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Main Cast Reviews  Jim Carrey, James Marsden, Neal Mcdonough Categories  Animation | Action | Adventure Release Date  8th Nov 2019 7.2


A police man in the rural town of Green Hills helps "Sonic The Hedgehog" escape from the clutches of the law and government. They want to capture him. What a great cast: Jim Carrey as Dr. Ivo Robotnik, James Marsden as Tom Wachowski, Neal Mcdonough as Untitled, Ben Schwartz as Sonic the Hedgehog (voice), Tika Sumpter as Untitled, Adam Pally as Untitled, Natasha Rothwell as Untitled, Elfina Luk as Secretary of Homeland Security, Debs Howard as New Girlfriend, Bailey Skodje as Minivan Kid #1, Frank C. turner as Crazy Carl, Lee Majdoub as Agent Stone, Emma Oliver as Parisian Little Girl, Dean Petriw as Minivan Kid #2 and Jeanie Cloutier as Business Woman.

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Sonic speaks to the audience and says he’s an alien. No one in his community knows he exists. Except a funny old man that hunts him. The old man calls him the blue devil.

"Sonic does know of some people in his community like Tom the police man who eats dohnuts hehe. Tom is played by the experienced James Marsden. He doesn't know Sonic exists. Tom goes home. His wife (Maddie played by the talented Tika Sumpter) is there and he opens his mail. He's been accepted to a police department in San Francisco. He's happy at this news. He wanted to move away from Greenhills which was slightly boring for him. You kind of feel sorry for Sonic. He is a peculiar being that doesn't communicate with anyone yet wants to be a part of the community"

Tom accepts the job in San Francisco. We cut to Sonic watching a kids playoff baseball game.

"After the game Sonic plays baseball by himself. He's so fast he plays multiple positions! What a great action scene hehehe"
Sonic says he feels really all alone. He races around the baseball track so fast that he causes an electricity burst! The town then experiences a black out. The generals in the army want answers. The Chief General wants to send the owner of the company "Robotnik" to find out why we had this electric surge. The owner of Robotnik is called Dr Ivo Robotnik played by Jim Carrey hehehe.

"Dr Robotnik is now in charge of the operation to find out why the electric surge occured. Carrey plays Dr Robotnik as silly and sinister at the same time! As soon as Jim Carrey made his entrance I started to laugh! Carrey was previously famous for pulling funny faces and in this movie he is no exception!"
Dr Robotnik has drones at his command. The drones go to the forest. They find footsteps of a strange creature. Dr Robotnik says the footstep is of a creature not from earth. The army then scours the forest. Sonic packs up and clears out of his cave.

Tom talks to his wife and thinks racoons are outside. It ends up being Sonic in the shed. After looking at Sonic, Tom shouts and shoots Sonic with a tranquilizer. Sonic wants to open a portal to go home but it's too late. He faints. Sonic's bag of rings fall into the portal which is connecting to another city. Tom puts Sonic in a little cage. Sonic wakes up, talks to Tom and explains who he is.

"Dr Robotnik investigates Tom's house. Dr Robotnik chats to Tom. Dr Robotnik sends drones inside the house. Dr Robotnik intimidates Tom and says 'I was spinning up formulas when u where spitting up formula' hehehe. Carrey is in fine form!"

The drones enter the shed where Sonic is. Dr Robotnik hears a noise inside, it's Sonic. But then he pushes Tom and enters the kitchen only to find a racoon in the kitchen.

"But then Sonic appears and Dr Robotnik shouts in surprisement! Suddenly Tom punches Dr Robotnik and he's out cold! It appears the Tom wants to take Sonic's side. A drone fires bullets at them. Sonic jumps on top of this drone and destroys it. Great action scenes with these drones!"
Tom and Sonic drive off. We cut to Dr Robotnik's assistant arriving at Tom's house. Dr Robotnik is angry at the fact that this assistant didn't stop Tom and Sonic! hehehe. Carrey is comical here but he also speaks brutally to his assistant hehe. Carrey at his best!

"Sonic explains to Tom about the bag of rings that he has. Each of these rings opens a portal to another location each time they are thrown in the air. This is like the 'Sonic' computer game and it's cool"
But Tom says to Sonic he wants out of this deal. Sonic leaves the car and he races away and lands in pacific ocean, he returns quickly. He's wet with a fish on his head. Tom feels sorry for Sonic and finally agrees to help him.
"Sonic is lightning fast once again and goes to a rubber ball convention very quickly and returns to the car! hehe. These scenes of Sonic being super fast are very entertaining"
Tom makes a call in a public phone to the police station. A friend of his answers. Dr Robotnik is there waiting in the police station and he chats to Tom. Dr Robotnik intimidates Tom and wants him to turn himself and Sonic in. Tom refuses. Sonic then goes into a roadhouse bar hehe. Sonic puts on a cowboy hat with shades hehe. Tom is worried for Sonic and goes into the bar after him.

They sit down and Tom chats to Sonic about the concept of a bucket list.

"Sonic writes some points down. Part of the list included him having fun at this bar. Sonic plays the games at the bar including basketball hoops and a mechanical horse. They also do line dancing hehe. These scenes are funny because Sonic is clearly out of place in that bar hehe"
Sonic is having a great time. Then some big aggressive men confront them.
"Sonic bashes a bottle on their head but it doesn't break hehe. A big guy punches Tom in head and this starts a massive bar fight! hehe. Sonic stops space time because he's so quick and sets booby traps on all the fighters"
Cool scene. Sonic and Tom then drive off.

