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Main Cast Reviews  Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Hudgens, Milo Ventimiglia Categories  Business | Comedy | Drama Release Date  21st Nov 2018 N/A


A box store worker (Maya played by the beautiful and talented Jennifer Lopez) is tired of her job and life style. She applies for a new job and shows everybody what street smarts can achieve. The talented supporting cast includes: Vanessa Hudgens as Zoe, Milo Ventimiglia as Trey, the funny Leah Remini as Joan, Freddie Stroma as Ron, Natasha Romanova as Researcher, the hilarious Charlyne Yi as Ariana, the experienced Treat Williams as Anderson Clarke, Dave Foley as Felix Herman, Annaleigh Ashford as Hildy, Larry Miller as Weiskopf Dan Bucatinsky as Arthur, Elizabeth Masucci as Claire, Alan Aisenberg as Chase and Candace Smith as F&C Shopper.

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Starts off with the song "Sometimes I get a good feeling", it suits the intro. Maya played well by Jennifer Lopez is jogging in the morning. It's her birthday. Her boyfriend (Trey played by Milo Ventimiglia) gives her a birthday sandwitch in the shower with candles on top hehe. You can tell they love each other. The soundtrack contines with the song "She's a working woman" which suits the subject matter of the movie.

She's got a meeting with her manager, she's a supervisor at a medium sized grocery store. She shares her innovative ideas with him (a live feed to the store and a new mothers group). She still doesn't get the new manager role up for grabs. It's mainly because she doesn't have a college degree. She's gets angry and sad, she had worked her ass off. Her friends throw her a surprise party. The Ray Charles song "you dont know me" plays in the background. She cheers up and dances with her boyfriend Trey.

She talks to her work friend Joan (played by the talented and funny Leah Remini). She is still angry. "It's just a title, it doesn't define you" says Maya to Joan. Back at work the general manager is making life hard for her. Joan scores her an interview at a big company.

The interview is with Mr Anderson, the CEO of a skin care company. Maya goes to the interview and Mr Anderson's VP (Zoe played by the gorgeous Vanessa Hudgens) joins in. Zoe the VP is the daughter of Mr Anderson. There is a bit of tension between Zoe and Maya. Joan had gotten her son to fake Maya's CV, MBA, Facebook profile etc. Maya is furious, she realises she has lied big time to Mr Anderson.

Back in the store, the general manager is pissing off the customers in the store, particularly the mothers that miss Maya's mother group. In a very funny scene the mothers bicker with the general manager "Don't tell me what mastication is, I know what mastication is..." says one of the mothers hehe.

Right then, Maya decides to quit. Joan says to her "Who's the champ? whos the champ?" then Joan slaps Maya in the face to pep her up! Maya slaps her back in a very funny moment. The general manager says to Maya cruelly "It's not easy getting a job at your age". A mother says to the manager "oooooh she about to F* you up" hehehe. Maya confidently walks out to a cool soundtrack but she then trips awkwardly hehe.

Maya prepares for her interview at Joan's house. Joan says about her business dress "It looks like D*ck repellent" hehe. Joan's little son says "What's D*ck repellent". She says shut up and the kid replies "you say bad shit all the time!" hehe. Her old friends dance to that Salt and Pepa song "Push it" hehe. Maya splits up from her boyfriend Trey and she needs to leave town for work and she's not ready for kids.

She gets the job and on her first day she meets a silly secretary (Ariana played by the hilarious Charlyne Yi) and Hildy, a manager. Charlyne Yi has been a memorable supporting actor in the past. She has a cute/hilarious persona that is addictive.

Maya meets a colleague that went to the supposed same college and this colleague asks her if she knew a lecturer there. Maya guesses it's a man (the lecturer was actually a woman!). She then covers it up by saying that female lecturer "turned into a man" hahaha. Then the colleague says he had slept with her! hehehe. This scene was very funny! Jennifer Lopez excels through out the film with funny dialogue such as this.

In the first big team meeting Zoe the VP creates two teams that will compete against each other. Maya gets her own scientist, Chase played by Alan Aisenberg. She also works with Ariana and Hildy. The company gives Maya her own stylish apartment and credit cards.

