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Main Cast Reviews  Steve Carell, Rose Byrne, Mackenzie Davis Categories  Comedy | Drama Release Date  3rd Mar 2020 7.9


This movie is about how a Democrat helps a retired man run for mayor in a small conservative town. The man running is a veteran. The talented cast includes: Steve Carell as Gary Zimmer, Rose Byrne as Untitled, Mackenzie Davis as Untitled, Natasha Lyonne as Untitled, Topher Grace as Untitled, Chris Cooper as Untitled, Will Sasso as Untitled, Debra Messing as Untitled, Brent Sexton as Mayor Braun, Eve Gordon as Tonya Vanelton, Alan Aisenberg as Evan, William Tokarsky as Dave, Charles Green as Father Heuvel, Andrea Frankle as Martha and Jen Nikolaisen as MSNBC Reporter.

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We hear voice overs about previous election campaigns. We hear the voice of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Gary Zimmer (played by the funhy Steve Carrell) and Faith Brewster (played by the beautiful Rose Byrne) hold press conferences separately for each candidate.

"We cut to a house, there is a picture of Bill Clinton and Gary among other pictures with important people. We hear a voice over of Gary talking about Hillary Clinton. Gary is in his bed talking to Google devices, trying to switch them off hehe. He pushes them off the night table. Steve Carrell is famous for his goofy face and awkward dialogue. It's a great introduction to the character of Gary. He works in politics"
We see old footage of old candidates like Nixon and Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Romney, Obama. The track "Still the Same" plays in the background.

We cut to rural america. A man washes his hands outside. He gets in his four wheel drive and drives off. "Rhine Stone Cowboy" plays in the background. He goes to a Townhall meeting. The man is called Jack Hastings and is identified as a potential democratic candidate by Gary who see's his footage on youtube.

"Gary has a political team and he chats to them. Gary says he wants to travel to that outpost village to meet Jack Hastings. He wants to bring his own catering hahaha. You know it's going to be funny for Gary to visit the town, he's too much of a big city man"
Gary wants to work with Jack Hastings to push his own agenda perhaps but he does think Jack would help his town. We cut to Gary on the plane. He sees old american football footage on the plane TV.
"Gary arrives in the town. Then we cut to Gary in his own four wheel drive also playing 'Rhinestone cowboy'. The audience laughs. Steve Carell definitely has a comedians presence. Looking at him driving to that music is hilarious hahaha"

Gary goes to the bar in the village and asks for a "bottle of berger". Gary meets "little Mike" and "Big Mike" hehe. Gary introduces himself as Gary from Washington DC. The bar people call him "DC Gary" hehe. Gary gets a room upstairs. Gary struggles to open the beer top hehe.

"Gary goes upstairs to his room, it's night time. They told him the door was open and he walks up stairs with his bags. It's locked and he goes back down with his heavy bags hehe. Steve Carrell makes a simple scene like this come alive with humour!"
He then gets the keys and enters his room. Gary calls reception and asks for WiFi. The Bar Man answers and says there is none and thinks Gary is too upper class perhaps for even asking for it hehe.

Gary wakes up and walks the town. Everybody seems to know him and says "Hi Gary" hehe. He goes to a cafeteria and the woman there tells him to give a package to another man. He opens the package and finds a jelly dessert he finds super delicious hahaha. It's clear that it's home made with good ingredients and care hehe. He goes to the house of the potential candidate Jack Hastings and there are dogs there that chase him back into his car hehe.

"Jack has farm/land behind the house. Gary walks by a woman in the paddock who is very good looking and he smiles at her. But she has her hand inside the butt of a cow hahaha. Then Gary scowls! The face on Gary is priceless hahaha"

Gary then says to Jack that he wants him to be the candidate for Mayor of this city. The man says he'd rather not. Gary wants to give his honest opinion to Jack. "Democrats are getting their ass kicked because guys like me can't talk to guys like you". But Jack doesn't necessarily want to run. "Were the things you said, were they in principle or was it just a hobby" asks Gary to Jack.

