed martial arts and knife skills. Legend has it he actually knows martial arts and likes to spar. Keanu was a born action star. He also has the smarts to play the dramatic scenes very well. Furthermore, his offbeat comedy is getting funnier and funnier!"
This is an example of an experienced actor at the top of his game. The side characters in this movie were also very well designed and interesting in their own right. Winston, The Adjudicator, Sofia, Bowery King and Zero were very memorable characters. This and the captivating plot made John Wick 3 even more watchable! Enjoy the action packed 2hrs 10min.

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