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Main Cast Reviews  Chloe Grace moretz, Michael Pena, Ken Jeong Categories  Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi Release Date  1st Jan 2021 7.5


This movie is an adaption of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Tom and Jerry. It's about the first meeting of Tom and Jerry and the commencement of their rivalry. The great cast includes: Chloe Grace moretz as Kayla, Michael Pena as Terrance, Ken Jeong as Untitled, Colin Jost as Untitled, Rob Delaney as Untitled, Christina Chong as Victoria, Pallavi Sharda as Untitled, Brian Stepanek as Tom (voice), Camilla Arfwedson as Linda Perrybottom, Jordan Bolger as Untitled, Daniel Adegboyega as Gavin, Gianni Calchetti as Press, Joakim Skarli as Chef, Wong Charlie as Hotel guest and Prince Marfo as Hotel guest.

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We see the Warner Brothers Logo then the Tom and Jerry Logo. Some of us older people have seen these logo's for years and it makes us laugh. We cut to cartoon pigeons singing rap in the real world. We see a bridge.

"We then see Tom. A fat mouse shows Jerry an old car where he can sleep in. Jerry is checking out places to live, he crosses off locations on a list. Jerry gets grabbed by a pelican hehe but he escapes. Tom grabs Jerry at a park. Jerry punches Tom in the eye. Tom chases Jerry at speed. Mixing real life and cartoons has been done before but it really works well here. The frame rate is just right"

We cut to a lady called Ms Kala Forrester (played by the stunning and interesting Chloe Grace Moretz talking to her store boss, she quits.

"Chloe Grace Moretz has been missing in action over the past few years but her pleasant sexy nature has been missed"

Tom chases Jerry into a Hotel. They cause a mess. Kala enters the hotel. Jerry escapes Tom. Kala chats to a woman who is going for an interview in this hotel. But she cons her into passing up the position. She then gets interviewed for the position and gets it. Outside Tom gets muscled by some other thug cats hehe.

"Inside a latino man called Terence (played by the funny and quirky Michael Pena) and the manager explains hotel work to Kala. She gets the job. Michael Pena uses an awkward type of comedy which I like. He confuses the audience and makes you laugh at the same time hahaha"

Ms Forester looks smoking hot in her new uniform. Terence gives Kala the tour of the hotel whilst we see Tom and Jerry causing trouble at the gym, kitchen and outside windows hehe. A famous bride and groom then arrives outside. A security guard enters with a big cartoon dog. But there is a no pets policy but Terence makes an exception.

"Jerry is putting eye shadow on his hair to dye it hehe. Jerry also steals other things and puts it in his carry bag. Jerry has also traumatized a patron, he ran over his foot hehe. Jerry stole the goods to kit out his mini apartment hahaha. The character of Jerry has always been pure trouble, Tom has reason to be angry at Jerry I guess. But Tom also has an aggressive nature"

Kala wants to catch Jerry the mouse. Jerry leaves a note for Kala... better luck next time and he leaves cash. Tom is outside in the rain and his evil devil subconscious tells him to go after Jerry. Tom tries several tricks to get into Jerry apartment hehhe but he fails. Good cartoon action here, typical Tom and Jerry one upmanship. Tom and Jerry are making a mess of the apartment hehe. Kala walks in. Tom is there and Kala strikes a deal. Kala introduces Tom to Manager and Latino. Terence doesn't want to hire Tom. Manager says Tom is cool and Tom should wear a hat. Terence doesn't like Kala's solution and tells Kala she will never work on in NY again if she's not careful. He also says this to Tom! hehe.

"Tom opens a door and big dog is there hehehe Tom pounds him in the head hehe but Dog gets him back and boots him away. We cut to Tom sniffing for Jerry. The character of the big dog (called Spike) is not often seen but is memorable. He can take on Tom and Jerry but is not as smart as them"

We cut to Kala looking at Jerry's little door on the wall. Kala gives Jerry notice that he should leave. She tells Jerry that Tom is her enforcer. Jerry beats Tom up hehehe. Inside Jerry's Pad... slow funk plays hahaha! and Jerry is in the bath tub hahaha. We cut to the bride and groom having a conversation with Kala and Terence.

