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Main Cast Reviews  Mel Gibson, Kate Bosworth, Emile Hirsch Categories  Action | Crime | Drama Release Date  30th Jun 2020 7.8


This movie is about how thieves plan a heist during a hurricane. It gets complicated when a cop tries to force people in the building to evacuate. The great cast includes: Mel Gibson as Ray, Kate Bosworth as Troy, Emile Hirsch as Cardillo, David Zayas as John the Baptist, Stephanie Cayo as Jess, William Catlett as Griffin, Tyler Jon olson as Dillon, Swen Temmel as Hodges, Rey Hernandez as Lt. Cunningham, Jasper Polish as Jasmine, Jesy Mckinney as Babie, Blas Sien diaz as Migs, Leslee Emmett as Mrs. Gradisher, Anil Raman as Aaron and Thomas Curran as Police officer.

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We see a pug dog in a car hehe. Two lovers are making out. Cardillo (played by the reliable Emile Hirsh) and his girlfriend. Cardillo says they should have sex on a bus hehe. Cardillo (who is a cop) goes into a building with a torch and a gun looking for a man. We see a thunderstorm. We hear a voice over talking about the upcoming heavy storm.

"We cut to John (played excellently by David Zayas) entering a bank holding a metallic briefcase. He arrives with an older woman and another man. He questions her. She owes him money. The men go to a personal safe. They get a scroll/papers from the safe and shoot the woman and the bank guards on the way out. It's quite an impactful beginning, you wonder what's about to happen next"
It appears that John will be the main villain.

"We cut to Cardillo pointing a gun at his mouth in the toilet of his house. He is depressed and cries. It appears that the movie is set in Puerto Rico. Cardillo is a police officer and puts his uniform on. The character of Cardillo already appears to be interesting"
The chief says that Cardillo and his female partner Jess (played by the beautiful Stephanie Cayo) need to evacuate people because of the storm.

We cut to a man with a kid having an argument with another man, Griffin (played well by William Catlett), in a supermarket. Another cut to Cardillo and Jess chatting in a 4WD. Cardillo explains to Jess that it's hard to arrest people during this storm period. They get a call. Its about that earlier altercation at the supermarket. The shopping staff had detained Griffin because he got rough with the father of that kid.

"Cardillo and Jess take Griffin under arrest. Griffin tells jokes and is funny. He also explains that he has a task to do, to feed his cat. So they take him with them. The cops drive to his building. They needed to go there anyway to evacuate other people. This movie has plot twists and surprises early on that catches you of guard"

The cops enter the building and knock on the door. Ray (an old man played by the experienced Mel Gibson) and Troy (played by the sexy Kate Bosworth) are there. Ray is Troy's father. Ray remembers Cardillo. Ray remembers an event in Cardillo's police life. Ray needs a dialisis machine. Cardillo and Troy make a plan to get everybody out of the building. Jess stays in Rays unit to monitor him. Ray doesn’t like it.

"Cardillo hears gunshots. Cardillo runs with Troy and another older man called Bergkamp (played well by Jorge Luis Ramos). It appears thugs (John and others) entered the building with rifles. It is raining heavily and the plot thickens even more as you see them enter"

John says to his team of thugs nobody gets in and nobody gets out.

"Griffin is feeding his cat who is in a room. Cardillo knocks on the door. He gets in. Griffin's cat is actually a huge jaguar (or tiger) hehe. Griffin enters the room to feed the big cat but the cat grabs him and injurs him! Griffin quickly asks Cardillo to feed it so as to distract it. Cardillo then pulls the man out of the room. Griffin is badly injured. Troy, who is a nurse, tries to heal his wounds. The scene with the tiger/big cat is a huge shock"
There are many things going on by this point.

