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Main Cast Reviews  Keanu Reeves, Samara Weaving, Brigette Lundy-paine Categories  Comedy | Sci-Fi Release Date  3rd Mar 2020 8.6


Bill and Ted have saved the universe in their time-traveling adventures. The would-be rockers are now middle-aged dads trying to create out a hit song and fulfill their ultimate dream. The awesome cast includes: Keanu Reeves as Ted 'Theodore' Logan, Samara Weaving as Thea Preston, Brigette Lundy-paine as Billie Logan, Kristen Schaal as Kelly, Jillian Bell as Dr. Taylor Wood, Anthony Carrigan as Untitled, Jayma Mays as Princess Joanna, Holland Taylor as The Great Leader, William Sadler as Death, Alex Winter as Bill S. Preston, Erinn Hayes as Princess Elizabeth, Beck Bennett as Deacon Logan, Kid Cudi as Untitled, Amy Stoch as Missy and Hal Landon jr. as Captain Logan.

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We hear lite rock music. Bill (played by the hilarious Alex Winter) and Ted (played by the experienced Keanu Reeves) practice their music. Their band is called Wild Stallions hehe (from the first movie). Bill and Ted have kids now! Each has one daughter. Thea is Bill's daughter and is played well by the gorgeous Samara Weaving. Billie is played well by the pretty Brigette Lundy-Paine. The daughters tell the story of what happened to their fathers.

"After the events of the first movie, their band broke up. The universe and time travel then started to break. I realised that I missed the characters of Bill and Ted hehe. They haven't changed one bit. Their goofyness and silly dialogue is still there hahaha!"

Bill and Ted are at a wedding for Missy (Ted's step mom). We see visuals of Missy marrying different people in the past hahaha, It's very funny. Bill and Ted play a tune with synthesisers and a beat machine. It sounds out of tune and ridiculous hehe. They are on a mission to unite the people of the world with a final song.

"Ted's father (played excellently by Hal Landon Jr.) is upset because his grand children dont have any jobs. Ted's father has always been funny and he worries for them. He knows the reality, that Bill and Ted are a bunch of slackers hehe"

Bill and Ted and their wives go to couples therapy hahaha! Bill's wife Elizabeth is played by the beautiful Erinn Hayes and Ted's wife Joanna is played by the lovely Jayma Mays. The therapist is Dr Taylour Wood played by the funny Jillian Bell. They use the word “we” too much and “we love you” because Bill and Ted are such good friends they see themselves as one entity hehe etc. This ofcourse annoys the wives.
"Bill says 'I and ted from the bottom of my heart worship you and Elizabeth” hahaha. But Elizabeth is fed up with their music playing and silliness. This couples councelling scene is one of the funniest in the movie"

The wives stay at the therapist hehe. Bill and Ted go home and practice their music. Their daughters are there, they admire their dads. Bill and Ted had a destiny to fulfil (given to them previously by the time lords); They have to play the greatest song in the world in order to unite the world. Ted then wants to sell his guitar. Suddenly a futurstic time travelling egg device appears outside! Its rufus’s daughter Kelly (played by the hilarious Kristen Schaal). Bill and Ted are needed in the future. They enter the egg device.

The egg device travels through time and takes them to a futuristic city. Ted says “dude... the future” hehe. Bill and Ted then go to a meeting with “the Great Ones” (the lords of the future). The Great Ones say that Bill and Ted have failed to unite the world in song.

"The Great Ones need to hear the song in 77min! They have to create it within that time frame. Without the song, time and space will cease to exist. This scene is funny because The Great Ones are taking this task very seriously but the audience knows it's just pure fantasy"
Rufus’s daughter Kelly gives them a golden watch that belonged to Rufus. Ted feels bad about the whole thing because they have been practicing too much with no results.
"Then Ted has the idea to go to the future 2 years from now to steal the song from themselves. By then they would have written the song! They need to find their future selves hahaha. I love the time travelling concepts in the Bill and Ted movie series. They are so whacky but simple to understand like stealing the song from their future selves!"

Bill and Ted travel to the future and they find their future selves at a small time gig hehehe. The current Bill and Ted of this time face the past Bill and Ted hehe. They want to fight each other hehehe. The future Bill and Ted lost their wives. The wives were sent back in time to where they were belong. The great ones also sent a cyborg to get rid of Bill and Ted becaus they are taking too long. Kelly arrives at the current world and chats to Bill and Ted's daughters. Then Bill and Ted go back to the current world and go straight to the couples therapy session to chat to their wives hehehe.

Bill and Ted admit to their wives that they made mistakes, drank, played too much music etc hehe. They feel good at having admitted this and then they run back into phone booth. The therapist (played by Jillian Bell) then says she wants to see the wives 2 to 3 times a week hehehe.

"The daughters have an idea to save Bill and Ted's song. They want to gather histories best musicians to create a super band. The daughters time travel to the age of Jimi Hendrix. The daughters (played well by Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine) are well casted and they are as goofy and silly as their fathers hehe"

The daughters then travel to 1922.

"The Bill and Ted Series has always had cool historical characters that get embroiled in Bill and Ted's crazy schemes. In this scene, the daughters show Louis armstrong iphone footage with jimi hendrix on it hahaha!"

