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Main Cast Reviews  Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot Categories  Action Release Date  1st Jan 2021 8.2


This movie is about an Interpol agent that tries to find the world's most famous art thief. The full cast includes: Dwayne Johnson as Untitled, Ryan Reynolds as Untitled, Gal Gadot as Untitled, Ritu Arya as Untitled, Chris Diamantopoulos as Untitled, Ivan Mbakop as Untitled, Vincenzo Amato as Untitled, Rafael Petardi as Untitled, Seth Michaels as Untitled, Sebastien Large as Untitled, Guy Nardulli as Untitled, Andrew Hunter as Untitled, George Tsai as Untitled, Rawson Marshall Thurber as Untitled, Robert Mata as Untitled, Anthony Belevtsov as Untitled, Daniel Bernhardt as Untitled and Yosef Podolski as Untitled.

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The movie starts off with some history about Cleopatra... and three prized special eggs (ornaments). A local farmer discovered two of them.

"One of these Cleopatra eggs is now on display at a musuem. We then see images of someone moulding an object. Perhaps they are making a fake egg perhaps. The beginning soundtrack is suspensfull and emotional. I like interesting intro's like this that go all they way back to a distant past. You anticipate that this action movie will have some intriguing elements"

John Hartley (played excellently by big Dwayne Johnson) arrives at the scene of a crime. Hartley specialises in art crime. They have a lead that somebody will steal the egg today. Hartley asks if the room has thermal sensors. He obtains one. The egg should show red not blue.

"Hartley then gets a coke can and drips the coke over the egg. It disentegrates. It's fake. They seal the exists and a man runs away. Hartley folllows and runs hard. The thief is Nolan Booth (played by the hilarious Ryan Reynolds). Booth has the egg in his backpack. Guards chase Booth and he defends himself and punches/pushes them off the scaffolding. Cool first action sequence"

"Then Hartley appears and aims his gun on Booth. Booth says he's american. "Give me the bag" says Hartley. Booth does distracting funny small talk and pretends to give him the bag then hits him with it. Hartley tackles Booth and they both smash through a window payne and they land safely on a level below. Booth runs away and lands on a news stand plastic rooftop cover. He bounces off and gets in a car. Then big Hartley lands but destroys the cover hehehe. A funny action sequence like this is memorable. Big Dwayne Johnson has always had a funny side"
We cut to Booth's lair. He wears a hawaiian shirt. Hartley awaits him there. There is a whole police team there. The female detective (Inspector Urvashi Das played by the beautiful Ritu Arya) takes the egg from Booth.

Then Hartley does a profile on Booth. "Booth started stealing from very young... he liked to steal and escape. Outside there is a woman (The Bishop played by the stunning Gal Gadot) in camoflage gear near the van that was to transport the egg. The detective Dos then chats to Hartley and blames him. She puts him under arrest. We then see Hartley sharing a cell with Booth! in a russian jail. Hartley thinks that "The Bishop" is the thief. Booth wants to steal the second egg. Booth jives Hartley and says to all the prisoners that Hartley is a cop. You find out why Booth does this later on.

A prisoner hits Hartley then guards come in to stop him. The guards take Hartley and Booth to the Bishop. The Bishop had framed Hartley. Bishop wants them to steal the third egg. They refuse for now.

"They plan on escaping and chat whilst washing the dishes. Booth says to Hartley "Why are you wearing a hairnet? your bald!" hehehe. When Reynolds jives big Dwayne it's verry funny. The look on Dwayne's face is priceless"
At their cell they chat about their past. Booth's dad accussed him of stealing his watch when he was little. His dad then gave him the silent treatment. Next he went to boarding school. Then he became a thief.

Next day they do their escape. They mix soap with a substance and it goes on fire it causes a distraction. They beat up guards and go to an exit. Booth has an access card he stole yesterday at the prison lunch when he caused that disturbance. Booth and Hartley go on the outside prison ledge. There is a helicopter at the end of a bridge. The stone wall exterior looks cool. Booth throws a snowball at the guy in the helicopter and bashes him. Hartley runs on a bridge and they target him with a missile that destroys the bridge and Hartley goes flying. Hartley then runs on the wooden bridge as it disintegrates and makes it finally to the helicopter landing pad.

"The prison guards fire machine gun rounds at the helicopter. Then Booth faces the helicopter to the guards and fires fast rounds from the big machine gun. Then a guard fire a bazucka shot at the helicopter. Hartley has no option but to open the helicopter doors and the missile goes straight through! A big set fantastical action scene like this looks awesome on the big screen. It is also somewhat funny!"
Next we cut to Bishop who tied up an intelligence officer to get info. We cut to Booth and Hartley and go through his plan to steal the second egg.

