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Main Cast Reviews  Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson, Tim Blake nelson Categories  Comedy | Crime | Action Release Date  10th May 2019 7.8


This is a remake of the 1988 comedy "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels". Two out of work con artists engage in a contest where the loser leaves town. The talented cast includes: Anne Hathaway as Untitled, Rebel Wilson as Untitled, Tim Blake nelson as Portnoy, Alex Sharp as Untitled, Ingrid Oliver as Inspector Desjardins, Meena Rayann as Roulette Croupier, sarah-stephanie as Dancer, Emma Davies as Cathy, Raffaello Degruttola as Fancy Euro, Douggie Mcmeekin as Jason, Kumud Pant as Investor, Deano Mitchison as Casino Barman (as Deano Bugatti), Bruno Sevilla as Guillaume, Aaron Neil as Amir and Francisco Labbe as Enrique Escalera.

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We hear modern pop music. People are at a bar. A man is waiting for his online date. Penny (played by the hilarious Rebel Wilson) turns up instead in place of the man's date. She is a con artist. She lies about the fact that his date couldn't make it and that she sent her instead. Penny wants to ultimately get money from him. Rebel Wilson's comedy is growing on me. She's innocent and silly. Then the cops arrive. Another man has identified her (from a previous scam) and they all chase her. Penny escapes.

Then we cut to a fine casino. A danish man is in debt and he wants to use a jewel he has as a deposit. The casino croupier says he can't do that. The danish man then goes to the bar and talks to Josephine (played by the beautiful and versatile Anne Hathaway). He wants to sell the jewel to her for cash. Josephine tries the bracelet jewel. Then a police inspector tries to arrest her. But before that happens she smoothly swaps the jewel with a fake one and returns it to the man. She gets away with the real jewel! Hathaway looks gorgeous.

Later we cut to a scene where Josephine is talking with the agent. They're friends! They orchastrated that con together. We then cut to a train carriage, Penny is there. Nearby is Josephine.

"Penny cons a man into paying for her meal. She then goes into a train room and meets Josephine. Penny admits she's a con artist. Penny's dialogue is nonsensical, cheeky and funny. This is Rebel Wilson at her best"

Josephine doesn't want Penny to follow her so she says for her to go to Portofino instead of the town she resides in. But later on we see Penny show up in Josephine's town. Penny turns up extorting an older man in a lamborghini. Penny had said her sister was in sick and that she needed money. The old man ends up giving her money hehe.

Then Penny spends her cash on water skiing and using water jet propelled shoes hehe. The inspector informs the old man that Penny is a con. He presses charges and then Penny is locked up in jail. The police inspector (that we saw before) is there. Penny says that she knows a woman in this town that can help her (Josephine). Josephine arrives and tells Penny to leave and that she'll get her out if she pays her 8K. Josephine then tells Penny to go to the airport to see her off.

The first old man who got conned in the jewel heist is there on the plane and wants answers from Penny.

"He had seen Penny talking to Josephine who he knows stole the jewel. He says the jewel is worth millions. Penny gets questioned by an old man and says she doesn't know a thing. She ends up having hard sex with this old man in the plane toilet HAHAHA!"

Penny wants to find Josephine. Penny knows now she's a fellow con artist. Penny leaves the airport and stays in the town. Penny visits Josephine at her home. She tries to play her and con her. Josephine says "why are women better suited to the con?".

"Josephine ends up wanting to teach Penny. She teaches her how to cry automatically. Then she teaches her physical skills. Like jumping, knife throwing, opening wine bottles etc. These scenes are well coreographed and very funny! In the next scene Penny comes out in a figure hugging beautiful red dress and throws a knife at a round piece of wood with perfect aim! Josephine says 'she's ready!' HAHAHA!"

Josephine says to the inspector that Penny will be taken down unless she succeeds in a series of cons. There next project is to con a millionare man. Josephine acts as royalty.