Maya is sad because she gave up a baby for adoption when she was young. Charlyne Yi as the secretary Ariana is very funny, great dialogue delivery. The scientist Chase says to the girls about the new product "Women like to be moist.. turised" HAHAHA! Great one liners in this movie.

The teams go to a Cox (boat) race. It said that Maya knew how to lead a COX boat on her fake CV! haha. Maya gets into an accident because she doesn't know what she's doing!! She thinks that she blew it but Mr Anderson says "that was some crazy shit!". He laughs the accident off and actually likes Maya for creating an eventful day hehe. The other employees mistrust Maya. "Cox my ass!" one employee says embarrasingly out loud HAHAHA!

Back at work, the secretary Ariana is taking surveys on the street, she's very funny. The other employee is jealous and is checking Maya's references, harvard degree etc. At work Maya is invited to a meeting with an important chinese client. Her fake CV also states that she knew chinese hehe.

Maya plans on using Joan's chinese veterenarian to translate via an ear piece in her ear! This is by far the funniest scene in the movie. She mis hears the Vet's translation and says to the chinese client "There is swelling"... "his anal glands need inspecting" HAHAHA! Still, the meeting goes well. Maya finds out that Zoe is actually her real daughter! This is an unexpected big twist in the movie. Mr Anderson adoped Zoe.

Maya was 16 when she had Zoe and she put her up for adoption. Maya chats to Zoe about it. Zoe still thinks Maya's CV is real. Maya's friends come by and visit a dinner between Maya and Mr Anderson. They pretend to be harvard graduates hehe. Maya is confused, she doesn't know whether to tell her Zoe the truth, that she lied about her CV.

Maya and Zoe go to a park bench where Maya spent the last day with her as a baby. It's an emotional scene. They buy a christmas tree together. They still are creating the product. Maya wants to create one product with all three components. The scientist likes the secretary. Maya dances with an employee (the one that researched her CV) and throws him against a xmas tree hehe. The Secretary says to Chase "Just to be clear, I'm kind of kinky"... she softly bites his lip... "your gonna need a safe word" HAHAHA.

Lopez gets a plant from her grandmother's old apartment that she's gonna use in the product. They're hard at work in the lab. Then there is a product presentation. They do an outdoor presentation and release doves. Then the doves crash against a moving truck hehe. Her product is three cosmetic products all in one. Maya tells her bpyfriend about her daughter. He's kind of upset. The board approves her product! They want to hire her permanently.

The employee that doesn't like Maya checks her Estee Lauder record. It ends up being false. We now cut the presentation day of the teams producsts. "What did u mean kinky?" Chase says to the secretary. In the presentation of her product Maya tells the truth. That she never graduated from Highschool and that she never went to Harvard. She leaves the presentation and invites the scientist Chase and the secretary on stage to finish the presentations. Maya sadly quits the company.

Zoe also leaves the company and Maya writes her a letter. Maya starts her own online store with an angel investor. Her old boyfriend Trey visits her. He asks her if she's going to lie again. They agree to get back together.

Maya and Zoe re-unite and go for a run. What a great ending. This is a funny and uplifting movie.

"Let's face it, Jennifer Lopez is multi-talented. She can dance, she can sing and she can act. I think her acting is underestimated. She has always had a down to earth persona and I think that is the reason why she is very popular. Not to mention, she is still smoking hot!"

She usually plays every day people and she was suited to this role. Leah Remini as Joan also excelled. I have enjoyed her dry sense of humour in her television shows. The other stand out was Charlene Yi as the silly secretary. I would love to see more of this young actress. She brings innocent silly comedy to another level!

Vanessa Hudgens as Zoe has never looked sexier. Her heart felt scens with Maya were cool. Treat Williams as Mr Anderson also did well. Milo Ventimiglia as Maya's boyfriend Trey had limited screen time but he has a cool presence. It would be good if he got his own feature film in the future.

"Second Act" the movie is about having a second chance in life, to succeed against the odds. Jennifer Lopez and the rest of the supporting cast bring plenty of heart to this movie. It's got a great plot and plenty of hilarious scenes that entertain you. Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini are a great double act. I hope to see them both again soon. Enjoy the full 1h 43min.

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