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Main Cast Reviews  Daniel Craig, Ana De armas, Rami Malek Categories  Action | Adventure Release Date  2nd Apr 2021 7.7


James Bond is back! In this installment Bond has left active service. His old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA turns up asking for help. Bond then investigates a new interesting villain with access to a dangerous new technology. The super cast includes: Daniel Craig as James Bond, Ana De armas as Paloma, Rami Malek as Untitled, Lea Seydoux as Madeleine Swann, Billy Magnussen as Untitled, Ralph Fiennes as M, David Dencik as Waldo, Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny, Lashana Lynch as Nomi, Ben Whishaw as Q, Rory Kinnear as Tanner, Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter and Dali Benssalah as Untitled.

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First off we see the Universal Logo and the typical James Bond Eye intro. We cut to a snow landscape. A man (Rami Malek in fine form as Lyutsifer Safin) with a thick coat and a scary white mask is advancing.

"Inside a cabin a mother and daughter talk. Safin breaks in. The mother tells the daughter to hide. The man kills the mother for some reason. Perhaps for revenge. He goes looking for the daughter. He finds her and the daughter shoots him. He nearly dies and staggers outside. She runs outside and see's him on the ground. She runs away. This is an interesting way to begin a Bond film. There are several unanswered questions here that leaves the audience wanting more"

We cut to Madeleine (played by the beautiful Lea Seydoux) and Bond (played excellently for the last time by Daniel Craig) having a chat on a boat. Then they arrive at a hotel. They make love and kiss each other. They discuss Bond's past. Perhaps its about his past love. In the morning he dresses in a cream suit. He has an errand to do. They are in Italy. He visits Vespa's grave. He says "I miss you". Then the grave explodes and Bond goes flying. He comes to and runs after a boy who is already running. The boy runs clear. But another thug shows up and fights Bond. Bond chokes him and the thug says "She's a doctor of Spectre". Then Bond finishes him off. Bond gets in his car and picks up Madeleine. Then a car crashes into them. They then drive off to a plaza. Bond is angry and says he knows her secret.

"Their car is surrounded by other cars and thugs that shoot at them. Then Bond does dohnuts (car driving around in circles at speed) and the Aston Martin machine guns fire at all of them. The thugs drop. This scene is one of the best car action scenes I've seen in the Bond series. It is very innovative"
Bond drives off then leaves Madelaine at a train station. Then we see the Bond No Time to Die Intro. We cut to the outside wall of a building. Inside the building there are doctors and scientists. Safin calls their phone. Safin says the cops or enemies are coming. These law enforcers break in and fire at the employees. The final scientist survives. They take him hostage. MI6 see's footage of the raid. M says "Where the hell is Bond". We cut to Bond having an outside shower in a resort. We cut to a night club. Bond is their with Felix and another friend.

"Felix says he needs him, he's got a new mission for him. "It's hard to tell the villains from heroes these days" Felix says. Felix is played well by Jeffrey Wright. Jeffrey has usually popped up in Daniel Craig's bond films and given him timely advice. I have enjoyed Jeffrey's performances in the current series"
Outside an african british woman (the lovely Lashana Lynch as Nomi) flirts with him. Shes asks if he needs a ride. He jumps on her motorbike. They arrive at her place. She's MI6. She says M needs him. But he doesn't care. She's a "doube O". Bond calls M, he is angry. Bond thinks it's Spectre. Felix calls Bond and says "there is a lady (Paloma) in Santiago I want you to meet".
"Bond goes to a hotel and meets her. Inside her room she takes his shirt off. Bond thinks its an advance hehe. But she hands him a suit. This is a funny scene"
They then go to a gala event. Paloma (played by the stunning Ana de Armas) is wearing a beautiful black dress. In the gala event acid drops from the sky and kills some people.
"Bond chases after the cultprits. He shoots at them with a pistol. But they have machine guns. Bond and Paloma end up behind a bar. They then drink spirit cocktails quickly hehe and they then keep shooting with their guns hahaha. There's always time for drinks I guess hehe"

Then Bond leaves Paloma and gets in a plane with the scientist. They fly off some place else. The scientist has a case. Felix and another agent is there. Bond wants answers but second agent says stop asking. The second agent then turns on them. Bond beats him up but he survives. Second agent and scientist escape by plane. Felix and Bond are trapped in a sinking boat. Felix dies. Bond survives and make his way to England. He arrives at MI6's office. He see's 007 there and makes some jokes. Bond has a meeting with M. Bond says the weapon is on the run. M is angry and thanks him for his service. Bond makes a joke about his desk and leaves. Bond visits Q. Money Penny is also there. They joke around. Bond tells Q that he needs access to a system. We cut to Madeleine chatting to Safin.