"They go through security and use face recognition tech. This is a cool scene. They also need to get the phone of the bad guy. We cut to the party. Hartley has to get the phone. Hartley spots Bishop. They chat. Hartley then dances with Bishop hehehe. Big dwayne slow dancing with Gal Gadot, he does a few turns hehehe. I never thought I'd see it. But they look good together. Big Dwayne is suave! hehe"
Hartley turns her. Booth gets the finger print. Bad guy then dances with Bishop. Then Hartley steals his phone. In the meantime Booth accesses security control panel.

The guards check the floor. Hartley bumps into Booth and breaks the glass. Booth says "Your like a well dressed wall". Booth finds the bit of glass with the fingerprint. Then Booth uses the deep fake app to access the volt. The detective shows up. She points a gun at both of them and tells Hartley to arrest Booth. He fake cuffs Booth and kicks the detectives gun away.

"The two enter the volt and close the door. Bishop is inside. She says "You want to arrest me then arrest me". She undoes her hair hehehe". Gal Gadot is as sexy as ever here in a smoking hot dress. Bishop does some great hand to hand combat, flexible kicks to the body and face etc. Gal Gadot is one of the most athletic actresses going around. She excels in scenes like this"
Then the villain that owns this mansion (Sotto Voce played by Chris Diamantopoulos) arrives with his men. Sotto trusts Bishop. They detain Booth and Hartley and tie them up in an underground secret room. Bishop wants to know where the third egg is. Bishop electrocutes Hartley. Then Sotto chokes Hartley. Then Booth tells them where the third egg is. It's in a chamber in a pyramid in egypt. Then Sotto drinks from a poisoned wine glass. It was Bishop. She had spiked his drink. Then she leaves.

"Sotto then wakes up and shoots at them and gunfire cuts the chains accidentally. Hartley then punches Sotto. Then Hartley and Booth leave via a ceiling door which leads them to a bull fightingh ring! This was a spectacular turn of events and the audience loved it. A bull then runs at Hartley. The crowd cheers!"
Then they change into a blue labourer suits and go on the train. Hartley wants to know where the third egg is.

Hartley says his dad was a crook and didn't show up on his 13th birthday. Hartley says toi Bishop "I'm asking you to help me catch Bishop and clear my name... I will inturn help you stay the number one art thief". Booth describes that the egg was part of Hitler's art dealers collection. Booth's dad had a watch that contained co-ords to the location of the egg. They go to Argentina.

"They argue and arrive at a jungle location with those co-ords. Hartley accidentally hits the ground with his bag and it makes a metallic noise. They open a ground door. they go inside the bunker. They see a metallic door. Booth gets the watch out. He places the watch on the door. It causes a sequence and a door opens. There are precious expensive objects there: gold ornaments, statues and an old mercedes benz car etc. They then find the egg. This scene is very Indian Jones and the movie takes on a new twist"
But Bishop is there! The detective and her team arrive and shoot at all three of them. Now Bishop, Hartley and Booth must work together. They get into the mercedes benz! They detonate the mine exit and race through it!

The detective and her people also get into cars and they chase them. A car goes side by side with the mercedes benz and Bishop grabs the bag. The egg is caught in the middle. The egg goes flying and Booth catches it mid air! Then they head to an exit which looks like a waterfall! The car runs off and they jump off the egg gets loose. Then Booth emerges from the water with egg. Booth thinks Hartley is lost and goes back to find him. "You thought I was dead... you went back to save me" says Hartley . Then Bishop emerges. Booth says "We won". "I have two eggs you have one". Then Hartley betrays Booth. He was working with Bishop all along.

Bishop had given Hartley the key in the underground detaining scene. They leave Booth tied up to a tree. Cut to egypt and a young woman is having a birthday party. Hartley and Bishop are there and the three eggs. The detective arrives and obtains the three eggs. We then cut to a boat at sea. Bishop is kissing Hartley. Then Booth appears from inside their boat! Booth got the Inspector to freeze their accounts. Booth tells them about a new score. "What are we stealing". The last scene is the three of them in sun glasses outside french museum louvre preparing for their next score...

"A movie with Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds was never going to fail. The big set action pieces were innovative but it was the funny dialogue scenes that it will be remembered for. Gal Gadot is in fine form. She creates a stylish villain that stops at nothing to obtain the prescious ornament eggs. Her action fighting scene is one of the best of the year, greaty agility. Yet she has the elegance to pull off a smoking hot dress, impressive. The banter between Harltey (Johnson) and Booth (Reynolds) is hilarious and it comes at odd times which makes it even more funny! Reynolds really jives big Dwayne and Dwayne is visibly angry hehe. The two actors have actually known each other for 20 years and you can tell. The sets in this movie are awesome. The stone jail, the second villain's lair with dance floor and museum, the bull fighting sequence and the jungle/underground bunker scene were my favourites"
You can't get any better than an action comedy with 3 super stars. That's something that you don't see often enough these days. Usually, one well known actress or actor carries the whole movie. Maybe most movies can't afford 3 super stars and if so I understand. In Red Notice we see three A grade performances and A grade chemistry between them. An Excellent action comedy! Enjoy the full 1hr 58min.

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