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Main Cast Reviews  Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen, June Diane raphael Categories  Action | Adventure Release Date  1st Feb 2019 7.6


Fred Flarsky used to have a next door neighbour nanny that he had a crush on. She now is the Secretary of State and will soon run for president! He reunites with her and things get complicated. What a super cast: Charlize Theron as Charlotte Field, Seth Rogen as Fred Flarsky, June Diane raphael as Maggie Millikin, O'shea Jackson jr. as Lance, Ravi Patel as Tom, Bob Odenkirk as President Chambers, Andy Serkis as Parker Wembley, Randall Park as Boss, Tristan D. lalla as Agent M, Alexander Skarsgard as Prime Minister James Steward, Aladeen Tawfeek as Bharath, Nathan Morris as Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris as Wanya Morris, Shawn Stockman as Shawn Stockman and Isla Dowling as Katarina Prudence Wembley.

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We are taken to a meeting of a far right movement. Fred Flarsky (played hilariously by Seth Rogen) is there undercover hehe. The far right group is drinking heavily and partying. They want Fred to get a swastika tatoo hehe. Fred gets found out though. The group find that he's being recording everything on his phone. They realise he's a journalist and that he's jewish!

"He runs away and jumps out the window, lands on a car and bounces off. He lands on the pavement. This is an expertly choregraphed action scene, wow! He keeps his phone which has recorded everything in the meeting! He walks away hurt but proud hehe"

Fred then see's The President and the Secretary of State (Charlotte played by the stunning Charlize Theron) in the news. We cut to the Oval Office in the White House. The President tells the Secretary of State he wants to quit the top job and become an actor hehe. The president then tells her that he will endorse her to be the next President. The president (played by the reliable Bob Odenkirk) is funny and very silly in these scenes hehehe.

The assistant to the Secretary of State (Katherine played by the beautiful Lisa Kudrow) goes through her personality traits with a team of consultants. They talk about Charlotte's traits like confidence, humour, romance etc. We cut to the offices of The Advocate newspaper where Fred works. The boss says that Wembley Media has bought The Advocate. Fred gets angry at his boss. Fred carries on and swears. He quits.

Fred visits his best friend Lance (played by the talented O'Shea Jackson Jr). Lance wants to get Fred drunk and relaxed. Lance also wants to take him to a party where Boyz To Men will play. Lance is funny when he tries to cheer up Fred.

We are then taken to that party. The Prime Minister of Canada (played by the reliable Alexander Skarsgard) turns up and flirts with Charlotte. They have their photo taken. Boyz to Men play a medley of the big hits, wow! Fred is seriously impressed. Fred and Lance arrive. Charlotte looks at them.

"Fred says to Lance that Charlotte was her nanny. Fred recalls (and we cut to scene from the past) that he had a boner once and kissed Charlotte who then said It's ok. HAHAHA!"

Lance gives Fred positive re-enforcement and he says go for it, talk to her! Lance says "She ok'd your boner!" hahaha. Then a security guard tells Fred that the Secretary of State wants to talk to her. Fred says hi to her and she instantly thinks she knows him. Fred says "I'ts me... Flarsky". They engage in silly talk and make each other laugh.

Then Mr Wembley turns up, the boss of Wembley Media. Fred chats to him but he hates him. Fred waits a while then bad mouths Wembley right in front of him! He then trips down a long stair case. Boys to Men say "cracker down" hahaha. The fall he has makes social media and people all over laugh at him. Charlotte then gets in her limo and finds out why Fred was angry at Wembley.

Charlotte wants Fred Flarsky to be her media writer. Fred is at a grocery store with Lance. He gets called by the assistant to the Secretary of State. She wants Fred to visit The Secretary of State. He arrives at her office. He signs an NDA. He chats to Charlotte about the fall he had hehe. Charlotte tells him that she has been endorsed by the president. She tells him her plans to provide new policies, resign as Secretary State and become President. She has a major environmental policy.

Charlotte needs an answer right now from Fred. She gets real close to Freds face and asks him again hehe. Fred then says yes. Charlotte (played wonderfully by Charlize Theron) is very beautiful. They go on their first plane voyage. Charlotte is caught power napping standing up hehe. Fred had interrupted her, he finds power napping peculiar.

Charlotte doesn't like some of Fred's crude speech jokes. She wants him to get more serious.

"Fred recalls his past with her when she was her nanny. He even remembers what clothes she wore, he must have been smitten. Charlotte likes this conversation and smiles. There is great chemistry between Fred (Rogen) and Charlotte (Theron) through out the whole movie, great casting!"

We cut to another meeting. Fred shows his speech to Charlotte who wants minor edits. Charlotte also wants Fred to dress better. The assistant gets Fred to dress in traditional swedish dress sense. We see his old fashioned suit, he looks ridiculous!

"The Assistant to Charlotte says to Fred that their editing the upcoming speech. Fred is angry and steals the laptop from the podium. This embarasses Charlotte and she gets angry at him. Fred also gets angry, he wanted no edits! He throws his computer in the snow. Charlotte says 'I have copies of the speech you idiot, all you did is just throw your computer in the snow' HAHAHA! This is one of the funniest lines in the movie. Charlize Theron can do raucous comedy!"
Charlotte says don't ever pull that shit again and that you better hope this speech goes well. She then does the speech about her childhood environmental dreams. The speech goes down very well in the press. We cut to the plane.

