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Main Cast Reviews  Will Ferrell, Julia Louis-dreyfus, Miranda Otto Categories  Drama Release Date  1st Dec 2020 7.9


This movie is about a family that goes on a winter vacation. They are disturbed after an avalanche hits them. During this incident the father behaves in a cowardly fashion and this causes tension. This is a remake of the 2014 Swedish film "Force Majeure". What an awesome cast: Will Ferrell as Tom, Julia Louis-dreyfus as Untitled, Miranda Otto as Untitled, Kristofer Hivju as Untitled, Zach Woods as Untitled, Giulio Berruti as Guglielmo, Zoe Chao as Untitled, Julian Grey as Finn Stanton, Ammon Jacob ford as Emerson, Kimberly Rydell as Bar Woman, Peter Schorn as Grizzly Lift Attendant and Ferdinand Ramml as Photographer.

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We see a view of a mountain with snow. Several shots. Pete (played excellently by Will Ferrell) and Billie (played very well by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and kids getting their photo taken. We cut to them skiing together. The family enters a lodge. Pete chats to Billie, he has phone messages.

"The funny hotel manager Charlotte (she prounces it 'Carlotta' hehe) talks to them. Charlotte is played hilariously by Miranda Otto. She says that when they enter the sauna they should do so "without bathing" suits hehe. In their room the boys fight and Pete and Billie chat more. Pete keeps on using his phone. This movie starts of with a serious tone but you know that there will be some comedic elements"

"Sorry if I've been u know..." says Pete. Then Billie says "that's why were here". This is in reference to the fact that Pete is over worked and always on the phone.

"Pete and Billie eat snacks on the bed at speed hehe. I love this scene. 'We shouldn't' says Billie. They are conscious of the fact that they'll gain weight but they continue to eat the delicious hotel snacks hehehe"
Pete joins Billie in the shower and says "We're supposed to celebrate our bodies” hehe. We cut to shots of the mountains and the slopes. Then the family goes skiing. One of the sons is slow on the skii's hehe. Then a big sound is heard. It's the cannons on the mountains that dislodge snow. It's a procedure that the admin does perhaps to avoid avalanches.

"One of these cannons fire and a snow cloud approaches at speed into the restaurant were they are eating! It's scary and it's a cool action scene. Billie is scared and rattled and hugs her kids. Pete appears to have run into the lodge for safety by himself"
We cut to the Skii lockers and Pete has a dispute with a man for nearly crushing his son with a moving cupboard. At night they brush their teeth. Pete is slightly tense. They go to a fine restaurant. They meet that crazy hostess Charlotte hehe. She asks them to join her. She says "I can catch a dick whenever I like" hahaha. Another man (the lover of Charlotte) joins them and is jealous at her statement hehe.

Billie explains about the avalanche. She was real scared. Pete says it wasn't that bad but Billlie states that she and her sons were rattled and scared. Pete also says his dad passed away 9 months ago. "Every day is all we have" says Pete. They all toast. Next day Billie and Pete complain about the avalanche to the admin. They say it was really unsafe. The supervisor says there was weather conditions warning signs everywhere. Billie is upset and they leave.

We cut to them brushing teeth in the toilet. Pete is tense again. In the morning they go to hellyskiing. The boys fight. A helicopter is waiting. Billie doesn't want to go because the children are starving and the weather isn't good. They miss their flight and Pete is upset. They cancel their activities, Billie just wants to stay at home with the kids. Billie has a verbal fight with Pete about the fact that Pete fleed into the lodge and left her alone with the kids. This really bothered her.

They have guests, a funny couple. This couple say they did mushrooms and drugs. You can see they love each other.

"Pete tells his visitors them of avalanche. Billie says it felt like they were gonna die. Then Billie says Pete was on his phone at the time of the avalanche and he just left them there to fend for themeselves. She had grabbed her children and waited to die together. Billie is emotional and ultimately angry at Pete. This is a very impactful scene. Pete is shaken because he realises that Billie was left to fend for herself and that she needed him"
Pete then tries to justify his actions some what.

