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Main Cast Reviews  Connie Nielsen, Bob Odenkirk, Christopher Lloyd Categories  Action | Crime Release Date  1st Aug 2021 8.1


This movie is about an innocent bystander who helps a woman who is being assaulted by a group of men. They become the target of a powerful drug lord. The full cast includes: Connie Nielsen as Untitled, Bob Odenkirk as Hutch Mansell, Christopher Lloyd as Untitled, Humberly González as Lupita, J.p. Manoux as Darren, Gage Munroe as Untitled, Araya Mengesha as Pavel, Kristen Harris as Police Officer, Paul Essiembre as Jim, Neven Pajkic as Young Brute, Erik Athavale as Police Interrogator, Megan Best as Woman on Bus, Boris Gulyarin as Mob Boss, Destini Boldt as Club patreon and Frederick Allen as Russian mafia member.

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We hear soul music.

"We see an injured middle aged man in cuffs smoking sitting down at a table hehe. He takes out a tuna can and opens it hehe. The interviewers/law inforcers ask 'Who the F* are you?'. Then we see the title 'Nobody'. What a cool intro! One of the best of the year"

We then backtrack to the past.

"We see the man, a father of 2, (Hutch played by the charasmatic Bob Odenkirk) living his daily life; drinking coffee, running and getting on bus repeatedly for a week. You get a sense that Hutch's life is monotonous and tiring. Interesting way to begin a movie"
The next morning plays in normal time. Hutch then sees two thugs enter his house. They wear black robber masks. The robbers point guns at Hutch. The son (played by Cage Munroe) assists but Hutch doesn't strike with the golf stick he has in his hand. He says "Let them go son". The robbers leave. The son Blake is angry at his dad. Police arrive soon. Blake says we should've taken them dad.

"Police say that next time they should leave garage door closed hehe. Tense music plays. You sense the Father is getting angrier. Something is boiling inside of him. His little daughter can't sleep and visits him. She says she isn't scared because he is there for her. There is good build up in these scenes. The audience starts to anticipate something"
Next morning he misses the garbage pickup, he's really pissed off. The son needs to do an assignment and Hutch asks him to use himself as a subject. Hutch cooks breakfast and he's tense.

Hutch and Son chat to the neighbour. The neighbour says he would have hit the robbers. Hutch goes to work. His co-worker suggests that Hutch could have taken the robbers out with a gun. He points a gun at Hutch at close range to prove the point that he needs a gun. Hutch takes the gun. Hutch chats to Business Owner. He wants to purchase the company and to make him an offer. Hutch listens to jazz music on a radio. Hutch communicates to radio to a responder, perhaps an operative from previous missions.

Hutch describes the incident. He said the gun barrell was empty. Responder says he knows why he didn't do what he could have done. He tells Hutch don't do anything stupid.

"Hutch visits his Pop (played by the cooky Christopher Lloyd from the Back to the Future movies). Hutch then goes home and chats to family. His little daughters 'kitty cat braclet' is missing hehehe. This drives him nuts. He is really angry by this point. He visits his Pop and says 'There's this thing I gotta do'. His pop then says 'Then you best go do it' Great Line by Christopher Lloyd! Great acting by Lloyd in general. His cooky comedy is always welcome"

Hutch then goes hunting for clues at a Tatoo parlour. He shows his old FBI badge but the men say its expired. Then one man see's a Tat on Hutch that intimidates him and so they give Hutch a funny nick name. Hutch then points a gun at his face. He yells "give me the god damn kitty cat bracelet!!! but its not him.

"Hutch then gets on a bus after punching a wall. Four drunk men enter the bus. An old fashioned song 'I've gotta be me' plays in the background hehehe. There is also a woman at the back of the bus, men are bothering her. Hutch walks the bus driver outside of the bus so she doesn't get injured. The men are europeans, perhaps russians 'What are you still doing here old man?'... 'Im gonna F* you up' says Hutch. The choreography was expertly crafted"

This is the first of many great action scenes. Great hand to hand action here.

"Punching, Connecting, Blocking, injured faces its all there. They knifed him in the leg but Hutch uses the knife against one of them. Most of the men are bleeding in the mouth. Hutch ends up outside for a break but then staggers back in the bus hehe. Hutch uses a steel pole to finish them off. Brutal fast paced action scene. Odenkirk must have trained for this, wow"

Hutch then arrives home. He is injured and bloodied.

"Hutch then says "Just like old times huh?" to his wife (Played by the beautiful Connie Nielsen. "Im always here" she says. It appears that Hutch has had a past life. Hutch says to his wife "We haven't had sex for months... we haven't made love.. remember how we used to be?". The wife thinks about what he has said. Connie Nielsen does gret here as a supportive wife who has seen it all"

We cut to their bed. She pats his shoulder. We cut to a nightclub and man who seems important walks in. He's european. A woman is singing kareoke. The man joins her on stage.

