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Main Cast Reviews  Sam Claflin, Olivia Munn, Freida Pinto Categories  Comedy | Romance Release Date  10th Apr 2020 N/A


Jack's sister is getting married. He has to help it go smoothly. He experiences alternate versions of the same day. He has to handle an angry ex-girlfriend and an uninvited guest. Also, he loses a sleep sedative and the girl "that got away" appears. The awesome cast includes: Sam Claflin as Jack, Olivia Munn as Dina, Freida Pinto as Amanda, Eleanor Tomlinson as Hayley, Joel Fry as Bryan, Jack Farthing as Marc, Tim Key as Sidney, Allan Mustafa as Chaz, Aisling Bea as Rebecca, Paolo Mazzarelli as Vitelli, Simonetta Solder as Sophia, Tiziano Caputo as Roberto, Stefano Patti as Roberto's Best Man, Giusi Merli as Grandmother and Francesca Rocco as Cristina.

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We see a shot of the grand universe.

"We hear a voice over say 'A wise person once said about love... We live in a universe that's ruled by chaos and chance where all it takes is just one moment of ill fortune for all our hopes and dreams to go right down the shitter." HAHAHA! What a memorable way to begin! This funny saying sets the tone for this film perfectly"
You can tell by the laughter in the cinema that the audience can relate.

We cut to Jack (played by the funny Sam Claflin) in the toilet of a restaurant having doubts about how to kiss his date Dina (played by the beautiful Olivia Munn).

"'You can do it' he says to himself in the mirror. 'This is the moment...' he says. He is sweating and anxious. Jack says 'Thank you for an amazing time' to Dina. 'Yeah' she says. 'Your not as irritating as I thought you were' she says. Then she says he's a 'charmer'. He replies 'I'm a terrible charmer'. 'So...' she says. Dina wants to kiss Jack. Then as they are about to kiss, his friend Greg (played by the silly Alexander Forsyth) rudely interrupts them and offers Jack a lift to the airport hahaha"

He calls Jack "wank", his nickname in college. Dina hears this and Jack is embarrassed. Jack then says to Greg "I just have to say goodbye... we may not see each other again you see". Greg says go ahead and stays next to them there embarrassingly! hahaha. The audience feels for Jack. You can see the regret in Jack's eyes. "Thank you again for an amazing weekend" he says before saying goodbye.

"Jack leaves with Greg. The voice over says 'A coincidental appearance from a twat friend from the past appears. Then chance comes along and gives love a massive kick in the ballsack... chance can be a real bastard' hehehe. I really like the voice over's observations. It's starts off serious then it gets hilarious hehehe"

We see the suburbs of a foreign city in Italy. We then see the credits and the title of the movie amidst a funny italian music track. We see the text "3 years later". We cut to a wedding and the bride is getting made up with makeup. She looks beautiful. She is slightly nervous as she looks in the mirror. She fixes herself up. Hayley (played by the gorgeous Eleanor Tomlinson) is the bride and she's Jack's sister. Jack arrives and compliments her. "Can you imagine, two strangers in a park, six months on and totally in love and getting married" she says about her husband to be, Roberto (played well by Tiziano Caputo).

In walks Bryan (played hilariously by Joel Fry), the best friend of Hayley. He says he has to pop out for a few minutes. Bryan is the maid of honour hehe. But he doesn't want to be called as such hehe. Jack has been seated next to his nightmare ex girlfriend Amanda (played by the beautiful Freida Pinto hehe. But there is nothing we can do.

