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Main Cast Reviews  Britt Robertson, K.j. Apa, Gary Sinise Categories  Drama Release Date  20th Mar 2020 8.2


This movie is a true life story. It describes the life of christian music star Jeremy Camp. He experiences love and loss. The full cast includes: Britt Robertson as Melissa Henning, K.j. Apa as Jeremy Camp, Gary Sinise as Untitled, Melissa Roxburgh as Untitled, Nathan Parsons as Untitled, Abigail Cowen as Adrienne Camp, Shania Twain as Terry Camp, Nicolas Bechtel as Untitled, Reuben Dodd as Josh Camp, Tanya Christiansen as Janette Henning, Vanessa Padla as College Mom, Rebecca Chulew as Funeral Attendee, Alyssa Gonzalez as Orientation Guide, Denise Morris as Concert Fan and Jason Gaines as Stage Crew (Guitar Tech).

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We see the text "based on a true story". This movie is set in Indiana. Jeremy (played excellently by K.J Apa) is leaving home. His little brother Josh (played well by Reuben Dodd) is sad. Jeremy gives him a little walky talky set.

"His dad Tom (played by the experienced Gary Sinise) tries to give him his old guitar but he declines. The mother Terry is played well by the beautiful Shania Twain. Tom then gives him a brand new expensive guitar just before he gets on the bus. The family fairwells him. The bus goes through desert and coast, cool scene. Jeremy enters the campus. In these scenes we see that Jeremy has a loving family"

At night Jeremy goes to a music gig prep of a famous musician called Jean Luc (played well by Nathan Parsons). Jeremy asks him questions about the industry. Jean Luc says to him "It's not about 'making it', it's about how to affect people with music". Jean Luc asks Jeremy to tune his guitar, he is excited.

"At the gig Jeremy hands the guitar to Jean Luc and he stares at a girl, Melissa (played by the gorgeous Britt Robertson) in the crowd. After the gig Jeremy confronts Melissa and says he was looking at her from the stage. I really love this scene. You can tell that Jeremy fell hard for Melissa right at that moment"
Jean Luc chats to Jeremy at night about his music. Jean Luc writes love songs about god and girls.

Next day Jeremy is singing and playing in the grass field. Melissa hears him. She tells him where she will be, at the beach, she wants him to bring his guitar. That night Jeremy finds out that Melissa is Jean Luc's good friend. Jeremy sings "Find me in the river". Great acoustic track. Jeremy has a great voice. Melissa joins him and does vocals. Jean Luc joins in with his guitar. The crowd claps. Next morning Jeremy walks by the sea. He meets Melissa and they run together.

Jeremy chats to Melissa about her feelings for Jean Luc. They are just friends but his feelings have grown stronger.

"That night Jeremy gets asked on stage by Jean Luc! Jeremy sings. Great vocals once again, this guy can sing! The live vocal footage of Jeremy is really well shot. You feel good for Jeremy"
Melissa says to Jeremy that he was really amazing tonight. Melissa also says she doesn't want to be distracted this year. "I really don't want to hurt him" she says to Jeremy. "What if this is destiny" he says to her. She walks away. In the morning Melissa goes to Jeremy's room. She says "Yes... one date". He punches the wall and shouts "yes" as she walks away with a smile on her face hehe.

They go to the planitarium and the cieling lights up with the galaxy. "God is so infinitely vast... the god of a trillion stars knows my name" she says to Jeremy. "I've never met anyone like u before" he says. Melissa says "I'm just one star".

"They plan for a Friday night date, it's a secret. She calls her sister in excitement. They spend the next few days with each other. At a soccer match and at the beach. You can tell these two were mean't for each other"
Jean Luc has a meeting with Jeremy. He wants to create a demo tape for him. Jean Luc also wants Melissa there at her next gig.

Melissa doesn't want people to know their dating. Jeremy's family visits. The next day Jeremy is in recording studio singing new song "This is my desire". Great vocals once again.

"Jeremy sings his new song 'I love you I love you' to her hehe. He then says to Melissa "I love you". They kiss. What a sweet scene"
Jean Luc see's and gets upset. Jean Luc said you could have just said the truth.

But Jeremy says that he's glad the secret is out. She says it's over. Jeremy's little brother Josh is on the phone and says "earth to enterprise" hehe. Great performance by Reuben Dodd as Josh. Then Jeremy visits his family.

"Jean Luc calls Jeremy and says Melissa is sick. Her family greets Jeremy at the hospital. 'They removed a tumour... stage 3 cancer... it spread to her liver” says Melissa's mum to Jeremy. She is strong but sad. What an impactful scene. Jeremy is heart broken"
Jeremy meets Jean Luc. Jean Luc is still upset about the fact they lied to him and says they should have told him the truth. But he is there for Jeremy.

Jeremy says to Jean Luc that he doesn't know what he's supposed to do. "Can you live without her" says Jean Luc to Jeremy.

