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Main Cast Reviews  Kristen Stewart, T.j. Miller, Jessica Henwick Categories  Action | Drama Release Date  10th Jan 2020 7.6


When an earthquake ruins a subterranean laboratory, a group of underwater researchers have to find safety. The talented cast includes: Kristen Stewart as Norah, T.j. Miller as Untitled, Jessica Henwick as Emily, Vincent Cassel as Untitled, John Gallagher jr. as Untitled, Mamoudou Athie as Untitled and Gunner Wright as Lee.

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We see screenshots of underwater goegraphical maps and random text like "unexplained anomaly". This is shown with an eary soundtracks of spooky sounds. We cut to an underwater station that's huge. It's called "Kepler Station".

"Inside the lights flicker on and off. This station looks like it's quite weathered and old. Norah (played by the beautiful and talented Kristen Stewart) is there. She has a shaved hair look died blonde. She says that underwater you lose sense of time, you don't know when its day or night. You don't sleep that much. She saves a spider in her sink. What a great introduction to the main protagonist's daily life"
Norah spots a dripping pipe. The walls then cave in! In pours a vast amount of water from outside. Norah runs away fast. She goes into a room and locks the waterproof round door behind her. She overrides the digital screen by opening up the control box with a knife.

Other people try and run inside the room she is in but it's too late. The impact of the water outside makes Norah and Rodrigo (played by Mamoudou Athie) jump and jolt back.

"Their bodies dangerously hit the walls a and they crash down. Norah has an injured foot and ear. Great acting by Kristen Stewart. She is visually nervous and shocked"
Norah tells Rodrigo that she's a mechanical engineer. She tries to communicate to the outside world via a comms device.

Rodrigo asks if its an earthquake, Nora says she doesn't know. They get some info that they need from the screen console and then they travel through the broken Kesler station. They meet an injured man called Smith (played by John Gallagher Jr.) and help him. Norah and Rodrigo squeeze through crevaces on the roof component of the room.

Norah goes passed a dead body, it shocks the audience. They meet the station's Captain played by the experienced Vince Cassel. He asks "on a scale from 1 to 10 how bad is my rig?". The Captain heals Norah with cotton buds and alcohol in a caring fashion. Norah says "10". She meets other survivors. On the console Norah checks the instability of the station. The Captain has a plan. Norah is nervous and gives her opinion. The Captain wants everybody to get into their waterproof suits and go out to the water before the meltdown begins. Paul (played by T.J. Miller) is also there. He is the comedic character of the bunch.

Emily (played by the beautiful Jessica Henwick) says "has anyone ever walked outside before". Norah says "No". They all strip to their underpants and suit up. Kristen Stewart looks beautiful and fit.

"The Captain says 'These suits are dangerous'. These suits look like a cross between a space astronaut suit and an underwater diving suit. The design of the suits look cool. It was also interesting to watch the people put these suits on"
The team goes down a pool that takes them to the outside. They open the door but the water pressure is too high...
"Rodrigo's face mask implodes because of the pressure and he perishes. It wasn't a good way to go. Nora breathes heavily and gets over it. She jumps down to the next level. They go into a lift device and go down. The Captain says "I know your experiencing fear but your going to have to use it" to Norah. Vince Cassel plays the commanding role of Captain to perfection"

Paul says a joke "What did the fish say when he bumped into the brick wall?... Damn" hehe. Paul and Smith go on a small mission to go outside. The Captain says his married and has a 14 year old daughter. Norah says she's older. It appears the Captain is starting to lose it, he is fatigued. They look at the face camera footage of Paul. There is silence. They see something like Algi and theres a wallet there too.

The something (a creature perhaps) comes at Paul at speed! It attacks him but he bashes it and grabs it.