"We cut to another couple in the back seat of a car. Chaz (played well by Allan Mustafa) has an argument with Amanda. They get out of a car. A lady says 'I'm so happy you moved on from the last guy... Chaz' she says to Amanda. Then Chaz says 'I'm Chaz' hahaha. Very awkward and hilarious! 'Oh my God how many Chaz'z' are out there" hahaha! Then a man in a kilt (Sidney played hilariously by Tim Key) arrives and says he has chafe hahaha. I loved these scenes"

"My Balls" he says... "My Balls" hehehe. Jack is in the car with Hayley and they arrive at the church, at the back. "Are you ok". Jack asks she says "Yeah". "I would have given anything for Dad to be here" she says to him. Just before she gets walked down the isle, Haley says here friend "Dina" is here. Jack is surprised. Haley says she's broken up with her boyfriend. Then the priest says "we a are gathered here today". Then they get married. The father of the groom kisses everybody passionately man and woman hehehe.

Dina is there in a beautiful green dress by herself. The scotsman approaches Dina. "Yeah its really hot today" says Dina. "I'm wearing a traditional scottish dress.. I'm not scottish" hehe. "So were is your other half?". "I don't have one". The scotsman then says "we can be wedding buddies" hehe. Brian is a b grad actor trying to impress the film stars in the wedding. Jack looks up and see's Dina in her green dress on the balcony. He greets her and hugs her. "You loo great". Chaz and Amanda continue to fight. Amanda's ex is here.

Chaz is saying that he's better than him. Amanda tells him to stand away. Then we cut to a coked up blonde man entering the wedding. The coked up man has a drink. Hayley confronts her. Marc says "Im ready for us to be a couple"!. Hayley is surprised and wants him gone. The groom arrives and says there is one more seat if he wants it, how kind. We cut to Jack and Dina. "I used to ask about you all the time". Haley needs to talk to Jack about the uninvited guest who says she wants out.

Haley wants Jack to spike Marc's drink and to put him out. "She's your sister" Jack says to himself. Jack walks by Marc's seat and puts the sleeping juice in his glass. "You F* owe me hayley" he says. Then kids come and change the name tags on the table!! hahaha The voice over says "Something as seemingly insignificant as where we're sitting at a table is actually chance dictating where love will succeed or fail". The kids run away.

The head waiter says "please be seated... lunch will be served". The tables and chairs are golden and very upper class. Bryan is seated next to Rebecca. But Jack sees that the spiked drink is in the position of Bryan and takes his drink away and puts it next to Marc's position. Chaz and Amanda arrive, Amanda talks about pencil dick hehe. Then the Scottsman.

Marc still high arrives last. Jack says "cheers". They all drink. Jack is angry he's not seated to Dina. Rebecca is funny hehe she chats about to Chaz "Don't believe any sort of meaningful relationship is based on sex". Amanda (jack's ex) sits next to Jack and she says "I see your wearing the cuffs I bought you". Jack says "that's the only ones I had". Amanda then says "F* you". Scotsman chats flirtingly to Dina.

Rebecca and Chaz chat about the size of Chaz's d*k and Chaz says "its the size of a spoon and fork... both". Dina says she worked in a war torn town as a foreign correspondent. The Scotsman says "Im in car insurance... boring". I loved the separate characters... what a cast. Jack see's that Marc is still awake even though he drank the drink supposedly. Bryan is feeling the effects of the drink and is sleepy.

Jack doesn't realise and tells Bryan to look out for Marc! Then Jack asks Dina to step outside for a drink at the Bar. Scotsman steps out too hehehe. Bryan says "Vitelli... ". He wants to talk to that famous actor. "My name is Bryan" he says before nodding off. "I'm such a huge fan... where do you get your ideas from". Bryan is nodding off hahaha. Hilarious. Bryan nods off and hits a woman in the back of the head. At the bar Jack says to Sidney (Scotsman) he wants a private chat to Dina.

Jack tells Dina he was in a failed relationship and she says she worked as a foreign correspondent and returned home and her mom had passed away. Her boyfriend had cheated on her too Marc has got a little bottle himself of cocaine. Jack is sorry and says it's only goodluck for now. She says "fingers crossed". Marc goes to a small room and gets high again. Marc approaches the bride and chats to her "we are meant to be together". Hayley can't talk and has her first dance with Roberto. The guests clap as it finishes.

