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Main Cast Reviews  Will Smith, Alexander Ludwig, Vanessa Hudgens Categories  Action | Comedy | Crime Release Date  17th Jan 2020 7.5


Since the last movie, Marcus Burnett is now a police inspector. Mike Lowery is having a midlife crisis. They unite again for another mission. The full cast includes: Will Smith as Detective Mike Lowrey, Alexander Ludwig as Dorn, Vanessa Hudgens as Kelly, Michael Bay as Wedding MC, Martin Lawrence as Detective Marcus Burnett, Joe Pantoliano as Captain Howard, Paola Nunez as Rita, Charles Melton as Rafe, Kate Del castillo as Isabel Aretas, Happy Anderson as Jenkins, Emily Towles as Hot Miami Model, Melissa Kennemore as Major Patel Miami PD, Jennifer Badger as Dr. Julie Weber, Bianca Bethune as Megan Burnett and Dj Khaled as Manny (as Khaled 'DJ Khaled' Khaled).

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We hear a cool Salsa Hip Hop track. The visuals are a beautiful night view of the Miami beach coastline. Several cop cars are chasing an assailant. The chased vehicle is in fact driven by undercover cop Mike Lowrey (played by the talented Will Smith) with passenger Detective Marcus Burnett (played by the hilarious Martin Lawrence).

"The vehicle is a lightning fast navy blue Ferrari. They approach a bus and swerve just making it. They then go on the sand at the beach at speed! They drive backwards and then park. They enter a hospital... it was all for Marcus to see his daughters new born baby! hehehe. What a great introduction to this fresh installment of Bad Boys!"

Marcus cries whilst holding the baby hehe. Mike can't bare to see him like this and leaves hehe. We cut to a Mexican womens prison. A woman stabs a guard, she escapes. Outside guards in a car get taken down. Someone sets the car on fire. We then cut to this escaped woman, Isabel, talking to her son (Armando played by Jacob Scipio). Isabel is played by excellently by Kate del Castillo. Kate brings an intensity to the role. This mother explains that she hates Mike Lowery for betraying her now dead ex-husband. She wants the ultimate revenge.

We cut to Mike and Marcus in a celebration at after work drinks for the cops. Marcus wants to retire. We cut to thugs doing a money deal. The deal goes sour because Armando wants to renegotiate. Armando is making his own deals now.

"He stabs the main thug from the other gang and attacks some of his men. Great hand to hand combat with a knife at speed. Armando recruits those left behind 'I need new people'. Another thug then replies 'What's your Dental like?' hahaha. Armando then recruits all of the men left behind. The villain Armando was cleverly created. He is gifted at hand to hand fighting, guns and on a bike. He is an equal match for the Bad Boys and you start anticipating this match up early on"

We cut to a bar. Mike and Marcus are chatting to a girl... "She was perfect for you" says Marcus. Marcus then says he wants to retire. But Mike says "I'm gonna be chasing criminals till I'm 100".

"Outside Marcus and Mike do a foot race for a bet. Mike is winning but then suddenly a bike drives by and shoots Mike three times, the shots land. This scene has a slow motion component and has been expertly choreographed. Wonderful cinematography. This is a Bad Boys film!"

They take Mike to a hospital. Marcus preys to God about Mike. The biker man was Armando and we see him taking off his helmet. Isabel is angry that Armando failed to kill Mike. We cut to Armando killing 3 more targets.

"The cops say it's the same bike man. We cut to Marcus crying and we think Mike is dead hehehe. But then we see that it's just Marcus's daughters wedding. The scene leads you on and then makes you laugh. Clever editing hehehe"

They make a toast. Mike is healthy and recovering.

"Captain Howard (played by the funny Joe Pantoliano) says 'Mike... No!'. He knows what Mike wants. Mike wants in! Captain Howard says that Ammo (a new task force) will investigate. Captain Howard has been in all three Bad Boys movies and his agitated state has always made me laugh! What a great character"
Mike chats to Marcus. He wants revenge for the bullets. "My future is hunting this mutha F*" says Mike. But Marcus doesn't want this. "I need this... Bad Boys... one last time" says Mike. Marcus says "No Mike".

Isabel and Armando chat. Isabel says she wants to make Mike suffer. Armando uploads a video of shooting and it gets hits. We cut to Mike seeing it in the news.

