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Main Cast Reviews  Rebecca Ferguson, Tom Taylor, Patrick Stewart Categories  Action | Adventure Release Date  25th Jan 2019 N/A


A group of kids go on an epic quest to stop a dangerous medieval villain that comes from the past. The full cast includes: Rebecca Ferguson as Morgana, Tom Taylor as Lance, Patrick Stewart as Merlin, Rhianna Dorris as Kaye, Dean Chaumoo as Bedders, Louis Ashbourne as Alex, Denise Gough as Mother, Angus Imrie as Young Merlin, Skye Sammarchi as Student Fighter, Nathan Stewart-jarrett as Mr. Kepler, Connor Wolf as Student Fighter, Amir Wilson as Boy, Jag Patel as Office Worker Passerby.

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A voice over says "A long time ago Britain was ruled by a Ruler called Uther". But then there was in fighting. Uther was defeated. Arthur then finds "xCalibur" (a special ancient sword). Arthur then had a fight with a wicked witch that threatened the kingdom. That whole sequence was a realistic stylised cartoon which looked cool.

Back in modern day Britain there is a young kid (Alex played by Louis Ashbourne Serkis) walking to school. He has a fight with another kid called Lance (a big kid played by Tom Taylor). Alex is a short kid but he is brave. They were bullying his friend Bedders (played by Dean Chaumoo) but Alex jumped on Lance and got a few shots in before a teacher intervenes.

His mother finds out about his detention. She's not impressed. We find out that his dad passed away, it's quite sad. Bullies (led by Lance) chase Alex after school. They arrive in a construction site. He falls and lands on dirt. The bullies think that he's seriously hurt so they flee. He pulls it out of the rock and takes it home to show his friend Bedders.

A time traveller (Young Merlin played by the talented Angus Imrie) arrives on earth through the Stone Henge ruins. Stone Henge looks impressive. Young Merlin pretends to be a student, he's funny at school hehe. He knows " that Alex drew xCalibur. A skeleton creature surrounded by fire fights Alex. Merlin protects him and saves his life. Merlin then magically turns into an owl. Alex explains things to his mum and she doesn't believe him.

Merlin is working on a magic potion that needs odd ingredients like poo from special animals hehe. Merlin says to Alex "Chicken Lickin Food had all the odd ingredients I needed for my spell" HAHAHA. What a funny scene. Merlin poses as "Martin", a new student at school. He has a meeting with Alex and Bedders.

Merlin says that because Alex drew xCalibur, he now has the honour of freeing the people of Britain, because they will be enslaved in the future. Alex puts the sword back and Lance tries to pull it out, he fails. Then Alex pulls it out again and knights Lance and the other bullies (Kaye and Mary) with the sword. These people (now his friends) join him in his quest.

They all fight those fiery skeleton creatures (they are kind of scary hehe). They decide to go on a voyage (Bedders, Lance, Kaye and Mary). They go to Stone Henge. They do some sword training against trees that move! Great CGI effects. The routes of the trees attack them and try and choke them! Merlin fixes the problem but his energy is depleted. He tells Alex that he has to leave, he turns into an owl and flies away.

They cross a low level lake. Alex fights Lance because he betrayed him. Lance wanted keep xCalibur. The two have a bout and xCalibur is broken. Then Alex summons the "Lady of the lake" to fix and return xCalibur. She surfaces and holds xCalibur, they are in awe! They all become friends. They ride ponies and fight those skeleton fire creatures (There's a lot of them).

Alexander leads the skeleton creatures to the edge of a cliff. The friends jump to another unseen lower level of the cliff. But the skeleton creatures are mislead and jump off jump off the cliff and they land in the water, disintegrating! What an entertaining scene.

Alex visits his Aunt. He finds out his dad never even gave him that knights of the round table book. He cries to his friend. It's quite sad. Bedders learned magic from Merlin. Bedders does a spell and turns one coin into many coins! He does that again so they earn more money for their final adventure hehe. They buy knight armour and they all put it on. They ride ponies to a castle tower. The ponies are funny hehe. They walk in to the tower at the bottom level.

There are tree branches on the walls that take the friends prisoner. The witch lives there. She turns into a scary dragon creature. Alex fights the dragon creature. Alex is about to hand xCalibur back to the dragon creature. It was a trick, he quickly stabs her. What a scene, he finally shows the true courage of a King.

His friends bow down to Alex. He goes home. He wakes up his mother in the morning. He says to her he knows that the book wasnt signed by his dad. It's quite sad, hes dad was never there for him. He shows his mother that he come summon the lady of the lake to give him back xCalibur in their bathtub! She now believes everything he went through hehe.

Then at school he shows all his students xCalibur and asks them to join him on his battle. The teacher says to the students "And by the way, this is instead of lessons today" and the students cheer and agree hehehe. The students get taught sword fighting by. The skeleton creatures appear from the ground and attack the school.

They ram the skeleton creatures (who are on horseback) with cars. Great scene. The remaining creatures then enter the school gym. The students sword fight them. Merlin then faces the Witch. She refuses to stop the battle. She turns into the dragon creature again. Merlin falls down injured. He's nearly dead. Alex uses xCalibur and stabs the dragon creature and defeats her for the final time. The dragon creature then falls down into a vortex and disintegrates. Great CGI effects.

Young Merlin chats to Alex and his team and says that there battle was very memorable and he congratulates them. Old Merlin says their group is now part of the knights of the round table. Alex then throws xCalibur back into the lake.

"What I like best about this movie is the visual effects and the fact that the protagonist learns about courage and honour. Great performance by Louis Ashbourne Serkis as Alex"
The side characters were quite interesting too. The standout was Merlin, played by Angus Imrie. Some might say that the plot was somewhat unbelievable hehe but it worked. There were some comedic moments thrown in for good measure. What a great 2hrs.

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