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This movie is about two older female best friends that go to a resort and get into some mischief. The full cast includes: Kristen Wiig as Star, Annie Mumolo as Barb, Jamie Dornan as Edgar, Wendi Mclendon-covey as Untitled, Damon Wayans jr. as Untitled, Tom Lenk as Happy Braggy Arnie, Michael Hitchcock as Gary, Karen Maruyama as Debbie, Reyn Doi as Yoyo, Mika Kubo as Dancer, Kwame Patterson as George The Bartender, Ariane Price as Divorcee, Mario Telles as Town Guy, Arina Gancicova as Untitled and Adrian Makala as Lair Security Guard.

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"Starts off with a text definition of 'Culottes' which are 'Women’s trousers typically worn by women in their middle age years' hahaha! Then we see an asian kid throwing rolled up newspapers to the street houses. He’s listening to a Barbara Streisand song on his headphones hehe. He then approaches a tree in the park. A robotic owl then scans him. The tree has a door and it opens up and he walks in to a hidden lair. The kids name is Yoyo (played by the funny Reyn Doi). These are underground headquarters of an evil organisation by the looks of it. There is a Meeting going on. What a wacky intro! It sets the tone for the rest of this comedy"

A woman with black hair (Sharon Fisherman played by the funny Kristen Wiig) addresses Yoyo, a man in a suit (Edgar played by the versatile Jamie Dornan) and a scientist. The scientist Describes genetically modified mosquito’s and a way to control them.

"'One sting will kill a large animal in minutes'. The scientist thinks that this tech will be used for good. Sharon then locks the scientist up in a room and the mosquitos Attack him. Sharon then says 'Now no one can stop me… no one'. The character of Sharon is super whacky/funny and pure evil"
We then cut to Barb (played by the hilarious and sexy Annie Mumolo) and Star (played by the funny and beautiful Kristen Wiig, she plays two roles) having a chat on a coach at a furniture store. They are tapping their hands to the song "Man I feel like a woman" by Shania Twain hahaha.

"Their silly conversations are funny 'I had a dream that I made love to that man on the Pringles Ad' says Star. They move their shoulders to the song hehe. Then two customers approach them. They say they are interested in the couch. But Barb and Star love to sit on that couch and hence don’t want to sell It. 'It was on this couch that you told me my husband was having an affair...' hehe. The customers say 'Your telling us not to buy the couch because you want to sit on it at work'. Barb says 'Yes'. This is the first taste of the many ridiculous/hilarious scenes that you will find in this movie!"
Then we cut to Barb and Star having a meeting with the manager. The manager says "We’re closing the store... you’ll get severance pay". "This job is our life, it's our Purpose". Outside they chat. "I think I’m really grieving..." says Barb. Star says "This town is full of places willing to hire women in their forties” hehe.

"Then Barb and Star meet Mickey (played by the sexy and hilarious Wendi McLendon-Covey), a female friend. Mickey says she has just returned from a resort. Mickey says 'Miguel and I just got back from vacation'. She adds 'It's a tiny little oasis on the coast of Florida. There are so many gorgeous men there... Tommy Bahama head to toe' hahaha. Mickey says she'll Drop off a brochure later. Mickey says the resort is called 'Vista Del Mar'. When Mickey says 'Tommy Bahama head to toe' I laughed out loud"
We then cut to a "talking club" of women including Barb and Star.
"The organiser Debbie (played by the hilarious SNL actress Vanessa Bayer) is very strict. She stops a woman from coming in the house because she is one minute late hahaha! The topic of conversation is 'jobs'. The women talk about their jobs. It's now Barb and Star's turn to speak. They lie because they have actually lost their jobs. They say they got a promotion. The late woman is still outside talking hahaha. Star says 'Barb and Star lost our jobs!'. The organiser then says rule number 3 is 'no lying... your band from the talking club!'. Vanessa Bayer is a toxic humourist from SNL. Even without talking she's funny in this scene. What a scene stealer! Go Vanessa!!!"