"Rita from Ammo (played by the beautiful Paola Nunez) visits Mike. She cares for Mike. She wants Ammo to take care of case. There is chemistry between the two. I'd like to see more of Paola Nunez, either in more action or straight up drama. She nailed this role"
We cut to Mike in a suit making investigations. He wears the suit very well just as in previous Bad Boys films hehe. He goes to the back of a restaurant and beats up a fat man. "Did you just get pig fat on my suit" says Mike hehe. He gets the info he needs.

We cut to Captain Howard who is nervous because Mike will consult in the case that has been handed over to Ammo. Mike meets ammo. An Ammo worker, Rafe (played well by Charles Melton) taunts Mike and he responds with his own personal jab. "You see that, that's what I like... teamwork" says Captain Howard hehehe.

"Mike and Ammo get into a truck to do surveillance. We cut to Marcus relaxing with burning incense on a reclining seat hahaha. Martin Lawrence has always excelled in awkward funny scenes like this hehehe"
Ammo sends out a drone into a building. Their surveillancing Booker Grazie who sold the bullets to Armando.

"Mike sees that the deal will go sour and hence he runs into the building. The two teams of thugs battle each other with bullets. Great sound design. Visuals of rapid gun fire and Mike jumping for cover everywhere. Bad Boys shoot outs have always been intense and this scene is no exception"
Mike aims and chats to Booker. Booker then gets injured... Mike asks him about the bullets. But Booker then dies. Then a contact/man calls Marcus that a guy on a bike is after him! Captain Howard arrives at the scene and Mike explains what happened. Rafe from Ammo gives more cheek to Mike hehe.

Mike says to Rafe "Just because I f*'d your mother..." hehe. Classic one liner from Mike. Marcus calls Mike and tells his new info. He picks Mike up with his car and little Marcus grandson is inside hehehe. They drop him off at a spa where Teresa (Marcus's wife) is there. They then park the car. Then a dead body drops on top of car! "She knows... she always knows" says Marcus after his wife calls him co-incidently hehehe. Then Mike goes into the building.

"Suddenly Mike and Armando jumps out of window, they land safely. Great instense hand to hand combat. Will Smith hasn't lost a beat in these very physical action scenes. Mike is an equal match for Armando"
Then Armando gets away by foot then bike. Marcus and Mike drive off by car, the car is broken up hehe with it's ceiling caved in hehe. They still manage to drive it. We cut to Captain Howard and Mike chatting. Captain Howard tells a story about a horse and it ends with the words "Where are you going... you have to grab the reigns before your horse runs you off the bridge". As they walk off Armando (on his bike) shoots Captain Howard. We then cut to the Captain Howard's funeral. Marcus and Mike are sad.

Ammo sings the "Bad Boys" song but it doesn't sound that good. Mike and Marcus laugh at them. Then the actual Bad Boys song plays. Rafe gets Mike and Marcus in a dance club.

"The girls of Ammo (Rita and Kelly) looks sexy with skirts. Kelly is played by the gorgeous Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa has action girl written all over her! Her weapons and evasive skills are top notch. She has a cool look to her through out the movie but she looks stunning in a gown at the nightclub!"
Ammo is all undercover inside. Cool dance/hip-hop music plays in the background. Kelly chats to the thugs and says "freeze" Miami police.

The thugs leave the club and drive off. Mike and Marcus get into a four wheel drive "official police business" and chase the thug on a bike. They shoot at the man's bike and he falls, he is called Zwaylo and is injured badly. Mike gets his phone. They put Zwaylo in the car and ask him questions. They stop the car and Zwaylo escapes. Mike and Marcus get into a double bike. Marcus is in the small seat hehe.

"There are guns inside the bike. 'Who do you think gave you that gun... god.. amen' says Mike to Marcus hahaha. Marcus fires rounds. This is classic Bad Boys! Mike always convinces Marcus to go hard core... even though Marcus is nervous as hell!"
Mike turns around and fires at incoming bikes out the back. Great fast paced action scene. Then they face a helicopter, Armando fires a bazuka from there. Mike separates the mini side bike and they just escape the projectile that goes right through the middle!

