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Main Cast Reviews  Vin Diesel, Eiza Gonzalez, Toby Kebbell Categories  Action | Crime Release Date  21st Feb 2020 7.0


This movie is about Ray Garrison who was a mobster that was taken down. He has a second life but this time with superpowers. The talented cast includes: Vin Diesel as Ray Garrison / Bloodshot, Eiza Gonzalez as Untitled, Toby Kebbell as Axe, Sam Heughan as Corporal Harlan 'So Long' Shifflet, Guy Pearce as (rumored), Talulah Riley as Untitled, Johannes Haukur johannesson as Nick Baris, Lamorne Morris as Wilfred Wigans, Alex Hernandez as Untitled, Siddharth Dhananjay as Eric, Maarten Romer as Tech #2, Clyde Berning as Mombasa Hostage, Alex Anlos as Barris Merc and Tyrel Meyer as Merc 2.

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We see an army gun battle. Ray Garrison (played excellently by Vin Diesel) is there. There are intense gun fire scenes. A man called Martin Axe (played well by Toby Kebbell) holds another man hostage and asks Roy to drop his gun. Martin wants a helicopter.

"Ray talks to Martin. Martin then stabs Ray with a tranquilizer siringe. Martin Axe is the bad guys name. He wants answers about the previous hostage situation. They also have his wife hostage. But Ray doesn’t know. Martin electrocutes Ray's wife anyway. “I swear I will find you and end you” says Ray furiously. Great introduction to the protagonist. Vin Diesel is intense here"

Then Ray gets shot and dies for some time. We cut to what seems to be the headquarters of a scientific organisation. Doctors have operated on him after his death. They call it Project Bloodshot. This company is called RST (a tech company). Ray's body was donated by the US military. He struggles to tell them his name. “You have been given something that nobody has... a second chance” says Doctor

"Emil (played excellently by the experienced Guy Pierce). There is an admin girl KT (played by the beautiful Eiza Gonzalez) there. Dr Emil cuts Ray's hand and his wound gets auto rebuilt. What a cool innovative scene. The nanites (tiny robots) fix wounds, the nanites are his blood"
But the nanites need recharging. Dr Emil shows his robotic arm. Guy introduces Bloodshot to the other team enhanced members. KT needs a breathing device. Ray needs a nap after all this excitement.

"Ray punches a punching bag but his fist goes all the way through. He punches concrete hehe and destroys it. He also lifts massive weights hehe. This is a great scene"
KT is swimming in a pool at gym. She looks beautiful. She talks to him and gives him a gift, a medallion. They go for a drink. The song playing is the same as the night of him getting shot. Ray is angry and flees. He leaves the compound. Dr Emil communicates with Ray via nanonites. Ray tells him he is going after Martin Axe. Ray quickly learns how to fly via the nanoites.

A few super team mates go after Ray. Ray pings the location of Martin Axe. He drives a huge truck into Martin's vehicle but they survive. Ray shoots at the vehicle but they shoot him down. He escapes though. They fire at him but he parries and fires back. Great action scenes. Ray repairs his flesh, cool scenes. It gets dark. We see slow motion scenes of Ray defending himself and attacking the guards of Martin. Great action scenes. D fires a grenade at the big Truck of Martin. Martin's man fires his gun at Bs face but he repairs himself.

Then Ray fired a shot at Martin and finishes him off. Ray says that he killed the man who killed his wife. He says his tired. They fly back to the RST headquarters to recharge him. There is a bad soldier who doesn’t like him there. Dr Emil wants to erase certain memories that Ray has. “He’s a dead soldier... this is our last one... then we go to market and that’s it” says Dr Emil to Admin girl. Dr Emil changes the face of the man who shoots Ray into another face of another man, Baris. They repeat the script, same song plays this time Ray goes after another target (the one that Doc chose). Ray approaches Baris’s compound.

"Ray fires some rounds but lets himself get shot. They grab him and take him in. Ray then awakens and does hand to hand combat with the guards. Intense hard core body blows and defense techniques. Awesome action"
They fire at him, several rounds. He gets to Baris’s office. Baris says “they’re lie’ing to you” but Ray shoots him anyway. A technical worker of tech company called Wiggins starts EMP electromagnetic wave. Wiggins takes him to his house. Wiggins revives Ray. Ray says “each time the murderer was a different person”.

They both work out that RST has been manipulating him. “They’ll come for you” Wiggins says. Ray gives the tech some of his blood so that he can work out how to reenergize him. RST guards Tibbs and Dalton are sent to track Ray. Ray tracks Gina his wife (played by the stunning Talulah Riley). Ray realises the whole thing was a faked to make him killed targets. Gina says she moved on, she has a family. “When was the last time you saw me” he asks. She says 5 years. Tibbs and Dalton are after him, they bash his car with him in it.

Ray runs away. Ray tackles Tubbs. A truck runs them both over. Dr Emil wants Wiggins gone. KT goes after Wiggins after the Doc turns off her air supply as a threat. She breathes smike in front of Wiggins and he faints. She fights Wiggins bodyguard, great hand to hand combat.

"Dr Emil confronts Ray. “I made you the best” says Dr Emil. He says “by making me watch someone murder my wife again and again”. “Life is about not knowing what’s coming” says Ray. “I will find you” says Ray before Doc turns off hollogram communication. Great acting by Guy Pearce as Dr Emil"

KT says that Wiggins got away. Then Dr Emil says we’ll make Wiggins Bs next target. someone is altering the set of B. Wiggins then gets into the main system. He clears the mind of B. Doc goes into the room where Katie/adminGirl is and throws her against the wall. He tries to turn off her air but its access denied. She defeats him.

"KT gasses the RST office. She starts a fire there. 'Why didn’t I think of that.. ctrl command burn the building down' says Wiggins. Dalton fights Ray. Dalton has a super fighting suit on him. The suit has big metal arms. Cool super suit, very high tech"
Tibbs also fights him. Great hand to hand scenes on top of a descending elevator. Ray goes after Dalton. In mid air Ray punches Dalton and rips his suit up. Ray goes after Dr Emil. Dr Emil fires a big bullet directly at Ray. Ray survives but his nanites are weak. Ray gets shot again but he absorbs the bullet and catches it.

Then Dr Emil goes right up to him and tries to attack him but Ray drops the bullet and it explodes, finishing off Dr Emil. We cut to Ray on the operating table at Wiggins headquarters. Wiggins and Katie have brought him back to life! “We can choose who we’re gonna be” says Ray to KT. “Where to now” says Rat. “Anywhere” says KT. They drive off into the sunset. Great ending.

"Vin Diesel has been a king of action films for a while. He also brings a dramatic intensity to his roles as some of his previous work includes drama movies. Guy Pearce as Dr Emil also created a special character. He was villanous but you also see things from his point of view. The beautiful Eiza Gonzalez was dynamic as KT. She was both strong and sexy. The henchmen Dalton and Tibbs were also played well by Sam Heughan and Alex Hernandez. The tech Wiggins (played by Lamorne Morris) also did well"
You will enjoy the many action scenes in this movie. I also liked the simple to follow plot and the supporting cast. Enjoy the exciting 1hr 49min.

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