Safin says Madeleine's father killed his family and others. He's angry but still keeps his soft voice. M and Bond have a secret meeting outside, near a river. Bond says that the enemy wants Blofeld and more destruction. Cut to M's office and Q, Bond and 007 are there. M says Bond has been re-enstated. M explains the weapon that Bond found is in the wrong hands. Bond gets taken to meet Madeleine "I'm not going to lose control" says Bond. Bond then meets Blofield villain in his jail cell. He talks to him. "Your enemies are closing in on you". Then Blofeld says "two men in a hole trying to find out whose after them". Blofeld says confronting things to Bond and Bond tries to kill him. He releases him. M opens the room door and tells Bond to stop.

Bond releases Blofeld. But it appears that Blofeld is dead, he may have killed himself. Bond has a meeting with Madeleine. He kisses her. Then her little daughter appears. Bond girls speaks French to her and kisses her goodnight. Madeleine chats to Bond about his father and the weapon. In the morning Bond gets in a car with Madeleine and daughter and drives off.

"Some baddies chase them. Bond and Madeleine are in a four wheel drive. The enemies have a 4WD too and they bash into them repeatedly. Bond drives off into the woods. He grabs little girl and walks with Madeleine. Good eary atmosphere here. Bond tells Madeleine to stay here with her daughter. Bond then runs off. He walks around. He senses the enemy 4WD nearby and shoots his machine gun then the car flips over. Awesome action scene"

Bond runs away. Safin abducts Madeleine and daughter. He doesn't harm them. Safin tells a tale to the daughter whilst walking in a garden. His one eyed thug stops BondGirl from coming into the garden. She is taken away. We cut to a team of operatives in dark gere (Bond and agent Nomi) trying to break into Safins lair. They break into the science building. They see the main scientist there. Nomi bashes him.

"Safin is on loud speaker 'You have something I need, I have something you want'. Then Bond runs and finds Safins main room. Bond's gun gets shot at by guards. Safin says 'We've just developed different methods to achieve the same goal'. Bond says 'I think we are the same, we've had everything taken from us before the fight'. 'History isnt kind to those who play god' says Bond. Safin says 'I want the world to evolve'. This conversation between Safin and Bond is interesting"
Safin wants Bond to leave and turn his explosives off and he can take the daughter (it's actually Bonds daughter). But Madeline (Bond Girl). Bond says "Sorry" and cowers down on floor. He then pulls out his gun and shoots many guards. Bond escapes with daughter and then meets up with Madeline who is in another room. Bond then runs off with machine guns and kills more guards. Madeline and daughter are safe elsewhere. Great gun sequence Bond is firing at enemies and they fire back with machine gun. Bond only has a gun. Bond is going up some stairs.

"Doors get opened and he fires instantly. Safins main bodyguard arrives and Bond and him do brutal hand to hand combat. Bond ends up choking him and sends an electrical pulse to his mouth that kills him. What an innovative action scene"
Bond chats to M via radio. M is preparing a missile launch. Bond runs inside garden area. Safin shoots at him and lands. Bond then chokes Safin on the water thats there. He is still alive. Safin is dying and speaks to Bond. Then Bond shoots Safin. Bond then goes to the control room of the lair. Bond chats to Madeline on radio. Bond says he won't make it. "You have made the most perfect thing Ive ever seen. Because she came from you". The lair already has missiles pointed at it. Its too late. Bond perishes. Madeline hugs daughter and cries. M is at a loss for words.

"Daniel Craig excelled once again and proves why he was the best choice for the role back in 2016. Craig does some of the best hand to hand fighting I've ever seen not only in the Bond series but in action movies in general. Craig also had the class to pull this role off. I remember seeing Casino Royale and thinking; this guy is here to stay. Five movies later and he still hasn't lost a step. The new cuban bond girl was a nice touch (great acting by Ana de Armas). This girl can fight! The agent Nomi played by Lashana Lynch was cheeky and entertaining, she jived Bond real good hehe. The villain Safin had a subtlety that is rare in Bond movies. His character hardly fought but antagonised Bond through out the movie with great dialogue. You kind of understood this villains point of view more so than in the previous movies. I've always enjoyed the fact that Bond meets the villain face to face. It's a part of all Bond movies and you realise that both villain and Bond have some respect for each other"
Who is the next Bond? I don't know. If Henry Cavill is up for it I'd say him. That's just me. There are other contenders like Tom Hardy and James Norton. In any case Daniel Craig will be remembered as the most realistic, true to life Bond I've ever seen. Period. Enjoy as usual, Daniel Craig at his best for the full 2hr 43min.

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