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Main Cast Reviews  Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne, Salma Hayek Categories  Comedy | Drama | Business Release Date  10th Apr 2020 N/A


This movie is about two female friends. They decide to start a beauty company. One of the girls is practical and the other wants to earn lots of money and live a luxurious life. What a cast: Tiffany Haddish as Untitled, Rose Byrne as Untitled, Salma Hayek as Untitled, Caroline Arapoglou as Brook, Ari Graynor as Untitled, Billy Porter as Untitled, Karan Soni as Untitled, Jessica St. clair as Untitled, Jimmy O. yang as Untitled, Jacob Latimore as Untitled, Catherine Parker as Receptionist, Aaron Dominguez as Justin, Vanessa Merrell as Lux, Melissa Saint-amand as Jess and Natasha Rothwell as Untitled.

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We hear a funky soundtrack. We see a photo of two girl friends. We see Mia (played by the hilarious Tiffany Haddish) in bed chatting to friend Mel (played by the talented Rose Byrne) on the phone about a sexual fantasy with Barrack Obama hehe. They actually live in the same apartment and they don't have to use their phone hehe.

"We see an 'Oveido' brand poster outside on a building with the face of Claire Luna (played by the beautiful Salma Hayak). Mel and Mia have they're own cosmetics store. We cut to Mel and Mia chatting to their blonde assistant Sydney (played excellently by the funny Jennifer Coolidge). They also chat to their make-up production assistant Barrett (played by the funny Billy Porter). The girls give advice to a young woman customer about prom sex, dont get infections etc. hehe"
What a great way to introduce the main characters.

"Mel checks the financial numbers of their company and is worried. The other girls say it will be fine. From the getgo Mia is a funny character hehe"
They go to a baby shower and do the girls makeup. They see a whacky frosted cake of a chocolate vagina and baby coming out. This is super wacky and funny at the same time. The girls chat about the store. The mother of shower opens her gifts. Aunt Margot says her daughter sold her company for 4 million! The two of them discuss this and tease aunt Margot and smoke weed in the top room. They drop the cigarette in a baby's crib with the baby still there and laugh.

"Mel and Mia need to hide as mothers are coming upstairs. They go outside on the roof. The mothers are angry and find them in the roof. The mother says that their company is so unsuccessful that they use "Turbo Tax" hahaha. They jump into the pool from the roof and leave hehehe. This is an entertaining scene"
The party dialogue was humourous. The supporting cast of mothers was great too.
"In the morning Mia wakes up with Harry (her one night stand). We find out that Mel's mom had left her this house to keep after she passed away. Mel also had a one night stand and slept with the cake man from the party hehehe. He asks can he call her and she says no hehe. You can tell these girls like to party hard and are very independent"
We cut to their store and an Oveido representative is there. They chat to him.

He says Claire Luna (the head of Oveido) wants to invest in their company. Sydney says to the rep "You do smell fresh and clean like a themometer before it goes in your butt" hehe. Mel says to Mia the store might close and so she needs this. She says their $430,000 in debt! Mel and Mia then visit Oveido. They have an advanced office with drones flying around. Mel breaks one of them and puts this drone in her purse to keep it.

"The Rep meets them and says "Claire will meet you when she can..." hahaha. Im Claire Luna which means "clear moon" hehehe. The character of Claire is hilarious. What great acting by Selma Hayek"
The drone flies away from purse and crashes hehehe. Claire talks with an accent and most things that she says are funny hehe. She wants to make them millionaires. Claire wants to pay their debt and get 51% of their company.

Mia doesn't trust Claire. She says No. Then Claire cuts it to 49%. They girls need to think about it and go for drinks/kareoke. They sing "let love lift us up where we belong" hehe. Then Mia agrees with contract!

"They meet with Claire. Claire says "my head is not little it's just that my breasts are humungous" hahaha! This has got to be one of the funniest lines in the movie. Salma Hayek as Claire is outreagous! They sign the contract and Claire says if the two split up then she gets 51%. Claire then celebrates and dances Salsa! Another hilarious scene hahaha!
Mel also dances hehe. "What is the intersection of what Claire wants and what we provide" Mel asks Mia.

Mia suggests they go out for drinks at her lovers pad. Mel asks attendees about makeup. Mia makes love to a man called Harry. Mel and Mia then smoke weed up on the roof and remanisce about good and bad times. Mia has an idea to video two girls that are best friends in the party. With these ideas the next day the present their product idea "Instead of hiding your flaws it boosts your best parts... we call it 'Proud'".

"They show Claire the videos. Claire doesn't like it and wants another approach. Claire repeats a word she used with them "fierced... fierced!" haha. Hayek is hilarious"
Then she hits an ornament with a stick! hehehe. Mel then comes up with double sided lipstick.

