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Main Cast Reviews  Daisy Ridley, Domhnall Gleeson, Adam Driver Categories  Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi Release Date  20th Dec 2019 N/A


This movie is the conclusion of the latest "Star Wars" trilogy. The plot is unknown. The great cast includes: Daisy Ridley as Rey, Domhnall Gleeson as General Hux, Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, Billie Lourd as Lieutenant Connix, Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron, Keri Russell as Untitled, Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, Matt Smith as Untitled, Lupita Nyong'o as Maz Kanata, Richard E. grant as Untitled, Carrie Fisher as Leia Organa (archive footage), John Boyega as Finn, Kelly Marie tran as Rose Tico, Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca and Dominic Monaghan as Untitled.

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We see the famous intro text "A long time ago...". The equally famous Star Wars Music starts. We see black space. Then scrolling text says that Ray (played by the beautiful Daisy Ridley) is in training to go against The First Order. We see a big spaceship.

"We then see Kylo Ren (played well by Adam Driver) in fierce battle on land. Fantastic combat scenes. He destroys several enemies. Kylo gets in his private spaceship. Kylo Ren has always had unique and intense combat sequences"
Kylo Ren visits Palpatine. Palpatine says that he trained Snoke.

"The first Order was just the beginning... I can give you everything". He wants Kylo to kill the girl (Ray). Palpatine says that he will rule the empire but she is not what you think she is. We cut to the Millennium Falcon. Finn (played by John Boyega) and Poe (played by Oscar Isaac) are playing virtual chess with Chewy! (reminiscent of an earlier movie scene) hehe. Chewy gets angry hehe.

"Two enemy space ships chase the Falcon and fire upon them. Great space combat. Wonderful visuals of the spaceships at speed. The Falcon escapes"

We cut to Rey training in a forest. Cool scenes. She uses bots. We cut to Kylo looking at Vaders mask. He communicates with Ray telekentically. He puts images in her mind. Falcon lands on Land. Images of the Falcon on fire. Finn and Poe get out and chat to Rey. They are slightly angry at her, she spends too much time training. They say "A Last Order" is getting created. They need to assemble some men to defend themselves. They must travel to another planet. Princess Laya hugs Rey and gives her the light saber. Rey cries.

"We cut to some evil soldiers creating metallic masks. Kylo Ren has a meeting with his generals. He is in his suit and he looks menacing. He is angry at one of his generals and uses the dark side force to choke him. Innovative scene"
We cut to Rey and the boys in another planet with short odd looking aliens hehe. Then Kylo communicates with Rey again. She says he's haunted. Rey and the boys have to leave.
"They chat to Lando, its great to see this character back. 'My flying days are over... give Leia my Love' Lando says"

Rey and the boys leave in awesome hover crafts! Storm Troopers chase them. They throw a rope to the enemy chaser and it coils underneath and flips, awesome scenes. They also get shot and they jump off but they land on black quick sand. Cool scenes. They fall into a cave. Finn, Poe and Rey walk through tunnels to find the way out. There is a monster there. It is in pain because it's injured. Rey cures it's injury with the force and then the monster leaves. Cool scenes.

They leave the tunnels. They find a working old spaceship.

"Rey is not boarding yet. She waits for Kylo who is travelling fast on his vessel. She chops a wing of this vessel off with her light saber as she jumps, wow"
Chewy was taken prisoner on another big vessel. Rey tries to pull back the spaceship but it falls. They think that Chewy has dies but he hasn't. They are sad. They travel to another planet. Poe finds out that there are storm troopers everywhere.

"Poe is looking for Baboo, a tiny silly alien that has info. He fixes things and he fixes C3PO. He's a funny little alien!"
Poe chats to a woman soldier. She wants Poe to join her on her mission. He nearly kisses her. Rey and the boys board a Storm Trooper station. Rey uses the force and makes the Storm Troopers accept them and gives them the location of Chewy. They are looking for Chewy. Poe gets shot in some intense laser gun scenes.

Finn and Poe get taken prisoner. We cut to Rey meeting Kylo. They fight with light sabers, awesome combat scenes. Poe and Finn escape and find out that the spy was that red hair first order general. He helps them and Poe shoots him in the shoulder to make it seem he was not helping them hehe. Kylo tells Rey that she is a Palpatine. She is upset. Kylo leaves. Then Kylo chats to Palpatine who still wants her destroyed. We cut to Rey and the boys on land looking at massive waterfalls, cool scenes. Finn meets an ex storm trooper girl.

She tells him she was forced to do it. Rey climbs into a massive old spaceship. She hears voices. There are mirrors there and she see's herself. She battles herself... cool. Kylo then appears and fights her. Light saber battles are fast and intense. There are massive waves crashing on the craft as they fight... wow great visuals.

Great saber scenes. We cut to Leia passing away on a bed. Rey stabs Kylo in the stomach and he falls to the ground. Rey is sad for him and leaves him alone. We cut to Chewy screaming in pain for Leia's death. Then the spirit of Solo appears and comforts Kylo. Solo says my son is back. Kylo throws his Saber into the sea. We cut to Poe witnessing footage of a planet getting destroyed by a planet killing laser. He is angry. We cut to Rey in front of a fire, the Falcon is now destroyed.

She throws her saber in but Luke appears and catches it. Luke tells her Leia also trained and so he gives Rey her light saber. Luke magically restores the Falcon. We cut to Poe organising his soldiers. They plan on attacking the First Order. The First Order has many mother ships in a fleet. It's an awesome site.

"Poe is an expert pilot and shoots enemy spaceships. Great spaceship battle scenes. Lasers everywhere and spaceships getting destroyed with explosions"
We cut to Rey talking to Palpatine.

Palpatine says "killing me means my spirit goes to you... with your hatred you will take my life". Palpatine shows her images of her soldiers dying in space, he says you led them here. Palpatine also has guards. Kylo appears and he defeats some guards. Great combat scenes. Kylo really gives it to them. Then both Kylo and Rey face Palpatine. He electrifies them. We cut to Poe realising that he has a fleet of friends in Spaceships arriving to help him!

But Palpatine emits an electric pulse that stops all the Rebel spaceships in their tracks. Rey is on the ground. But then hears voices of Leia and Yoda and Luke.

"Rey and Palpatine face off. Palpatine with his electric charge vs Her light saber. Awesome intense fighting scenes. Rey defeats Palpatine with sheer power. But Rey is hurt"
Kylo appears from a hole he fell into. He hugs Rey and tries to heal her.

They look at each other... they kiss... what an intense scene. But Kylo passes on to the spirit world. Rey gets in her spaceship and travels to the Rebel Base. Chewy and the boys are there. They all celebrate. Poe also meets that girl soldier. Poe reunites with Finn and hugs him. Then Rey arrives and they all hug. Rey visits Luke's old home. She puts both light sabers in a package and buries them in a hole in the sand. She keeps a third saber. An old woman asks "Who are you?" she replies "I'm Rey Skywalker". What a fantastic ending.

"The Star Wars Franchise has been the standard in Space Sci-Fi movies for a long time. The mixture of fantastic characters and innovative visuals made the series work. In this movie Daisy Ridley as Rey puts in a powerful performance. Her dramatic scenes put together with her hand to hand/weapon scenes made for a memorable character. Adam Driver as the Kylo Ren provided an intense villain. John Boyega as Finn and Oscar Isaac as Poe also did well. Of course the old favourites; Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker and Carrie Fisher as Leia Organa provided plenty of heart"
I've always enjoyed the footage of Spaceships in this series. The Millenium Falcon battling in space and entering light speed always excited me. Enjoy the action packed 2hrs 22min.

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