Fred wants to ask her some questions to obtain her "inner voice". He asks her personal questions abour her younger years and aspirations and it's funny. One day on an international trip she got Deli Belly once hehe. Fred asks if she's dating the Prime Minister of Canada. She says occassionally she sees him at events. Fred then asks her if she dates. She says yes. She says its hard, men dont like powerful women. He says he's still single.

Fred and Charlotte are in the Philipinnes. In a hotel. Someone fires bullets into the hotel room. They drop down to avoid the bullets. They save the other two assistants. They move to another room. They use breathing exercises to calm down.

"They then kiss. Then take things to the bedroom and they have hot sex. Really quickly, the quickest I've seen in recent movie history HAHAHA! It was passionate though hehe"
Fred shows Charlotte his half swastika tatoo, now a little man running hehe. They go on another press trip to Buenos Aires. Fred wears a proper suit this time hehehe. He looks good. The assistant to Charlotte knows that Fred is having sex with Charlotte. She tricks fred into admitting it. the Prime Minister of Canada dances Tango with Charlotte. It's a beautiful scene, Theron looks magnificent. The assistant loves it but Fred gets jealous.

"He gives her a note that makes her laugh. They go to a room and dance to 'It must have been love' by Roxette hehe. It's a romantic cool moment. They then go to a room. 'I want you to F! me from behind and slap me on the ass' says Charlotte to Fred. Once again Charlize Theron shows her comedic skills here. Great comic timing!"
Fred feels awkward at her advances but he's impressed! Fred leaves the room and runs into an assistant who is also F'ing the other male assistant. Fred says "How long have u guys have been F'ing?". The asistant says "20min" hahaha. Fred says "no not now as in how long..." HAHAHA!

We cut to another meeting, The President wants to kill Charlotte's Tree Saving Policy. Charlotte wants a moment alone with Fred. She lies on the ground. She says she wants to quit her job. She wants to get messed up on drugs. They go to a nightclub and take drugs. Then a guard tells Charlotte that she has to go to a meeting now!

Still high on drugs, Charlotte talks over the phone to an international leader. It's funny because she's messed up. But she relaxes and then cuts a deal with the intertational leader! Everybody celebrates. She then faces the media. She becomes a hero and the crowd goes wild when she arrives back home.

The assistant says Fred isn't a good partner for Charlotte. Charlotte disagrees.

"Charlotte then visits the president. The President secretly also invited Wembley too who Charlotte despises. The President is angry that Charlotte badmouthed him on TV! Wembley says to Charlotte drop the Tree thing or else we'll release Freds laptop footage of him masturbating HAHAHA! What a whacky funny scene!"
Charlotte wants to take the deal. She wants to drop the Tree plicy. Though Charlotte wants to keep Fred as her partner. She wants to introduce a new image and him as her boyfriend. But Fred says "we present an image to the world that actually isnt me?". He won't do it. He pulls out.

Lance tells Fred he's a Republican. They have a fight over this, Fred can't believe it. Charlotte is at a function with the Prime Minister of Canada. He has an awkward laugh hehehe. The Prime Minister of Canada hints that he wants to take her back to his room hehe. Fred then calls Charlotte and apologises. He leaves a message on her phone. Roxette "It must of been love" plays in the background.

Charlotte then does her first speech running for president. Lance and Fred watch this on the TV screen. Lance says to Fred "You should date Taylor Swift" hehe. In the speech Charlotte says that she wants to be honest to the public. She admits that Fred, her boyfriend, jerked off in a video! HAHAHA!. She alsa says that the President and Wembley tried to frame her.

Wembley is furious and he releases Fred's video to online social media. The media then calls Fred "The cum guy" hahaha. Fred then drives in taxi to where Charlotte is located. He doesn't find her. Fred then gets the media on him.

"Finally, Fred goes home and finds Charlotte there! She says 'I love you'! Fred then says 'I've been in love with you since I was 12 years old'. What beautiful workds. You actually believe that Charlotte and Fred are in love with each other. Great acting by Theron and Rogen. They must like each other in real life too hehe"
The media waits outside. Charlotte introduces Fred as her boyfriend to the media. She says he'll be by her side. The crowd cheers and Lance says "Wakanda forever" which is out of context but hilarious hahaha.

Charlotte then wins and becomes President! We then see footage of the first female president accepting her title. We are then taken to the white house. Fred is the "First MR" (the reverse of the First Lady) hehe. We see a portrait of the previous First Ladies and then his portrait. He's been drawn to look like a super hero hehe.

"What I liked best about this movie was the down to earth nature of Charlotte played by Charlize Theron. Charlize Theron is stunning and has always had a super model figure. But it is her comedy that has impressed me the most in the last few years. She can make you laugh out loud! hehe. Seth Rogen was the main comedian of the movie but he was perfectly complimented by the charming Theron"
Seth Rogen as Fred Flarsky carries the film well. Seth has always shown plenty of heart in his performances and not just comedic talent. Lance (played by O'Shea Jackson Jr.), Fred's best friend, also has some memorable lines hehe. The President (played by Bob Odenkirk) had little screen time but was silly and funny. Alexander Skarsgard (playing the Prime Minister of Canada) is now a good character actor! He usually plays very unique roles these days which is great. The movie also has a great hilarious ending. What an entertaining 2hrs 5min.

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