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Main Cast Reviews  Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch Categories  Action | Adventure 7.9


By the beginning of this film, Spider-man's identity has been revealed. To undo this Peter Parker asks Dr Strange for assistance. But the spell goes wrong and villains from other universes start appearing. Peter must work with his friends to fix this big problem. The awesome cast includes: Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-man, Zendaya as MJ, Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr Strange, Jacob Batalon as Ned Leeds, Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan, Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon/Electro, Willem Dafoe as Normon Osborn/Green Goblin, Alfred Molina as Dr Otto Octavius, Benedict Wong as Wong, Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson, Marisa Tomei as May Parker, Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-man, Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-man, Angourie Rice as Bett Brant, Arian Moayed as Agent Cleary, Paula Newsome as MIT Assistant, Hannibal Buress as Coach Wilson and Martin Starr as Mr Harrington.

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The movie starts off with News about Mysterio talking negatively about Spider-man.

"The news anchor says "Conclusive proof that Spiderman is responsible for the death of Mysterio". He also reveals Spiderman's real identity as Peter Parker. Spiderman takes MJ away. Spiderman then takes her on the subway. He evades the oncoming trains. Peter goes home, his step mother May is there. There is a crowd outside Peter's house. There is a helicopter news team outside. Then we see the Daily Bugle doing negative stories about Spiderman. The Feds enter Peter's house and arrest him. What an interesting way to begin a Spider-man movie. Spider-man is under arrest!"
The Feds then interrogate him and his friends. MJ and Ned get interrogated. A fed then visits Peter and he says he has dodged claims successfully. A brick is then thrown into Peters unit. A paper wrapped around the brick reads "We believe Mysterio". Peter changes apartments.

Peter chats to MJ by phone. "Ever since I got bit by that spider I've only had onenormal week and that was with you" says Peter. News vans are outside the Midtown highschool when Spiderman arrives. The teachers await him inside and welcome him. Peter and MJ go to the top level of the school building to relax. They nearly kiss then Ned interrupts. They chat about a fresh start in Boston. MJ and spiderman recieve their college acceptance offers. All three get rejected. Spider-man feels down. He thinks to himself.

"He goes to an old building where Dr Strange lives. There is snow inside as a blizzard passed through from another portal. Spider-man speaks to Dr Strange. Spiderman wants to go back in time to the moment when no one knew his identity. Dr Strange talks of a spell of "forgetting" and not time travel. They go downstairs to an ancient chamber. Who would have thought... Spider-man and Dr Strange working together. The introduction of Dr Strange now makes the plot interesting"
Dr Strange casts the spell and we see orange streams of fire like elements, it looks fantastical. Peter starts speaking exceptions to the spell 5 times. The spell is damaged. Dr Strange reverses the spell. Dr Strange then gets angry at Spiderman for being careless. Spiderman then finds the president of MIT on a main road to ask if MJ and Ned be let in to Boston MIT.

Then Dr Octavius shows up with his tentacles. Dr Octavius wants to find a machine that Spider-man has stolen but he is from another universe. Dr Octavius bashes Spider-man with his tentacles, cool machine combat scenes.

"Dr Octavius grabs heavy cement tubes and throws them at Spiderman. Spider-man tries to save falling cars. Dr Octavius grabs Spider-man and stabs him but he survives. Spider-man then pairs his technological suit with Dr Ocatavius's technology and Spider-man is then able to controls his tentacles! Dr Octavius can't move. I miss this villain, I remember Dr Octavius from the previous Spider-man movies. It was a well constructed villain and an equal match for Spider-man"
Then the green goblin shows up but Spider-man leaves the vicinity. Dr Strange says the spell has brought in villains that know Peter Parker is Spider-man. Dr Strange says Spider-man should find these entities and bring them back to this lair. Spider-man says he needs the help of MJ and Ned.

"Dr Strange then says to MJ, Ned and Peter "Scooby doob this shit" hehehe. MJ asks him to say "Please". So Dr Strange then says "Please Scooby Doob this shit!" hahaha. How funny! Benedict Cumberbatch has a funny side"
MJ says to Dr Strange "Next time you want to change the universe... tell us first". The team has to hunt multiverse villains and zap them back into this lair with a device that's now on Spider-man's arm. Ned finds a disturbance near military ground. Spiderman leaves to find Dr Osborb the scientist (the Green Goblin). Spiderman has a camera attached to him that MJ and Ned can see. Spiderman arrives at the location. Instead of the green goblin Spiderman sees a blue electric man. Then a huge sand man appears. Spiderman asks for his help. Spiderman says it's his fault the blue guy is here. A Lizard man also appears. Then Spiderman zaps blue guy, Lizard man and sandman into the lair, he imprisons them in the wizards dungeon. We cut to the green goblin chatting to his evil mask on a side street. Dr Osborn breaks it.

