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Main Cast Reviews  Matthew Mcconaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery Categories  Action | Crime Release Date  3rd Mar 2020 7.8


This movie is about a British drug lord that tries to sell off his lucrative empire to a family of Oklahoma billionaires. What a super cast: Matthew Mcconaughey as Untitled, Charlie Hunnam as Untitled, Michelle Dockery as Untitled, Jeremy Strong as Cannabis Kingpin Mathew, Colin Farrell as Untitled, Henry Golding as Untitled, Hugh Grant as Fletcher, Jason Wong as Phuc, Christopher Evangelou as Primetime, Eliot Sumner as Laura Pressfield, Chloe Arrowsmith as Mechanic, Brittany Ashworth as Ruby, Russell Balogh as Russell, Simon. R. barker as Frazier and Steve Barnett as Fishmonger.

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We hear a voice say "Give me 10 minutes Ray". It's the voice of Fletcher (played superbly by Hugh Grant), an aquaintance of Ray (played well by Charlie Hunnam). We cut to Mickey (played excellently by Matthew McConaughey) entering a bar. He orders a drink and a pickled egg from Bobby the bartender.

"Bobby poors Mickey a beer and gives him his egg hehe. 'One must not act like the King, you have to be the King' Mickey says. Mickey is on the phone organising a dinner date with his wife but it appears that he gets shot at the back of head (you dont see anything other than specs of blood on the glass window). What an entertaining beginning to the movie. The characters introduced here are very interetsing and full of life"

Then we see a collage of scenes with a cool soundtrack. Ray enters his kitchen. Fletcher is hiding there and he says Hi hehe. Fletcher tells a story that another man wants to take on Ray's boss Mickey. Fletcher wants to strike a deal to sort out this mess. He wants 15 hundred Quid. He'll also give Mickey a written screenplay based on these events. Fletcher explains his script. "Enter our protagonist, Mickey Pearson". He then goes into Mickey's history as a scholar.

We see backflashes of Mickey dealing weed to upper class british students. We see footage that Mickey was violent when making deals e.g. One time he uses a machete to intimidate clients etc. Fletcher goes on to say that Mickey liked Mathew Berger (played brilliantly by Jeremy Strong), a millionaire. They did some small deals together. Berger is upper class and dresses well hehe. The two like doing business. Berger wants to know how Mickey grew so much weed.

"We find out that Big Dave (played well by Eddie Marsan) had commissioned Fletcher to find out about Mickey. Big Dave was humiliated by Mickey one night. Mickey didn't shake his hand (in front of other important people) because Big Dave was corrupt and was doing illegal stuff as seen in the papers. This movie has very introduces various colourful characters through out the plot and I thoroughly enjoyed this"

We cut to Mickey describing the english village (where he grows his weed) infrastructure to Berger. "You have to understand the culture to understand the man" says Mickey to Berger. Mickey was friends with the lords. Mickey wants to sell his infrastructure to Berger. He has hidden plants underground accessed via an old shed. He shows Berger this toolshed with an underground lare of hundred of weed plants. Its an impressive scene. Mickey explains his profit margin and has different names for the term marijuana "Weed, bush, white widow, super cheese" he says.

Mickey explains he has too much previous blood on his hands, he's scared of the revenge of people he's crossed. He needs clean hands like Berger. We cut to Fletcher describing the Antagonist of his script... "He explodes on the scene like a millenium firework... like an asian james bond... Ricense to kill" hehehe. He's talking about Dry Eye (played excellently by Henry Golding). Dry Eye is seen firing a machine gun in the air and intimidating his men.

"A woman then arrives at her car repair studio. This woman is Mickey's wife Rosaling (played by the sexy Michelle Dockery. She is very beautiful. Another great addition to the story. She's worried about Mickey leaving his job. She grabs his crotch hehe. Ray takes fletcher to his Barbicue in his backyard. Fletcher is funny and wants steak. Hugh Grant creates a unique character here. Comical and mysterious at the same time"
Ray has Wagyu beef in fridge. He goes to get it out and we unexpectedly see a frozen head there. Dry Eye visits Mickey's wife. Fletcher kids that Ray would make a lovely wife hehe. Mickey has meeting with Dry Eye.

Dry Eye says "I know your getting out of the game... but I want to make u an offer... this is a big offer... he a punches number in his phone and shows Mickey". Mickey refuses. Dry Eye says "Your out of touch... your forgetting the law of the jungle not taking me seriously". Mickey retaliates and shoots Dry Eye. But that scene was a fantasy. The next scene is real and Mickey tells Dry Eye a story about a Lion and then tells him to "f* off.

Ray cooks Wagyu for Fletcher. We cut to a group of hoodlem hitmen sending rats to Mickey's farm. A worker is there, he calls the others. He confronts the hitman. We cut to a man called Coach (played wonderfully by Colin Farrell) intimidating some teens that are trying to attack him with knives. Coach taunts them. "We fight with our heads" he says as he beats them all up hehe.

The hoodlem hitmen that beat up the workers have told Coachthat they have found a massive load of weed. These hoodlems had made fight porn (video taped the fight) and Mickey is seeing it live. He's very angry. Mickey has a meeting with the worker that was there that day. He has a black eye hehe and he says thes hitmen were experts. Mickey still wants to sell to Berger.

Mickey talks to a Lord and explains his situation. Big Dave is angry at Mickey's fame, he's jealous and he also wants his business. Ray has a meeting with Mickey. Mickey wants to send Ray for a job to chat to a man.

