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Main Cast Reviews  Margot Robbie, Ali Wong, Ewan Mcgregor Categories  Action | Adventure | Crime Release Date  7th Feb 2020 7.7


Harley Quinn splits up with the Joker. She teams up with superheroes Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya. They have to save a young girl from an evil crime lord. The talented cast includes: Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Ali Wong as Untitled, Ewan Mcgregor as Black Mask, Mary Elizabeth winstead as Helena Bertinelli / Huntress, Steven Williams as Untitled, Jurnee Smollett-bell as Dinah Lance / Black Canary, Chris Messina as Victor Zsasz, Rosie Perez as Renee Montoya, Matthew Willig as Happy, Derek Wilson as Tim Evans, Charlene Amoia as Maria Bertinelli, Greice Santo as Scantily Clad Crystal, Francois Chau as Untitled, Jenelle Mckee as Hot Couple and Judy Kain as Bespectacled Secretary.

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We see text “They say if you wanna tell a story right, you have to start at the beginning“ and then we hear Harley Quinn's voice. Harley Quinn is played by the beautiful and talented Margot Robbie.

"Quinn explains her life story. This includes her adoption and hard time at a boarding school. She then became a psychiatrist. Recently she went out with the famous criminal, Joker. We see old footage of the Joker (played by Jared Leto). He changed her. She committed crimes with him. He then dumped her. She took time to get over him. She buys a hyeena as a pet hehe. 'It was time for Gotham to meet the new Harley Quinn' she says. Harley Quinn's back story is fascinating"

Quinn works at a club. She stomps on a man's knee hehe at a dance club for being rude to her. Roman (played excellently by Ewan McGregor) is the club owner and he tells Quinn to give the Joker his best. She hadn’t told people that she had broken up. At night Quinn gets drunk and spews. Quinn’s workmates think she’s still not over him and they tease her behind their back.

"Quinn then steals a big truck. She jumps out and then the truck hits a factory and then the factory blows up in spectacular fashion! 'It was the closure she needed' she says hehehe. This action packed scene is memorable"
This is one of many big scale action scenes in this movie.

"We cut to The Huntress (played by the stunning Elizabeth Winstead) shooting three men at a restaurant. She says 'Do you know who I am...' and is so confused she doesn’t finish the line hehe. She uses a bow and arrow and finishes off the last guy who didn’t die. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is now known for action now but here we see a funny side to her hehe"
The cops investigate. An older female cop called Renee Montoya (played by the experienced Rosie Perez) is there. The other cops tease her and say she was brought up with 80s cop shows hehe. Montoya also says that the factory was Quinn's work because that was the spot she used to meet the Joker.

We cut to Roman tying up some girls and a guy. He's interrogating them. He wears a white suit. He hurts them but lets the youngest girl go. The young girl is called Cassandra Cain and is played by Ella Jay Basco. We cut to Quinn ordering an egg sandwitch, it’s big and delicious hehe. Outside Montoya is there waiting and she says to Quin... "Freeze".

"Quinn makes a run for it and Montoya races after her. Other enemies of Quinn join in and want to shoot her. 'The target on my back was bigger than I thought' Quinn says. Several enemies appear that she has previously wronged (totally unrelated to why Montoya wants her). 'What did I do to you?' she asks a thug. 'Look at my face!' he says after we see funny marks on his face that Quinn permanently drew on. These scenes are funny and the action is entertaining"

The Huntress ends up helping Quinn by sending an arrow and hurting the thug.

"We cut to the police station and a desk police man says to Montoya 'F* Montoya... you smell like a dead rats ass*le' hahaha. This movie has some really funny one liners"
Cassandra who is under observation says to Montoya “you smell like sh*” hehe. Poor Montoya, she was chasing criminals all day. The police Chief chats to Montoya. He wants answers. She tells him she's after Roman. The Chief says she just has rumours and a hunch. She says something about a lost diamond. A snitch then contacts Montoya.
"Quinn enters the police station and shoots rubber and material bullets at cops. They get hit hard and pass out. What an action packed scene. Quinn is ruthless and funny at the same time. Those rubber bullets hurt!"

Quinn then explains to the audience why she did it. She thinks back to the jazz club. A jazz singer called "Black Canary" sings.

"Roman Sionus tells an asian businessman that he can provide him protection. The man says he'll sleep on it. Great acting by Ewen McGregor as Roman. He plays Roman as a charismatic dangerous man. “Wooooo! Whose having a good time” he shouts smiling"
Sionus looks at Black Canary and claps. Quinn is depressed and gets drunk with Black Canary and she tells her “A Harliquinn’s role is to serve”. She finally tells her she broke up with the Joker.