"Jeremy visits Melissa, she says 'the more I prayed, the more I realised... I love you'. Jeremy says wait here one minute, outside he is nervous. Then he wheels her into the small church inside the hospital. He set up lights there. 'I'm with you, whatever it takes... I am madly in love with you' he says to her. He also says 'Marry me'... she says 'yes'. This scene had a big impact on the audience"
Jeremy explains his proposal to his parents.

His mum gives Jeremy her wedding band, it's special to her but she wants him to have it. Next day Jeremy gives her the ring. That night Jean Luc introduces Jeremy Camp. He sings a song called "Right here". Great vocals. We see footage of both of them visiting the doctor. Her hair is falling out. She goes under Chemo therapy. The crowd claps. He introduces Melissa to the crowd. "Ive never seen the faith that you have babe” he says about her. He asks the crowd to prey for her. "Heal her tonight" Jeremy says.

The crowd touches her in faith. It's a cool scene. Next day Melissa is losing her hair and so she shaves it all off. Jeremy asks for some time off from University. The doctor says to Melissa that she needs a historectamy. The Doc says it's absolutely necessary. Melissa is upset, she wanted kids.

"That night she is angry and can't open a jar so she throws it down on the ground hard! It shatters. Melissa goes for her big operation. What a performance from Britt Robertson as Melissa. The audience gasped at the tension. Britt Robertson excelled"
Jean Luc visits Jeremy and gives him letters of adoration sent to the radio station.

Melissa's sister chats to Jeremy. She says "she was always the strong one" to Jeremy. Jeremy gets called into Melissa's room. The doctor says that Melissa is 100% cancer free! They are all elated and hug. We cut to their proper wedding at the beach. "I'll be your muse and your anchor" Melissa says to Jeremy. "For I cant help falling in love with you" plays in the background.

They drive off in their parents car. "You went through a storm and came through the other side" says Jeremy. "God sent you to save me" says Melissa. Great words. They spend time on a boat the next day. That night Melissa feels sick. In the morning she says something is wrong. The next day they go to the hospital. The doctor tells Jeremy that the cancer is spreading rapidly all over her body. The doctor says no more surgeries, this is it. They both go to their unit and there are "welcome home" cards and gifts. Melissa breaks down.

"Jeremy takes her to the concert hall. 'This is where it happened... where I fell in love with you... on stage' Jeremy says to Melissa. 'I want you to find someone else' Melissa says to Jeremy. In the morning Melissa is sick in the bathroom. Jeremy sleeps by her bedside. He is tired. 'C'mon go home' says the sister to Jeremy. He says 'She is my home', beautiful words. Jeremy plays a guitar song 'Would she believe me' great vocals as usual. He is teary eyed but continues the song. Melissa holds out her hand. We hear beeps on the heart machine at night. Melissa says that she can't feel the pain anymore and she's healed.

But then the machine beeps one last time and she passes on. Jeremy lies broken on the ground.

"Jeremy's father Tom says to him 'I remember that I preyed that Josh (Jeremy's little brother) be born healthy... it didn't happen” Jeremy says to his father. 'I preyed for Melissa to stay healthy and it didn’t happen' says Jeremy. 'I didn't get what I wanted either... but I feel rich... I love the family I created' says his father. 'My life is not full because of the disappointments I've had, it's full because of them' Tom says to Jeremy. Great words... what an impactful scene"
In the morning Jeremy goes for a run in the pouring rain. He says to the sky "Why did you do this".

At home he breaks his best guitar in anger. He finds papers and journals inside the broken guitar. There are a lot of written stories by her. "Suffering doesn't destroy faith, it refines it" Melissa says in her journal. "When your ready... pick up your guitar" she says. So Jeremy picks up his dad's guitar and starts. The dad hears him play and is proud. Jeremy starts scribbling lyrics. We cut to Jeremy Camp playing his hit singles live on stage. Jeremy mentions Melissa and says "this one's for her". There is a massive crowd.

"Jeremy's voice is great and carries well, the crowd claps and responds. Jean Luc looks on in awe. I must say K.J Apa as Jeremy can sing"
He packs up his guitar at night. A girl meets him after the gig. She was there one night at his previous gig when Melissa was there. "Your story, her story it rescued me" she says to Jeremy. She turns around and her jacket has stars on the back. "Hey whats your name again" he asks. It's a beautiful scene.

That night he goes out on the boat "You were right I've never seen stars like this before... I'm gonna tell your story". We then see the real life Jeremy with his current family. Finally we see one of Melissa's journals.

"This movie is inspiring. It deals with the topics of love and hardship. Britt Robertson puts in her best performance ever. I never knew she had this performance in her, wow. K.J. Apa as Jeremy also put in a powerful performance. The strength of Jeremy was expertly conveyed by K.J. Gary Sinise as Tom Camp (Jeremy's dad) had some impressive moments in his dialogue's that impacted the audience. Shania Twain was solid as Terry Camp (Jeremy's mom). Nathan Parsons as Jean-Luc also put in a great performance. Reuben Dodd as Josh Camp also showed plenty of heart"
All in all this movie had plenty of impactful scenes that had great dialogue. You felt for Jeremy, Melissa and the two families. What an inspiring 1hr 56min.

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