"The character of Colonel Jack Hastings is very intriguing. He is a quietly spoken stern man somewhat passionate about his town. Excellent acting by Chris Cooper as Jack. Jack is very sincere compared to the tricky and humourous Gary hehe"

Jack then goes to Gary's hotel and wakes him up and startles him! Jack then says "I'll do it but you run it from here, I have no time". The next day Jack dresses up in a suit with a tie. Gary takes the tie away from him to give him a casual look hehe. "I'm Colonel Hastings and I'm running for mayor" Jack says to the camera. There are reporters there. The big flag behing drops accidentally hehe.

"Jack and Gary then go to dinner. Gary compliments the waitress on the gravy. He says he wants a bucket full next time hehe. This has nothing to do with the current conversation they were having but it's funny. Steve Carell has great comic timing. Gary is a big city boy feeling awkward in a small town hehe"
Jack says to Gary "if your not honest about what your up against it's not good".

Gary goes to the home of Jack where he has created an office space. He uses an "A Team" of assistants. The assistants want to call voters by phone. They acciddentally call each other first (wrong list) hehe. Gary then meets the competition. They say that the town hasn't had a democratic mayor since a long time ago. Then we see video footage of Jack hehe "A new kind of democrat..." hehe. Gary then goes to back to headquarters. He brings some desserts hehe. "Why all the long faces" Gary says. Then they say "Have you seen the bill board?" (of the competing mayor candidate).

But Gary laughs it off. He says "Of course there will be competition. "The are scared" Gary says "of Colonel Jack... We have to plan our next move". Gary shows them a news article and the brand new website! The helpers say "Wow!". Gary then goes to a cafeteria to meet with Faith Brewster (Campaign manager of the opposing Mayor candidate. Faith is played hilariously by Rose Byrne. Gary takes a bite of her dessert! hahaha.

"Faith says 'Nice to see you, you look fat!'. She then licks Gary's mouth! hahaha! Rose Byrne has definitely got comedic talent aplenty"
The cafeteria woman gives Gary some tweets. We cut to headquarters, Gary is talking to Hastings daughter Diana (played by the beautiful Mackenzie Davis). Diana has an argument with Gary. "How's your dad doing?" he asks. She sits on Gary's bed. She talks about her mom (pased away). Gary wonders why Hastings ran in the first place. She says he loves the town.

Then there is a carnival. Gary sees Faith there.

"Gary chats to Faith and they smile at eachother but argue. There is some good chemistry here between the two. Wonderful comedic timing between Steve Carell and Rose Byrne. It seems as though they've been working together for years!"
One of Gary's helpers switches from Gary's team to Faith's team. Gary says to Faith "Whatta ya think of that" and grabs his crotch hehe. Gary watches Faith dance.
"Gary goes back to his room and Faith is on his bed! hahaha. She is in her bathrobe!!! Gary says to her 'I'm gonna win and your gonna eat my dick for a long time... a long time'. Because it's a small hotel, the bar staff and patrons downstairs listen to his words and wonder what's going on hahaha! This is a very funny scene"

We cut to a TV Ad for candidate Brawn (the competing Mayor candidate). Then we cut to a van outside a school. The team is typing on their laptops inside. Then we cut to headquarters and Gary is there with Hastings. We cut to an airplane where Gary is eating a healthy dinner. He has a worried look on his face. We cut to a formal dinner. Gary and Hastings are there. Hastings talks to the people.

Gary does a speech "Colonel Jack Hastings is the new face of the Democrats... Welcome the next mayor". Jack then does a speech "Thank you Gary... I see some of you are wondering what I'm doing here... I see I'm wondering the same...". Then Gary asks the first question "Colonel, why should Wisconsen do to help?". Then the people ask more questions. Jack says "I wanna help my town... I have to convince you that I'm worth it... I need some money... to help convince my town... I mean it just sound's so stupid". The crowd is surprised at his statements.

