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Main Cast Reviews  John C. reilly, Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot Categories  Animation | Comedy Release Date  2nd Sep 2018 7.0


The first installment of Wreck-It Ralph was a great concept for an animated movie. This movie is set six years after the events of "Wreck-It Ralph". Ralph (voiced by John C. reilly) and Vanellope (his friend from the first movie voiced by the beautiful Sarah Silverman) have found a data router that takes their digital selves into the Internet. They then go through an adventure. The full cast includes: The stunning Gal Gadot as Shank (voice), Taraji P. henson as Yesss (voice), Jack Mcbrayer as Felix (voice) Jane Lynch as Calhoun (voice) Alan Tudyk as KnowsMore (voice) Alfred Molina as Double Dan (voice) Ed O'neill as Mr. Litwak (voice) Sean Giambrone as The Eboy (voice) Flula Borg as Maybe (voice) Timothy Simons as Butcher Boy (voice) Ali Wong as Felony (voice) Hamish Blake as Pyro (voice) and Glozell Green as Little Debbie (voice).

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Ralph plays "I Spy" with Vanellope. She says that Zangeef (a character from Street Fighter) waxes most of his body hehe. Ralph disagrees until he sees blotches of hair from Zangeefs lower leg hehe. They both play the TRON game. The TRON game has a bug! They get into a car accident, cool graphics. Vanellope asks is there anything missing in Ralph's life. He says no. But she seems to be bored and it appears she wants an escape from her life.

The owner of the Arcade installs the Internet. We then see two real life girl customers play "Sugar Rush" (the game where Vanellope lives). In the game Vanellope makes her car go off track. It makes the real girl customer break the steering wheel. The Sugar Rush game then gets unplugged. The Sugar Rush characters leave the game and run into the main digital corridor. Vanellope already misses her game, she's depressed.

The other Game players adopt the Sugar Rush characters. The Sugar Rush girls are a handful, full of energy hehe. Ralph thinks about the Internet and gets the idea that he can purchase the Sugar Rush Game Wheel off eBay! (Ralph thought it was called eBoy earlier haha). Ralph and Vanellope go into the "Entrance to the Internet" in the main corridor.

They go inside the digital WiFi room and they then enter the Internet as a digital packet! Great graphics as they enter the Internet.

"A little doufas professor says "Welcome to the Search Bar" haha (it looks like an actual drinks bar hahaha!). The little professor taunts them about what they want to search and finishes their sentences annoyingly. He then says "Im sorry but my Auto Fill is slightly agressive today" HAHAHA! This professor character is the funniest of the side characters"

The way the Internet is depicted in this movie is innovative and cool! They Search for eBay and get taken there via an awesome transport device. The "Ads" on the Internet are represented by annoying people showing you a poster hehehe. They land in the headquarters of eBay. Another user is bidding for the steering wheel. Ralph buys it for $27,000. But they don't have a credit card! Vanellope is stressed.

Popup blockers punch the Popup Ads people HAHAHA! (that scene really made me laugh). Ralph and the girl follow a "Get Rich playing Video Games" man. He says that if you can find expensive loot in games he can sell it on his website. They visit a car game to find an expensive car. There they find Shank played by the gorgeous Gal Gadot hehe. The final level of the games sees players try to steal Shanks car.

Vanellope steals Shanks car! It's a cool scene. You underestimate Vanellope but she is one of the best drivers out there. Very cool evasive driving skills! Shank's friends include a big old man with a Goatee who chases Vanellope. Shank herself chases them in another car. This car chase is innovative!

Shank chases them and they get them just before the exit. Shank praises Vanellope's driving skills. She is kind talks to Vanellope and says there are better ways to make money on the Internet without steeling a car. Like being part of "BuzTube" a live talent show and video sharing site. I must say Gal Gadot's voice (as Shank) is very sexy through out these scenes hehe.

They visit BuzTube and they meet the Head of Algorithms of this video sharing site called BuzTube. They only have 8hrs left to buy the steering wheel and save her game. The Head guy of Buztube says about the user contributed videos: "As usual human suffering is number one..." hehe. Ralph starts creating hilarious short video presentations. He starts off buy putting his digital face on a goat hehe. It is simple, meaningless fun but he gets hits!

"Once again, the way the Internet is depicted in this movie is exceptional and very creative. I like how they represent "clicks" in this movie hehe. They take you to a url destination kind of like a taxi and the web browser looks like a racing vehicle!"

The actual city skyline of the Internet looks awesome. Vanellope leaves to make money on the Internet by selling an Ad on the Internet. Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy is getting interviewed for an online feed video and all he says is "I am Groot" hahaha. Vanellope gets interrogated by the Star Wars Storm Troopers (which look absolutely awesome). She doesn't have a permit to be in that area.

She escapes and goes into a room and meets some famous princesses from Disney. They sing and ask her whether she is a princess hehe. She proves she is a princess from Sugar Rush. C3PO from Star Wars shows up in the room to say hello! hehe.

Ralph goes down to the floor to get more hearts (kind of like Hits). Ralph sees negative comments about himself. He feels sad but remembers that Vanellope loves him. Ralph has made 30K! He drives to eBay to make the purchase of the steering wheel.

Vanellope starts a musical number hehe with some of the Internet characters including Shank. "I know I should go but home feels so small" says some of the words. She wants to stay in the Internet. She wants to stay in Shank's game, she admires her and the game dynamics.

Ralph hears all this via a communications device. He doesn't like the fact that Vanellope wants to stay. "Where I come from thats called a straight donkey kick in the face" he says. The Internet Game Seller introduces Ralph to the "Darknet" hehe. So that they can purchase an Insecurity Virus and put it into Shank's Game. This would make Vanellope want to stay home. The virus looks like digital snake. Shank's Game starts. The virus tries to attack the game.

Vanellope's Glitch and the virus causes problems. The Shank game is about to be rebooted and any non characters would be deleted! Ralph saves Vanellope. But she doesn't like what he did! She's mad. This insecurity virus morphs into the Ralph Virus, many evil clones of Ralph. In the real world this creates a virus in the whole Internet. Vanellope is chased by all the evil Ralph clones, they want to be her friend. She leads all the fake Ralphs through a security gate.

Ralph fights the other Ralphs who have combined to make a gigantic Ralph! These scenes are the most enteraining scenes in the movie. The big gigantic Ralph gets angrier and grabs Vanellope with his hand. The real Ralph swings a bat and hits the big fake Ralph. She says to the fake Ralphs "I'll be your real friend" so as to end the madness. "You need to let her go!" he says to the fake Ralph. "You need to trust her".

The insecurity is solved, The Wreck it Ralph virus ends! The princesses save Ralph as he falls down. "You found your dream game" Ralph says to Vanellope acknowledging that she should stay in the "Shank" game. Ralph gives Vanellope one half of a special necklace that Vanellope gave him in the first movie. Ralph returns home. Zangeef has a book club hehe. Vanellope stays in "Shank's Game". They communicate via Hollogram, she's happy.

"Ralph breaks the Internet" is a great animated film. The way that the internet was depicted was fantastic. The search bar was actually a bar hehe, clicks are represented by a taxi ride hehe etc. The side characters were exceptional, the silly proffessor was my favourite.

"Ralph and Vanellope make a good team and this adventure was very exciting. What a great plot!"
I can't wait for the next installment. What a great 1hr 52min.

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