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Main Cast Reviews  Katie Holmes, Josh Lucas, Jerry O'connell Categories  Drama Release Date  30th Apr 2020 8.1


This movie is an adaptation of the self-help book; "The Secret". It's about the technique of positive thinking. The great cast includes: Katie Holmes as Miranda Wells, Josh Lucas as Bray Johnson, Jerry O'connell as Tucker, Celia Weston as Bobby, Sarah Hoffmeister as Missy Wells, Aidan Pierce brennan as Greg Wells, Chloe Lee as Bess wells, Katrina Begin as Jennifer, Sydney Tennant as Sloane, Samantha Beaulieu as Charmaine, Yohance Myles as Devon, Rosemberg Salgado as Manny, Jessie Terrebonne as Donna, Wanetah Walmsley as Sweatpants and Betsy Borrego as Baby Front Pack.

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"We see a view of the earth from space. Then we see a hurricance approaching from above. It's called Hurricane Hazel. Miranda Wells (played brilliantly by the beautiful Katie Holmes) is on a fishing boat, she talks to a man about selling crabs. Katie then arrives on land and chats to the owner of the Seafood company Tucker (played well by the experienced Jerry O'Connel) about dinner. Katie Holmes has a natural look to her in this role from the beginning. Little makeup, she is a working class woman. You like her character instantly. Great acting by Katie"
We cut to a man called Bray (played excellently by Josh Lucas) checks in to a Hotel. Miranda needs a root canal from the dentist hehe. Bray visits Miranda's house to deliver an envelope, he doesn't know Miranda. There is a young boy there fishing by the lake near the house. Bray chats to him about his casting of the fishing line and tells him he left the envelope for his mom.

Miranda drives by shut down stores and shopping centres packed full of people making last purchases because of the upcoming hurricane. Miranda's tooth is hurting.

"Miranda calls Bobby, her mother, on the phone. Bobby is played well by the experienced Celia Weston. Celia always puts a touch of comedy to her performances which I have enjoyed hehe. You start to like this ensemble cast"
Celia tells Miranda to fix her weak roof of her house. Miranda says she cant even afford a root canal hehe. Miranda picks up her two girls (Missy and Bess).

"Miranda's car hits the car in front. She hit Bray's car by coincidence. Her front bumper falls off hehe. She is stressed and apologises. But Bray offers to fix the front bumper at no cost. They both drive to Miranda's house. Bray introduces himself. The audience is surprised at this co-incidence and they know that the movie is starting to get interesting"

Bray says Hi to Greg (Miranda's son). Bray asks Greg for supplies (tools and foam for the car). Bray fixes the bumper well. Miranda asks Bray what brings him here. Bray says it's a long story. Miranda says it's ok not to explain. Miranda invites Bray into her kitchen for a drink. In regards to the hurricane Bray explains to the girls that nature is a force.

"Bray also explains the law of attraction. Bray asks the girls 'what are you thinking about?'. They say 'pizza...' hehe. Co-incidentally, a pizza arrives at the door hahaha. The pizza was courtesy of Tucker. This was pure coincidence but it makes the audience laugh. What Bray was talking about was "The Secret" (title of the film and a known theory). "The Secret" is the Law of Attraction. Under the Law of Attraction, the complete order of the Universe is determined, including everything that comes into your life and everything that you experience. It does so through the magnetic power of your thoughts. Through the Law of Attraction like attracts like. This is what makes this movie interesting. The theory materializes through out this film"
Bray then stays for dinner. He simplifies things for the children and tells Missy, Bess and Greg "Whatever happens, even the bad stuff can lead to better things".