"'How can I possibly run away in skii boots...' says Pete. 'I was there and i saw it differently' says Billie. Pete then says that he ran in there to get help. Billie gets her sons to talk. They say 'Dad ran away'. Pete gets angry. Billie emotionally says 'you left your family, that I am right about'. Pete is clearly shaken. Wonderful acting by Will Ferrell. I always knew he had dramatic skills in him"
Pete goes to sleep and watches Night Rider in german hehe. In the morning Billie chats to Pete about their day activities.
"Billie meets the crazy hostess Charlotte again in a Skiing transport tram. The hostess asks her if she wants adventure. Charlotte says she masturbates every day hehe. She continues to chat about sexual talk. Mirando Otto as Charlotte creates a special comical side character here"

Charlotte assigns Billie a young male instructor Guillermo hehe.

"Guillermo says they will skii together for a while then they can do solo. Great scenes of skiing. The scenes of people skiing in this movie are well shot and picturesque"
The boys are train sliding with Pete. Pete gets kicked out for hitting his sons sled. We cut to Billie and Guillermo finishing their skiing at the bottom of hill. There is a small cabin there. They go inside. Guillermo massages Billie’s calves. He massages her upper leg hehe They kiss! But then Billie stops and says "Just to be clear I could f* you right through that wall if I wanted to... but I won’t".
"At night Billie and Pete brush their teeth together. The scenes of them brushing their teeth together are quite interesting. It's an example of a quiet moment that couples sometimes have with each other"
Pete says him and the boys had fun but she is distracted and goes to sleep.

In the morning Billie and the boys are in bed watching TV. Pete goes skiing with his friend. Pete falls at speed and knocks his head. Pete and his friend sit down and relax. A girl goes up to them and says her friend likes the way that Pete carries himself. But then that same girl goes up to them and says to Pete 'it wasn’t you she says, it was another man in green' hehe. We cut to Billie and her female friend (wife of Pete's friend) in a conveyor tram. They chat about the other night.

Billie says to her friend that she shouldn’t have said harsh words to Pete because he was grieving over his parents. We cut to Pete and friend in a nightclub. Pete is heavily drunk. He stumbles on the dance floor. Outside he says to friend "Science made us a family" because they used artifical insemination.

"Pete is depressed and says 'I love my family'. Next day he eats ribs with his family. It's funny because he uses a knife and fork and after all that handling he only gets out a little bit of meat on the fork hahaha. This is a drama movie and Ferrel excels in conveying his emotions. But this scene with the fork also makes me feel that Ferrell is still a master of comedy hehe"

Later on outside their room Pete finally admits that he ran. He says he was "chicken". "I'm just a selfish coward" he says. But she doesn't take his apology. Next morning they prepare for skiing. One son says that he hates skiing. Pete says to Billie that we’ll wait for you at the bottom.

"Then suddenly Billie calls Pete's name in alarm, it appears that she might be injured or something like that. Pete runs up and finds that she was testing him. She is pleased that he ran up. She says "Rescue me". This is a very telling scene. It's obvious that Billie wants to send a message to Pete about courage and taking care of your family. Pete understands. Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus did an outstanding job with their characters"
The final scene involves Pete and Billie seeing a couple nearly getting squashed by a pile of snow. They look at each other in amazement and smile.

"I loved Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus's performances. Will Ferrell in particular surprised me with his dramatic heart felt performance. This movie gave a slice of life depiction of married life. Ferrell and Louis-Dreyfus had great chemistry. Miranda Otto was hilarious and entertaining as Charlotte"
The scenes of the snow fields and people skiing are picturesque and well shot. The scene with the avalache is memorable. There were some tense scenes between Billie and Pete and perhaps it had to do with Pete's cowerdice. This movie explores a mature relationship very well. Enjoy the great 1hr 26min.

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