Sad music plays in their home Star says "Barb are you upset with me". Star says "Maybe life is telling us to do something Different...". Star holds up the Vista Del Mar brochure. Barb is worried though, she thinks something bad might happen. They chat about life after divorce and their mini adventures. Star says "Barb I think we’ve lost our shimmer. I feel like we're fading away”. Barb says "Let’s do it!". They hug! They then pack their clothing.

We cut to the evil headquarters. There is a map on the wall with a red target on Vista Del Mar. Sharon chats to Edgar. Sharon wants revenge for what those people at Vista Del Mar did to her. We are not sure what she is referring to but this mission of hers has to do with the resort Vista Del Mar. Edgar says after this mission they can have a proper relationship.

"We cut to an aeroplane where Barb and Star are seated chatting. Their conversations are silly. 'What… a free magazine!" says Barb, 'I cannot think of an actress named Trish...' says Star. They go on about this fictional Trish for minutes hahaha! Barb and Star have nonsensical conversations. Sometimes they are laugh out loud"
Barb and Star arrive at the Vista del Mar. Edgar also arrives as he is on that mission. They check into the resort. We see an inside view of the resort and Barb and Star Are in awe.

"They get welcomed by the concierge and a song and dance number commences. 'Welcome to Palm Vis... a Floridian paradise… all your dreams come true here... we're here to Please and pamper... its a middle age nirvana... we change your seats every day… almost every day'. The staff wear colourful clothing. This song and dance number is a visual feast and extremely funny. You didn't expect a musical number at all HAHAHA!"
Edgar then does his own musical number ahahaha “Every where I look I see official couples... A man must do what it takes to win his sweetheart (referring to evil Wiig)". The manager says "this is the Palm Vista Hotel” not the "Palm Vista Motel". Barb and Star had got the wrong place.

"They then enter the much cheaper 'Palm Vista Motel'. A funny little old indian man, Rick (played by Gerry Bednob) is the admin there. He says 'Ok… do you want towel... do you need sheets... no pillows though... ok?'. This scene cracks me up. Things are tight in that motel. Gerry Bednob's serious funny face is priceless!!! HAHAHA!"
We cut to Barb and Star at the Motel pool which is broken down with no water hehe. They then want to sneak into the "Palm Vista Hotel" pool. They are by that pool in their swimwear. The manager then comes and they think he’s going to kick them out but he says there is a spare room! They say "Yes!". We cut to their new "Palm Vista Hotel" room! They dance and celebrate. We cut to Edgar phone calling the evil Sharon. "Do you miss me" Edgar says. But Sharon as usual is unresponsive and this depresses Edgar.
"Barb and Star are in the main bar where 'Richard Cheese' is playing piano hehe. His song goes 'What I really really love when I look around this place... is all the many boobies... And I want them in my face... I love boobies...'. What ridiculous lyrics. HAHAHA! By this point I called this the funniest movie of the year! But there are even more laughs to come!"

We then cut to Barb and Star ordering drinks at the bar. Edgar is there too, depressed. Edgar says to the bartender that he is in Room "611" and Barb and Star say "Oh. My gosh We’re in room 124... wow!". The rooms aren’t even close together hahaha. Edgar says he’s having a bad day. He says "Work stuff". Barb says "We also just lost Our jobs".

"Barb wants Star to say one of her Greeting Card sayings. Star says 'Sometimes life's umbrella has holes in it... and the water just pours all over your shoulders and your hair... But don’t worry the rain will end... but you should also get a replacement umbrella for the next time' HAHAHA! 'Words just fall out of her like air comes out of..." says Barb. The pianist says 'Thankyou so much. Ok... I’m gonna take a short break, I'll be right back". He stops for 5 seconds and then says 'Ok I’m back thank you' HAHAHA! This whole sequence made me laugh till I cried!"

Barb, Star and Edgar then order an exotic drink. The bartender presents them with the drink "Buried treasure". "If you get to the bottom there is a real treasure" says the hilarious bartender. This blue drink is in a massive glass that looks like a mini fish aquarium hehe. It has a high Level of alcohol in it. They drink it quickly and get trashed. They then go dancing. The dance song "Heart will go on" by Celine Dion plays in the club. Edgar, Barb and Star dance energetically real tight hehehe. We cut to the boring talking club back in their hometown and a woman says "I like looking at wicker but I don’t like sitting on it" hehe. They sip their tea. We cut to the dance floor and Edgar leaves a message for Sharon "I'm getting sick of these mixed messages... I’ve met two young... two middle aged lady friends... If you don't start giving me respect soon... the mission is off".