"Bray leaves and says to Miranda 'Everything seems unexpected but good'. Great acting by Josh Lucas. Josh has always been a subtle actor who has the ability to deliver his lines with an elegant yet powerful nature. Miranda cares for her children. She is a strong motherly figure. Katie Holmes adds a lot of depth to this character"
Bray leaves his parcel in the post box before he leaves. He goes back to his hotel. It rains heavily. Miranda and her kids take cover in the bathroom. A big tree branch falls into Miranda's Kitchen through the roof. The family inspects it in the morning, there is a lot of damage. Bray drives past Miranda's house. The postbox is missing, it had fallen into the river.
"Bray brings back two coffee's. He asks if Miranda has home owners insurance. Bray says to her "I just found that if you think of goods things.. they occur". Bray says that he can fix Miranda's house for free. This perhaps is one of the many references to 'The Secret' theory. But you realise that the character of Bray also has his own take on positive thinking"

Miranda agrees that he fix the house but only because he got coffee hehe. Miranda wants her eldest daughter Missy to have her birthday party regardless. Bray measures the roof hole. He leaves to get supplies. Miranda's mother Bobby arrives and wants the kids to live with her temporarily.

"'I appreciate what your trying to do' Miranda says to Bray. 'My husband Matt died five year ago' Miranda says to Bray privately. You realise that Miranda has had a tough life. You can see it in the face of Miranda. Brilliant acting by Katie Holmes. At times Miranda looks tired and exhausted. Yet there is a beauty and resilience to this character"
Miranda visits Tucker and has a chat to him about work. We cut to Bobby chatting with Miranda. "Any developments that I should know about" asks Bobby to Miranda.
"We cut to Bray getting all his tools ready to fix the hole in the roof. There are a few scenes of him preparing planks of wood, sheets. It's entertaining to see him fix the roof. It's a feel good scene because Miranda is finally getting good luck meeting someone like Bray"

We see old footage that suggests that Bray knew Matt, Miranda's husband that passed away. Bray then chats to a woman (we don't know who she is) and gives her an update. He says to her that the parcel was lost.

"Tucker arrives at the house and says hi to Bray. 'How do you know Miranda' Tucker asks. 'I don't' Bray says. "Then why are you fixing the roof?" Tucker asks hehe. There is some tension between these two. Ofcourse it's obvious they are both interested in Miranda hehe. Jerry O'Connell as Tucker puts in a solid performance. You can tell that Tucker cares deeply for Miranda"
Tucker says he's just friends with Miranda but does want to get serious with her at some point. He also says he's taking it slowly with her since she lost her partner. We cut to Bobby saying that the house is a teardown and Miranda is sad.
"Bray calls Miranda by phone and says 'things are going great'. She asks 'what are you doing right now' in a somewhat sexy voice. 'On the roof, taking in the view' hehe. I love this scene. Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas have undeniable chemistry. In this little scene we see Miranda and Bray's relationship evolve into something more. Brilliant editing and dialogue"

Bray explains to Miranda that he went through a divorce.

"Bray also has a sombre disposition and I guess he's also gone through a lot. 'Sometimes the best thing to do is wait... till everything comes clear'. Brays words have a big impact on the audience. His character provides guidance to the others and you admire his wisdom"
She says "goodnight" to him. Bray extends his stay at the hotel. He also tells the concierge that he is expecting a package. Bobby still tells Miranda to sell the house whilst Tucker visits. We cut to Bray continuing to fix the house. Bray sees something glistening by the river. It's a metal sheet. It's the perfect size for the whole in the roof! hehe.

Miranda sits in her living room crying. In the morning Bobby cooks breakfast for the kids. Bray finishes the roof. "Everyone should ask themselves is this a friendly universe?... and that determines your fate". Greg asks if his mom saw the envelope. Bray says not yet.

"We cut to Tucker at a restaurant with Miranda, Bobby and the kids. He says 'I always wanted a family'. He asks Miranda to marry him. Miranda is nervous but she says yes. The eldest daughter is not that happy about this but says "congratulations mom". This scene is a surprise to the audience as we were seeing Bray and Miranda starting to get along. But because Tucker is a likeable character you still feel happy for Miranda and Tucker"
Tucker gives Miranda a four wheel drive as a gift. She thinks it's too much but she is happy.

Greg is at his home and he's pissed off about the engagement. Bray chats to him. Greg says his mom doesn't love Tucker.