Gary says to him "Damn Jack, you did it.. You said... the money is the problem?... they ate it up!". Gary is impressed with his approach! We cut to headquarters. Gary then shows his assistants his old "A Team" from the city and opens a door to a room. This is a control room with big computer screens showing stats and data. The new team doesn't necessarily get along with the old city team.

We cut to the competition headquarters vs Jack's headquarters. Then we see Jack getting recorded in an interview. We see Jack footage of his new campaign Ad. It's him with a machine gun in reference to his time as a Colonel hehe. Then they invite millionairs to the town. There is a millionnaire in a walking tech suit because he can't walk hehe. It's a funny scene, he talks with a digital voice box hehe.

We cut to headquarters and Gary complains about a "Contraception paid for by the government" flyer hehe. We cut to Gary vs Faith in a TV debate. Faith lies about something and Gary is very angry at her. She lied that she's from "Dear Laken", a small town. We cut to the bar and Gary meets his team and chats. But Gary doesn't want to be there because they are showing their plans to everybody.

Gary stays to chat with Jack's daughter Diana. Diana says that the bar staff have been patronising him. Then Faith comes and says "She's so pretty, I bet she smells like pop tarts" hehe. In bed Faith chats from inside her room to Gary hehe. We cut to mayors headquarters. Jack screams "We need some more F* hispanics!" hahaha. Then he apologises to the team instantly hehe.

Gary then meets with Jack and says "We can't win". Then Jack and Diana says "Thank you" to him. They are happy! But Gary says there is one last chance.

"'This town is fragile, democracy is fragile... but I'm sorry sometimes good people have to do shitty things' says Gary. "Is this politics" says Diana. 'I have to get fewer people to vote for Brawn' says Gary. The topic of small town politics is quite interesting and you see that the candidates aren't as professional as the big city types but they show plenty of hear"

Diana visits Brawn (opposing Mayor candidate). Diana had moved back to the town and had funded some projects. She gave back to the town. We cut to Gary's room. He receives an envelope underneath his door. There is a late breaking story of Brawn having an illegitimate child. The news eats it up and it causes controversy. We cut to Gary in a press conference on the day of the vote.

We cut to a TV interview of Faith saying that the Love Child is mistaken. Then Gary goes in front of the camera and shouts at Faith during the interview hehe. He says "F* you Faith". Then Gary goes to a townhall meeting. He realises he was setup. He's angry at Diana and Jack. They threw the election. Diana is angry at Gary and says "You people only show up every four years... all we did is take a cut ( of their campaign money)".

"Gary says 'I thought you and me had something'. Diana says 'In what world would me and you be together?'. Gary is hurt. The audience also thought that there was chemistry between Gary and Diana. You feel for Gary"
Six months later Gary is supposedly planning a community center. Gary had stayed on in the town. He is now together with Diana! But the audience finds out it's a dream sequence hehe. He is seen with his mother in the city in the next scene hehe.
"We cut to a future scene where Faith is shouting at Gary in his kitchen. Faith then kisses Gary passionately! What great chemistry between Steve Carell and Rose Byrne hehe"
Then we cut to the news. The presenters chat about a better way to tell the news. The presenters say "Thank you all for watching". What a great ending.

"This movie had a great simple plot with colorful characters. Steve Carell is a maestro at subtle comedy and he has always had the face and manerisms of a comedian! He has played powerful awkward men before and he does it well here. Rose Byrne's comedic skills are second to none now. I always hang out for her performances these days. Chris Cooper as Colonel Jack Hastings created a serious character that played off well with the hilarious Carell. Mackenzie Davis as Jack's daughter Diana also put in a solid performance"
Movies about politics are always interesting and in this movie you get to see the perspective of the candidates aswell as the teams that manage their campaigns. The comedy in this movie is sometimes laugh out loud hehe. Enjoy the entertaining 1hr 41min.

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