Mike runs, jumps and grabs helicopter ladder! Armando fires at Mike. Marcus is on the ground firing a big machine gun. This is an intense scene with great sound and visuals. Mike drops in water. Back at the Ammo headquarters Mike finally finds out that Isabel is causing all these hits/problems. Mike finds out the assailant Armando may be his son. The mother is called "Isabel". Mike then tells Marcus that he had fallen in love with Isabel whilst he was undercover.

"They called Isabel 'LaBruja' which means The Witch. 'Mike... you F*d a witch' says Marcus hehehe. 'Hasta el fuego' was slang that Mike and Isabel made up so because Armando also used this slang he thinks he's probably his father. Mike goes on a plane journey and Marcus follows him. 'Mike.. she's a bruja... she'll make your dick fall off' says Marcus hehehe. Mike says he wants to finishing his son off. 'How'd you F* a witch without a condom!' says Marcus hahaha. Martin Lawrence contributes to the laugh out loud moments in this film!"
The two of them enter a Mexican village. The Ammo Team arrives with weapons.

Mike and Rafe are now friends and do a fist pump hehe. Rita says "Don't die" to Mike. Mike enters the building, a drone is sent for surveillance. Isabel walks down and says "Hola Ricky or Hola Mike". Mike asks "where is he" in reference to her son. Isabel talks spanish and says her son wanted him dead. "This is some real telenovela shit" says Marcus hahaha. Mike asks Isabel why didn't you tell me we had a son. Isabel calls Mike coward and a traitor.

"Isabel's Men from the outside enter the compound. Ammo comes in from the ground in a very innovative scene. Men fire on Marcus, Mike and Ammo. Great brutal gun action scenes. Lots of smoke and powder, it's hard to see (even for the audience). The sound design makes you feel like your there. There is a lot of furniture on this level that Ammo and the Bad Boys use for protection. Marcus has a shot gun and Mike has a machine gun, they both hit their targets and use evasive techniques. What an awesome action scene. Perfectly coreographed"

A helicopter from the outside fires rounds into the building. Mike and Marcus duck and hide. Marcus aims a big shotgun at helicopter and he downs it! The helicopters falls down and explodes. Armando then fights Mike. Isabel cuts Marcus but he wounds her. Mike chokes Armando but then lets him go. Mike says "Hermano and my son" to Armando. Armando kicks him hard. Mike is confused and lets Armando beat him up.

"I'm trying to penetrate his soul with my heart" says Mike to Marcus. "Who are you?" asks Armando to Mike. Mike says "Ask your mother". "Is he my father?" asks Armando to Isabela. She replies "Yes". Isabel shoots her son. Rita from Ammo shoots Isabela. There are explosions and Marcus slips and hangs on a ledge. Armando surprisingly helps him out! He helps Marcus get up on the level. Mike, Marcus and Armando are hurting but they stumble out of the building.

"I can promise you I'm gonna be there" says Mike to Armando who is wounded on the ground. We cut to a celebration at Police headquarters and they toast their new captain Rita. Mike says to Marcus "Thank you". "Your forgetting one thing... we said for life" says Marcus. "So your going away all weekend... you still got those blue pills" says Mike to Marcus about his holiday with his wife hehehe. Mike sings "Bad Boys Bad Boys..." to the baby. Mike visits Armando in prison. We cut to Marcus on the plane "Would you f* a witch without a condom" he says to a passenger. He says "No" hahaha. This is a funny way to end this great action movie.

"In typical Bad Boys fashion, the action scenes in this movie are second to none. Hand to hand combat, bike scenes, gunfire from one team to another, helicopter scenes, bazukas, shot guns, jumping sequences... it's all there"
The chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence is undeniable and made this series special.
"Martin Lawrence excels in the comedic sequences. Will Smith hasn't lost a beat in physical/intense action scenes. Captain Howard played by Joe Pantoliano is always funny and memorable. The Ammo Team was a great addition. Vanessa Hudgens, Paola Nunez, Charles Melton and Alexander Ludwig all did fantastic. The villains of Isabel (Kate del Castillo) and Armando (Jacob Scipio) were designed well and were an equal match for the Bad Boys"
What a super action film. In fact all three Bad Boys films set a new benchmark for intense and innovative action sequences. The plots of all three films have always had intrique. The side characters have been memorable too. What a fantastic, full on 2hrs 3min.

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