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Main Cast Reviews  Emilia Clarke, Emma Thompson, Michelle Yeoh Categories  Action | Adventure Release Date  1st Nov 2019 N/A


The plot is unknown. This movie is about a holiday romance set in London. The great cast includes: Emilia Clarke as Kate, Emma Thompson as Adelia, Michelle Yeoh as Untitled, Henry Golding as Tom, Lydia Leonard as Marta, Laura Evelyn as Untitled, Patti Lupone as Untitled, Sue Perkins as Frozen on Ice director, Rebecca Root as Dr. Addis, Ingrid Oliver as Untitled, Davina Sitaram as Christmas Shopper, David Mumeni as Guy, Jade Anouka as Alba, Nasir Jama as Untitled and Ruth Horrocks as Christmas Shopper.

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We see a choir singing a song in a church. A little girl sings. Petra (played well by the experienced Emma Thompson) looks on. The little girl is her daughter Kate. We cut to the future, that little girl has grown up.

"Kate (played by Emilia Clarke) is in a bar. She chats to a guy. They chat about family issues. We cut to the morning, she wakes up in a bed under the sheets. She has a shower. It turns out she needed a room for the night. She's strapped for cash. The current girlfriend of the guy goes to the bathroom and finds her there! She asks 'did u shag him' and throws her out. What a great introduction to the characer"

Kate says "why is my life so bad". Last week she also shagged a guy and fried his fish with a dryer. Kate works as an elf in a christmas gift shop. She lives inside the back of the store. Her sister visits Kate. Her sister wants her to contact her mum. She cleans the store and sees a man outside. The man is Tom (played by the talented Henry Golding). She goes outside and asks what he's looking at. Tom is looking at a bird, it shits on her eye hehe and she goes inside.

Tom goes inside the store, he wants to check on her eye. They say they're not each others type. He flirts with her but she wants him out. She asks if he found her on Swiper (a dating app) hehe. An old man then enters the store and flirts with the older asian owner of store, Santa (played by the beautiful Michelle Yeoh). It's funny tense flirting hahaha. There is a George Michael soundtrack through out adding to the fun of the movie. She goes to a singing audition.

She sings and fails. She then bumps into Tom again on the street. She tells him she failed her audition. He teases her about being an elf. He covers her while she changes. They tease each other.

"They walk together. He shows her interesting parts/architecture of the city. He shows her an inner city garden. He describes the people in the garden. He knows a little about them. This is a beautiful, romantic scene"

Tom says he enjoyed the walk. He says he doesn't have/use of his phone because it's too stressful. She gets on the bus and blows a kiss. Kate stays at her friend's house. Her friend Joyce is pregnant. The song "Wake me up before you GoGo" plays on TV. Kate is a klutz, she burn't her wooden boat ornament before. She then crushes another ornament accidentally. Her friend boots her out. Then she visits the store and it's been broken into. Kate had forgotten to lock up and the owner knows it.

"'Since you came back you started losing your shit... I can't believe I'm giving you another chance... you stupid stupid girl' says Santa the owner. It appears that Kate is unlucky. You feel for Kate"
Tom visits her. Tom wonders why she doen't go to her parents. Once again a George Michael song "Everything she wants" plays in the background. She gets picked up by her dad and is taken to her mum's house. It appears that her dad is a cab driver. Her parents were immigrants.

Her mum's name is Petra (played excellently by the experienced Emma Thompson). Kate goes to her old room and there is a George Michael poster on her wall hehe.

"Her mum sings a song while she goes to sleep hehehe. They go to the doctor, her mother is worried about Kate. The doctor says they both need rest. The doctor is funny. We cut to the store at night. Tom visits. Tom helps out in the store. Kate had gotten ill and had a break down in her past. Kate has had pure bad luck in her life. Once again the audience feels for her"
She shows him techo manger ornament hehe. She says she's 26 years old.

Tom takes her down another alley way. He takes hers to an ice rink. They put skating shoes on. They song "Praying for Time" plays in the background. They have fun. A security guard catches them. They run out. They nearly kiss and Tom has to go to work. We cut to the store. Kate brings the old man that likes Santa the owner into the store and they flirt. Kate auditions for a skating show. Santa is preparing for her date. She has too much lipstick and make up on hehe.

Kate sees the poor waiting outside a building that feeds the poor. Tom is a volunteer there. She gets asked to serve tea. Kate eats dinner at her mums house. Kate swears in her native tongue. It's a funny scene. Her sister and dad are there too. "You don't care about anything" says her sister. Her sister Martha is a lesbian and Kate tells that to her mother. She goes looking for Tom at the shelter. She's stressed and then Tom appears. She wants him to use his phone. Tom wants to take her to his house.

Tom says to Kate "Your not yourself". She then says "I'm not myself". She tells Tom she had a heart transplant. She shows him her scar.

"She says they took out her heart and the doctors told her she was lucky to he alive. Great acting by Kate. Tom hugs her. She says 'your the only person that makes me feel solid'. 'The action of the common day helps build character' says Tom. 'What's wrong with being uncertain with being unknowing' says Tom. What beautiful words. These two are falling in love"

He makes her feel good. She gets on the bed but he doesn't want to join her.

"Kate sings a lulluby. It's the George Michael song 'Secret'. Tom kisses her in the mouth. He says 'go to sleep'. We cut to the store. Kate then goes busking. She gets her first donation and smiles. The poor congratulate her. There is plenty of heart in this movie"
She gives her earning to the shelter. We cut to the store, the old german boyfriend Santa flirts with Santa and gives her a gift.

We then see scenes of Kate busking to he track "Faith". Kate then organises a christmas show. The poor people audition and their talents are funny. Kate goes to secret garden and finds Tom there. They kiss. Then Tom says "there's something I have to tell you". Kate gets worried. Tom says "you can't rely on me". He knows her condition is special.

Kate then says "I'm not going to have my heart broken again". Kate's family is from Yugoslavia. Kate visits her sister. She says she is sorry but her sister is angry. "We weren't so lucky you and I... mum was a piece of work" says Marta her sister. Kate feels sad and leaves. Kate has bad luck all the time, you feel bad for her. We cut to the store. Kate says she never slept with Tom.

Then she meets her mother. Then they go shopping together. Kate sends a gift/champaigne to her sisters house. She sends gifts to her friends house.

"Kate visits Tom's house. It's actually a apartment on display! Tom had said it was his apartment but now it's unclear. The real estate owner says the previous owner was in an accident and the family is now selling the unit. This is where this movie gets very interesting. We find out that Kate's new heart was Tom's heart."
Wow, what a plot twist.

"We then see scenes with Kate talking to an imaginary person who is not there. Tom was actually a ghost. I did not expect this at all. She goes to the secret garden. Tom says 'I am a part of you.. take care of my heart'. He walks away. What an amazing scene"
We cut to two weeks later. Kate presents her christmas show. She says "We are so lucky to be alive... the reason we are lucky is... helping each other is the reason why we are lucky".

She sings "Last Christmas" with he help of the poor people who are all dressed up. We cut to her mothers house. They are having dinner. Petra and her father sing silly songs. She goes to the secret garden and smiles.

"What a performance by Emilia Clarke as Kate. Kate had terrible luck in her life but she shows immense heart and resilience. Henry Golding as Tom also deserves praise. There was wonderful chemistry between Emilia and Henry. Emma Thompson as Petra provided some laughs. Michelle Yeoh did a great job as the character of Santa"
This movie had an awesome plot twist that I thoroughly enjoyed. The two leads put in a heart felt performance. Enjoy the fantastic 1hr 43min.

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