"The millionare gives her an expensive ring. For some reason she makes Penny act like her very weird sister. They go to a room where Penny is locked up hehe. It's a weird scene but hilariously funny HAHAHA! They scare the old man and he leaves in a hurry! They keep the ring"

They play this con again and again to steal engagement jewels from men. Then Josephine pays off the butler and inspector and gives them cash. But she doesn't pay off Penny. Then Penny gets angry and leaves. The pace of the film is fast. Then in a hotel Josephine is trying to pull a con. Penny is also there. Josephine wants her gone.

But josephine devises a competition. See who cons the same millionaire the best. They choose their mark. It's a teenage millionaire tech called Thomas. At the casino Penny pretends to be blind. Thomas falls for her. Penny says that the only person that can cure her is the fictional (she made it up) Dr Shaufhausen. Penny has dinner with Thomas. He takes her to his room.

He searches online for Dr Shaufhausen. He searches social media and finds out that the doctor is in the hotel! Josephine has somehow rigged the results!

"Josephine now poses as Dr Shaufhausen. Her german accent is absolutely ridiculous and hilarious HAHAHA! Anne Hathaway takes her comedy to another level here! Josephine tries an eye curing technique and blows air into Penny's eyes. Penny says she only smells salmon HAHAHA! Definitely one of the funniest scenes in the movie, makes you laugh out loud!"
Josephine gives her a chip that she's dipped in the toilet as a wierd tactic to get her sight back hehehe. Wacky but hilarious.

Josephine then tells Penny to run into the next room. She then closes the door on her and Penny slams into the door and faints. This is supposed to cure her HAHAHA! Josephine and Penny have a night out with Thomas. Josephine dances with Thomas. Penny makes friends with three girls. She gets them to beat up Josephine!

Penny then chats to Thomas about getting the money for her operation. Josephine looks smoking hot in her dress. She returns home, having defended herself from those three girls. She had told the girls that Penny was a con artist.

"This film is fast paced and raucous. There are twists in the plot and I loved that"

Penny says to Josephine that Thomas is in love with her. Then the three girls visit Josephines house and they want revenge on Penny for conning them! Josephine visits Thomas and flirts with him. Meanwhile Josephine is in Thomas's room. Anne Hathaway as Josephine looks stunning in her dress! Thomas closes the lights and it's assumed they make love. Back at Josephine's home Penny's hand has been superglued to the wall by those three girls! Penny knows that Josephine won the bet and so she plans on leaving town.

In front of Thomas, Penny gets into an accident and faints. She wakes up and pretends to see again! Penny is in love with Thomas hehe. Thomas says he gave the funds to Josephine. But then Penny says to Josephine later on she gave Thomas 500K to invest. Then Josephine also said that she invested 500K into Thomas's App. They both come to the conclusion that Thomas is a con artist himself.

The girls find out that he is the grandson of a famous female con artist! Then back at home Josephine finally gives Penny her cut. Then suddenly Thomas shows up! He's trying to pull a real estate con. Thomas says to Josephine and Penny that this year alone he made 6 million. He says to them that "The three of us could pull of major cons together"!

Thomas then admits that he finds Penny sexy and that he's in love with her. Then we cut to the next con that those three commit. The three of them steal cash and Thomas misleads the cops. The final scene is Thomas, Josephine and Penny in a speed boat riding away! What a great way to end this movie!

"This is one of the silliest, most out there movies of this year! The comedy is odd, hilarious and sometimes outrageous HEHEHE. Rebel Wilson is a known comedian that does slapstick and silly quick dialogue. She excels in this movie. But I was surprised that Anne Hathaway also has raucous comedy in her. Anne was a delight to watch. She usually does more serious films but she is now at home in full on comedies"
The pace of this film was fast with hilarious scenes one after the other. Some of the scenes were confusing but that contributed to some of the more laugh out loud moments. Rebel Wilson cut loose in this movie! Anne Hathaway perfectly complimented her! What a raucous 1hr 34min!

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