"The girls continue to dance provocatively. We then cut to the next morning. We see Star's arm hanging from her bed. Barb is on Top of Dornan on top of Star, all in their underpants on the bed in the morning. They are sleeping peacefully. They are Squashing each other HAHAHA! This is the funniest visual scene I’ve ever seen this year HAHAHA! Edgar wakes up as his phone rings. The three of them are Eyeballing each other HAHAHA! Barb then falls off and lands on the other side of the bed"
Edgar is on the Phone with Wiig. "Did we aaah.." asks Barb. Star says "a lotta times". Sharon says "Let's not talk such nonsense about completing the mission... it's hard for me To show it but I love you deeply. Star then says to Barb "I know I rode you like a couple Of horses... up and down the hallway". Sharon says "Miss you... kiss with tongue" hehehe. Edgar then leaves.

The girls say it's the first time they’ve been with a man since their divorcee's. "Edgar was amazing... what a nice man!" they say. We then cut to Barb and Star returning from shopping. Star has bought a mobile phone case the shape of a big pink shell hehehe. We cut to Edgar's room. He has a towel wrapped around his head like a girl hahaha. Edgar then remembers the night he had with Barb and Star. He has lost a device (microchip) that was in his belt!

"Sharon is angry at Edgar for losing the device. Sharon says 'Imbecile! There's another man I can call... he won't let me down'. Then the depressed Edgar starts a musical number ahahaha! Edgar sings 'Burning like my blood... is in a pan... I’m running... I'm a frustrated man... I’m flicking my tip toes... to kick up the sand... heads in a fog... I’m under her spell... leaping... doing the splits on my heart... twirling like a baby ballerina...' hehehe. Then Edgar does ballerina moves HAHAHA! He continues to sing "Watch me climbing... I’m going up a palm tree... like a cat up a palm tree whose decided to go up a palm tree" HAHAHA! These ridiculous musical numbers are totally non-sensical but hilarious"

In this case Edgar is confused about his feelings for Sharon. We then cut to Barb and Star planning their day. "I don't think I can do another night like Last night" says Barb. They both say that they want to forget that night but they both Like Edgar. Barb then puts more hair spray on. She fakes she’s in the tub and sneaks out. Star writes a letter to Edgar. We cut to Edgar reading a book titled "How to know The person you love loves you even though they don't act like it most of the time" HAHAHA! Then Edgar gets a private phone call from that second spy working for Wiig. He Is going to help Edgar find the microchip. Then Edgar says his number came up On his phone hahaha. "Damn it... well don’t give it to anyone" hehe. This spy is a fool!

Edgar opens the door to Barb's room. Edgar then asks her to go for a walk. Barb talks about her ex husband comically. They go on a bicycle boat and chat. But Barb feels guilty because she betrayed Star and walks away back to room. Star appears to be sleeping but it’s just pillows! Star has walked away and it outside Edgar’s room.

"Edgar opens the door and Star is doing the splits and provocative stretches with her butt in the direction of Edga. This is over the top comedy! hahaha. Then they go for a walk and Star chats about her ex husband aswell hahaha. They also Go on bicycle boat and chat. A spy Darlie Bunkle (played by the hilarious Damon Wayans Jr.) is taking pictures of them. 'I've been a terrible friend... I should go... which means we don’t have that much time... Oh Edgar I should go... gosh I need you inside me... lets make love on those hard wooden stairs' says Star. 'Star that was amazing' says Edgar. Then she leaves but comes back 'Let’s do it one more time' hahaha!"

Star then sneaks back into her room. Barb is playing with the lamp... on and off... she looks scary. But she ends up saying she was just playing with the lamp, she's happy HAHAHA! They go to sleep. We cut to Sharon chatting to Yoyo.