"We cut to Jess and Ray chatting about a previous bust. It's also a funny conversation. Sometimes this movie has a serious conversation that turns hilarious. You have to listen in"
The thugs storm into a unit with explosives to find something. Another thug points a gun at Jess who is in a corridor. He wants to know where Ray is.
"Ray shows up and shoots the thug several times. Ray played by Mel Gibson is intense and a good shot. This is a memorable action scene"

Griffin's leg is bleeding heavily. Troy nearly falls from a ledge, Cardillo saves her. Ray explains why that thug wanted to kill him. Cardillo chats to Troy and explains a previous case that may have to do with the thugs.

"Cardillo played by Emile Hirsh and Troy (played by Kate Bosworth) share a joke, you notice some chemistry between them"

Jess asks Ray why he stayed in the building.

"Ray who is not feeling well takes his medicine and puts on a bullet proof vest on. You know Mel Gibson means business hehehe"
They all leave the unit. Another thug points a gun at Cardillo. They do hand to hand combat, great body shots and kicks. Troy gets injured too.
"Cardillo tackles the thug and they jump over the ledge, a 20 metre drop but they survive. Wow, what great action. They continue hand to hand in the rain, intense fighting"
Then Troy shoots a thug. Ray takes Jess to a unit that has arms and weapons. Griffin is still bleeding. Troy is a nurse, she heals Cardillo’s leg which was shot.

Troy tells Cardillo a childhood story about her and her dad and how she was raised tough. Cardillo explains he worked in New York as a cop. He was going out with another cop named Jasmine. Troy finishes healing the wound.

"Another thug points gun at Ray and Jess. Ray fights the thug hand to hand. Mel Gibson is as fit as ever hehe"
Jess shoots a thug. Griffin tells a story from his past. He had an altercation and woke up in hospital. Ray has been shot. Jess heals him. Ray puts on his bullet proof vest. Ray and Jess make an odd couple hehehe. Two thugs point gun at Jess and take her with them. Ray is injured by some stairs. Cardillo and Troy find Ray and talk.

"Ray says he's got too many bullets in him. He hugs Troy. Ray dies. Troy cries. What a great performance by Mel Gibson. You want to see this character continue in the story but it's too late"
We cut to John and his second in command that have abducted Jess. Jess tells them to go "f* themselves" hehe. The thunderstorm rain stops. Troy enters Jason’s unit with Cardillo. The thugs radio Cardillo and threaten to shoot Jess. Bergkamp tells Cardillo that he has some very expensive paintings that were passed down from his father. I think the thugs want these paintings. Troy fairwells Cardillo.

Cardillo is going to hunt down John and his second in command. John points a rifle at Jess. Cardillo and old man knock on John's door. John keeps the rifle pointed at Cardillo and Jess. They take John to the room with the paintings. John kills Bergkamp. John wants the keys to Cardillo's van. John puts on the police uniform. The second thug aims at Troy and Jason.

"John spots the most expensive painting. Bought in 1892, now worth 200m. This is an interesting part of the movie. The fact that John likes fine art makes him an interesting villain"

Cardillo and Jess are still with John. Troy and Griffin are in the basement which is full of water. Troy found an exit underwater.

"John tells Cardillo to open up the last room. Cardillo says 'Are you sure?' (it's the room with the tiger!). Cardillo opens the door and John is mauled by the tiger and dies. This is a gruesome suspenseful scene"
We cut to a future scene, Cardillo and Troy visiting Griffin in the hospital. Troy and Cardillo nearly kiss hehe. Cardillo leaves Griffin a present... it's the 200m painting! What a great ending.

"'Force of Nature' is one of the most suspenseful and action packed movies of this year. Several unexpected scenes and some hilarious comedy thrown in too hehe. Mel Gibson put in a solid action performance as Ray. Mel hasn't lost a beat. Great ensemble cast. Emile Hirsh as Cardillo is a unique dedicated cop character. Kate Bosworth as Troy plays a strong woman in a tough situation. Stephanie Cayo as Jess also did well as tough police woman with a sense of humour. The main villain, John, played by David Zayas was ruthless and interesting. Griffin played by William Catlett was a funny addition"
The thunderstorm in the background created an eary suspenseful mood. Then you have the several unexpected events on top which makes the movie riveting. Enjoy the action packed 1hr 31min.

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