"Ray then enters the flat where the hoodlems live. They are smoking weed listening to music. A hoodle called Pow-wow shouts 'get the F out'. But Raymond knows info about them and calms them down. Raymond has a big friend keeping watch at the door. Great tension in this scene"

"You couldn't lift a barrell of cheese" says Ray to one of the hoodlems as he intimidates them. A girl called Laura chats to Raymond and gives him info. Ray leaves with her but the hoodlems try and fight but Raymond hits them. Outside some other teenagers are circling. Then upstairs a hoodlem runs backwards and falls out the window. He is a russian kid with parents with Money. We cut to Fletcher asking questions to Raymond. We cut to Raymond chasing the other teenagers that took a video of incident.

Raymond tries to pay them off but they refuse. Then Raymond fires machine gun rounds. A teen gets scared and gives him phone finally. The final teenager that had the footage is chased and Ray gets the second phone. We cut to Fletcher and Raymond. Two men drag a body and Fletcher sees and woners what's going on.

"We cut to a boxing ring and Coach wants Dry Eye's address. A boxing student of Coach says that he knows whose weed they took. He tells Coach but he gets angry. Coach offers Raymond his loyalty but he wants Ray to leave his lads alone. These plot twists make the movie very entertaining"
Coach introduces Ray to a kid in a trunk that knows how the hoodlem hitmen found out the location. This kid runs away and gets into a train accident and dies before they find out anything.

We cut to Mickey having meeting with an old chinese man called Lord George. Mickey says sweet mary jane is his drug of choice and taht his poison/heroin has always been a destroyer of worlds.

"But Mickey is there because this Lord George supposedly wanted to start a war with him. Mickey had earlier drugged George and and now he's spewing. But Mickey doesn't finish him off, he gives him an antedote of fizzy tablets. Mickey warns George. George then confronts Dry Eye but Dry Eye is not easily intimidated. These meetings that these dealers have are a captivating component of the movie"

We cut to Fletcher amd Raymond reading his play. Fletcher continues to describe the script. Dry eye visits Mickeys wife.

"We also find out that Mickey never got killed (as per the earlier scene). The specs of blood was the blood of the man sent to kill Mickey. Raymond had gotten there in time and shot this hitman! Yet another interesting plot twist"

Then Raymond and Mickey drive off but get into a car accident. We cut to Rosaling aiming a gun at Dry Eye. She then aims at his body guard and kills him. She also kills second guard. But that's her two bullets spent. Dry Eye attacks her and hes ready to rape her but then enters Mickey. Mickey then finishes him off. We find out that Berger had told others about Mickeys farm. Dry Eye did kill Lord George. Dry Eye didn't want to be subservient and tried to do a deal with Berger.

But Fletcher wants millions because he knows info that will save Raymond and his boss Mickey. Hugh Grant excels with his dialogue. Then hoodlems kidnap Big Dave hehe. Big Dave says his bodyguard knows karate... I only know blue belt says the bodyguard hehe and lets the hoodlems do their thing. They put Big Dave in a van and show Big Dave some cartoon footage hehe. Then a pig in the van attacks Big Dave and he shouts. Coach says he will only do one last thing for Ray.

We cut to Berger having a meeting with Mickey. Berger describes Mickeys operational costs and forecasts. Mickey takes Berger into a big fridge. Mickey says you seemed to have mistaken me for a k*nt. Then

"Mickey shows him the frozen chinamen Dry Eye. Mickey shows Berger the footage of Dry Eye with Berger. 'Business is business' says Berger. Mickey says he's keeping his business. Mickey then tells Berger to get in the fridge and he won't be let out until he pays his due money. Matthew McConaughey brings an intensity to his role as Mickey. Wonderful performance"

Mickey didn't like the fact that Dry Eye and his men went for his wife. "Penny short or a gram shy... that freezer door does not open" says Mickey to Berger.

"We cut to Fletcher and Ray frying another wagyu steak hehehe. I must say the interactions between Fletcher and Ray are very captivating and funny"
Coach is there too. Coach asks fletcher to put his documents in a bag. Ray says he's been on to Fletcher for a long time. Ray had put a tracker in Fletchers shoe. Fletcher had betrayed Ray somewhat. They put Fletcher in a horizontal metal cubboard.

Fletcher says one last thing... that the kid who died had an important russian father who was after revenge. That father tried to kill Mickey. But Ray killed a hitman that was sent just before he tried to kill Mickey. Fletcher says the Russians are going to clean house and you are part of that house. We cut to Mickey in a car, the drivers are the russians who have abducted him. But the Coach's boys drive in front and machine gun the car Mickey's in. Mickey ducks just in time.

We cut to Fletcher trying to sell the script to a real film director hehehe. Fletcher then gets into a car but Raymond is the driver hahaha. We cut to Mickey saying to his wife "You must not act like the king but you must be the king". What a great ending.

"This movie had interesting and captivating characters that were introduced at different points in the movie. Matthew McConaughey played the commanding role of Mickey to perfection. His wife Rosalind (played by Michelle Dockery) was sexy and intriguing. Charlie Hunnam played Ray as interesting/comical character. Jeremy Strong as Berger provided an unexpected villain. Coling Farrell as Coach was funny. Henry Golding as Dry Eye was another great villain. Eddie Marsan was great as Big Dave. But it was Hugh Grant that stole the show as Fletcher, a conniving and comical story teller"
The plot twists keep you interested in the story. The action was also well coreographed and it was spread out through out the whole movie. What an intriguing 1hr 53min.

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