"The two come back to the station. They all study this little creature which appears to be a new species. It looks like a pink fleshed alien looking animal. They touch a nerve and it moves. This creature has limbs with a face. It's a fascinating scene. By this point you already feel like something else is lurking in the deep outside. Perhaps... a bigger creature"
Inside they experience what appears to be huge objects hitting the exterier of station. They close all doors. Through a window they see a big creature bash into t the station. They take the lift device up. Then they go outside into the water and run!

"They all survive and enter another compartment. They take their masks off. They take an internal cargo train to another destination. This fast cargo train looks cool from a wide shot"
Norah puts her mask on. She goes on a small mission to find a way out. Emily follows. She makes it. Emily is the most nervous out of the bunch. Great acting by Jessica Henwick. Then Captain follows. Then Smith.
"The only one that's left is Paul. Something was swimming behind him! He makes it but then suddenly something pulls him back behind him! What a suspenseful scene"

Paul's mask implodes and he dissappears below. The Captain tries to communicate with the outside world. "They ripped him right out of his suit" says Smith worried. Norah and Captain go for a walk outside to find another safe compartment. They see an alien like animal fly by. The Captain says turn off the light. It's suspensful.

"The creature drags Smith inside a tunnel. The creature pulls a wire and it looks menacing, he pulls another person up above too. These creatures were well designed, they are scary and one thing they have in common with the "Alien" creatures is that they move with lightning speed. They also have razor sharp teeth"
You gasped at first sight of them.

"Norah goes up top and see's the alien, it attacks her and tries to swollow her mask! She punches it in the face hard and it retreats. Kristen Stewart plays this brave and strong character to perfection. She really is coming into her own in action. The Captain is taken by another alien. Norah is shaken and leaves that area. She then goes into another compartment of the station and has a shower. She cries. Fantastic acting by Kristen. She is in despair and is clearly shaken"
Nora gets anxious and tries to come up with a plan to escape. She finds a flare gun with two big bullets/flares. She also finds a yellow underwater suit. She knows that Emily is still out there.

Norah see's her and Emily is too tense to realise. Emily is screaming erratically. Norah calms her down. "I'm so proud of you" Norah says to her. They walk together on the ground to a new location. Norah chats to Emily about her fiance and how he was lost. They make it to Roebuck station and they can hear the drill. Norah says turn your lights off.

"The creatures are there and their hybernating. Norah's oxygen is low and her suit makes a sound! One of the creatures awakens and bashes Norah. She shoots it with the flair gun. Then the creatures disappear because a mamoth, even bigger creature shows up. This is an unexpected super action scene!"

Norah shoots a flair at it and she see's how massive this super creature is! Norah and Emily see Paul hanging upside down near the hybernating creatures. They free him. Paul then gets into another comparment and take a lift to a higher level. The super bug creature is taking the whole station apart.

"Norah and the others run. Norah leaves Paul alone and tells Emily to leave. Norah wants to sort it out. The creatures are trying to get in her compartment. Norah then says 'There are things that can happen that make you powerless... but its just a feeling... sometimes you have act'. Kristen Stewart shows a grittyness and bravado here that is seldom seen in action movies these days"

She knows that the station has a lot of energy compartments that are dangerous when they are turned on to full capacity. She turns power up to full blast. It's her only option. There is a massive blast and the big super creature and most of the other creatures die. There are only two survivors, Paul and Emily. Norah gave her life up for them. What an intense ending.

"There are some creature/alien movies that try and borrow from the dynamic 'Alien' movies and this is one of them. The actual creatures here were uniquely designed and had a menacing evil nature. Kristen Stewart is now an action star. She has what it takes to play a heroine up against all odds. What a gritty performance by her. The supporting cast: Vince Cassel (Captain), T.J. Miller (Paul), Jessica Henwick (Emily), John Gallagher Jr. (Smith), Mamoudou Athie (Rodrigo) all put in quality performances"
The flooded inside of the station were the majority of the action occurs was designed well. The waterproof suits also looked fantastic and somewhat realistic. The fulll on action sequences were memorable but it is the suspenseful/thrilling sequences that you will have you guessing and scared. What an entertaining 1hr 35min.

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