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Main Cast Reviews  Florence Pugh, Lena Headey, Nick Frost Categories  Comedy | Action Release Date  14th Feb 2019 7.1


A wrestling family work as performers at venues in England. The kids meanwhile dream of joining World Wrestling Entertainment. One of them now has a shot at the big time. The full cast includes: Florence Pugh as Raya Knight/Paige, Lena Headey as Julia Knight, Nick Frost as Ricky Knight, Vince Vaughn as Hutch, Stephen Merchant as Hugh, Jack Lowden as Zak Knight, Dwayne Johnson as himself, Paul Wight as Big Show, Kim Matula as Jeri-Lynn, Eli Jane as Wrestler, Stephen Farrelly as Sheamus, Chloe Csengery as Ally - Goth Teen, Aqueela Zoll as Kirsten, Hannah Rae as Courtney and Ruth Horrocks as Market Customer.

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We see footage of the Rock. Then it cuts to a british household. Two siblings are fighting over the TV channel. The son, a young Jack puts his sister, a young Saraya in a choke hold. The father, an ex-wrestler, assists with advice hehe. Saraya is still getting choked and the mother walks in and you think she's gonna be worried but she says to her little daughter "well, whatta ya gonna do about it!" hahaha. This scene typifies this wrestling obsessed family. The father, Ricky, is played by the hilarious Nick Frost. The mother, Julia, is played by the talented Lena Headey.

The young Saraya does her first bout in a wrestling ring in front of an audience. She's scared at first then enjoys it and kicks ass. We cut to the future and we see her fighting as a teen. Saraya is played by the beautiful Florence Pugh. Zak the brother is played excellently by Jack Lowden. Her parents and brother jump in the ring (of their personally owned wrestling gym) and they wrestle their daughter hehe. It's comical. These early scenes of amateur wrestling are entertaining and the moves they did reminded me of when I was a child and I myself used to watch pro wrestling on TV.

We then see Saraya handing out flyers for a wrestling match in her gym. Zack rounds up some street kids in a van and they drive off to wrestling practice. Zack looks after these streets kids and keeps them off the drugs and other bad habits. He teaches them wrestling techniques.

"Ricky the dad then talks to a big overweight amateur wrestler called Union Jack (played hilariously by Elroy Powell). Ricky says to him 'Glen (a wrestling manager) wants to know if you'll take this (a bin lid) in the face' hehehe. Union Jack says Yes then Ricky slams the bin lid on his face! thump! hahaha. Then the dad says "Glen wants to know if you'll take this (bowling ball) in the balls" hehehe. Once again Ricky goes through with it and gets Union Jack in the balls real good! hahaha! This scene is one the biggest laugh out loud moments in the movie for me!"

The kids practice wrestling. One of them has a boner (over Saraya) and gets told to do pushups to get over it! hehehe. The son, Zack, invites his pregnant girlfriend and her parents for dinner. Zack's parents, Ricky and Julia, are very raucous and rude! The girlfriends parents are shocked at their humour. Julia says his husband Ricky has had several injuries and that his leg bends backwards and that you should see his d$&k! hahaha. Then you see the girlfriend's mother drop her finger food in disgust! hahaha. A very funny scene.

While they're all at the dinner table, a WWF Administrator calls one of the kids mobiles and tells them that they both have been accepted to try out! The family explain the WWF to the girlfriend's parents. Ricky humourously explains that Zack's step brother Roy (played by James Burrows) is in prison!

We are then taken to WWF headquarters. Zack and Saraya bump into "The Rock" (Dwayne Johnson). They say to the Rock "We've been fans since you had hair" hehehe. They ask The Rock "What advice would you give to us?". Then The Rock does an awesome aggressive speech with plenty of shouting and hand waving. It's hilarious and really gets them motivated hehe. They go to the tryouts. They explain their origin stories and Hutch the organiser (played by the hilarious Vince Vaughn) makes fun of them. Saraya says that "Paige" will be her wrestling stage name.

Paige/Saraya is the only contestant that gets called up to go the next level of try outs. The others get left behind. She's very sad because her brother was also left behind. His brother dreamt of this opportunity since he was a kid. But his sister made it and he didn't, he's torn. Paige tells Hutch that he should consider her brother or else she might pull out. Hutch counts to ten and asks her to reneg that statement and sign up now. She thinks about it and accepts. This is a great scene that shows that Hutch isn't going to go soft on this new recruit. It's either your in 100% or your out.

The brother is heart broken but fairwells her, he stays at home. Then the parents take her to the airport and wish her goodbye. What a great plot so far, you know it's going to be a great underdog story. She goes to her hotel. She has a beautiful view in her hotel room. She then meets three beautiful wrestlers (with great bodies) that also made it to this next round. Maddison (played by Ellie Gonsalves), Kirsten (played by Aqueela Zoll) and Jeri-Lynn (played by the gorgeous Kim Matula from Bold and the Beautiful).