Then Hayley drags Jack outside and says that "Marc is still wide awake!". Jack says "What? How?". "It was a simple plam" says Hayley. "It was my first time to spike a drink"says Jack hehe. Then jack says "It's like mum used to say... you expect the worst but hope for the best". We cut to the Scotsman re-adjusting his ballsack hehe He meets a girl and she smiles. He then tells her "he needs to do a bit of Admin" (down there). "It's wrapped around like nunchuckus... how do they.. oh it's unwrapped.. hey Presto... hahaha! Thank you. I'm Sidney" says the scotsman.

But the woman walks away and doesn't shake his hand hehe. Chaz is angry at Jack for organising to sit next to Amanda. Jack says him and Amanda are totally done "we went out for two years but by the end of which we pretty much hated each other" says Jack. "I dislike her" says Jack. Chaz gets angry "that's my future fiance your talking about there" hahaha. Jack can't say anything right.

Chaz was always always envious about the size of Jack's d*k hahaha. "I know what your thinking... this guy in front of me has this really tiny weird p*nis" says Chaz hahaha "Because I haven't got that [Chaz point to Jacks crotch]". "Look at me I'm at a wedding with a big d*k. it's girthy.." says Chaz hahaha. Jack chats to Dina. Jack spots Marc chatting to groom and runs at him. Dina says "He wants a Gin and F*k... just kidding" says Dina provoctively.

Jack says "I'm so sorry.. I know you have this thing for Hayley but she doesn't feel the same way". Marc then says "How come we shagged three weeks ago". "Im gonna make her happy you idiot" says Marc. But as he says this Jack covers his mouth and grabs him tight. He wants to drag him to a room. As he drags him Jack see's Sidney and asks for his help. We cut to Dina and Vitelli introducing himself. Jack and Sidney drag Marc into a closet and they cover the doors shut with a cupboard.

Mark yells inside the cupboard, they shut the room door too. Jack then chats to Hayley. We cut to Chaz saying that Jack said he hated her (Amanda). A kid is feeding Bryan's face. Bryan chokes and wakes up hehe. jack says "apparently you shagged Marc Fischer three weeks ago!". Hayley said "Did he really say that?". Jack says "Oh my god your the worst lier in the world". SHe had gone to the pub and had drinks then met Marc. Marc had been obsessed with her since 15.

We cut to wedding tables and Bryan is half asleep. He has to do the speech hahaha. Bryan gets up on stage and says nothing. He mumbles something about Vitelli and acting. "Just give me a part yer basterd!" he says hahaha. Then Bryan walks over to the cake and grabs the top and eats it. The crowd clap! We cut to an old lady walking past the room where Marc is shouting inside a cupboard. She moves the obstruction and Marc escapes. They move Bryan to another place. Dina has been called by her work.

Jack tries to say something special to Dina but then Chaz and Amanda come and Amanda is super angry at Jack. She accusses Jack of saying that he said he "hated her". Amanda is furious and headbutts Jack and Jack bleeds. We cut to Marc getting on the Mic and shouting "Hayley and I shagged and we love each other!" hehehe. Hayley says "get the hell of stage" and throws him on the ground and hits him.

Dina has to leave and leaves Jack with a bleeding nose. She says "I'll text you". We cut to the groom asking "Is it true". Hayley is speechless and kind of nods. The groom leaves. Debussey plays in the background. Vitelli leaves with Dina. "It's over... I don't want to talk to you never... never again" says groom. Hayley goes to grab Roberto/groom but she pushes him over the balcony. The screen is paused with Roberto falling!

The voice over says "One bit of bad luck and it all goes tits up" hehe. "Remember what I was saying about the thousands of ways 8 people can sit around the table". Then time is reversed to the time when the kids changed the cards. We see different scenes based on the card switching. We land on the eventuation that Jack swallowed sleeping juice. He runs into the toilet. Jack asks Bryan to stick his fingers down his throat.

