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Main Cast Reviews  Naomi Willow, Alexandra Roach, George Mackay Categories  Comedy | Romance Release Date  1st Feb 2020 7.8


Laura and Ryan have had problems in previous relationships. They are scared of getting into a new one. They had fun on the night they met. Ryan plans a second date which may include sex but he has no idea how to approach it! The great cast includes: Naomi Willow as Vlogger, Alexandra Roach as Laura, George Mackay as Ryan, Michael Socha as Dan, Gillian Elisa as Val, Holli Dempsey as Bianca, Kae Alexander as Tali, Tom Bell as Adam, Gregory Scott as Passer-by, Emma Rigby as Tufts, Tom Palmer as James and Andy David as Bar Man.

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We see the text "Last Friday". A girl is in a house music dance night club.

"Laura (played by the beautiful Alexandra Roach) says Hi to a man, Ryan (played well by George MacKay) whilst waiting for her drink at the bar. Ryan says he's here with friends. He is awkward with her and puts his foot in his mouth hehe. Her friend left her there, she stays and asks for a drink, Tia Maria. I like how both these characters are very awkward, much like dating in real life"
We then hear words "Women like humour more than looks... men prefer blondes... we need to do everything we can to attract a date". We see the text "Today". Laura is the girl. She is in her room.

Laura's mother is funny and says the second date is important. Guy says Laura is coming over. Roommate thinks he needs to have more sex! He says its more than that. Roommate says the girls like cat and mouse. Laura gets ready in front of mirror.

"Ryan's roommate says he can use his silk sheets hehe. Ryan cleans up his house. Ryan remembers their first night out at the club. They drank, chatted and got along. Laura is late for a date. She is very nervous. He shows her his house. This movie is hilarious, these two characters are so tense it's funny!"
Ryan offers Laura a drink. He's so awkward. She follows him to the kitchen.

He's looking for The Port. Ryan phones his roommate who is out in club. He gives him 5 rules to get layed. Another flatmate is there doing his feet in a bucket of water hehe. Ryan doesn't even know his name hehe. Ryan wants to stay at home but Laura wants to go out for dinner. Ryan wants to keep her at home.

"He goes to his room and shows her his weights. He does bicep curls. Ryan says they can watch movies on his laptop. He has porn there hehe and she see's it accidentally. How embarrassing hahaha! This movie is full of such moments"

Laura wants to use the bathroom. She remembers back to the club when they were happy and chatting. They're both on the bed and watch a movie. She gets on the bed and relaxes. Ryan jokes around with her. The camera focus's on their hands. They are close to touching. She gives him a bracelet to play with. He puts his arm around her and she places her hand on his chest. She says "I thought we were going out". Laura doesn't want to have sex.

"She makes a call to her friend and asks her for advice. She says she hadn't shaved down there hehe. She goes to toilet and shaves quickly hehe. Laura is charming and funny"
Ryan goes for a drink. She places her hand on his knee on the bed. He goes to kiss her but she moves. They finally end up kissing. Then we hear their inner monologue which is very funny. She dances on the bed hahaha. He thinks "she's so confident".
"He takes his pants off. She takes her tight jeans off but it takes a a while hehe. He helps her. They get under the covers and she gives him head. Then he goes down on her hehe. He does the alphabet down there. This movie is super funny, sometimes very explicit and awkward hahaha!"
It is clear that both characters are nervous and out of practice. This leads to hilarity.

"She asks for a condom. He puts it on. He goes soft! hehehe. He then pulls himself to get harder. It's hard to believe they made a film like this with so much detail hahaha!"
He goes to the toilet and is dissapointed. She bids him fairwell at the front door. He remembers their first encounter after the club they went for a walk. He goes outside and says “Laura”. He waits with her at the Bustop. “I haven't been with anyone for a while... sorry, I should have taken you out... I don't usually have second dates” he says. He also recalls that his ex cheated on him with his friend.

“It's too cold to be hanging around here... lets go back inside” she says. Then Laura describes her ex who was probably bi-sexual. She says her ex also came out as gay which surprised her. They had a house together. She sold it and now she lives with her mother. They ask each other how many people they've slept with. There is a knock on the door. It's his ex-girlfriend Beth! This surprises the audience. She had been drinking and she says that "James and I broke up". Ryan lies to Laura who is upstairs and says "it's my dad". Beth gives him a present of a photo of them two. Beth tries to go down on him hehe but he refuses.

"He tries to make her leave but she needs to pee. Beth pee's on the sink haha. This is a hilarious scene"
Beth then bumps into Laura! Beth tells Laura that he calls him Pissy Ryan/Dry nights Ryan hehehe. The girls are anxious and pissed off with each other. Laura was out with Beth that night. What a fiasco. The other flatmate arrives with a girl. He's rude. Laura wants to leave them all alone, she cries and leaves. Ryan still remembers their first night at dance club. His ex Beth is annoying, Ryan gets angry. Beth tries to kiss him but he's upset. Beth says that Laura is an idiot but Ryan defends her.

Laura comes back to the house because she's lost. Laura slaps Beth in the face. "I know it's the worst date ever" Ryan says. She asks if Ryan loves Beth. He says No. She comes back inside! They have champaign hehe. They are finally at peace. "I am so glad you can't read maps" he says to her. He kisses her with confidence this time. "should we go upstairs" she says. "Is that piss" they overhear the flatmate say hahaha. Tulley the date of the first flatmate then leaves! bumps into the second flatmate and they lock eyes hehehe.

"Ryan and Laura get under the covers. She gives him head. She then goes on top and they have sex. It's hilarious and you feel happy for them"
He goes early again hehe. Then we see scenes of them having sex in different positions. We cut to the other girl that came in with the first flat mate having sex with second flatmate on staircase hehe. This happened by chance.

"This movie excelled in using awkward and hilarious comedy. Some of the scenes of sex where quite daring. I don't think I can remember a date movie with so much realism. Alexandra Roach as Laura was goofy and awkward. George MacKay as Ryan was funny and also very awkward. These two had great chemistry and it felt like they were made for each other. Great acting"
Most lovers and daters will see scenes in this movie that they are familiar with. Hence they will love the film. Most scenes were shot in a house but the plot was very entertaining. Enjoy the hilarious 1hr 38min.

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