Hutch is there to recieve the contestants. Vince Vaughn as Hutch does a great commanding yet comical role. Some of his dialogue is hilarious and fastly spoken as in his other roles in previous movies (that's his trademark!). The wrestlers practice their Mic/Speech skills and it's funny. Hutch plays the fake audience and tears them apart. Zack submits his video again to the WWF and calls Hutch. Hutch denies him once more. He says he doesn't have the look or the skills he needs, he hangs up the phone. Zack looks stressed and begins a downward spiral of depression. Great acting by Jack Lowden as Zack.

Paige is angry at a wrestler girl Kirsten for not knowing how to strike without hurting the other opponent. Paige slaps her (gives her a receipt). Vince shouts at Paige and asks her to apologise! She gets repremanded. Back at home, the dad is making money off merchandising (little Paige dolls). The four girls including Paige start wrestling in their first show. In front of the big crowd Kirsten bad mouths Paige. It's what you do to competitors in professional wrestling. But Paige freezes... she doesn't have the guts to respond. After the bout she then gets emotional. Kirsten does ask "are you ok?". Back at home the brother Zack is still in pain. He skips Wrestling class and doesn't pick up the kids for the first time in a while. The kids wonder what's going on. It's quite sad.

Paige looks at her dark gothic rocker girl look in the mirror and decides it's time for a change. Paige dies her her Blonde and gives herself a new look. Hutch then says "did someone break up with you?" hahaha. That was a hilarious line in the movie. The girls all train in the sand. Paige comes last. Hutch has a black horn that if you press it, it means that you've given up for good. Paige doesn't press it. Hutch has a chat to her. She has to get stronger.

Paige also wants real wrestlers. She wants wrestlers that don't hurt you when they do their moves! Hutch dismisses these comments. She also wants her brother here, she misses him. Hutch says to Paige "well then you should go home and wrestle with your family". She visits home for Christmas. They all go to the family wrestling ring. They've organised a fight between Paige and Zack! But when the actual fight starts Zack goes hard on her because he's angry. He almost causes injury. The parents Ricky and Julia get angry at Zack because he went too far.

Zach says to her parents Paige is planning on quitting. That night, Zack doesn't come home, his wife says he's gone missing. He lands at a pub and fights other patrons on purpose. The brother tells Paige he's sour because his one dream was taken away from him. She says "it was my dream too" but the brother replies "then why are you throwing it away". This is a great scene. The father says she is the spark of the family and that she should pursue her dream.

She looks at the posters in her room. She gets inspiration from them. She also looks at the fake wrestling belt she made as a kid. She remembers how she started. She comes back to WWF headquarters as herself (black hair rocker look). She connects better with the other wrestler girls. Her Mic/speech skills are better too!!

Back home the big step brother is released from prison. The first brother is still sad. Vince says she made it to the next cut. That means Wrestlemania. She goes there. She has her own private viewing room. The Rock meets her. The Rock calls her family and the dad doesnt believe him hehe. The Rock tells them that she signed with WWE and shes having her first bout.

"She had something I never had... you" says the older brother to the younger. It's a great scene, one of the best dialogue lines in the movie. The brother then comes to his senses and starts his wrestling school again. I did like how the brother Zack really felt heart broken through out his sisters succcess. It was great acting by Jack Lowden as Zack. I'd like to see him in another feature film. The kids join up again and the brother is content. The day comes when she is to perform on live TV. She can't do it. Zack calls her up and says wrestlings in her blood. He says she has that extra something. She then gets confident.

The family is watching at home. Once again she's nervous and doesn't speak. But she fights well! Paige wins. Great moves. She then speaks... this goes out to the ones that don't belong! This is my house now!!! The crowd chants "Paige, Paige, Paige". Back home the family rejoices. She hugs her friends. We then cut to a photo of her and her brother. What a great movie. It was documented that Paige was the youngest "Diva's champion" in history.

"'Fighting with my family' had a super cast. The family unit felt believable. The rivalry and interaction between the siblings Saraya and Zack was memorable. Saraya played by the talented Florence Pugh carried the film well and you wanted to see her thrive. She was the perfect underdog in this underdog tale. As for the heart broken brother Zack, he was played brilliantly by Jack Lowden. Jack embodied this torn character well."
You never forget that making it to the WWF was his ultimate dream and that he was rejected. It was soul destroying, what a performance considering this was mainly a comedy. Vince Vaughn is back to his best playing an authoritarian role with some comedic touches thrown in. The parents Rick, played by the hilarious Nick Frost and Julia played by the versatile Lena Headey added a great comedic element to the piece.

The supporting cast of the street kids that trained at their wrestling gym also did well. Finally, Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" did a great cameo. He played himself and he did it well! hehehe. The wrestling scenes are well coreographed. This is a feel good story. An underdog story that resonates with people of all ages. What an inspiring 1hr 48min.

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