Bryan does this then Dina enters the toilet hahaha. It looked funny with Bryans finger in the mouth of Jack hehe. Jack goes back to the table and orders coffee. Jack chats to Dina. Dina says her mum had terminal cancer. Jack yawns. "I don't think Im over it" Dina says. Jack is head back asleep! Dina gets angry and leaves. She goes for shots at the bar. Then Amanda sits next to Jack. "Chaz asked me to marry him" says Amanda. She gives him a nipple cripple to wake him up. "On what grounds" Jack says.

Jack then chats to Marc and tries to stop him but he's half asleep. Bryan grabs Jack and takes him outside and slaps him in the face. He says Dina hates me. "I properly love you" Jack says to Bryan and tries to kiss him. He's out of it. Hayley then walks with Jack "you've taken the sleeping tonic haven't you". Hayley says "Marc is going to tell Roberto and he is going to leave me... I'm a collossal loser". Jack says "I'll always be around". "I'm awake... I'm so here" Jack says.

Dina is talking to Sidney. Marc walks around looking for a room to snort coke. Bryan talks to Rebecca. She says she is an idiot. She also says she likes him. Bryan then kisses Rebecca. She says "thank you". Jack speaks to Marc and says "I know how you feel about Hayley.. But she's happy with Robert If you truly care about her let her go". Jack sits back down in the table. Jack feels ill. Sidney comes and asks for lady advice.

"Try to listen more... and stop thinking about Jim and Jeff. Listen" says jack hehehe. Sidney couldn't stop talking about his work mates Jim and Jeff. Then Bryan gets up to do his speech. "Love is unpredictable sometimes... and the most important thing is that the person your with loves you for being you. That's what Roberto and Hayley have" great speech. Marc appears and he's not happy. He looks at Hayley and Roberto happy. He steps up on the podium and says "Hayley.. Hayley and I.. Hayley and Roberto I hope you'll be living happy together".

Hayley and Roberto toast the mini speech. Hayley follows Marc outside she says "Marc" but Marc leaves. Chaz has a conversation with Amanda. Chaz says "Maybe we shouldn't get married...". Amanda says "Someone is going to be very happy to marry you... especially with those awesome genitals". Chaz then leaves.

We cut to Christina greeting Sidney "Hi my name is Cristina". Sidney says "I'm in car insurance". "I work in a post office... with a friend.. Julia... she is a very crazy woman" says Cristina. "I love your kilt" she says grabbing it from the front hehe. Sidney says "buy me dinner first" hahaha. Jack looks on happy and also looks at Roberto and Hayley kissing/ happy. Rebecca is with Bryan happy. Dina says she has to go. She says goodbye to Hayley.

Dina walks out and Jack runs after her. "look whose woken up" Dina says. "Tonight didn't quite turn out as I'd planned" says Jack. She has to go because of work. Jack says "I was about to kiss you... that night... I need to know if you also had that connection...". Dina says "You weren't imagining it... I guessed you missed your moment". Jack says "Right" says goodbye and walks back in. Jack commiserates at the bar with Bryan.

Then Vitelli approaches Bryan and says he liked his speech. Vitelli knew Bryan was an actor and gives Bryan his card! "I thought you were quitting acting" says Jack hehe. Bryan says "we're all lucky... how small are the chances that you would be born... if just one of your millions of ancestors hadn't crossed paths at the exact moment they did... then you woudn't exist". Bryan says it's a quote from one of Vitelli's movies. Bryan continues and says "And I guess life is about grabbing those chances when they come round".

Jack thinks about this. Jack then runs outside... Bryan smiles. He runs into the town and Dina is there on the phone. Jack approaches her. He's about to kiss her when an older man approaches her and says "Dina?". Dina says Do I know you? and the old man says "Do you remember we met at that..". Jack gets defensive and say "You F* Off I'm serious you F* Off" HAHAHA! What a hilarious scene!!! The movie had been leading up to this climax!!! Considering this has happened before. Jack then kisses her passionately.

The end of the movie shows scenes of alternate plots considering the sleeping juice misunderstanding.

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