Then May is chatting to Dr Osborn who appears to have lost his mind. Spiderman wants to send Dr Osborn back to his universe. Spiderman invites Dr Osborn to the lair. Dr Osborn chats to Dr Octavius. Then Sandman tells a different account. They all have different accounts of how each of them died.

"Then Dr Strange zaps Dr Osborn and imprisons him. Dr Strange says to Peter 'Im sorry kid... If they die they die'. Peter doesn't want them to die then steals the spell box that Dr Strange was using. Dr Strange then attacks Spider-man and he has an outerbody experience. This is in slow-mo and looks cool, Peter is outside his Spider-man body. Then DrStrange moves matter to imprison Spider-man. He throws a fire lasoo. Spiderman uses math to send Dr Strange through a portal but he'll stay only for a while"

Spider-man tells the villains that he can send them back to a time when they are still alive. Spiderman gives MJ the Spell Cube. "Whose coming with me" says Spider-man. Electro says "Im in".

"Spiderman takes the villains to Happy Hogans place. Spiderman investigates Dr Octavius and tries to fix his tentacles. Electro and Sandman have a chat. "I fell into a tub of electric eels" says Electro. "I fell into a super collider" says Sandman. Spiderman then changes Dr Octavius microchip to make him normal again. Dr Octavius has now turned good. Dr Osborn is working on a formula. Spiderman has attached a device on Electro that will absorve his electricity and bring him back to normal. Seeing all these villains work with Spiderman seems weird but entertaining at the same time"

The News guy arrives with men outside.

"Inside Dr Osborn has changed his attitude towards the missions and turned into the Green Goblin. "These are not curses... their gifts" says Dr Osborn. Dr Osborn corrupts Electro and Sandman. The character of Dr Osborn (Green Goblin) has always been fascinating. He can turn on a whim based on his negative thoughts! It's entertaining to watch. Willem Dafoe puts in a masterful performance here as Dr Osborn"
Dr Osborn fights spiderman hand to hand. Cool quick combat. There is a news helicopter outside. The lizard man then fights spiderman. He has also turned to evil. Then May stabs Dr Osborn but it doesnt work. Then the Green Goblins glider appears. The green goblin launches a grenade at peter and peter bats it away and it detonates. Spider-man says "Its all my fault... I should have listened to Dr Strange". Outside May is injured, Peter is comforting her. But May passes on. Happy arrives by car and he gets arrested. The cops fires on Spider-man but he leaves.

The News guy says "Everywhere Spider-man goes turns into chaos... everything goes to pieces". Spiderman looks on. we cut to Ned and MJ with the spell cube.

"Ned says "I wish you (Spider-man) were here" and a portal opens. Then a Spider-man walks through it but its a different Spider-man (Spider-man 2)! It's Andrew Garfield's version from previous movies. MJ asks him to prove he his spiderman amd Spider-man 2 crawls around on the cieling! Ned then casts another spell "Find Peter Parker" and then Toby McGuire (Spider-man 3) walks through a portal hehehe. The grandma says "clean up the mess you did" hehehe. The two Spider-man's say they sense this universes Spider-man may need their help. "Where is a special place he'd be" asks Spider-man 2. MJ says I know a place. MJ and Ned comfort Spider-man. Introducing previous Spider-man's was an innovative move in this movie. The plot gets even more intresting"

The two Spider-man's arrive and chat to the real Peter "Sorry about May... my uncle was killed to". "Those villain's are from your word... you deal with them" says Peter. Spider-man 2 says to Peter "I got bitter... I don't want you to be the same". Peter is crying and said that May said "With great power comes great responsibility". The three of the Spider-men go back to Happy's home and work on a solution. They are creating a serum for the villains.