"The european/russain man chats to other men and a darker man. He then beats up another man brutally to intimidate a nearby business associate. This brutal russian boss is played well by Aleksey Serebryakov. This guy has presence"

The russians that were beat up in the bus, one of them is in hospital. He's not looking good, he's the bosses brother. "Who did this?" the russian boss shouts. This russian boss is angry and questions the other boy and beats him up too. The responder tells Hutch that one of the guys he beat up is the Russian Boss's brother. Hutch then visits a dark man at a Barber that can give him info on the RussianBoss. The darker man is an important business man. He tells Hutch about the businesses of the Russian Boss.

A girl hacker then obtains photo of Hutch from another agent. She gives the photos to the russian boss. We cut to Hutch's house.

"Hentchmen are approaching the house. Hutch tells his family to go into the basement. Four men arrive in black clothing with masks with machine guns. Father is hiding and take two men on with a knife. Hutch takes on others with plates and pan hehe. One of the henchmen tasers Hutch. Another fast paced brutal action scene. Hutch/Odenkirk is in fine form and he's a father"

They hand cuff him and put him in the boot. He uncuffs himself and causes a major car accident. Car overturns. Hutch tells black russian that he was an auditor (hitman). Hutch goes back home to find bodies of hitmen inside.

"He tells his wife he needs to drive to a far off place. Wife questions Hutch and he says 'This is me... I need you to trust me'. You feel for the wife, Connie Nielsen conveys a stress here that she has possibly felt before. Great performance"

Back inside the house Hutch chats to the three bodies that remained there. Hutch drinks spirits hehe. Hutch continues to chat about his past with them.

"He finds the Kitty Cat Bracelet near a man hehehe. Hutch then sets the house on fire. He walks away. The neighbours watch on in fear and awe. Hutch had spent years as a father in this neighbourhood. I guess the stress of being a family man plus his past finally caught up with him"

Father breaks into his neighbours fast car and drives away.

"Russian goons find Hutch's Pops house. Pop fires his shot gun!! then nurse walks in and says "can you please turn that shit down" hahaha! This is the finniest scene in the whole movie. Pop disposes of two goons! Lloyd has a ludicrous funny nature to him and apparantly now can do hard core action hahaha"

Hutch then has business meeting with business owner and son. He prepares weapons. Responder says "F*ing with the russians!" and he thinks Hutch is crazy. Father visits russian boss's building. Hutch walks into their headquarters and shoots them with a machine gun. Fast paced action. Hutch then sets alight there money counting floor. Then father eats a meal at Stage level.

The final fight between Hutch and the russians arrives! "You have some nerve to be here like this" says russian boss to Hutch. They point guns at Hutch. Then Hutch shows him a grenade device that he has control over. Then he tells russian boss he burn't his money. "You came to my house to kill me and my family" says Hutch. Then russian boss says "You killed me brother"... "last i heard he was still breathing". Hutch then says. This matchup was destined to happen and you understand both of them"

Hutch says "why don't we both quit". He walks out with grenade. He then gets in his fast cat and the russians chase him. The russians machine guns Hutch's car. He reverses his car, lies down and points machine gun at car. Hutch parks car at a factory. Russian bullets hurt him.

"Pops and Responder show up! Pop says 'I miss this shit!' hahaha. This scene made me laugh. These guys love the action. Responder is a dark man and he has a sniper rifle. He is also great at close combat. Fast paced action here. Hutch has a revolver and he is a food shot. Hutch uses a mixture of gun and hand to hand blocks punches and evasive techniques. I must say... Bob Odenkirk must have done a lot of training for this role. What athletisism/acting and you can see the stamina on his face!"

The russians are getting killed by Hutch, Pops and Responder with gunshots at distance. Then the three of them are out of ammo. The russian boss walks in and fires.

"This final action scene is slo mo coreography at its best. Hutch runs at the Russian with bullet proof glass and the grenade device behind the glass. At the last minute he switches the glass and the grenade device is on the side of the russian boss and it detonates. What an intricate action piece. Ofcourse Hutch is behind the bullet proof glass and so he is safe. The russian boss dies. Wow"

We then cut to first scene "Who the F *are you?". Father then says "Me... I'm Nobody". The interviewers get a phone call. Hutch takes a drag of a smoke. It's obvious that they are going to set him free.

"We then cut to Hutch and Wife looking for a new house. Then Father answers his mobile. Looks like he has been given a new project! hehehe. Then he says to the Real Estate Agent "Does this house come with a basement?" hahaha!"
His Wife is used to this type of thing by now I guess hehe.

"What a performance by Bob Odenkirk. He played a kick-ass angry father to perfection. The russian boss villain was played by Aleksey Serebryakov and he created an interesting and forceful boss out for revenge for the bashing of his boys. The performance by Connie Nielsen (the wife) was very true to life. That of a supportive woman that fell in love with a man with a violent past. The fist fight on the bus will be remembered for years to come"
In the future this movie might just be remembered for it's brutal action scenes. But at the very heart of this story is a dedicated father and husband whose had enough and is hell bent on opening a can of whip ass. Enjoy the entertaining 1hr 32min.

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