"A man picks up Quinn at the bar but she’s too drunk and he takes her outside. Black Canary beats up this man that wanted to take Quinn home. Black Canary kicks them real bad with some strategic moves, wow, great combat action"
The boss’s second in command arrives and says that "Black Canary" is getting a promotion. Black Canary visits Cassandra and tells her to hang in there. Montoya visits Black Canary and asks her about the diamond. "Do you know who your working for?" Montoya asks in reference to Roman. But Black Canary says Roman took her off the streets and gave her a home.

We cut Roman and he says he wants to own the "Cross Bow guy" hehe. He doesn’t know that the Cross Bow guy is a girl, The Huntress. Black Canary visits Roman who gives her a tour of his art. Roman finds out that the Joker broke up with Quinn. He says he wants her for himself. Cassandra is outside and meets Black Canary. Because she’s a pick pocket, Cassandra steals the diamond from the thug next to Black Canary! Roman is furious about this. He wants to intterogate Harley. Roman shouts "Woooooo" as he always does. Super acting by Ewen McGregor. We see Harley tied up.

Quinn says she can help get the diamond! Roman strikes her on the face but she’s tough and recovers. She dreams of a dance sequence as an escape. Roman gives her his orders.

"We return to the scene where Quinn enters the police station. You see, she needed info and she lets out the Cassandra from prison. She lets out the other prisoners but they attack her. She beats them up real good. Great martial arts and power shots by Quinn. Margot Robbie is a great action star"

After Quinn escapes the jail other men are after her and she beats them up with a baseball bat and kicks, wow, awesome battle scenes. She also sets alight the beard of a big thug hehe. Montoya tails her but Quinn knocks her out. Quinn and Cassandra drive off. Quinn questions Cassandra about the Diamond. Cassandra had eaten it! Quinn buys her Mylanta to get it out hehehe. She goes shopping and steals everything by ramming the cart out the door hehe. Quinn takes Cassandra to her home and introduces her to her hyeena hehe and art.

"We cut to The Huntress at the chinese restaurant under Quinns apartment. The Huntress intimidates the owner. “They call me... “ she says hehe. Quinn tells us her story. Her parents were murdered in a massacre and she survived, she learned cross bow and sought revenge. Mary Elizabeth Winstead excels as The Huntress. She plays the The Huntress as awkward and comical"
We cut to Roman’s club. Roman is angry and takes the dress off a woman because he’s angry. Black Canary knows he’s pissed off about the diamond. We cut to the police station and Montoya gets suspended.

We cut to Quinn at home running away from cops. The restaurant owner says he can’t look after her anymore , she loses her place, it’s sad. Roman has had enough and wants his diamond back. He tells the thug to find it. The thug gets in car with Black Canary. The thug gets out and calls Roman and Black Canary betrayed him. We cut to Quinn, Black Canary and Cassandra arriving at a new factory location. The thug follows her there and aims at Black Canary.

He nearly shoots her but The Huntress shoots an arrow at him and gets him in the neck. We see a flashback of The Huntress's past life again. The girls unite and Quinn opens a cupboard that she thinks is full of weapons. The cupboard is empty! heheh. Black Canary says that The Huntress has rage issues hehe. The Huntress says its a "bow" not "cross bow" hehe. Roman is outside ready to attack with an army of men. They enter the factory which is well lit with art, it's colourful and cool.

"The girls are outnumbered but have a great fast paced fighting technique. The girls go outside but find the army of men. Black Canary sings/screams very loud and the army collapses, great. It appears that Black Canary has a super power. I liked this action scene"
Quinn jumps in a car full of thugs and beats them up hehe. They shoot at her. She survives and jumps off.

Quinn faces Roman who has Cassandra hostage. Too fool Roman Cassandra says to Quinn "I stole something from you... your ring". She had pulled the ring off a grenade and put it in Roman's suit! Quinn then kicks Roman off the bridge and he explodes into bits which land in the water. It's a gruesome action scene. The girls did it! Harley Quinn, The Huntress, Black Canary, Montoya and Cassandra have a meeting in a diner and they joke around.

We cut to the police station and Montoya leaves with her box of things. Quinn says that the girls call themselves "The Birds Of Prey". Quinn sells the diamond and opens her own company. The movie ends with Quinn eating her egg sandwitch hehe.

"The combat action in this film is top notch. In particular Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Mary Elizabeth Wintead as The Huntress participated in some great, brutal combat scenes. Winstead also excelled in her comedic scenes. Rosie Perez was great as Montoya, the oldest of the girls. Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Black Canary had some cool action scenes. The villain Roman played by Ewan McGregor was charasmatic and dangerous"
Margot Robbie carries the film well. She know has the presence of a major film star. Enjoy the action packed 1hr 49min.

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