"The cartoon big dog is there full of energy as usual. Bridesmaid lost her ring and she tells Kala. Kala wants to help her out. Terence is walking big dog. Big dog takes a dump on the road hahaha! Big at his best"

We cut to Kala chatting to bridesmaid. we cut to Tom organising boobee traps for Jerry. He traps Jerry in a box and chains! The manager has a chat to Kala. Kala chats to bar tender, he gives her confidence to work in NY. Tom spots the female cat and sings a romantic track with piano hehehe. Jerry turns up with the ring! he had it all along. Big dog turns up and beats up Tom in a massive scuffle causing lots of damage! hehe.

Tom recovers in a room. Terence is angry. But manager sides with Kala. Terence had gotten angry at Kala. Manager rips off Terences name tag. Manager thinks Kala can handle the role of interim event manager. We cut to Tom and Jerry fighting hehehe.

"Kala doesn't want them to fight no more its not good for the hotel. Kala has organised a special day for the both of them to chill out and stop the fighting. The sweetness of Chloe Grace Moretz can be seen here. Ofcourse she is also smoking hot in that hotel uniform"

An elephant arrives because the groom wanted it for the wedding. Peacocks also arrive. Tom and Jerry go to the museum together hehe and they still cause a mess. They then go to the seafood market and u guessed it! Tom eats fish hehehe. Bridesmaid chats to Kala about her wedding doubts. Tom and Jerry go to a baseball game and Tom catches the game ball. Terence watches this on his home TV. Kala chats to groom. Groom is playing with a drone which is chasing hotel staff hehe. Animal control arrests Tom and Jerry.

"The cat tuffs try and attack Tom and Jerry. They force Tom to eat Jerry. Jerry survives inside Toms mouth and starts a mini fire inside hehe. This cartoon action scene is fast paced and somewhat serious"

Guard then says Tom and Jerry has a visitor. Its Terence, he wants to make a deal with Tom. We cut to the wedding. The elephants chat to each other, they are also cartoon. We know that Terence wants to cause mischief.

"Jerry is also at the wedding and Terence points this out conveniently! There is a drone cam taking photos hehe. Jerry has just finished eating some cake. Tom chases Jerry with a big hammer. The asian chef Jackie (played by Ken Jeong) wants to also beat up Jerry and he strikes him with a bat. The chef ends up beating on the cake!!! Tom and Jerry make a massive mess as usual! Tom and Jerry's antics usually cause problems for others as seen in the original cartoons. Both of them then get into trouble"

The elephants go nuts and storm out. they run in the outside streets. Terence outs Kala about her experience to the Manager. Kala admits she lied. Bridesmaid calls the wedding off. Terence throws Tom outside in the rain, he was angry at him too. A pigeon sings a sorrowful song at the building top. Tom is sad and chats to Jerry. Kala chats to bartender. She is insecure. Tom and Jerry show up and have a plan. They communicate with Kala and Bartender in sharades hehe. They want Kala to save the wedding. Kala says to Ben that the wedding should continue that Bridesmaid wanted something simple.

Tom and Jerry go on a skateboard and tail bridesmaid. Tom and Jerry are on radio with Kala. Tom and Jerry jump a construction site hehe. Tom and Jerry make bridesmaid follow them to a location. Its a garden wedding! Kala had organised it! Groom aplogises to Bridesmaid "Would you marry me again but better next time". Tom and Jerry play around with the food hehe.

The manager and terence like what Kala did. They want to rehire her. Kala chats to bartender and they toast: Jerry and Tom play piano. They continue to fight. Big dog Spike also joins in hehehe. It's another mess!!! Typical Tom and Jerry ending, what a great film.

"The Tom and Jerry Cartoons incredibly started in the year 1940. The drawing style of the cartoons hasn't changed much and neither have the mischievous funny story lines. I believe that this consistency is what has kept this series alive. I am an old Tom and Jerry fan and I can see in these movies the old elements that made me a fan. Chloe Grace Moretz excelled in the title role, this woman has screen presence and a subtle charm that is addictive. Michael Pena was cooky as usual and the other supporting cast (Rob Delaney as the funny hotel boss Mr Durbros, Jordan Bolger as cool Bartender Cameron, Patsy Ferran as the quirky Joy the Bell Girl and the hilarious Ken Jeong as the Chef) did well too"

Lets hope there is a sequel to this live action/cartoon movie. It will appeal to the Tom and Jerry loyalists and New Comers alike. Enjoy the funny and entertaining 1hr 41min.

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