Sonic is happy. Tom cools his own head with ice. He was beaten up real good in the bar fight. Sonic says this is his last day on earth. Sonic says he ate a chilli dog and Tom says that's why he’s got indigestion hehe. Sonic goes to sleep. Tom tucks him in and finds out that on Sonic's bucket list there is an item there which reads "Make a real friend". Tom see’s on TV that he is a wanted man. Tom tells Sonic he wants to leave Greenhills to work in Sanfrancisco (a much bigger city) as a cop.

"We cut to Dr Robotnik in his super control van on his way to finding Sonic. This van looks very high tech and powerful. Dr Robotnik then shoots a massive harpoon in Tom's car. The harpoon connects but Dr Robotnik car flips because Tom's moved his car quickly. What a great car chase scene!"
Car chase scenes with weapons are usually very interesting.
"Dr Robotnik's van is broken but the he technologically morphs the van into another vehicle. Great scene. Dr Robotnik is by himself in the newly formed vehicle making jokes all the while hehe. Jim Carey creates a unique character here; silly, sinister and overly confident!"
Dr Robotnik sends a drone to attack Tom's car. Tom bashes the drone with a bat and it shatters! Then a mini drone slices through Tom's car. It accidentally makes the car into a convertible hehe. But the drone also attaches an explosive device on Tom's arm. Sonic removes the device and then places it on a rock. The device detonates and Sonic goes flying.

Sonic is badly injured. Tom is worried for Sonic. Dr Robotnic examines Sonic's electric hair that was left behind before. Tom and Sonic drive off. Tom goes to his sister in law's house. She is scared and wants him to leave.

"We cut to Dr Robotnik and he's still analyzing Sonics electric hair. He is trying to create even more powerful energy source. He gets given a latte by his assistant and Dr Robotnik shouts at him before drinking it hahaha! Once again Carrey at his finest"

Tom's wife Madie tries to cure Sonic who is on the kitchen table. Sonic then wakes up. Maddie's sister says Tom has lost his mind. The niece of Tom gives a gift of sneakers to Sonic and he appreciates it. Sonic talks to the dog hehe. They drive off to another city in her sisters car. The portal Sonic had opened had swallowed the rings bag. The rings bag had landed on a big building in another city. Tom uses his police badge to get up top of this building.

They go up top and Sonic finds the rings! All he has to do is think of where he wants to go and use the ring to open a portal. Sonic says his goodbye's to Tom and his wife. Sonic says Tom should stay in Greenhills. He also says that these two days have been the best two days of his life. Sonic throws the ring and it hits one of Dr Robotnik's drones! In fact they are surrounded by drones and a flying craft that Dr Robotnik is in. Dr Robotnik is angry and shouts at Tom. Sonic unexpectedly pushes Tom and wife from building and they fall!

"Dr Robotnik fires rockets at Sonic. But because Sonic is too fast he stops space time and just whacks them away. Sonic then jumps too and throws a ring at the bottom of building that swallows Tom and Maddie. They crash in a barn. These portal scenes are cool to watch"
Dr chases sonic in his craft. He fires at Sonic. Dr Robotnik is catching up to him and this has never happened before. This is because Dr Robotnik's craft has the new morphed energy source. The chase goes through Paris and the Chinese great wall! Then the pyramids hehe.

Sonic throws a ring and enters another portal to Green Hills. But Dr Robotnik is so fast that he also enters the portal! Sonic is injured on arrival to this new destination. Tom is there and he beats up Dr Robotnik! Dr Robotnik says to Tom "Who do you think you are?". Tom replies "I'm the dohnut lord you son of a bitch" hehe. Dr Robotnik defends himself from Tom and is still in his craft. Sonic is badly injured and he looks dead.

But then Sonic wakes up and electricity runs through him! It's a figh to the finish between Sonic and Dr Robotnik!

"Sonic electrocutes Dr Robotnik's craft. 'This is my power and I'm using it to protect my friends!' Sonic says. Dr Robotnik aims all his weapons at Sonic! Sonic commences to run and evade these incoming missiles. What a great innovative action scene"

Sonic is quick! Tom has the rings and he throws one up in the air. Sonic rolls up into a ball and bashes into the Dr Robotnic's craft. The craft with Dr Robotnik falls into the portal created by the ring. The portal shuts and Dr Robotnik disappears! Tom then gives Sonic the bag of rings. Tom and Maddie hug.

"A towns person says 'Go away people... You act like you've never seen a fight between an intergalactic being and an evil doctor" hahaha! This is one of the funniest lines in the movie"
The chief general visits Tom's house and asks about the alien.

The chief general visit's Tom's house and he wants to see the blue alien. Tom says they haven't seen him. The chief general says fair enough and wishes them the best although he has his doubts. Tom had made a home for Sonic in the Top Attic of his house. He moved all his stuff from the cave! "Welcome home" they say to Sonic! We see the text "Sonic the Hedgehog". We then cut to Dr Robotnik in mushroom land.

He has a shaved head. He has an unkept bigger moustache than usual too. He is lost in a planet full of mushrooms hehe. But Dr Robotnik is determined to get back on earth! We then see footage of the original Sonic Video Game. I actually have played that game and it had great gameplay. What a great ending.

"This movie had a very simple plot: Villain tries to capture protagonist. But it was done very well. Having Jim Carrey as Dr Robotnik was a great move. Carrey hasn't lost the charisma that had made him famous in his prime. What great casting. James Marsden as Tom carried the film well. Sonic the character had plenty of heart and he had some very cool innovative action scenes"
It would be great to see Jim Carrey in more comedic roles. Based on his form in this movie he would be unstoppable! Enjoy the fantastic 1hr 39min.

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