"Bray helps Greg with his chicken feeder device. Bray fixes it and makes it work. The eldest daughter asks Bray 'why are u so nice to us'. Bray says 'you get what you give'. The Eldest daughter says she is sad because her party will never beat the popular girls party. Bray convinces her to make her party unique. She wants to make taffee and he agrees. It is clear that Bray gets along with the kids. He is a good father figure to them"
Miranda asks "I don't understand whats happening here" to Bray. "There is something that I've been meaning to say” says Bray. But she stops his words and says "come to the party tonight". Bobby chats to Miranda and says "your fortunate that Tucker asked you to marry him considering your baggage". We cut to old footage of Bray and Matt (Miranda's ex husband) in a plane accident. Then we cut to the daughters party. Bray is invited. Tucker is also there.

They all make taffee and it's messy hehe. Everybody seems to be enjoying themselves.

"Bobby then gives Miranda a sheet of paper with a photograph of Bray and Matt. This means that Bray knew her husband all along and that he's been hiding this from her. Miranda is very angry at Bray. Bray explains that he worked with Matt on an invention. Bray was found injured next to Matt after the plane accident. Bray was going to give Miranda the patent to that invention in that envelope he left. But it was lost in the rain. Miranda is confused and asks Bray to leave. This is an impactful scene. You feel for Bray but at the same time you understand that this is all very confusing for Miranda. Miranda is already a struggling mom. Bray may not have handled it well. It's a sad point in the movie"
Bray checks out of his hotel. A package gets delivered to Miranda, it's another copy of the patent. Miranda explains to her kids that one of her dads inventions sold for a lot of money. The family discusses Miranda's engagement. They ask her if this is what she wants.

Miranda and the kids find the mailbox in the river.

"They find Brays parcel inside, he was telling the truth, he had given her that parcel a long time ago. Miranda chats to her daughter Missy. Missy says 'Bray... I never would have thought of taffee if it werent for him' hehe. 'Have you called him" Missy asks Miranda. 'You were so much more relaxed with him" she says about Bray. Miranda visits her husbands grave. 'You are their hero and mine too" she says. Miranda visits Tucker and returns the ring saying 'but i think your wonderful'. The audience kind of liked this scene. You want to see Bray and Miranda together. Poor Tucker"

Tucker says "right back at you". She says "I should probably quit (her job)". Tucker says "yeah".

"The character of Tucker is interesting. He was always there for Miranda but he never put pressure on her. I guess Miranda never developed enough feelings for him. But when Bray came into the picture you sensed they had true chemistry"
Miranda says to Bobby "I broke up with Tucker".
"'I know you think this second chance thing is stupid' she says to Bobby. The mother replies 'You would be wrong'. I love the acting by Celia Weston as Bobby. Celia has always been charming and funny at the same time"
Miranda visits Bray at his home.
"A woman answers the door and you think it's Bray's girlfriend. But it's not his girlfriend, it's his sister! The audience love this scene! 'You should have seen my face when your sister answered the door' Miranda says to Bray on the phone hehehe. This phone conversation is well shot and memorable. Miranda is all smiles"

Miranda and Bray stop driving and meet at a Waffle house. They get out of their cars and smile. Intense chemistry here. You really want to see them together. They walk together towards the waffle house. They slowly hold hands. They kiss. What a great scene. The audience smiles. They all spend christmas at Brays big house. Bray buys the youngest daughter Bess a pony. The whole family is happy. We see a shot of the earth from space. What a great ending.

"What stood out for me was the performances of the ensemble cast. Katie Holmes in particular put in a strong performance as Miranda, a struggling mother of three. You could see the strain in her life in her face and Katie conveyed her emotions well. Josh Lucas (Bray) for me has mastered subtle acting. Yet some of his dialogue has a big impact on the audience. The grandmother Bobby played by Celia Weston is a charming wise addition. Jerry O'Connell plays Tucker as an honourable man, great acting. Miranda's kids played by Sarah Hoffmeister, Chloe Lee and Aidan Pierce Brennan also put in solid performances"
"The Secret: Dare to Dream" is a little bit about the theory of attraction but more to do with how life has ups and downs. After you watch this film you'll walk out happy. But at the same time you realise that this movie and life isn't perfect and sometimes what starts out as misfortune can turns into good times. Enjoy the inspirational 1hr 47min.

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