Bill and Ted travel further into the future. They meet another future Bill and Ted dressed in funny clothing. They say they spent time in medievel england with their wives. They put headphones on and Bill and Ted and listen to the greatest song ever. Bill nearly cries hehehe. But it's actually the house of Dave Grohl from the band Foo Fighters. The future Bill and Ted had lied. That was Dave Grohl's song! Bill and Ted escape and refuse to use the CD. The future Bill and Ted shoot at Bill and Ted hehe. They know their every move. The cops arrive with Ted's dad. Bill and Ted enter the phone booth just in time. The cyborg is close by and shoots at Bill and Ted.

"The daughters introduce Louis Armstrong to Jimi Hendrix. Jimi doesn’t believe the daughters. Then Armstrong plays his trumpet and Jimi is in awe. Then they all travel to the time of Mozart hehehe. Jimi Hendrix jams with Mozart hehe. This movie gets sillier and sillier! When historical characters meet other historical characters from different era's and are introduced to each other, it's always been a part of the series and it's extremely funny!"

The phone booth with Bill and Ted arrive at a future jail.

"Future Bill and Ted are there and they all muscle! They are huge hahaha! Great special effects. It's funny to see them this way as they are usually lean rockers"
They went to jail for what happened five years ago. The cyborg also arrives.
"Big Bill and Ted beat up the cyborg hahaha. They defend the original Bill and Ted as they know the have to live for them to survive. That's another cool time travelling concept"
The other prisoners also beat up the cyborg, poor bastard hehe. The plot gets complicated just like in the first movie. The wives arrive at this future but get sent back. Then the daughters travel to a time where there existed a famous asian woman floutist.

They travel further back and find a female drummer from ancient/pre-historic times. Using the phone time machine the daughters bring back everyone they found to the current time.

"Then the cyborg zaps them all and they fall into a hot cavern that appears to be hell. The concept of hell being an actual place was part of the first movie hehe"
Bill and Ted arrives with the time machine to a future time when Bill and Ted are old men. “There are infinite pasts and infinite futures” says the old Ted and Bill. The old Bill and
"Ted give the current Bill and Ted a USB with the song that will save them. 'The truth is I looked at you and saw myself' say Ted to Ted hahaha! 'Sorry to dissappoint you Bill' says Bill to Bill. I love the fact that there are many versions of Bill and Ted. When they all talk to each other it's hilarious"

They go back to the time machine booth but it's gone. The cyborg arrives and Bill and Ted have the song. The Cyborg apologizes for sending his daughters and the other people to hell. The cyborg feels guilty and destroys himself and Bill and Ted. They are all sent to hell including the cyborg hehe. Ted's dad is also there hehe. The cyborg says "he’s really sorry" to everybody hehe.

"Bill and Ted have to talk to 'Death' (played by the hilarious William Sadler just like in the first movie). He’s playing hopscotch by itself hahaha! The concept of Death as a person seemed whacky and funny in the first movie"

Death ignores them. In the past Bill and Ted tried to sue Death because he took the name of "Wild stalllions" hahaha! How ridiculous, Death had appeared on earth during that time.

"The daughters have an idea. Death is playing guitar. The girls say they are death's buggest fans. They loved the pure bass sound he did hehe. They loved 'boogie down with dr d' hahaha! These scenes with Death are among the most funniest ridiculous scenes in the movie! laugh at loud!"
The daughters say to Death “you just need a band”. Bill and Ted then say to Death “we're sorry about how things went”. Then Death says “sorry”. “Would you consider rejoining wild stallions” ask Bill and Ted.

Bill and Ted, the Daughters, Death and all the historical characters get on a bus whilst hard rock plays and they leave hell. They need to find the place "MP46". They land in a freeway with a sign "MP46". But they have no instruments. They are also missing the best song in the world. Then Bill and Ted realises that it's there daughters that should lead the band.

They set up a stage and obtain instruments from a van. The wives arrive and Bill and Ted hugs them. The rapper Kid Cudi tries to explain the conundrums of science but Ted says we dont have time hehe. Their daughters organise the band. Rufus’s daughter Kelly and cyborg go back to the future. The band starts playing a tune. Bill and Ted press the infinite button. They give instruments to everybody. Bill and Ted and the band go back to the current time to SanDemus. The band plays. Bill and Ted play guitar, a great tune. The whole band with the world's best musicians joins in. It's funny to see the historical characters playing together! They end up playing the best song in the world hehe. The space time anomoly was fixed.

"This sequel, much like the first movie, had an out there whacky plot but it worked because of the hilarity and awesome characters. Keanu Reeves as Ted and Alex Winter as Bill are as fresh as ever. The goofyness and silliness of these two characters will be remembered forever. The stupid conversations they have with each other have always made me laugh hard hahaha! The silly time travelling concepts, the fact that hell is a place, the character of Death, the fact that Bill and Ted have wives and daughters, all added to the hilarity. Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine as the daughters were just as goofy. Look out for these actresses in the future. Kristen Schaal as Kelly (Rufus's daughter) was also funny"
I hope there is a third movie in the series with Bill and Ted or maybe the daughters take over. The time travelling concepts and historical figures in the first movie and this one were awesome and memorable. As a sequel, it's probably one of the best out there because they kept to the recipe of the first successful film. Party on dudes! Enjoy the goofy and hilarious 1hr 31min.

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