"In another hilarious lines Claire says 'Follow your juices'. 'Your juice is good' she says. Hayek's comic timing is perfection hehehe. Sydney then says a story about her husband having sex with her which is totally inappropriate hehe. The character of Sydney played by Jennifer Coolidge was also hilarious"
Barrett then shows Claire how he creates lipstick. "Thank you Barry" Claire says ... "It's Barrett" he says. But Claire says that Barrett should be fired. It appears that Claire wants to tear the company apart.
"Mel and Mia take Barrett to dinner. They tell him he's fired and he doesn't take it well. Barret then says "Witness my tragic moment!" hahaha! Before he leaves he clings on to the window before walking away. Barret played by Billy Porter is funny here"

We cut to an in-house cooking class.

"They are cooking the peruvian dish 'Seviche' hehe. Mel says Mia is jealous of her because Claire likes her more. The two friends tease each other. The other girls know that they're mad at each other. These other girls are funny, great supporting cast"
In fact every supporting actress and actor shines in this film.
"Then Mel puts extra chilli on Mia's dish hehe. Mia eats and it burns her mouth. She eats more rice and goats milk but it doesn't work. Mia then spews on a fat womans dress. The fat woman says 'I have a busy family life... this is the first night I dress well... F* you Mia' hahaha! What a line!"
We cut to the store and Sydney is sad about Barrett's dismissal.

Claire wants a presentation of double-sided lipstick. Mel then displays this product but Claire doesn't like it that much. Claire ends up choosing two other men for her grant. These to guys have a product with a funny brand called "Get Some". Mel is angry at Claire and they drive to her office. Once in Claire's office building they race up to Claire's personal office.

"Security guards chase them. Mia throws her bag on a crotch of a security guard and he shouts! Mia grabs a long material flag and she nearly falls from a great height! They made a scene but it impresses the Rep and he takes them to Claire's office. This is an entertaining scene hehe"

Mia wants her company back. But Claire wants her 5 million back. Mia breaks a window in Claire's office. Mel says "who wouldn't want to be you" to Claire. Claire says they have one last chance, one last presentation at the "Beauty and Bubbles" exhibition. Mel and Claire get along now and chat in the lift. At night Mel begs Mia to go. We then cut to the final competition. Its "Mel and Mia" vs "Get Some" hehe. Two identical twins have to get their makeup done each by one of the companies. They look like they're going to lose. Mel reapplies the makeup but the two friends argue and Mia quits and leaves. They have an argument outside and point out their faults. "This last 20 years with you has been a waste" says Mia to Mel.

"Mia doesn't sleep at their house that night. Then Mia chats to the other girls and the girls say "you guys will work it out". Mia chats to Barrett and says they never should of fired him. "Sit your ass down... do you understand what Mel does for you... everyday she sets up for you in the store" says Barrett to Mia. Great serious acting by Billy Porter as Barret"
Mel chats to Sydney and she says that Claire stole the "one night stand" product from them! Mia apologises to Mel. "Your my family... your my home" says Mel to Mia. They are now both angry at Claire. They start to create a new line of products. They go to a presentation where Claire is presenting. But they raid the stage and present. Mel hugs Claire onstage hehehe. Claire is visibly angry at them.

Sydney says "Let them finish". Claire punches Sydney in the breast hehehe. Mel and Mia's presentation of "Ride or Die" a custom beauty kit is a hit. Claire confronts Mia and Mel. Mia and Mel then tell Claire that they have started a new company called "Proud". Another woman called Shay (played by the experienced Lisa Kudrow) is going to fund Proud! Shay is a disgruntled ex employee of Claire. "Your face hasn't smiled in years" says Shey to Claire.

Mel teases Claire and calls her buck tooth. Barrett goes to the DJ table and plays the "Rolling on the river" track and Mia and Mel dance and sing hehehe. Claire realises that she has to pay Mel and Mia 40 million dollars because they still own 49%. Clara says "F****k!!!". "We did it!" says Mia to Mel.

"This is one of those movies where the supporting cast were just as memorable as the main protagonists. Rose Byrne as Mel and Tiffany Haddish as Mia had great chemistry and carried this comedy well. Of the supporting cast the ensemble of mothers (friends of Mel and Mia), Sydney (played by Jennifer Coolidge), Barret (played by Billy Porter) and Shay (played by Lisa Kudrow) all excelled. But it was Salma Hayak that stole the show. Her hilarious dialogue was laugh out loud and she had expert comic timing!"
What a great film. Simple plot, great comedic dialogue and probably the best supporting cast for a comedy this year. Enjoy the hilarious 1hr 23min.

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