"Sharon explains her story. She was born with a skin condition and hence she was allergic to the sun. Then her father moved the family to Vista Del Mar and at school she was called names. Then at a beauty pageant she was pushed to the stage by popular girls. She accidentally won and was shot out of a cannon and one of the girls turned the dial to maximum. The force ripped off all her clothing and she landed on a pool of a Disney cruise ship. She was the laughing stock of the crowd. Since then Sharon wanted revenge on the whole Vista Del Mar town. The character of Sharon makes you laugh just by looking at her. She is a ridiculous villain"

Yoyo agrees that her revenge is waranted. He also says we need to give Edgar another microchip. We cut to Edgar getting dinner and Darlie Bunkle is serving him. The piano player is singing about Boobies again hehehe. Darlie Bunkle says he'll give him directions in a piece of paper later. Edgar says "Why don’t you tell me now" hehehe. We cut to Barb and Star chatting. A cartoonist is drawing pictures of them. Star fakes she's sick and runs off after Edgar. They sleep with each other again! Next they go to pool and put suncream all over their bodies hehehe. Barb spends the day by herself and goes hang gliding etc. We cut to their room. Star is faking being sick on her bed.

We cut to Sharon reading a book titled "How to convince someone you love them when you don’t, to get them to do what you want". HAHAHA! Yoyo shows Sharon photographs of Edgar and Star. Yoyo asks "do you want me to take care of them". Then Sharon replies "No... I’ll take care of this".

"We cut to Barb riding a bike. She falls off. Then an older man (the funny Andy Garcia playing Tommy Bahama) grabs her hand and picks her up. Tommy speaks some crazy funny philosophy "You are rising... the truth is you are a Phoenix. Your shimmer is on the horizon...". She asks his name then he says "The name Is Tommy... Tommy Bahama" HAHAHA! Tommy Bahama is a famous hawaiian shirt company. Tommy is the owner hehehe"

We cut to Star and Edgar kissing "Oh Edgar... I have so many feelings in my heart...". "I have those feelings too".

"You’ve been pleasuring me a lot lately... in that last position your dong went really deep... I think your dong went all the way up and... touched my heart..." HAHAHA! Over the top comedy once again! 'Do you still want meaningless flings or something more...' says Edgar. Then Star says "Official...". Edgar smiles"
Then Edgar has to leave for a meeting. Star says "What about Barb... what am I going to do?".

Star speaks to a little orange crab on the sand hehehe.

"The crab says 'Go with your heart... love is rare... true friends forgive... it depends what you do and how long your lie lasts... and if you really F* her over she's not going to talk to you again. The names Morgan... Morgan Freeman... with a D'. 'Maybe I'll see you around" says Star. The crab then says 'hehehe I am going to the ocean tonight and I Shall never return. Oh I have lived a full life... bathed in the sun... slept in the sand... I was in jail... Even drove a lady around and taught her about tolerance and true friendship. But that kid is Long gone... this old crab is all that is left. Goodbye me' HAHAHA! This scene was laugh out loud ridiculous comedy at it's best!"

We cut to Edgar arriving at his room. There is a package outside that says "Microchip is inside" hehehe. Barb is getting ready for the Banana boat. Then Barb spots Star and Edgar on the balcony of Edgars room making love. "Star... I’ve never been this happy" says Edgar. Star leaves and Barb arrives outside Edgar’s room. Sharon calls Edgar "You pretended to love me... so you can plant the receiver in the crowd and unleash deadly mosquitos". Barb overhears the conversation. Sharon says that Star and Barb are spy's. Sharon says she has intercepted some photos. Edgar Is then sad. Sharon then says "I need you to find those two and kill them".

Barb then runs to Star who is in their room. Barb says to Star "Edgar is following orders from his boss... he is a killer! Barb tells her about the deadly mosquitos. Star thinks Barb is angry because she is jealous. Edgar walks in the room with a gun. YoYo is in a mini submarine under water in the ocean hehehe. Edgar ties Barb and Star with rope on two chairs. Barb says "You're not who you say you are!" To Edgar. Edgar says "Goodbye ladies". "A lot of innocent People will die" says Barb. Edgar then explains his life story. Edgar says he was poor. Then he met Sharon and she saved him. The girls then quietly untangle themselves. Edgar then leaves with the receiver. The girls then try and leave the room but Sharon punches them in the face and they black out.