"MJ chats to Spidermen "We're gonna get through this and we're gonna get through it together". The other two Spider-men chat about their version of MJ hehehe. "Are you gonna go into battle as a youth pastor? or have you got your suit?" says Spider-man 2 to Spider-man 3. The other two Spider-men are very funny here, they cut up the tension of the movie real good. Great acting by Andrew Garfield and Toby McGuire"

Spiderman chats to the News Guy. Spiderman says he is waiting for the villains at the Statue of Liberty. We see Spider-man 2 crack Spider-man 3's back hahaha! "So you make your web fluid in your body" Spider man 2 says to Spider-man 3 hahaha! Spider-man 2 says "I have to make my webs in a lab". Spider-man 3 says "You are amazing" to Spider-man 2.

"Then Electro shows up and says 'Give me the device'. He electrocutes Spider-man. Then the lizard man shows up and fights Spider-man. Then Sandman arrives and punches peter. Then sand goes everywhere around the statue, it's a very innovative scene. Peter then says he was in the avengers and starts organising the other two Spider-men. Electro and Sandman have some innovative action scenes here. Great big scale cinematic scenes"

The three Spider-men then jump around and go towards the villains. One Spider-man 3 leads the sandman inside the statue. Spider-man 2 throws the antidote device to the other Spiderman 3 who thrusts this device into sandman to turn him back to normal. Spider-man then tackles electro and gets electocuted. Dr Octavius who has by now turned good arrives and removes Electro's suit. Ned opens another portal and Dr Strange pops out.

"'But Ned says "Peter's plan is working... he's curing them'. Electro says to Spider-man 2 'Your from queens... I thought you were black' hehehe. Dr Strange walks up to Spider-man and says "This has to end". Then Green Goblin shows up! He throws a grenade into the spell box. The whole statue scaffolding collapses and there are holes and crevaces in the sky's atmosphere. This scene is very innovative and you see the universe cracking and breaking literally"

"MJ, Ned and Peter are ok. Spider-man then goes up against Green Goblin. Spider-man has a great hatred for the Green Goblin by this point and he wants revenge for May. Great close up hand to hand action here. Goblin is on his knees and Peter is slamming him with his fist. Spider-man Vs Green Goblins has always been a highly anticipated duel! Willem Defoe has that villanous look to him. He looks invincible!" Just as Peter is landing the finishing blow Spider-man 2 stops him. But then Spider-man 2 gets struck by the Green Goblin. "She was their because of you... I may have struck the blow... but she was there because of you" says the Green Goblin antagonising Spider-man. Then Spiderman strikes him and destroys him. Dr Strange then says "More beings are coming for you Peter". Then Peter says to Dr Strange "Cast a new spell and make everybody forget Peter Parker". Peter thanks the Spidermen he hugs them.

Peter says to MJ and Ned "Your gonna forget who I am... I'll find you... then I'll make you remember". But the two friends are sad. MJ and Spider-man kiss. Dr Strange finishes casting his spell. The beings and the two Spider-men all return to their universes. Spider-man then leaves and jumps away. The Statue of Liberty is in tact. In the News, the News Guy says he doesn't know the identity of Spider-man, no one does.

Peter then visits MJ. "Hi my name is Peter Parker and I... would like a coffee" hehehe. MJ says "I don't gey dissappointed..." then Peter says "because you expect dissapointment" which is what she usually says. They just look just each other. Then Peter leaves. Peter then visits the grave of May. Happy is there too. "How'd you know her" asks Happy. Peter says "Through spiderman". "Me too" says Happy. Back at his new place Peter sows a new suit. He jumps from building to building.

"Tom Holland is now a superstar. He can carry an action film by himself now. What I have always liked about the Spiderman series were the villains. And this film didn't dissapoint. It brought back previous villains like Dr Octavious (the talented Alfred Molina), Electro (the funny Jamie Foxx), Sandman (the eccentric Thomas Haden Church) Lizard man and the Green Goblin (the unbelievable Willem Defoe). What a genius thing to do. These villains were missed and they were really memorable when they came out. The addition of Dr Strange (played by the charasmatic Benedict Cumberbatch) was an interesting plot twist that started all the comotion. Zendaya as MJ and Jacob Batalon also excelled and were funny. The addition of the other two Spider-men (Andrew Garfield and Toby McGuire) had some really humourous scenes and good action battles"
I would say that this is one of the most innovative Spider-man movies to date. There are many plot twists that will keep you guessing. There are also some huge set piece action scenes that are mean't to be seen in the big cinema. Enjoy the entertaining 2hrs 28min.

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