We cut to a cliff and Sharon says "You can either jump off the cliff or have dinner with my alligator friends. She unleashes the two alligators. They advance. We cut to Edgar placing the receiver on the stage. Barb and Star then argue with each other. They both jump off the cliff. Their Culottes (big ladies pants) act like parachutes and they safely land on the ground hehehe. They apologise to each other. Edgar returns to his room and Sharon is there. Sharon says she took care of them herself. Sharon then caresses Edgar’s face. Edgar says the receiver is in place. As Sharon presses the control button Edgar clobbers her on the head with a water bottle. But The button has already been pressed. We cut to Barb and Star running to the stage.

They grab the receiver and run towards the water. Edgar arrives and says "I’m sorry.. she told me you were spy's". Edgar says he loves Star. Edgar says she needs to take the receiver out on a boat. Darlie Bunkle shows up and holds a gun to them. Barb and Star take the receiver on a jet ski. Yoyo then Surfaces the mini submarine. "Ladies and gentlemen... who will be this years Shrimp Queen". Sharon looks on in shame. Edgar and Darlie Bunkle fight on the sand comically, they tackle and wrestle each other hehehe. Sharon then puts herself in the human cannonball and fires herself off. She lands near Barb and Star. Sharon gets the receiver and goes on the jet ski. The Jet Ski won’t start. Then all the mosquitos arrive and go all over Sharon.

Barb and Star then dive under water. The subtitles read "Okay. We’re really gonna die This time", "Yep this is it", "I’m feeling dizzy", "I’m tasting water", "I’m seeing visions", "Our life is flashing Before our eyes" hehehe. Then we see previous silly scenes of them laughing together. "I love you" says Barb. Star says "I love you". Then Barb and Star see something underwater. We cut to Edgar and Darlie Bunkle talking. Then they see Barb and Star arrive with a magical turquoise mermaid called Trish hehehe. Edgar kisses Star. Then Sharon arrives and she picks up a wooden thick branch. Sharon says "Surprised to see me?". "It’s not too late to shut your blabbing trap" and Sharon swipes at Barb. Barb blocks. Star starts talking to Sharon "No friends? A friend is the best thing of all".

"Then Sharon says 'No one ever wants to be my friend'. Then Barb says 'I’ll be your friend'. Then the Crowd says 'Me too... me too... me too...' HAHAHA! How cliche. Sharon says 'I’m not gonna get close enough.... I’m not going to cry... my feelings are coming... I’m ready to have friends"' Barb says to Star 'We did it!'. Then Trish the water spirit says 'Well... looks like Barb and Star found some adventure after all.. I know I did… sometimes you have to step outside your box a little. To learn what life is about… bye bye now'. When you see Trish the water spirit you realise that this film doesn't take itself seriously at all but it is laugh out loud comedy!"
Then We see Barb and Star on a banana getting hauled by a boat. Back on land And we see Yoyo with a bazooka. He says "hey middle aged people... you thought this was over?... it’s time to boogie". He fires it and colourful paper streams go all over the sky! YoYo is now a good guy hahaha!

"This movie can be described as 100% ridiculous HAHAHA! But it is laugh out loud funny. Middle aged women having a good time! There’s nothing wrong with that at all. I think this film is innovative and it has some of the best laugh out loud moments of the year. The best visual scene of the year was in the morning on the bed when Edgar was on top of Star and Barb was on top of Edgar HAHAHHA! It was also nice to see Kristen Wiig (Star) and Annie Mumolo (Barb) having such a good time. The side characters were also memorable; the Motel admin guy (Gerry Bednob), the Piano player, Darlie Bunkle (Damon Wayans Jr.), Sharon the vilain (also played by Kristen Wiig), Yoyo (Reyn Doi), the Bartender and the Hotel Owner. It's the first comedy in a while to have 10 or more laugh out loud moments. The plot and some scenes aren't to be taken seriously. The hilarious laughs are well worth it"
This is the comedy of the year for one reason, it is consistently hilarious. The fact is without Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo I don't think this movie would have worked. They have a physical comedic presence and expert comic timing. I'd like to see both of them in future comedy projects. Enjoy the hilarious 1hr 47min.

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